7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs

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However. Setting goals in general gives you good guidelines in what to do in your everyday life. I think that the most valuable part of my day during the weekdays is between 4 PM and 11 PM. wake up around 6 AM. Currently. 35 >) in very time consuming sports like marathon and triathlon. it makes this process even smoother and much more sense.Alan Lakein There may be many ways why we humans are non-equal. how you spend it. In order to pull this transformation through. This is especially true when you are working on your online business part- time (like me) and try to get it off the ground. When you have limited amount of time at your disposal. but one thing is equal for all of us: time! There is no more or less than 24 hours in a day for each one of us. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Preface “Time = life. there has to be a set of daily schedules and structures to follow. please be aware of. that the structure I apply Page 3 . In my case. how that time is spent during those 24 hours is a completely different story. For example in my case I go to sleep around 11 PM. my distant dream has been to become a full-time athlete and a full-time online entrepreneur. have my day job from 8 AM to 4 PM and have my personal time off between 4 PM and 11 PM. family life. therefore. so that I have time for other parts of my life as well. I had to create a system to follow. or master your time and master your life. so that things progress as smoothly as possible every day. because I didn’t realize the importance of goal setting. This is also a report of self-transformation. when they get tired to their 9-5 jobs. since I’m not working. waste your time and waste your life. David Allen’s book and its lessons have been the first steps towards being more organized and managing my time better. Especially when breaking those high-level ones to smaller steps (tasks on your daily list). which I believe so many people do. personal development and starting-up a personal business compete from my time. The first book that I read on time management was David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) in 2007 and that has been a huge influence on my own time management practices. Although I’m not a GTD advocate. Also. Based on a true story … This report is based on the habits and practices I use in order to make most of my free time. I have been an athlete for couple of years (in age group. on weekends I have all the free time available. so there had to be a schedule to follow in my everyday life. On the other hand. so those are the tasks that show up on my daily work list. I’m going through a transformation phase. Rather than letting others to control my life (work at the office for someone else).” . In order to fully take advantage of my free time. This means squeezing all the time possible out of my free time. you try to take advantage of it as much as possible. And it is not all the same. My tasks are mostly goal-driven. How did I realize the importance of time management? Years ago I didn’t have any goals in my life. I have decided to take the responsibility of my own future. I set some goals and now the way I spend my 7-hour free time period makes all the difference (as well the time on weekends too). At some point this changed. sports (triathlon/marathon). However. That is why it is essential to have a plan and know what you are doing.

These are the habits that I have been using. but it gives good information about creating a structure. you can set your own schedules as you wish.com/  Twitter: http://www. For example “Build a consistent system” may not be a habit itself. you need to have certain core habits in place to make the shift from 9-5 to full-time online entrepreneurs as smooth as possible. are much closer now and I’m confident. Although the report is geared towards online entrepreneurs. I hope that you find them usable as well! Have a productive day! Kind Regards. that we have spent years watching TV and gaining nothing but extra pounds. This makes sure that we make most of our time and eventually reach our goals. I have been able to reach some of my goals already.com/kiander  YouTube: http://www. I feel that in order to finally move from your 9-5 job to full-time online business owner. everyone benefits from this information – not just entrepreneurs. Others.facebook. Until you are your own boss and start doing the things you love to do full-time. but with the tips in this report. Who should read this report? I have named this report as 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs. I’m currently building my online business part-time. Sure. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs here is based on the limited time available.timokiander. You may be questioning if some of the habits in this report are “true habits”. However. Timo Kiander  Web: http://www.com/timokiander  Facebook: http://www. while not reached yet.youtube. but at least they lay a foundation for forming one. instead of end up noticing. Since I have formed habits that have enabled me to take most out of my free.twitter. Maybe not. that I will reach to reach them at some point. which eventually leads to forming habits. I figured I might want to share them with you.com/timokiander Page 4 . everything is not perfect and tweaking and testing has to be done constantly.

