Oriental Appendix
House rules and revisions for first edition
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

by Malcolm Bowers
Version 1.0, October 2013

Broad-brushed outlines and a few details of landscape. A distinctive mix of monsters. but as loosely bound to real history as a typical fantasy setting is to medieval Europe. and their environs. but you can play just as well using English for most things… and you really don’t need to know what a samurai’s haidate and kote are. You can play an expressly Chinese or Japanese campaign. Some optional Chinese and Japanese terms have been provided for No challenge is intended to the rights of any. only races that can pass for human are viable. It is a quick adaptation — a sort of orient express — and does not require the Oriental Adventures book (from which it departs markedly in any case). Character archetypes are fewer. and face 8 Priest 11 Character races 3 Training 8 _ Monk 11 Spirit folk 3 Money and treasure 9 Thief 11 Animal folk 3 Names 9 Assassin 11 Character classes 4 Equipment 4 Character Classes … … … 10 Skills and Spirits … … … … 12 The adventure 5 Class changes 10 Character skills 12 Combat 5 Warrior 10 Monster lists 12 The eastern world 6 _ Knight (Knight-errant) 10 New monsters — summaries 13 Orient • Introduction This appendix of house rules for playing AD&D first edition campaigns set in the mysterious east is meant to be used with the AD&D Revived house rules (qv). and creatures to those best suited to east asian fables. Original ideas and wording are mine and for personal not commercial use. or mix them up as you see fit. and architecture in play will highlight the exotic (to westerners) nature of the milieu. Basic ideas derive from the Oriental Adventures book (1985) © E. Malcolm Bowers weatherman@clear. culture. fairy tales. and fiction. Copyrights.Credits. Orient • Introduction — 2 . these are for my own campaign and reflect personal preferences. CONTENTS Introduction … … … … 2 Overview 6 Magician 11 General Rules … … … … 3 Life and attitudes 7 _ Sorcerer 11 Creating the character 3 Family. Gary Gygax. Rules changes follow the same order as topics in AD&D Revived. and that — and this appendix — is all you need to orient yourself. including new ones drawn mainly from myth (notably shapechangers and a range of unusual undead) keep encounters interesting. status. classes. The fantasy Orient assumes ancient lands resembling imperial China. In the humanocentric eastern world. A recognisable oriental flavour is conveyed by restricting races. pre-shogunate or shogunate Japan. and Dedication All trademarks and copyright materials used advertently or inadvertently remain the property of their original owners. This one is for Sapphire. any more than you need know about a western knight’s sollerets and pauldrons.

dex -1 6" / 12" // 9" — Fox evil int +1. wis -1 9" Inanimate form Starting alignment can change in play. etc.g. They are surprised only on a 1 in 6 in any form. but do get to adjust their initial ability scores (just not to exceed 19). and have some special abilities. other types available are mountain. spirit folk. A tanuki or raccoon dog is a heavily-furred primitive fox with dark eye markings.) The favoured class for spirit folk is magician. Non-humans are treated as half-elves for racial minima and level limitations. int -1 12" Track as ranger Drake good cha +1. The human form has keen senses and a clue to the type (e. sun. fly) for short spans (1 rnd/level. sun folk can radiate light. wis -1 12" See in dark. Bamboo folk can pass freely through overgrown areas (as a druid). the last two have multiple types. stays dry underwater. river. and animal folk. It can change into an extra. wield weapons. cha -1 3" // 6" Extra –2 bonus to AC Crane good wis +1. the last a man-sized bipedal version of the animal. str -1 18" Same move in all forms Monkey chaotic int +1. talk. notorious for playing pranks on humans. They can change form once/level/day. wis -1 15" Pass without trace Hare good wis +1. able to walk. inaminate form: any Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 3 . wield weapons. A priest (mystic) whose sense presence is successful will know non-humans for what they are.g. The main three types are bamboo. Spirit folk Spirit folk are of mixed human and nature spirit ancestry. or cast spells. climb. wis -2 12" @ 9" Fast climb Otter chaotic dex +1. can be any class or allowable combination. The animal form cannot talk. con -1 12" // 12" Evade Rat evil con +1. human. river and sea folk can breathe underwater. str -1 // 12" Breathe underwater Cat chaotic dex +1. between animal. mountain folk can spider climb. cha -1 9" (3") — Sparrow good cha +1. and sea. human. have the special abilities of half-elves listed in the PHB. Type Alignment Adjustments Animal move Extra ability Badger [any] str +1. the fox is the most numerous. and wind. and appear as attractive humans. Animal folk have no favoured class. con -1 3" / 15" — Tanuki chaotic str +1. shines light. and wind folk can wind walk.Orient • General Rules and Revisions Creating the character Character races There are only three races available. tumble fall Crab [any] str +1. int -1 9" (3") — Carp good wis +1. (Worn or carried equipment is not snagged by thorns. and hybrid shapes. Traditional types are as below. All have the Natural Lore skill at base 8 in 20 +1/ level. dex -1 6" / 12" — Dog good con +1. but fits both human and hybrid. Animal folk Animal folk are intelligent shape-shifters. and is AC 7. it can also move like the animal (e. sharp features for a rat). dex +1. or cast spells. once/turn). Equipment does not change.

