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Arup’s Advanced Technology and Research Services offered by the Advanced Technology
(AT+R) group brings together specialists of the and Research group include:
highest technical calibre, including leading experts
in their fields. We develop inventive, practical Automotive computer-aided engineering
and cost-effective solutions to complex problems, Blast and impact engineering
consistently creating exceptional value for clients. Catastrophe risk and insurance
Climate change consulting
Our broad range of skills enable us to provide Engineering software development and support
engineering and consultancy services to a diverse
Existing and heritage structures consulting
range of industries. Being part of one group allows
us to share methods of working and identify External and internal environments consulting
opportunities for technology transfer across the Fluid dynamics consulting
disciplines we work in. This helps to strengthen Materials consulting
our collective understanding and build upon our Movable structures consulting
existing capabilities. Nuclear packaging and transportation consulting
Offshore engineering
We work for a wide range of clients in the
Product design
buildings, bridges, civil engineering, automotive,
railway, nuclear energy, petrochemical, power Seismic engineering
generation and industrial sectors. We continually Transport technology consulting
challenge ourselves to explore new horizons and Vibration engineering
seek better solutions through insight, innovation Wind engineering
and integration.

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© (CC Image) Ford GT by marco ely

Ford GT, USA
Our computer-aided engineering (CAE) expertise helped
complete the Ford GT in just 24 months; half the time of a
traditional vehicle programme. We investigated materials,
extrusions casting and joining techniques to provide an
optimised design.

© Jaguar Land Rover © Iwan Bann © Craig Shimahara/Gruen Associates © Darren Soh

Oasys LS-DYNA Environment Bombay Sapphire Distillery, LA International Airport Central The Helix, Singapore
Laverstoke Mill, UK Utility Plant, USA
Our software team has over 25 years of Through application of our software
experience working with LS-DYNA; Working in close collaboration with We performed an air quality and and analysis skills, we designed
Magnox Nuclear Flask, UK using it in-house for our varied the building contractor and architect, dispersion simulation for the new this intricate and lightweight bridge
The 100mph train crash test on a Magnox spent fuel flask in 1984 was the consultancy work, and distributing and our materials and structural engineers central utility plant in LA International entirely within a digital environment.
culmination of a three year, ground-breaking project to study the behaviour supporting it commercially in the UK, combined their expertise. Using Airport to assess the potential for Each steel member was optimised to
of the flask in impact scenarios. The project also included full scale and scale India and China. We have developed advanced numerical modelling and toxic fumes being entrained into the reduce weight, whilst ensuring that
model drop tests, real target crash tests, analytical studies, hazard studies and market-leading graphical pre- and post- simulation we guided and verified fresh air supply for the control tower. the structure retained its strength. This
finite element (FE) simulations. Arup has been delivering high-quality technical processing software to complement this the detailed design, whilst advising Our investigation took into account enabled the complex geometry and
services to the radioactive material packaging and transport industry ever since. powerful and versatile finite element on the complex materials production the potential for sightline obstruction beauty of this Marina Bay landmark to
Many of the skills first developed on this project - in FE simulation, testing and code. technology required to fulfil the caused by the cooling tower plume. be achieved.
instrumentation - are also employed in our services to other industries. architect’s vision.

3 Advanced Technology and Research Advanced Technology and Research 4
© Arup

© Ben McMillan © Arup © Arup

Beijing National Aquatics Centre, Service Train Adhesion Modifier Motion Platform, USA
China Trial, UK
This vibrating platform allows clients
The Beijing National Aquatics Centre Our experience of autumn head rail to experience the structural movement
is a seamless blend of engineering conditions, treatment technologies of their building while it’s still on the
and architecture. Using our strength and adhesion modifiers enabled drawing board. We designed and built
optimisation, structural expertise us to design and manage this trial, the Arup Motion Platform to help
and numerical simulation skills producing real-time reports using developers make informed decisions
we developed this world-first steel a smart-phone app. This allowed about previously abstract parameters
structure. By automating the scripting and to enable designers to deliver better
the client to respond promptly to
of the design, analysis, optimisation and projects.
low adhesion reports, resulting in a
documentation process we improved
time, cost and reputation saving for
overall project efficiency.
Network Rail.

© Arup © Arup © Shouya Katsuta

Bentley Hero Light, UK Low Carbon Routemap, UK Maison Hermes, Japan
During the design of a luxury light Our management and environmental We conceived a novel solution for this
to showcase Bentley’s ‘hero’ car, consultants developed a structured slender, 13 storey building, allowing
our product design team used digital and logical routemap for the UK, the desired transparency and providing
CAD, CAM and light modelling demonstrating how the UK built the necessary earthquake resistance in
tools, combined with materials and environment will achieve carbon a very limited space. Our innovative
manufacturing expertise. The circular reduction targets by 2050. This ‘stepping column’ design allows the
3D funnel shape incorporates perimeter building to rock to a limited degree
included thorough analysis of both
under strong earthquake conditions,
US Air Force Memorial, USA
‘halo’ and central ‘funnel’ light zones
operational and embodied carbon
to achieve different illumination scenes. minimising any structural damage that Arup’s wind engineering expertise was critical in the
across UK infrastructure and
Initially installed at Bentley’s principal might occur. Total savings to the clients design of this streamlined, three-spired memorial. To create
buildings. were estimated to be $1m compared
showroom in the UK, the Bentley light structural stability our team developed a bespoke system
is being rolled out across showrooms with a conventional design, including of finely tuned internal dampers to mitigate wind induced
globally. vast material and foundation work vibration. This unique ‘ball-in-box’ system could be pre-
savings. installed and requires minimal maintenance, providing an
innovative, custom-designed solution which successfully
achieved the architect’s vision.