goes hand in hand and support each other (you free up your time to exercising activities). that sometimes it takes more time than 30 days to make a habit stick. Also. Some of the habits that I currently execute on daily basis are: ● Planning my day the night before ● Having a morning and evening routines ● Having my goals clear in my mind ● Doing the most important task the first thing in the morning ● Batching as much as I can (batching means grouping as many similar tasks together and do them at once) ● Exercise It seems that there are lots of habits to follow. However. However. so this may be dependent on the habit you are trying to achieve. By creating these small habits. This applies to time management as well. you have to start all over. and if you “break the chain” (fail to execute your new habit even in one day). For example. You don’t necessarily even think about those things anymore. How to form a habit? I have heard many times being said. I can tell from experience. you are consistently (on daily basis) doing something. You are not wasting your valuable time to small things. which eventually eat all your time when being out of the office. if you are like me and have a 9-5 job. doing just one change at a time rather than multiple at once is the better way to succeed. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #1: How To Create Habits of Success “The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: I did not have time. the best way possible. but I think it is difficult (at least in the beginning) to form a good habit that sticks. it becomes important to take advantage of your time outside the work. So why do you need your habits anyway? Because. your life has structure and you get things done faster and easier.Franklin Field It is easy to form a bad habit. getting rid of too many projects (first habit). That means. but on the other hand. so that you have time to exercise (second habit). once you nail them down.” . because they have become your second nature. There are certain ways that can help you to become more efficient in your everyday life. I feel that this depends on the situation and what kind of habits you want to execute in your daily routines. that it takes somewhere between 21-30 days to form a habit. “Sometimes it takes more time than 30 days to make a habit stick” Page 5 . you do them automatically – on a subconscious level.

gives a bigger incentive to work hard on your goals every morning. Also. realizing that as soon as the situation is over. if you want to change yourself at least a bit. you will be in your same job after 5 years as where you are now. but the path there is something. It means that you should get to bed earlier as well. so that you can see what is going to happen in your calendar and if any of those events are going to have effects on your habit project. You can even have an accountability partner. you realize that next week you are going to throw a party to your friends. However. your new habit is being formed.30 may feel weird. For me. Also. you can make the habit stick” Unlearn the bad habits Not only is it important to learn new habits that help you in your time management efforts. so there is a small pressure on you to do it as you promised. these bad habits have been for example: ● Getting too little sleep ● Eating too much sugary foods ● Being involved in too many personal projects simultaneously Page 6 . may not be good enough. Those two events (hosting a party and visiting relatives over the weekend) may cause you to break the habit of going to bed at 10. you should realize why you want the habit in the first place. Be consistent and persistent It takes some time to reach the state where you can say that you have formed a new habit. you can get back to the original plan and continue to go to bed at 10. You should have a very strong motivation behind your new habit. “By being consistent and persistent.00 AM) Eventually when you keep doing this. that it may not be possible to keep up with the new pattern each day. For example. When you look at your calendar. The key here is to replace a bad habit with a good one. Instead. but you should also unlearn the bad habits as well. so that you find it compelling to work on until it sticks. By being consistent and persistent. which probably means that you are not going to go to bed early enough. but acknowledge the fact. if that was your original plan. to whom you report your daily actions related to this new habit (did you go to bed early or not). when you associate that with a fact. you can achieve this.30 PM (so that you can wake up at 06. you should have a plan in place. If this was the case for me. Let’s say that you want to start waking up earlier every day (6 AM).30 PM and waking up at 6 AM. that if you don’t do that. you realize that you are going to take a small trip with your spouse to visit your relatives in another town and you are going to stay there for a weekend. I would start as normal. working on your business every day before going to work. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Planning your habit Before you start creating a new habit. that should be taken. Maybe an overview of the next 30 days before you begin. You then realize that when going to sleep some other time than 10.

And actually. but also I have already acknowledged that I have them. so things are already going forward Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Acknowledge your bad habits and replace them with good ones  In order to form a habit. it should be done consistently and regularly  Plan your habit before you start building it – can you execute new habit consistently in order to make it stick?  If you “break the chain”. For example. so that is a start. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs I can say that I’m still learning away from these bad habits (especially the first one).  Figure out if there are any parts of the business that could be automated or outsourced. Twitter or Facebook while you work is a big no-no. checking your e- mail. start over – enough repetition will eventually form a new habit Some new successful habits to form in your business are:  Wake up earlier to work on your business before getting to work  Have enough rest to boost your productivity and creativity  Make a regular schedule of what to do when – for example dedicate certain time for creating blog posts. promoting your content or network with other entrepreneurs  Exercise regularly – physical fitness improves your stress handling capabilities  When you work. If you are working 9-5 you can for example budget some (or all) of the expenses by your salary  Work on a small chunks and have breaks in between – like 30 minute chunks with a 5-10 minute breaks between the sessions Page 7 . you work and you are not doing anything else then. I have started forming good ones to replace the bad ones already.

