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E-mail: ovgrishchenk@mail.usf.edu

OBJECTIVE Genuinely dedicated and compassionate nursing student currently enrolled in the nursing program at
University of South Florida, approaching achievement of an RN-BSN license, in May of 2017. Seeking to join a
team that shares my compassion for providing quality, patient-centered care; a team I can unify with, in being a
patient advocate for patients and their families.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2015 - 05/2017
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Associates in Arts degree 2012 - 2014
Saint Petersburg College, Seminole, FL

SKILLS AND  Quick adaptation to a new environment and duties, with minimal supervision
QUALITIES  Able to work efficiently in a team-collaborative environment
 Outstanding organizational abilities, through the experience gained in clinical experiences,
as well as successfully coordinating and delivering numerous non-profit events
 Great communication skills within an interdisciplinary approach and patient advocacy,
gained through clinical experiences and background in customer service
 Eminent critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities; able to improvise and act
quickly in various environments and paces
 Observant; for example, caught an absence seizure and appropriately intervened
 Witnessed and assisted in a trauma and performed post-mortem care
 Obtaining and documenting patients’ vital signs, input/output, blood glucose, and patient
assessments, as well as providing oral care, assistance with feedings, assisting in activities
of daily living, performing wound care and colostomy dressing changes, IV insertion and
removal, and administering medications
 Experience in arterial line zeroing and ICP monitoring; provided care for a patient in a
critical state, dependent on mechanical ventilation
 Provided discharge teaching to numerous patients of various conditions
 Provided nursing care to numerous neonatal patients and their families, including oral and
tube feedings, assessments, blood glucose testing, medication administration, and education
for the families
CLINICAL A Total of 800+ clinical hours
EXPERIENCES Pediatric Focused:
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Fall 2016, 120 hours
Level III NICU, Pediatric unit, Labor and Delivery, Mother/Infant

Sarasota Memorial Hospital: Sarasota, FL
Cardiac Progressive Unit
Spring 2017: 180 hours

Pediatrics and Women’s Health
Fall 2016: 120 hours

ER, ICU, Oncology, Wound care
Spring 2016: 150 hours

Medical Surgical: Cardiac, Telemetry, Neuro, Surgical short-stay
Fall 2015: 120 hours

Medical Surgical; Orthopedics, Cardiac
Summer 2015: 90 hours
Talbot House Ministries: Lakeland, FL
Community clinical rotation;
Fall 2016: 90 hours

Bayside Center for Behavioral Health; Sarasota, FL
Acute Psychiatric, Adolescent, Adult, Detox Center, and Resurrection House
Fall 2015: 90 hours


EXPERIENCE: Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota, FL 2015-present
WORK/ Student Nurse; experience caring for neonates, pediatric patients, cardiac
VOLUNTEER post-op, oncology, neurology, behavioral, critical care, acute care
Northside Baptist Church, Saint Petersburg, FL 2010-present
Active member; Sunday School Teacher, youth leader, choir vocalist
Leader in organizing and leading numerous events
Marshalls, Saint Petersburg, FL
Customer service associate, backroom associate, markdowns 2014-2015
Kharchenko Family, Seminole, FL
Child caretaker: from infancy age, full time and part time 2010-2015

ADDITIONAL BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED)
INFORMATION: CPR Certified through the American Heart Association
Write and speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English fluently
Clinical log of nursing skills achievements, with praises from nurses and patients
Nominations for awards and societies, including the National Society of Leadership and Success