assembled from separate pieces. of noble birth. spear. staff. scale leather. up to 30x for the finest of the highly decorated suits of armour demanded by those of rank. there are also a few weirder ones used Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 4 . Pinyin. Guards and soldiers also use polearms (variously named and configured. the rest are as in AD&D Revived. Rev Class Generic Japanese Chinese (Wade–Giles. voulge). up to 20x for the finest of them. partisan. The knight class has two strata: a knight must be lawful. military fork. Armour takes twice as long to put on or remove as the western sort. sword (falchion). scale mail. Oriental bows are composite bows of layered wood and bamboo. knights-errant can be of any alignment. halberd. It also costs at least triple the PHB price. but looks like metal scale mail: both are coloured and laquered. the jo stick (used in pairs) and bo stick in the PHB are such. wooden (laminated bamboo) shield. Nonetheless. A selection of weapons follow. Generic class names are a fairly good fit for character types in most oriental fiction and folklore. Heavy armours are elaborate and expensive. flail. because commoners are forbidden swords and often forbidden to carry weapons at all. Armour is flexible and usually light. trident. crossbow. Character classes There are eight classes for luck. intricate in themselves. or backpack. glaive. Good oriental clothing is typically loose and bulky enough to conceal chain mail. but = fauchard. taken from AD&D Revived. An asterisk indicates a martial arts weapon. held fast with leather lacings. There is no plate armour available (nor are there heavy warhorses). and in service to a lord. Common weapons are axe (hand). dart. Half armour is more common than full suits. Armour. Other arms are available at normal prices. studded leather. pike. bow (short). rock. glaive. two per group.simple object about the size of the animal. Knights and monks are single-class vocations only. such as a tea-kettle. club. Weapons of good quality (including all swords) cost at least double the PHB price. Most eastern weapons have standard western equivalents. the knight-errant need not be. and often brightly coloured and lacquered (and hence waterproof). with western equivalents or details. Yale) Fighter Warrior Bushi Chan-shih Zhanshi Jan shr Cavalier Knight Samurai Wu-shih Wushi Wu shr (Knight-errant) (Ronin) (Hsia) (Xia) (Sya) Illusionist Magician Kijutsu-shi Wu-shen Wushen Wu shen Black Magician Sorcerer Maho-zukai Ku-shen Kushen Ku shen Mystic Priest Onmyoji Fang-shih Fangshi Fang shr Monk Monk Yamabushi Ho-shang Heshang He shang Thief Thief Dorobou Tsei Zei Dzei Assassin Assassin Ninja Tz'u-k'o Cike Tsz ke Restrictions: Knights must be lawful. Scale leather is equivalent to studded leather. Equipment Common armours are padded and leather (as worn by ordinary soldiers). Weapons. there are also a number of weapons that are easily concealed or seem innocuous at first glance.