this depends (at least partly) on your goals. but don’t have an e-mail list yet. I’m always willing to tweak the list if necessary. which consists of daily tasks. For example. you should have a plan for the next day and what tasks you are going to do then (so. that in 30 days from today’s date. so that I know where I’m headed. I keep these goals always easily accessible. Take some time in quiet environment to see where you are now and where you want to be in the future. I create it the night before I go to sleep. Finally. that the goal was exact. weekly list and daily list” Page 8 . you should take some time now and start putting your thoughts on paper. which consists of all the tasks I like to accomplish that week and from those tasks I create the daily list (I have to thank Scott H Young and his e-book called “Think Outside The Cubicle” for realizing the power of weekly lists). since running your first marathon it’s all about crossing the finish line first :). your goal could be. there is my goals list. Then. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #2: One Word To Ignore And You Will Fail “Time stays long enough for those who use it. However. Eventually. It addressed what you wanted to do and when you wanted it to happen. From the previous example you could see. First. Then just put those goals to a list. which is divided between 1-3 year goals and 5 year goals. You might have many goals and if this is the case. The more specific the goal the better (I didn’t address an exact time goal here. if I realize that a certain goal doesn’t resonate with me anymore. These goals give me much broader view of where I’m heading and they in turn help me to realize what steps to take on weekly and daily basis. let’s say that you have a blog. “I have three lists: Goals list. now you know what word you shouldn’t ignore . However. Task list is the key I like to keep three kinds of lists available. Your plan depends on your goals Do you know what your goals are? If not. there is my daily list. started to capture e-mail leads and have 30 readers on your list.). the sub-tasks that you have to take in order to reach those goals become partly the basis of your weekly and daily action lists. there is a weekly list. you should then review this list often to see have you already accomplished them or not. I take it out from my list.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci Do you know what you are going to do tomorrow? Do you know what you are going to do next? In order to be more effective. I try to list these tasks on each Sunday. For example. you have written your 10-page free report. However.

) As an example of this. finding images for it. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs You have different ways to create and manage your task list. it is moved to another day (*Exception to the rule: Normally I take Sunday’s off and don’t work on my business. However If I have a deadline I want to meet. For the sake of simplicity. since it is the simplest one to implement. for example on paper. mobile phone version or having a whiteboard. I’ll describe a paper version here. it is crossed-over ● If a task is not done. where two of them represent the typical work day task lists (Monday and Friday) and another represents weekend (Sunday). proofreading it (PM) ● Cycling (PM) ● Reading a self-help book (PM) Sunday: ● Cleaning our home (AM) ● Ideas and outlines for the articles to be published next week (AM) ● Goal reviews (AM) ● Read a self-help book (PM) Page 9 . as web-based list. let’s take a look at three days and their task lists. Task list characteristics My task list has these certain characteristics:  It describes what I’m doing outside the office hours on my free time ● Only a maximum number of tasks per day ● Non-working day (*) ● Certain tasks are grouped to a certain day of the week ● I don’t include self-explanatory things to my list ● When the task is done. I might work on Sundays as well. Monday: ● Promote my latest blog post (AM) ● Gym (AM) ● Comment on other blogs (PM) ● Create video or audio content for my blog (PM) ● Go through a product that I’m about to review on my blog (PM) ● Running (PM) ● Reading a self-help book (PM) Friday: ● Write an guest post (AM) ● Gym (AM) ● Comment on other blogs (PM) ● Continue writing a guest post (PM) ● Finalize my blog post by scheduling it. All you need is a pen and paper.

I might work on my personal projects on Sundays as well) ● Certain tasks are grouped to a certain day of the week: For example all the household chores are done on Sunday ● I don’t include self-explanatory things to my list: I could include things “like have a lunch” or “take out the trash”. but why bother. since I know when to do those things anyway. how much I want 5-year goals:  Be debt-free  Donate $10 000 for supporting organic food organizations Page 10 . I try to do some low-value tasks on Sundays: for example installing the speedometer to my bike “Limit the amount of tasks on your daily task list” Now that you saw my daily list. my weekly list might look like this: My weekly list: ● Read a self-help book: “Name of the book here” ● Clean my home ● Install the whiteboard ● Install the speedometer to my bike ● Go through a book or a product for review purposes: ○ Training course 1 ● Write blog post and schedule it ● Create a video for my latest blog post ● Weekly exercise routine My goals list (part of it): 1-year goals:  Run a marathon under 3 hours  Finish the full-distance triathlon  Improve and have a super strong self-confidence  Quit my day job and start my own business on 31. whoever I want with.2011  Have my own products and services related to the niche I have a blog about 3-year goals:  Have a second home in Mediterranean  Have a successful business which enables me to work whenever I want.12. ● Tasks that are done are crossed-over ● Also. wherever possible. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs From those two examples you can see that: ● Only a maximum number of tasks per day: 7 (the total number of tasks depends of the day) ● Non-working day: Sunday is my day when I’m not working on any projects or there are no sports activities (*Exception to the rule: if the deadline requires.

