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Head, Deptt. of Hospital Administration &
Medical Superintendent Dr Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

Dr Shakti Gupta is a teacher, mentor, researcher and hospital

administrator, who has been pivotal in defining the role of the healthcare
administrator in the delivery of quality healthcare in the nation. He completed his
medical graduation from Government Medical College, Jammu and post graduation in
Hospital Administration from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New
Delhi, India. Presently as the Head of the Department of Hospital Administration he has
been energetic as an author, research guide and in providing enabling platforms for
debates and deliberations as well as organising conferences that brings together
experts of national and international repute in health administration. He has been
actively involved in various national and state level committees on healthcare
activities. He has more than 30 years of distinguished academic and healthcare
management experiences encompassing the entire spectrum of primary to tertiary
healthcare. A brief snapshot of the same is provided:-

Fellowships, MBBS from Govt Medical College Jammu.

Awards &
Masters in Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi.
WHO fellowship from USA on Accident and Emergency services
including Disaster Management.
Hospital Management Programme for Chief Executives of Asia
Pacific from National University of Singapore.
Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences 2009.
Fellow of Institute of Hospital Engineers, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Fellow of the International Medical Sciences Academy, New Delhi
2010 and SHRAM SREE-2010.
Chairman Expert committee for Formulation of National Ambulance Code
for the country under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt
of India.
Working Group on Emergency Care relating to Road Safety
under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt of India 2011.
The report has been already submitted to the government.
President Academy of Hospital Administration since 2009.
Research Foundation of Hospital and healthcare Administration,
Since 2011.
Member Sub-Group on Road Transport and Human Resources
Management under the working group on Road Transport
constituted by the Planning Commission for the formulation of the
Twelfth Five Year Plan(2012-2017).
Working group for the development of the National Action Plan for
Hospital Safety constituted by the National Disaster Management
Authority, New Delhi.
Governing Council of National Accreditation Board for Hospital and
Healthcare Providers (NABH), Quality Council of India.
Task Force on Health Sector Reforms for the State of J&K under the
Chief Minister.
Expert team for providing technical consultancy establishing
Emergency Medical Service System under NRHM, Govt of
Maharashtra state.
Advisory board of Welingkar Institute of Management
Development & Research, Mumbai.
Expert Group for establishing AIIMS like Institutions in the country.
Consultant Appointed as the Expert Consultant by Ministry of External Affairs,
Govt. of India for establishment of hospitals in Bhutan and
WHO Consultant for the preparation of Module for
Implementation of Electronic Medical Records in Speciality
Hospitals in India.
WHO Consultant to Nepal to study healthcare infrastructure and
suggest remedial measures for capacity building of Human
resources for Health.
UNOPS Asia Office to study Procurement & Supply Management
System being adopted by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Govt of India and based on his recommendations the Govt of India
received 129 million dollars for HIV and TB programme from The
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Books Hospital and Healthcare Administration-Appraisal and
Authored Referral Treatise along with Col Sunil Kant
Emergency Services & Disaster Management A Holistic
Approach along with Dr P K Dave, Lt Gen N K Parmar(Retd) and
Col Sunil Kant
Hospital Stores Management an Integrated Approach
along with Col Sunil Kant
Modern Trends in Planning & Designing of Hospitals
along with Col Sunil Kant, Dr R Chandrashekhar and Dr S Satpathy
MCQs in Management & Hospital Administration along
with Col Sunil Kant and Dr P Rampal
Hospital Infection Control Guidelines along with Dr
Sanjeev Singh and Col Sunil Kant
Disease Outbreak Management along with Col Sunil Kant
and J K Sharma
Conferences, Hospital Equipment Appliances & Technology HEAT 1997
CMEs Seminars in AIIMS New Delhi
& Workshops
South Asian Conference on Synergy &
Healthcare(SASHCON)- 2005 at Thimphu, Bhutan.
South Asian Conference on Synergy &
Healthcare(SASHCON)- 2008 at AIIMS ,NewDelhi
National Seminar & Workshop on Operations Research in
Hospital Administration in collaboration with WHO in August 2009,
first time ever in Asia.
International Conference on Recent Advances & Future trends in
Healthcare Infrastructure & Medical Technology (HIMT-
2011) in collaboration with WHO, School of Planning &
Architecture, The Indian Institute of Architects (NC) and the
Academy of Hospital Administration.
International Congress on Emergency Medical Service
Systems (EMS-2012) in Feb 2012.
Programme Director of the capacity building management
development programme series Healthcare Executive
Management Development Programme (HxMDP) for senior
healthcare professionals in collaboration with WHO.
Programme Director National Initiative for Patient Safety
(NIPS), a series of workshops aimed to propagate the culture of
patient safety across the nation by training the trainers.
Programme Director for Best Procurement Practices for
Hospital a series of workshops aimed at disseminating good
procurement practices to be followed in Hospitals.
Research Founder President of Research Foundation of Hospital &
Healthcare Administration (RFHHA), New Delhi which is a leading
professional organization promoting research and training in the
field of Hospital and Healthcare management.
He has mentored and guided numerous research studies in the
fields of Patient safety, Quality in Hospitals, Infection Control and
Planning & Designing of Hospitals in the Department at the All
India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Founder President of the EMS Leaders forum , with an aim of
providing a common platform for convergence of the global think-
tank in the field of Emergency Medical Services including Disaster
Strongly That Situational Sensitivity and Behavioural Flexibility are the
believes key attributes of a good administrator.
Aspires To establish a full-fledged Centre for Excellence in Hospital
Administration at AIIMS which will result in enhanced capacity
building in this field & will act as a resource centre for various
healthcare management issues for the country. The proposal for
the same has been included by the Planning Commission
of India for consideration.
To start a Leadership Development Programme in the country for
young health and hospital administrators so as to empower them
to take up the leadership role in their organisations.
To launch domain focussed Management Development
Programmes for Senior Healthcare Executives across India in the
field of financial management including Budgeting and Audit.