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To gain experience and knowledge of the use

of MIG arc-welding and materials safe.
To discipline students using workshop
To provide exposure to the students about
security is important.
Ensure that the students that they know how
to use TIG-machine and hand tools in the right
Improve the students during their patience
do workpiece.
Able to help students in the job environment
requires skill.
Metal inert gas welding, or MIG welding, is the most widely
used of the arc welding processes. It is suitable for
everything from hobbies and small fabrications or repairs,
through to large structures, shipbuilding and robotic
welding. MIG can be used on a broad range of materials
and thicknesses, and the latest SuperPulse technology
enables MIG to give a finish that is similar to that obtained
with TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, yet with the speed
for which MIG is renowned.
The concept underlying MIG welding is simple, with the
arc being struck between the tip of the reel-fed wire as it
emerges from the torch, and the workpiece. A shielding
gas prevents oxidation forming, or the use of some flux-
cored wires avoids the need for a shielding gas. With most
MIG welding sets, the user sets the wire feed speed,
which determines the current; then the user sets the
voltage to suit that current.
Ease of use is clearly a major benefit of MIG in many
applications, but speed is also important. It is far quicker to
lay down weld metal with MIG than TIG, MMA (manual
metal arc - or 'stick' welding) or gas welding.
Some of the measures that need to $e done while
in welding workshop area
Well-dressed, neat and safe.
Wear goggles when welding. Goggles protect the
eyes when students operate TIG welding.
Do not look at welding with the naked eye as
strong arc light can cause eye pain, glare and
Put the lid onto the shirt before use TIG welding.
When wearing an apron workshop always tie
back not in front.
Remove watches, rings and Bracelets as they
can endanger yourself while using welding
conditions and cause in1ury.
Turn off welding Before cleaning.
Always ensure TIG welding and hand tools are
Make sure the door is not greasy so as to avoid
injuries from occurring.
Before getting into the workshop the students
must clad mechanical workshop.
Students who use TIG welding or equipment
without the permission of the lecturer will be
disciplinary action.
In the event of any injury to the student, please
report it immediately to a lecturer in action further.
apparatus Function

Welding machine uses

an alternating current
entry (AU) and produces
direct current (DC).

Machine MIG

Purpose is to guide the

welding wire from the
wire feeder, through the
gun cable and up to the
contact tip
MIG Guns
-Flow meter gas measure
serves as a gauge for the
working pressure required.
-There are readings on the
outside while the inside of
the glass tube there is a ball
float that will be used to
show the pressure level of
work required.
Prest-O-Lite MIG Welding Gas -Meter readings will be
Regulators taken at the center of the
ball at the top of the ball
used as a tool for
cleaning, polishing

Wire brush
Used for high production
welding and have the
fastest of the wire feed

Case Wire Feed

Protect the eye from
the light when



1) Basic TIG & MIG Welding
2) The Miller Mig Handbook
3) How to Weld" book by Bridigum

From the results of this assignment I have
learned many things during this protect,
especially in dealing with MIG machine. This is
because there are several steps that must be
followed before conducting proper welding
MIG is. For example: adjust the gas pressure
which is suitable for welding workpiece. I also
gain experience and knowledge of the use of
MIG arc-welding and materials safe .At last
also know how to use MIG-machine and hand
tools in the right way.
MIG Welding(Metal Inert Gas)
1. Clear the part of the metal sheet before start welding
2. Put two metal sheet on the flat place to butt weld

3.Connect the earth line one the iron material so that current
can be discharge

4. Setting the MIG machine suitable current AC/DC and the spark

5. Next weld the nails at the side between two metal sheet
6. After weld the nails ,then butt weld the metal sheet at the side between two
metal .

7. After butt joints,clear the slag to make sure the welding is done
8. Use the V-cramp to let the metal sheet to became L shape and weld the nails
at both side of the metal sheet

9. After weld the nails at the both side can start the corner joint

10.After welding the corner joint off the power and the gas , let the machine at
the safety condition.