The rest of the content that fits in is smaller rocks. The problem I had when I started putting my tasks to a daily list was that it included too many small tasks. These include for example blog commenting on other blogs or publishing content (written/video) to my blog weekly. which eventually consumed all my energy and I had hard time of accomplishing everything. Page 11 . For example. if the smaller rocks were already in the jar and you tried to put all the bigger rocks after that. they wouldn’t fit in. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs You need to decide what is important and what is not One thing that is very important is to decide what task on your list is worth your time. the better you feel about yourself when you have taken action on those things. I’m actually a big fan of “big rocks” metaphor (told by Stephen Covey in his book “First Things First”). by batching (grouping tasks together). 1. which in turn provides wellness and clarity for your daily activities. which of those tasks were the most important related to my goals. you would just feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Fewer tasks there are and more meaningful they are related to your goals. For me I get the most satisfaction of including these elements to my daily list: ● Learning ● Working on my personal projects ● Exercising The balancing part is important – whether you work on your business full-time or part-time. As a matter of fact. when I’m working on my business part-time. So. It’s well balanced I have been tweaking and optimizing my daily plans for years and I now have a good idea what does a well- balanced list looks like. 2. It’s about how you should fill up an empty jar with big rocks first (your most important tasks). You don’t want to choose that route. Right then I needed to decide. less important tasks. That’s why my principle is to focus on big rocks first and group all the smaller tasks together if possible. You could overstuff your list with tens of tasks and even if you accomplished all of them. until I got it right. your important goals/tasks would be left out. It’s not overstuffed Good to-do list is not overstuffed with gazillion tasks in it. I believe that each of those three elements support each other and nurture your creativity which enables you to develop your business even further. It covers various aspects of your life. the previous sentence already revealed one good characteristic that it needs to have: well- balanced. The point being. it is important that I want to include tasks which bring me the biggest rewards. and which ones could be done at a certain date. 3 characteristics of a good daily to-do list There are certain characteristics that I like in a well-balanced daily plan (or to-do list if you will). This is something that I had to learn by tweaking and optimizing it for couple of years.

Have set times when you are working and the rest of the time is spent with your family. It has daily important tasks in it If you haven’t really figured out what goals are. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs 3. You don’t want to become a hermit! Go outside. Constructing a daily to-do list is much easier after this and it brings clarity into you daily actions. Close your computer. When you are done working for that day. Once you have nailed down your goals and where you want to be in the next 1-3 year timeframe. These could be for example getting traffic and exposure to your blog. These include doing my workouts. Are you single? Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife? Kids maybe? Depending on your answer. please do it now. 1. For example. so the temptation to start doing something again is not so big. those important tasks are the ones that will bring you biggest returns. For example. you should consistently include sub-tasks related to your goals in your daily plan. that’s it. you can pretty much control 100% of your time and how you spend it. Page 12 . Television time Does your spouse watch TV shows that you are not watching? This is another time-slot to work on your tasks. 2. it is still much better than doing nothing at all. Even if this is the case. There are certain times of the week. exercise. when I know that my wife is glued to the television and that gives me a chance to build my business at the same time. Take advantage of available time slots or mutual possibilities Here are some tips to make things even smoother. if living single. you shouldn’t tie yourself up completely to your own world in the sake of productivity. If you live in a relationship or if you have kids. Businesswise. you may know how much you can work on your tasks. Utilize the time your partner spends on his/her hobbies What does your spouse do which in turn gives you time to do your tasks at the same time? Think of those as opportunities to do your own stuff as much as you can. it’s equally important to spend time with your loved ones. creating content for my blog and collaborating with others. relationship building with others. when living with someone else while you are building your online business. By this way you can actually energize yourself and get more things done. I have seen this as an opportunity to do my own tasks at the same time. This is the only way to keep the ball rolling and even if you did just something small related to you goal. Don’t spend all available free time on your tasks How much you can do on a daily basis (after 5 PM anyways) depends also on your life situation. relax and take breaks and have a social life. my wife is studying a foreign language every week. e-mail list building or creating new products and services for your audience.

since on weekdays I tend to wake up earlier than my wife.  Give time for your family as well – they are the most important people around you Page 13 . 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs 3. Morning time in a quiet home is something that I find to be one of the most productive parts of my day. weekly list and daily list  Have a balanced task list – don’t overstuff it!  Fitting together a family life and building your online business may be tough. I like to do it the first thing in the morning. I spend 30 minutes of my time in front of the computer to do something that is related to my goals (like writing this report). Try to find time slots when you can work on your business. plan. for example when your partner is on his/her own hobbies. Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Plan. Each day after waking up and having a breakfast. Sleeping time When writing this report. plan! You need to have goals and your daily tasks are action steps towards your goals  Have three kinds of lists: Goals. This is possible.

