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American DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5:

History SS SS SS SS SS
Unit intro, Explain Mid to early 20th Looking at Will take
central assessmen century modern students to
focus t immigration. day volunteer
discussion, Cooperative immigratio at Hope for
melting pot Early learning n San Diego
vs. salad republic activities. contributio
bowl immigratio ns.
n during Cooperativ
the 19th e learning
century. activities.
e learning

Standard SS 8.12.5 - SS 8.12.5 SS 8.12.5 - SS 8.12.5 SS 8.12.5

Examine the - Examine Examine the - Examine - Examine
location and the location and the location the
effects of location effects of and effects location
urbanization and effects urbanization, of and effects
, renewed of renewed urbanizatio of
immigration, urbanizatio immigration, and n, renewed urbanizatio
and industri- n, renewed industrialization immigratio n, renewed
alization immigratio (e.g., the effects n, and immigratio
(e.g., the n, and on social fabric of industri- n, and
effects on industri- cities, wealth and alization industri-
social fabric alization economic (e.g., the alization
of cities, (e.g., the opportunity, the effects on (e.g., the
wealth and effects on conservation social fabric effects on
economic social movement). of cities, social
opportunity, fabric of wealth and fabric of
the cities, economic cities,
conservatio wealth and opportunity wealth and
n economic , the economic
movement). opportunit conservatio opportunit
y, the n y, the
conservati movement) conservati
on . on
movement movement
). ).

Objectiv SS SS SS SS SS
e SWBAT SWBAT SWBAT explain 2 SWBAT list Students
explain the discuss the reasons for the 2 major will assist
basic treatment immigration contributio the
concept of towards wave of the late ns that organizatio
immigration, the Irish 19th and early immigrants n Hope for
using immigrants 20th centuries have or are San Diego,
vocabulary during the from Italy, Asians making to learn
words from early etc. our country. cooperativ
class 1800s. e skills,
activity and teamwork
information and
from video. leadership

Assessm SS SS SS SS SS
ent Informal Students Students will be Students Formal:
check for will be assessed through will be Students
understandi assessed a group assessed will write a
ng, through through a presentation, through a 1 page
class group instructions in group reflection
discussion presentatio cooperative presentatio on their
on n, learning activity. n, experience
immigration. instruction instructions while
s in in volunteerin
cooperativ cooperative g.
e learning learning
activity. activity.

Student SS SS SS SS SS
Activity Cooperativ Cooperative Cooperativ Service
video on e learning. learning. Looking e learning. learning:
immigration. Looking at at 2 documents Looking at Volunteer
2 from mid 19th to 2 at Hope for
documents early 20th documents San Diego
from early century from
19th immigration. modern
century day
immigratio immigrants
n. .