AT- 43

Universal Table of Resolution
Turn Sequence -6 -5/-4 -3/-2 -1/0/+1 +2/+3 +4/+5 +6
Tactical Phase Miss 6 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+ Hit
Calculate LP
Commander LP + Valiant Units Ranges Location Table
+ Reserve units 0-10cm 0 Result Damaged Part
Order cards 10-20cm 1 1-2 Propulsion
Authority Test 20-30 cm 2 3-5 Frame
May add LP to roll before rolling. etc. 6 A Weapon (attacker pick)
Max is Commander lvl +1
Activation Phase Tests
Use LP Damage = Penetration - Protection
Activate Units Shoot = Accuracy - Range
Control Phase Melee = Accuracy - Defender's Combat Value
Most infantry w/in 10cm Morale = Morale -8
Collect VP, RP
Spend RP Combat Resolution
Shooting (not if engaged or grounded)
Combat Drills (1 LP) Fire salvo (one type of weapon, then fire next salvo)
Units may be given multiple ones salvo's may target different units
Knee -at end, not in fire zone Test to hit, then test to damage
Overwatch - if free, shoot after enemy moves Unit takes hits starting with closest to shooters
only if didn't shoot on their own activation Intervening units get hit first, friend or foe
Take cover - 3+ cover save
Split Fire - Inf. Spec. Weapons may shoot Movement
separately from unit Combat - full speed, shoot before or after
given at beginning of activation Rush - +6cm, no shooting, +10cm for afv
If started engaged, only move combat 1/2 speed
Indirect Fire
each miss is a 1cm drift AFV's
if auto miss, no template AFV's are targeted individually and only one takes all hits
all misses, blast = weapon radius If AFV's propulsion destroyed unit must maintain cohesion
hits, blast = weapon rad. X # of hits or consider AFV destroyed and remove from table
if rad. > 10cm, then 10cm and 2 hits each AFV's are never engaged
no cover save vs. indirect If AFV rushes, any infantry moved over killed on a 5+
Support weapons auto killed
Cover engaged killed on 3+
if 1/2+ unit behind, all get cover
if less than 1/2, no cover Grounded
if range 0, no cover if half or less are grounded, activate normally
5+ save if more than 1/2 are grounded,
Not considered to be in zone of fire
No pre-measuring LOS
Measurement is from Edge to Edge 360 degree LOS
Range is measured from Leader to leader Soldiers do not block LOS

Coherency Melee
All models w/in 10cm of leader split CC if there are any different
All models w/in 2.5 cm of another model weapons or stats
Friendly soldiers do not block movement Attacker picks casualties

Card LP uses Morale
1 - Activate a unit w/out a leader resolve before activation afv outside of activation
Relocate 1st card (activate next in line) Type 1,2 inf. at 3 or less members if 1 destroyed
2 - Delay activation (pass) only 1 in a row Type 3 inf. at 1 member
Activate 2 units in a row AFV unit immobilized 2 LP to recover, or no

valiant to disorganized to destroyed activation .