I have experienced that this helps me to fully concentrate on my tasks and do nothing else during that time. Page 14 . you would be spending much more time to do it than necessary. Without it. Setting a timer counting down the seconds and minutes is a very powerful tool. it is still a fundamental part of getting your things done on your business. 3. “Focus is everything. you cannot get anything done or if you could. 2. Naturally.“ – Publius Syrus Although the sentence on focusing on one project at a time may sound like a cliché. I can stop working on this and do something else. which you work towards. so as soon as my 45 minutes is up. this text that you can see is written on a train. you cannot get anything done or if you could. Turning your mobile phone to mute (and turning it so that the display is facing the table surface). it means how concentrated you are to do the task at hand. Use certain periods of time One way that I have found effective is to do a task within a certain scope of time.” Are you able to concentrate on one thing at a time and move on to the next? What can you do to make this happen? 1. You can do the same with any mobile phone – set an alarm going off after a certain period of time to notify you when to stop working. turning off e-mail or at least turning off the notification and turning off the instant messaging client are something that should be done as soon as you get started. Eliminate distractions as much as you can Although this is self-explanatory. Focus is everything. you would be spending much more time to do it than necessary. the first level of focus is to have a goal. Since majority of people are not able to concentrate well or are jumpy because of distractions. Without it. but which I feel that should be mentioned separately is using a certain part of the day for getting things done. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #3: 4 Ways To Focus On One Project At A Time “To do two things at once is to do neither. I have a timer application (Free Countdown Timer) to keep track of the time spent. But on a smaller level. which in turn dictates what your daily action list looks like. you have to make sure that your environment is as distraction-free as possible. I still decided to bring this one up. Use certain part of the day One thing that is closely related to previous section. For example.

focus and creativity tremendously! Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Work in an distraction-free environment: no mobile phones. If you have troubles of sleeping at night. with no distractions. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs For me. e-mail notifications or other distractions allowed  Try to find out the most quiet part of the day and dedicate that to working on your projects  Have enough sleep. It boosts your productivity. Therefore it is vital to get enough sleep every night. when it comes to focusing on your projects: sleep! Try to work tired and even if you focus on one project at a time. before going to work. Get some sleep There is one thing that is absolutely the most important thing. It is a perfect time to work on my own projects fully concentrated. 4. take a 20-minute nap during afternoon. our home is still very quiet. it becomes merely impossible to get anything done. so that you can focus well enough when working  Have fixed blocks of time when working – use a timer to improve your focus Page 15 . since I’m the only one awake. When working on a computer. this means early mornings.

However. seeds … ● No fast food at all (on very rare occasions maybe): I have cut down french fries. you can actually improve your productivity. tomatoes.“ – William Frederick Book You can increase your productivity by doing something that is completely different than your task you want to accomplish. Eat nutritious food on regular basis You can control your energy levels by making decisions on your nutrition on daily basis. this is just me. root vegetables. since this may feel a bit illogical. raw food: Salads. During the winter months I like to go to the gym. I am able to be more productive. The following list describes some of the core principles of my diet that I’m using. But the core principle here is the consistency. Page 16 . However. 3-4 times per week should be enough. Exercise enough This cannot be stressed enough. I like to run. carrots. So what kind of exercise is good then? Naturally as a runner and triathlete. cross-country ski and aqua-jog as well. whole grain pasta … ● As much organic food as possible ● Coffee 2 cups per day the maximum (I used to drink 6-7 cups per day) ● Cutting down alcohol to minimum ● Drink enough water Does this look like a too difficult diet to follow? I would say that this is something that you have to get used to first. burgers. you need to exercise regularly in order to keep yourself fit and productive. This kind of diet makes me more energetic and because of that. only occasionally ● Fish and Omega-3 fatty acids: Whether by eating fish or taking Omega-3 pills ● Vegetables. I have noticed that exercising is a great way to make me feel good and energized. 30 minutes. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #4: 5 Reasons To Turn Off Your Computer And Improve Your Productivity “A man must be master of his hours and days. pizzas. 2. not their servant. when applying these habits. This diet works for me. However. everyone should consult their doctor or nutrition expert first to learn what kind of nutrition is the most suitable for them. potato chips ● Fewer but better carbohydrates: Whole grain bread instead of white bread. we are all individuals and as such. so you should consult your doctor for advice if this nutrition is suitable for you or not: ● Regular eating times: 3 hours between meals the maximum ● Less sugar: Almost no sweets. drive bicycle and swim throughout the year. Many times people neglect this part completely. 1. It has been said that for regular people. sometimes even dramatically. as mentioned earlier. but eventually things get better. whole grain rice.

