2012 The franchise started movie name was The Hunger Games Catching

Fire Released in November companies named Lionsgate entertainment
and Ignition creative

A marketing campaign that relied on storytelling and blurred the lines
between reality and the movie

The platforms - YouTube Tumblr Facebook Twitter and Instagram So it
included sharper brand image and a designer partnership or all into
attract more fan participation

The Hunger Games Stop know what's written by Suzanne Collins she
don't first novel in 2008 name hunger the hunger games, second Noble
Catching Fire in 2009, third book Mockingjay in 2010

Noah's are set in a post-apocalyptic Nation it is a hypothetical situation
Karma old Center capitol and while District which have a image the
districts are forced to participate in annual televised competition
called The Hunger Games

Contains science, fiction, Adventure, drama and action that captures
reader's imagination target audience younger adults

2014 - 65 million copies and top seller in amazon.com even better than Harry Potter book series
by 2014 65 million copies in the United States

Brand storytelling

 Uses new distribution channels
 create personal and unique resume experience
 contents created independent independent of audience needs
 try to capture the imagination, and come up with their own stories
that create powerful emotions that linger in the mind
 Brand storytelling versus characters, insert personality, humor,
and emotions
 the story the range of imagination stays within brand
Transmedia storytelling
The story unfolds on multiple media platforms and require active
participation update users
Spreadability all the content is important consideration and is
accomplished through 1 marketing practices in social media

1999-other examples of Blair Witch example promotional campaign there history of a fictional
successful marketing by Blair Witch also had it on Street personal distributed missing person
hypothetical story telling! flyers for the correct characters who disappeared in the phone there was
the televised the TV series on that to make it popular
45 million PR impressions 500000 Similarly the Lizzie Bennet Diaries created the last Twitter Facebook
Stewie participant and 10000
leads to the dingo and 2 million Instagram and Tumblr to retell the story of Jane Austen Pride and
unique visitors to the Audi Prejudice equated image decorated in the weighted opportunities for the
usa.com fans to interact with the story in 21st century

com  other storytelling examples for HBO series Game of Thrones  Prometheus  film The Matrix and then  a trust where they birthday was a a break up and makeup and Ken and Barbie The Producers wanted to use transmedia as the major promotional strategy he focused on the difference on the lifestyle of the rich capitalize the word destroy to create a motion in the audience for likes and dislikes The traditional methods are 1 two create brand awareness 3 to 6 months right release of the film by add placement Auntie video magazines and bell boots probably create a partnership or an end make a dedicated website please on YouTube teasers other traditional methods include in person we are like interviews red carpet event doing online PR by blogs and social media and doing other cross marketing Partnerships however the twitter 5 campaign was 11 words that by creating Intrigue in curious fans’ mind That was one of first bull move to try everything April 2013 Stated to in 2013 ever promoted a futuristic fashion called Capital Kutcher to Ghana tension off the fence and the used Facebook Twitter Youtube and Instagram end oh so there wasn't much to 4 gauge been with like in heart of 60 and 3 painted capitalize a dark mysterious and intimidating place Tumblr  Did an online magazine that showed the capital of Gmail on our fashion and design and it look like the articles of end real life writers who were featured on the site and they were given title slide editor-in-chief fashion designer Capitol correspondent and capital contributor so it looked all  the only magazine Need to look like a real and very similar to other fashion magazine the photographs were taken by 18 Palin was also very excited about this picture and had previously words in movies such as Saul and Berry who stop so he designed Capitol portrait a series of 15 and dramatic photographs that had a vivid depiction of 11 main characters in the film  those portraits were sent to Facebook Twitter and Instagram  and they were released in teams on under Partners their .  Other transmedia storytelling examples of 4/8 and 48 3 British missing so they could not put the car in the auto show connected with the last resort retrieval company that finds or recover cyan art items that are stolen anticipated hype about Orlov hit left to grey puppy City example left to 45 million PR impressions 500000 Stewie participant and 10000 leads to the dingo and 2 million unique visitors to the Audi usa.

