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FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM
Served by:
Fr. Anthony R. Lipari, FCM

Fr. Drew Miller

Associate Pastor

Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate

Karen Suter
Parish Administrator

Mike & Fran Krol

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place
A Shepherd's View
February 26th The message of this Eighth
5pm deceased of the parish Sunday in Ordinary Time is a
8am people of the parish much appreciated source of
10am Bud Fisher comfort. The thought that
God is mindful of us and takes
care of us can strengthen us in
March 5th
times of difficulty. But there is
5PM a challenge here. For these
8AM words of Jesus to work their
10AM magic, FAITH is necessary! It is precisely in times
of hardship that our faith is threatened, and
doubts can effect our spirituality. God's care is not
restricted to the beautiful people, to the saints, to
Franciscan Refletion
the high fliers of our faith. WE ALSO are includ-
ed! Our loving God sees more beauty in us, than
"Most High, Glorious God, human eyes can detect.
enlighten the darkness of
my heart, and give me cor- This coming Wednesday we will once again
rect faith, sure hope and begin the Season of Lent. We are baptized Chris-
perfect charity, with under- tians, blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Lent
standing and knowledge, is a time for the purifying, fiery love of the Holy
Lord, so that I may fulfill Spirit. The ashes we receive symbolize that love
your holy and true command." which burns away the debris that consumes so
much of our spiritual and emotional energy. Sin
~ Prayer of St Francis happens, we are human. Or it may be trying to do
Before the Crucufix too much in too little time, leaving our lives clut-
tered and unfocused, away from Christ. It may be
letting go of disappointment that saps our energy.
The Spirit releases new energy for growth. May
Lenten Prayer the journey of Lent help you to discover the new
gifts within YOU and OTHERS! How much are you
willing to risk for the Gospel? What new begin-
Open our hearts to Jesus. Give us
ning or recommitment is the Spirit leading you to?
the courage to speak his name to those This Holy Spirit will show you what you need to
who are close to us and the generosity to die to for the sake of the Gospel, how to recognize
share his love with those who are resurrection, NEW LIFE! So, Step into the Journey
far away of Lent, the Desert Journey, to step into the gifts
given to each one of us!

Saints of the Week

Live Jesus in our hearts,
March 3:
St. Katharine Drexel, Virgin
Getting More Out of Mass
(written by: Edward Sri, PhD)
Source: Catholic Update; January 2017 edition.
Discussion #4 in a continuing series:
I confess Lord Have Mercy

One of the most important steps in the Introductory

Stations of the Cross
Rites is to confess our sins and beg for Gods for-
giveness Thats why we pray, I confess to almighty Every Friday during Lent at 6PM
God and to you my brothers and sisters and then beginning this Friday, March 3rd
we entrust ourselves to his loving mercy, praying,
Lord have mercy Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy.
These prayers recall a two fold theme in the Bible: We will meet downstairs where we will
confession and mercy. God is always reaching out to share a light meatless meal before
his people with merciful love, no matter how far
going up to the Chapel where we will
away they may have turned from him. All we need
to do is humbly admit our faults to confess our do Stations of the Cross together.
sins and turn back to him. Thats what these two
prayers bring together: our heartfelt contrition and
Gods loving mercy.

Source: Catholic Update; January 2017 edition.

Family Faith Formation

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Matthew 6:24-33
Distribution of Ashes
We can get worried about a lot of things. Mon-
ey, clothes, food. Its natural to worry about dai-
Ash WednesdayMarch 1st.
ly needs, but we can get too anxious, so anx-
ious that these things become more important Services at church:
than God. Jesus tells us to stop worrying about 9am, 12pm , 4pm , 7pm
what to eat, drink or wear There are times to
say No to our worries, to take a break, to relax
and put things in the bigger picture. These are
times to focus on God. Ashes to Go
5am Toms River Bus Terminal
What do you worry about? What can you do
to stop worrying and rely on God? & then Church Parking lot
between services
Adult Faith Formation
with Fr. Anthony
Monday evenings at 7PM - downstairs
All are welcome!

LENTEN PROGRAM : Desert Fridays

Beginning Friday, March 3rd through April 7th

6pmJoin us downstairs where we will share a

light meatless meal followed by Stations of the
Cross in the Chapel.
A heartfelt thank you for your generous
Bible Study food donations to
with Fr. Drew Rosalies Kitchen
There will be NO Bible study on 3/3, 3/10, or
3/17. Classes will resume on Friday, March 24th A special thank you to Rosie Weaver for
with discussion of the Passion Narratives. expanding our outreach to Crestwood Village

Family Faith Formation

with Sr. Donna
Meets the 4th Sunday of each month
Our Family Faith Formation program is for all
families with children. Please join us!
7-night Cruise to Bermuda September
If you have any questions or would like Ship name: Celebrity Summit
more information, see 2017 Sail Date: September 3rd
Sr. Donna after Mass or call her
at 732-597-2273. Destination: Bermuda
Departure Port: Cape Liberty, NJ

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