but the regular amount for a normal adult is between 7-8 hours. you should consult your doctor or hire a personal trainer to discuss what kind of sport is the most suitable for you. Especially if you do something completely different than what you were doing right before the break. my productivity goes down. the more effective your break is going to be. That’s why I was really excited to realize. so what might be good for me. Getting enough sleep is mandatory in order for you to be productive. 3. Also. I used to sleep one hour (or even more) naps in the afternoon and I was really feeling “stuck” after waking up. it took me quite a while (like 15-30 minutes) to recover from my nap. I get many good ideas during my training sessions and feel just awesome after the work-out. If you are really tired. Enough sleep I think that this is self-explanatory. but I still wanted to include this here. here are some things I have done personally to improve the quality of my sleep: Page 17 . I like to nap sometime between 2 PM and 5 PM. So this is something that you should take into consideration. In order to sleep better (thus increasing the chances for better quality sleep). getting some fresh air on daily basis is important too. it may be too close to the time when I’m getting to bed later in the evening.” The amount of sleep depends on the person. when you decide to take a nap. We are all individuals. it is mental activity as well. it is highly recommended that you go out and grab some fresh air. You are able to load your batteries enough and able to work on your personal tasks for that evening much easier than without napping. Although exercising is physical activity. That is why I may take a nap after coming back home. that you can feel refreshed even by taking 20 minute naps only. you can fall asleep for 15 minutes and wake up refreshed. The last thing to note about napping is the time when you take them. Your nap doesn’t have to be that long in order to be effective. I seem to be able to get more done. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs But the best way for you to exercise is to try out different sports and figure out what works out the best for you. I believe that napping just 20 minutes maximum does the trick. might not be good for someone else. 5. If it gets later than that. 4. Also. I have hard time of concentrating on anything and also I might get a headache because of lack of sleep. However. The 20 minute nap is the best for me. Also. Taking a break clears your mind. I have noticed that if I get less sleep than this. I have gained the most dramatic increases in my productivity after napping. when the napping time gets longer. If you work on your computer all day. Take naps Sometimes I feel tired after getting back home from work. “Getting enough sleep is mandatory in order for you to be productive. Taking breaks (10-15 minute) Working hours and hours without taking any breaks is just madness (at least for me). when I do things in certain time chunks (like in 30 minute chunks) and then take a quick break between another 30 minute session.

you can make improvements to the quality of your sleep. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs ● Buy new quality bed and linens (if possible) ● Have a room that is dark enough – buy new darkening curtains if necessary ● Quiet environment (even with earplugs) ● The temperature is right (not too cold. have a dedicated space for your work-related matters ● Keep the air flowing to your bedroom through the night (for example. hire a personal trainer)  Take naps. However. we have the door open to entrance hall all night rather than keeping the bedroom door completely closed) With these steps. not too hot) ● Ventilate your bedroom before going to bed ● Read a book before going to sleep ● Dedicate the bedroom only for sleeping (and other activities if you live in a relationship . 20 minutes max.) ) ● Have only the essential furniture – keep it decluttered ● Try to avoid working there – instead. consult a doctor or nutritionist to see the right diet for you  Exercise enough. Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Eat healthy. if you feel tired during the afternoons  Take breaks between work sessions  Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night Page 18 . Figure out the right sports for you (for example. nutritious food.

Then you break it down to daily task lists. However. which includes not only important tasks.“ – Samuel Levenson In order to move towards your goal. back from work  Content creation  Office hours  (nap)  Workout 1  Workout 2 (Swimming/going to gym) (Swimming/Running/Biki ng)  Working on my business: Content creation. promotion. you can keep working with that blueprint day after day. but some less-important as well. do what it does. week after week. it gives a good foundation on consistency” For example. and you know quite well. It is like a template that you use on a daily basis and then just apply some moving parts here and there.Friday: Morning Office Hours Afternoon. relationship building …  Reading a book Page 19 . Keep going. “If I have the same structure of the days and weeks all the time. and it gives a good foundation on consistency. you first need to have a plan in place. You have to find out the optimum structure for your days. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #5: Why You Need To Create A System – And Follow It Every Day “Don’t watch the clock. my structure of tasks is pretty much the same on a weekly basis: Monday. what you should be doing next. but once you have done that. I have realized that if I have the same structure of the days and weeks all the time.