Partners word Yahoo movies and TV MSN and The Huffington Post  Instead of a diet product placement be created partner advertisement with the runs like a Covergirl and E fashion net-a- porter and a new polish brand such as China Glaze so they made that these friends are available in the Capitol Hill  because I thought the core fans have probably a punk rock.  in other words they were promoting other products indirectly without disturbing the spirit of the movie which was fictional in nature.  Twitter messages for the ideological messages to Panem citizens. and he stablishment sense or the Arches the purest of the Frenchise.  The capital capital cartoon shows of tantini of ostentatious and fashionable life in the Capitol and always serve to expand their narratives and Fan Experience  be Tumblr served as gateway to Facebook Twitter Google Plus Instagram and the YouTube youtube  YouTube the social sharing media for catching fire  it has a very 70 strong media and created free word and crédit talents so  and those  and for every distinct voices they have some special capabilities for example  this to powerful assault wakers  District 5 cutting-edge renewable energy technology  tDistrict 2 peaceful peacekeeping forces Facebook . for example they respect 2 tricks boundaries and threatening punishment who would ignore the call additionally they had links to Capital culture and film's trailer and promotional pictures Instagram  Katy 1464 Walla word putting mostly fashionable photographs to promote Capital culture from the Tumblers .October  Link the Tumblr website or the magazine and 2011  the Facebook page had the invite friends to like this page link I also a link to visitor posts March 2012 -Facebook  Facebook page as the fans to pick 1 District so they can celebrate the with trees of fellow citizens of their District to do did well  end also launched a video teaser of upcoming movie as an important announcement  The Facebook page was used to announce 75th and 1 Hunger Games and all the citizens were required by law to view it  all the district had their own Facebook page Twitter  from the first movie to second the film Twitter following was almost 1 billion which was 75% growth in 18 months.

Eagle gamification of fan participation to participate in the challenge fans have to register you specific as to have Center competitions and of points if they are enough points they will unload badges they was bragging rights and to share with their friends and community. B capital. toast the victors. this kind of challenges leading to an online ongoing narrative and which will enhance phones friend and or all Fan Experience campaign outcomes  Capitol Facebook page has 10 million  850.  they were targeting fashion-conscious hipsters mostly focusing on fashion not on the overall story  so this was an example of deep understanding of phones nice fan base did not add anything to the phone plug  Oshkosh asked fans to share their stories when they were addressed similar to the characters off the phone AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT Target audience  The Catching Fire storytelling campaign targeted passionate existing fast and not new cameras  there was already existing a large fan base off books geology mostly men and women under 25  The social media campaign was aiming to elevate the excitement among these fans so they start to talk about the movie and the depiction of the characters when they talk to their friends and Associates  there were some kind of challenges thrown at the fan by the capitol so that friend found bases could connect with each other through the social channels  as a result there was a tremendous amount of user or fan created content User Generated Content Tumblr . 000 followers on Twitter  trailer was a mountain YouTube most watched print use . be see) challenge or citizen to post or tweet pictures for off their capitals size fashion# capitalstyle 3 Capital red carpet that is three wheel and fictional Effie Trinket on to to to to to evaluate the actress 2265 list Alexandra new floor the Ultimate Fan challenge. and fans the missions were posted on Capital cut your site under subtitle citizen activity 2 be fabulous.fashion Challenges and  films creative agency lost no opportunity to connect with the participation devoted fans  France we're not just passively watching that were actively participating in the movie social media channels 1 Capitol art challenge. fans were encouraged to enter the old fashioned creations with a message.