5 Advanced Technology and Research Advanced Technology and Research 6
© Arup

Singapore Sports Hub
Our movable structure engineers were instrumental in
developing the architectural concept for this state-of-the-art
stadium, enabling it to be rapidly reconfigured from athletics
to football mode. Our wind engineers, building physicists and
materials technologists worked together on the design, using
materials expertise and stress analysis to understand the fixed
roof fatigue, bowl cooling and deployable systems.

© Arup © Mecanoo © Tim Griffith © Simon Kennedy

Rijkwaterstaat bridge renovations, Manchester Engineering Campus Climate change risk assessment, USA Sky Believe in Better Building, UK
The Netherlands Development (MECD), UK AT+R helped a $5bn bio- In the first four storey, all-timber
© Arup
Using our knowledge of fatigue and We are providing vibration and pharmaceutical company understand commercial office building in the UK
Passenger rail car blast vulnerability, USA its exposure to climate change risks our timber experts ensured that building
analysis techniques to understand the electromagnetic compatibility
As part of a research programme for the US Transportation Security bridges’ current states, we designed consulting for a new world-class, over a 25 year horizon. Through use of efficiency was optimised. The high
Administration, we investigated the potential effects of a terrorist bomb on a bespoke minimum intervention £200m teaching and research facility the latest climate change projections tolerance lightweight timber elements
passenger railcar. This involved initial threat and risk assessments and detailed strengthening schemes. This extended and engagement with the client’s enabled significant programme savings
for the University of Manchester.
finite element blast analysis of various railcars to analyse the possible levels of the life of eight large road bridges by senior management, we developed and created a ‘beyond zero embodied
MECD will house equipment
damage in correlation with test data. 30 years. an understanding of the potential carbon’ building. The integration
requiring ultra-low vibration and
risks to the company’s assets and of rainwater harvesting and Arup’s
electromagnetic noise performance. operations and provided them with innovative Soundscoop natural
Through use of surveying, analysis recommendations to manage these ventilation system has resulted in
and design we are enabling this risks. an all-encompassing and sustainable
environment in a challenging city working environment.
centre location.

7 Advanced Technology and Research Advanced Technology and Research 8
The Advanced Technology and Research
group has over 170 highly skilled
engineers working in offices worldwide.
Our globally located workforce is spread across 14
© Nowy Styl Group © Arup © Arup

Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement, Midland Goods Shed, UK
offices, allowing our skills and technology to be
Abacus stadium seat, worldwide
USA accessible internationally.
Shaped by our product and sports Our knowledge of historic masonry
venue design experience, we created This new bridge in Long Beach, and materials enabled the sensitive
the high-performance Abacus stadium California will replace an existing redevelopment and refurbishment of
seat. The unique design reduces the crossing and form a critical link to the this Grade II listed building. Within
number of components involved, Port of Long Beach. AT+R provided a constrained site we designed Solihull
resulting in quicker installation which performance-based seismic design for structural strengthening intervention
is critical to the completion of many the 600m long cable stayed bridge. London
and repair to allow for a revitalised
stadium projects. The seat fulfils user We employed viscous dampers to Bristol
use of the building, whilst retaining
expectations in addition to adhering to seismically isolate the deck, reducing its heritage and cultural identity. Manchester
stringent global requirements. Seats seismic demands on the substructure Edinburgh
have been installed in a number of and resulting in a neater appearance as
stadia worldwide, including 22,000 well as a reduced cost to the client. Beijing
seats in the Groupama Arena, Hungary.


New York
San Francisco


© (CC Image) Matt R. Kyle © RDM Group © Arup

High Roller observation wheel, USA UK Autodrive, UK White Rose Extension Project,
Providing early strategic and concept The Arup-led UK Autodrive
design advice, AT+R helped the client consortium is one of three projects Combining AT+R’s structural
procure this project. We engineered that aim to establish the UK as a analysis, specialist structural
the distinctive wheel cabins, main global hub for the development engineering, materials science
bearings and drive system of this of driverless vehicles. AT+R’s and computational fluid dynamics
record-breaking observation wheel, automotive engineering experience, capabilities, Arup completed the
using 3D stress analysis to optimise expertise in vehicle, energy and detailed design of the concrete gravity
the innovative single rim design. We environment sectors, and experience substructure to enable the extension
applied materials expertise to procure in managing large, multi-stakeholder of the existing White Rose oil field.
tightly curved glass and manage
projects, makes us well placed to lead
humidity between the insulating panes,
this high profile demonstration.
whilst wind dynamics analysis and
thermal simulation of the cabin helped
enhance passenger comfort.

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