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Ancient Chinese Philosophies Graphic organizer

Step #1: Using the YouTube link posted in Google Classroom watch the video about the
three main philosophies of Ancient China. Turn on CC to help with spelling. Pause the video to go
at your own pace.
Step #2: As you watch, fill in the chart below with the specific facts listed in order to gain
a better understanding of each of the philosophies.

Philosophies of Ancient China

Daoism/Taoism Confucianism Legalism

1. Main belief: 1. Main Belief: 1. Main Belief:

Confucianism is focused on Instead of harmony, how can

Looking for ________ with _________ harmony, how can we make things work the
nature or with the _______ we find harmony between ______ way? The best way to
_________. relationships with __________. make things work is through

2. Founder: 2. Founder: 2. Founder:

3. What is the Dao?: 3. What book did Confucius 3. Legalist cosmology says
followers put together to that the basic idea is that
record his sayings?: people are _________ and ______
and if we want to make good
things happen, we have to
_____ them.:

4. What is the odd thing 4. Confucian cosmology says 4. What are the three main
about Daoism?: that when you do elements that make up
something, your _______ have Legalist politics?
effects that __________ 1)
outward from you, to the 2)
______ around you. 3)

5. What major religion was 5. What happens when the 5. What happens when a
influenced by Daoism? king is virtuous? Legalist leader doesnt do a
good job?

Writing prompt pick ONE prompt to respond to in 5 sentences

1= take a stance 2= reason 3= reason 4= reason 5=

Which Chinese Philosophy is best for making an empire both successful and powerful?
Which chinese philosophy is the best philosophy to live by? Explain why.


Activity 2: how can you identify the differences between the Ancient chinese

Step #1: Read the short quotes below and HIGHLIGHT any important information
that may give you a clue to figuring out what philosophy is being shown.
Step #2: Fill in the chart below using the quotes on the left side of the chart.

Quote Highlighted Key Philosophy

Highlight keywords to define Words Which Philosophy
meaning. Write highlighted words Does it belong to?
in quote.
People just try to look out WHICH ONE IT BELONGS TO
for their own best interests, Daoism/Taois
so government needs to be m

ready to harshly punish Confucianism

people who break the Legalism


Government should not WHICH ONE IT BELONGS TO
interfere in peoples lives Daoism/Taois
and allow each person find m
his or her own harmony with Legalism
the world around them.

A government is only CIRCLE THE NAME OF

effective if it has integrity. A
corrupt government will not Daoism/Taois
have the respect or the Confucianism
support of its citizens. Legalism