promotion. I do certain exercises on a certain day. networking with other bloggers and building my list. back from work  Workout 1  (nap) (Swimming/going to gym)  Workout 2  Miscellaneous stuff from (Swimming/Running/Biki my weekly list ng)  Working on my business: Content creation. I’m building my business every day except on Sundays. if I have a 9-5 job? The answer is simple: I take advantage of the early hours of morning to do some of the tasks. I want to take a complete day off from exercising or and off working on my business (at least lot less than during the weekdays). that day is dedicated to household chores or random tasks that I want to get done (but which are not urgent). as I stated that if I have a deadline like when writing this report. On Sundays I work only on brainstorming new ideas for my online business. Also. my book reading happens almost daily and during the weekends I try to concentrate more to book reading than during the weekdays. When to do what You may be wondering. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Saturdays: Morning Afternoon. how is it possible for me to have two training sessions in a day and all the other tasks as well. (*However. On Saturdays I work only during the afternoon hours. promoting it. from Mondays till Fridays I work on my business by creating content. Also. there are certain things are repeated over and over again. Page 20 . relationship building …  Reading a book Sundays: Morning Afternoon. I work on Sundays as well) My exercise routine is also very consistent. back from work  Planning next week’s task  (nap) list  Workout 2  Brainstorming for future (Swimming/Running/Biki post topics and outlines ng) for them  Random tasks from my  Household chores weekly lists  Reading a book As you can see. Weekends have a different structure than the weekdays and especially the Sundays have the biggest differences than the rest of the days. Sundays are for relaxation as well. For example.

but then I would feel awkward. ● Be selfish. since I do some of the work already in the morning. Sometimes you just need to dedicate some time to yourself in order to get things done. it is easier to do that thing again – perhaps even use that checklist when outsourcing that task to someone else. There is another benefit when doing certain things (the most important ones) early in the morning. Or at least if not taking care of them right now. ● Store your ideas when you are on the move. Once you have the instructions jotted down. Becoming an early riser may be something that takes time to get used to. because I didn’t work on tasks that eventually lead to my goals. ● Make checklists. I set up a new blog by using a checklist I have already created before to make sure everything necessary is in place before I hit the production phase. “I take advantage of the early hours of morning to do some of the tasks. you can improve your personal productivity in certain situations even dramatically. That is enough motivation to wake me up early enough (05. when I did these tasks during the morning time. make a calendar notification. This is especially important.45 AM – that’s during the weekdays. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs There would be no way for me to accomplish everything. ● Have a fixed routine for mornings and evenings. ● Take down notes. nothing would get done that day. especially if one hasn’t got used to that earlier. that support your productivity and your consistent system as well. I use my mobile phone’s calendar as a place to store my ideas which can be then used in my future blog posts or for other content purposes. I think this is widely underutilized task that people do. If I left all the tasks for the afternoon and for somehow I wasn’t able to do any of those then. For example. if you do something the first time and are still in the learning phase of something new. pack your stuff and prepare your clothes the night before. Create a routine to start your day the same way – the same goes for evenings as well. These tasks are basically the first exercise session of the day and working on my blog. you eventually create new habits. Build routines that support your system With small changes in your daily actions (when done daily). for example to your mobile phone. if I didn’t wake up earlier and do some of the tasks before going to office.” I could wake up later. you then appreciate it. It is much easier for you to start working again with a clean table. but NOT on weekends ). However. Page 21 . With some small tweaks like these. I’m relieved to know that I was at least able to proceed a bit. I have noticed that these small changes in my daily life make all the difference: ● Clean your desk after working. But once that becomes a habit.

So far. rather than just putting it on. but also. if it is something that you want to keep. Because of those reasons. there was a much bigger risk for me to actually start watching the television intensively. I used to watch television when I eat my breakfast (at least during the weekdays). test it and then decide. Try to see what works and what not. in order to find the most effective one. thus loosing time. because that meant taking couple of extra steps away from my morning routine. If you think that you have come up with an idea. that would improve your productivity even a bit. during my morning activities. Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Build a consistent system that works for you – tweak it whenever necessary  Take advantage of early morning hours to work on your business  Build routines to support your system Page 22 . For example. it has worked perfectly and I’m continuing to execute this habit in the future as well. For example. I have tweaked and optimized my afternoon routines quite a bit. Also. because on the other hand I would be able to better concentrate on my breakfast. I decided to tweak my own system a bit and see how it works. I decided to stop doing that. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Keep on tweaking and optimizing your system and routines all the time You should keep tweaking and optimizing your system whenever you can. which in turn took some extra minutes away.