373 forward showing that South also had strong following of following our fan base  there was a huge amount of user-generated content blocks photos and videos  opening weekend phone had 158 million at box office end 864 million globally  catching fire highest grossing film at domestic box office in 2013 end add number 10 at any phone highest Crossing at the domestic box office  Comparative figures figures Divergent young adult fiction Divergent opening day 56 million  Maze Runner opening 32 million Evaluating the Usually the central Todd and creative idea is the storytelling narrative.social media's for uniquely used each platform used differently  example fan resistor for particular District would have a particular batch so that they can generate a sense of belonging to the story world  fans were also given identity such as District marrow recruiter  so they had some kind of story personalized story to tell it to their friends  That is how they made their whole fan base  the name of the social media strategist Behind The Hunger Games campaign is Daniela De Palma  People story to consume share and absorb in their life  Tumblr blog which two friends in very outlandish Fashion Beauty and photography  Also the fan based stories with Jerry about actually about .  Hunger Games was one of the most searched categories on Google  top trends on Twitter  The Hunger Games movie Twitter account hacked 969. transmedia storytelling campaign Hunger Games campaign try to create an elaborate story bold and will country will citizens and Real Fashion Magazine putting emphasis on fashion and apparel  question is whether these elements hang together  story was coherent  what about the fashion challenges  what to do to do to engage the audience in co-creation  distribution channels.

when were the larger larger fan base and research shows that many people were hunting for men and children fashion pieces so they was need additional time TRADITIONAL  The campaign also was put in traditional media like printed TV commercial and posters  and these were Dorchester together with the online event for example the posters off the characters were released on Twitter  the lead actors for example Josh Hutcherson interviews the first Trader on popular TV show that is Good Morning America  leading magazine was call cooperated with landscape to police car pictures of the characters to build Falls  the amount of attention and details were given to posters portraits fashion and beauty  elements of campaign word repeated 1 of Epic dedicated to particular movie being released  shoot continue to make this high level of effort example of catching fire laws designed to reach bigger audience not sure they needed to do for the next two movies in the franchise or not  the sequel Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1  the next installment in The Hunger Games series what's this . participation word more integrated into ethical question for example why the capital is in style even though it is standing from wall inscription of fresh oppression  therefore the last message was somewhat confusing  How could something which is dark like Capital could be future of fashion  did was it in a Synergy with the books message I  from cap  All sleep is essential to make sure that the send are not confused by subplots  so the website to generated  Balance between reality and fiction FEEDBACK FROM  do you do the fan feedback the marketing campaign you what FANS they want to see it but they do not want to see  the film fans were typically skewed younger  so it was important to be careful that their wish list is not ignored as well as to include a fan-base which was over 25  however was a device move to spend Millions on advertising on an audience which was already activated  how with this new will affect the marketing for their next movie  would it be possible for to keep the fan base engaged until the release of next movie and doing the entire FILM Series PARTNERSHIP  The partners at 7 Subway did not fit in the plot because the WEAKNESSES movie was about hunger and death starvation  similarly covergirl s and net a porter mostly cater to women which did not cater to men and children.

 promotional social media campaign start to elevate The Hunger Games friend and bring it closer to its sense  however there was a risk to overwhelm the fence with too much content . and on a personalized and integrated experience.  online a fox fashion magazine Capital culture made elaborate photoshoot and put Capitol TV District was his on YouTube and the mobile app  The marketing platform had laid the groundwork for an ongoing conversation when fans and enables them to continue to share and spread the word online  Example landscape cookie to Capital culture and capital TV to promote Mockingjay but they could send text message to fans.  Transmedia brand storytelling is a subset of 2 children storytelling that uses various media and distribution platform to promote A brand. Getting 4 executed a campaign that ignited it's cool fan scroll City and participation. on level of audience participation. on persistent story on development in real time.  Mockingjay was to promote a concept of rebellion against the capitol  could I successfully blurred the line between reality and fiction once again by establishing partnership with the Wheel designer masquerading as Panem citizens  line skit also needed to consider of us to continue using low cost me as it is to you to test the full  typical H2 clear or to do Max miles to Munfordville  in the end interim you like new partnership in storytelling technique lines get execute to keep the fans interested conclusion BRAND STORYTELLING has been used by successful friends to differentiate themselves and enhance against interest and engagement. is judged on its p 8 pervasiveness across all the forms at all times.  therefore this storytelling campaign 4 The Hunger Games Catching Fire intriguing leave blur the lines between fact and fiction keeping fans at once kissing and engaged  user content or the fan content by enthusiastic participation of fans expended the original narrative.