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DTC Bus Fare chart for journey from New Delhi(Anand Vihar Terminal to Nainital):

One way charge per head = Rs.211.00

So, Two way charge per head= 2xRs.211.00 = Rs.422.00

So, total cost for 49 people for two way journey = 49x Rs.422.00 = Rs. 20,678

But this would be the cost of transportation from Anand Vihar to Nainital Terminal.


1. Additional Transportation cost would be required for journey from college to

Anand Vihar Bus Terminal and back from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal to College (on
return journey).

2. Additional Transportation Cost would be required for journey from Nainital Bus
Terminal to Place of Stay and back from Place of Stay to Nainital Bus Terminal.

3. We were carrying along with us very costly Telescopes and Cameras (very heavy
too) and they are to be handled carefully, this wont be possible in Government Bus
as no personal space is provided in DTC Buses.