The reason for this type of order is.” -Mark Twain Mark Twain understood it perfectly: “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning. so I knew that once I get the task done. so I rather spend all my day by hanging out forums. I was a bit nervous about it as I would imagine most of the people would be. I can relax a bit and watch the other presentations after that. However. The task may be hard to do physically or it can be mentally challenging.” For example. I finished the presentation and felt just great. that my presentation in that event (that lasted couple of hours) was first one in that morning. instead of just watching or learning. I feel excited about that topic. when presenting something to 20+ people and you are in the middle of the attention. Not only because the presentation went well. Eating a frog means doing the most important task first thing in the morning so that the rest of your day is much less stressful. the feeling associated to doing part may sometimes be less excited. For example. the rest of your day will be wonderful. I also know that I have to put it as last thing on my list for a given day. identify what feelings are associated with each task and how important that task is for reaching your goal. the rest of your day will be wonderful. I know that I love to learn more about internet marketing and blogging. Eventually. but also because I was the first one to do the presentation. “Easiest way to sport your most important/difficult/boring task is to check you daily plan. identify what feelings are associated with each task. However. sometime ago I was told to keep a customer presentation in an event. Page 23 . that the doing part is the most important task for me. Rather than spending all day just learning. How to spot the most important task in your list I think the easiest way to do it is to check you daily plan. in order to progress in my online business efforts.” I have kept this idea as one of the core principles of how I prioritize my day or my week. but I know that I have to do it. However. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #6: Why You Should Do Your Most Important Task First Thing In The Morning “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning. blogs and watching online training. I have to take action on the important things first (like creating content for my blog). I was relieved to know.

Although you are building your business. be sure that there is the fun part as well. Do the important one first  Put the fun activities as last things to do on your list – get the work done first and then enjoy some play  However. occasional pleasure is needed Page 24 . 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Main takeaways from this chapter are:  Identify your most important task by checking out how you feel about it.

2. The benefit is. because we don’t have time to do it. The empty periods I have identified I have noticed that there are four situations occurring in my calendar frequently. no distractions – just silence. so the train ride goes much quicker and the time is not wasted. because you can fully concentrate on your tasks. so that I could read as well. There are empty slots available. 3. Morning time (especially when everyone else is sleeping) is a perfect time to work on your business. Also. This is a perfect time for me to work on my projects. Then I realized that this was a perfect time block for creating some content for my blog but also for going through some online training material as well. Naturally you may have some other situations in your daily life which can be filled with your important tasks. when something important could be done. when looking at the schedule of people’s daily calendars and task lists. but this is my list. The way I prepared for this was that I downloaded all the material to my laptop the night before the trip and I was able to go through that material while sitting on a train.” . this list is not definite. No noise. However. I’m more than happy to finish my work and spend the rest of the time with her. because they are ignored. but that was it. this reveals that they may have some periods of time during the day available after all. before going to work. Also. This has ensured that I can progress in my projects at least a bit every day.Eva Young Many times we find excuses of not doing something. which enable me to do something else than just being unproductive. because I just used to sit in my seat and watch scenery. Early mornings I tend to do some work on my projects. I’m fully concentrated on the training material. that I can make progress on my projects and finally when she comes back home. Riding in a train Taking a train ride used to be boring. This has reduced the amount of travelling time dramatically – at least this is how I feel. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Habit #7: 4 Spare Moments To Take Advantage Of When Building Your Business “To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing. When your spouse is off My wife and I have our own hobbies and that means that sometimes I’m alone at home. but for the most parts. they are just wasted. Page 25 . Maybe I went to restaurant cart to grab a cup of coffee. 1. content creation or educating myself with books. while she is participating to her hobbies. I started to carry reports and books with me. so other spots can be identified as well. Your job is to learn to identify these slots and decide how they can be taken as your advantage.

I have cut down the amount of news I’m watching and that has given me additional time for my weekly tasks. For example. Television I don’t watch television on weekly basis that much. she might also have a show she is watching but that might not be that interesting to me. This is something that I take on my advantage. watching less television has been a good thing. I think that in general. Also. Although we both have the same favorite shows that we love to watch. Main takeaway from this chapter:  Find out the empty spots in your daily calendar. By this way you can realize the times when you can work on your own stuff Page 26 . I work on my own stuff instead. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs 4. Every time this kind of thing occurs.

timokiander.facebook.com/kiander  YouTube: http://www. that can be applied in your daily tasks.youtube. Before I let you go and start implementing these habits.com/timokiander  Facebook: http://www.twitter. I have two wishes I wanted to say: 1) After reading the report. I’m more than happy to receive feedback on how to improve this report even further 2) Share this report with your friends and peers 3) Visit my blog and leave comments there I hope that I could make your day more productive! Kind Regards.com/timokiander Page 27 . Timo Kiander  Web: http://www. send me your feedback of this report. 7 Successful Time Management Habits For Online Entrepreneurs Final Thoughts I hope that you have enjoyed this free report and can take most out of it! Like I mentioned.com/  Twitter: http://www. these habits are based on my own experiences and I wanted to give some ideas for you as well.