+1 vs shields. it is the only oriental sword proven good against plate armour. stars (shaken). Shuriken. treat smooth climb surface as rough. Grappling hook and weight linked by rope. range 5/10/15. [1 gp] Katana = single-edged slightly curved sword. Nunchaku* = horseman’s flail. throwing darts. Polearm-length 2H mace. needs full round to draw. so can be fired kneeling or a handful of devotees. dagger to use chopsticks as daggers). Wakizashi = single-edged slightly curved short sword. and used by samurai on horseback. Length of chain with weighted ends. Chinese weapons. Chain* (manriki). but other oriental classes can take ‘martial arts’ as if it were a weapon proficiency. Monks are true masters of unarmed lethal combat. Weapons and designs in general were traded between the two. favoured by priests and monks. In addition. as is katana. Combat ploys. China and Japan had similar martial arts weapons (e. Chien = longsword or broadsword (double-edged straight sword). [3 gp] Naginata = glaive. large = thrown hand axe (hand-sized stars etc. 3/round. Ta-tao = 2H sword.) Ch'iang = spear. 2 ft long baton. [4 gp] Tetsubo (kanabo). Iron claws. Can be fired mounted. long (katana) or bastard (dai-katana). [8 gp] Kun = staff. Stuck through sash. Chu-ke nu. if a rope or chain weapon) as a special combat ploy. [2 gp] Kusari-gama*. [25 gp] Kau sin-ke*. impressive-looking but unwieldy executioner’s scimitar (–2 to hit). 1 gp for sheath to mask blade. tonfa = C. (Shakujo yari = spear disguised as staff. Sickle with slightly curved blade at right angle to handle. damage d8+1.) Shuriken = dart. damage d3. handle at right angles 8" along. and do full damage with improvised weapons that resemble and are used like a weapon of proficiency (e.) The adventure Combat Martial arts.g J. Bamboo repeating crossbow. a martial artist of any class may use martial arts weapons with which he is proficient to disarm (and/or entangle. favoured by guards and bandits. damage d6+1. [8 gp] Tonfa* = club. Kama*. Easily concealed. Tachi = single-edged curved (sabre-like) long sword. used in pairs. Short bow/ light xbow fires stones or bullets as sling (slings not used). (Closest to western 2H sword. top magazine worked by lever holds 12 ‘quarrels’ = darts (d3). Yari = spear. Tekko-kagi*. Rare. Chan-ma-tao = single-edged slightly curved 2-handed ‘horse-chopping’ sword. kuai). damage d6. Chain whip: 4–11 linked metal bars. (A jitte is a sai with one guard missing. or spikes. Metal sickle with weighted chain attached to handle. big. favoured by women. 1 rnd to reload mag. Pellet bow. Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 5 . may be used in pairs. The ki-ai shout used by an oriental fighter (warrior or knight) to focus an attack and startle a foe is treated as a combat ploy. dmg d3. [50 gp] Tao = falchion (single-edged machete-like curved sword). Kawanaga*. damage d4+1. lighter but sharper than axe). favoured by oni.g. hung from belt. [1 gp] Daikyu = long bow with grip nearer bottom. Odachi = single-edged slightly curved 2H sword.. fit over hand. +1 vs shields. Japanese weapons. damage d4+1. blades. two bars of hard wood or metal linked by short chain. allowing open-handed combat doing damage of d4/ d6/ d8 + class skill bonus at levels 1/ 10/ 20. This also lets a character choose martial arts weapons proficiencies (unavailable otherwise). Precursor to katana. Sai* = dagger.

He intercedes with the gods but rarely rules. details and aspects are taken from different periods to simplify matters. and the myriad forested hills and mountains are home to bandits. Hearn. chosen from those passing public examinations. and should keep everyone in an eastern frame of mind. The highest are mandarins of nine ranks. from which it drew its initial language and culture. Imperial dynasties change (by mandate of heaven). arms and armour. Bridge of Birds. Japanese Inn. temples. Bramah. collect taxes.Staredown. territorial clashes). typical scenery. Power and prosperity lie in either court. there is some small-scale conflict (e. Each tries to roll under status + level + cha bonus + wis bonus on a d20. mostly nobles. the ‘son of heaven’. Tomoe Gozen. Adventurers can make their mark. Provinces are governed by local lords (daimyo) who owe loyalty to the shogun (and emperor). Marley. Japan is a group of temperate islands off China. There are tracts of wilderness here and there. Western fantasy and fiction treats with the east too. and bureaucracy is always problematic (bloat. but the system has been stable for a millennium. just a general feeling. If both succeed. The staredown or psychic duel is a way to resolve a confrontation without a fight or losing face. As wealth flows in from the provinces. Its bureaucracy. is smaller and its emperor always chosen from the imperial family. The Wallet of Kai Lung.g. there are times of trouble. Statler. Across the Nightingale Floor. It spans entire climate zones covering every kind of terrain. and so on are more valuable in play. tigers. inertia. or be used by a priest to shame a swaggering street bully. Civil administration works under military governance. Pictures of strongholds. the former wins and the loser concedes the winner’s superiority. but have total say in their own fiefdom. The pair who engage close to within 10 feet. secular power lying first with regents then with shoguns (warlords) from powerful clans. graft). see to public works etc. ruled by an emperor. All painlessly give details of culture and daily life as well as ideas for adventures. ceremony. history is only useful as a loose framework. nobles and others gravitate to the centre and a lavish life of court functions. and fortunes. Some notes follow. If both fail. It is a contest of will and nerve in which the first to flinch or drop his gaze loses. in these outlying areas. As in a normal AD&D campaign. who govern provinces and districts. and refined leisure (offset by intrigue and infighting). Distant provinces are less settled. as in: Hughart. clothing. They assume there are lands like medieval China and Japan. Nearby provinces are well ordered and main roads patrolled. the duel also ends in a draw. Overview China is a vast continental empire. Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 6 . perhaps with a quick bow. Collections of Chinese and Japanese fables and fairy tales are easily available and recommended. descendants of the sun goddess. the duel is drawn. It might decide which samurai gives way on a bridge. and malefactors and monsters multiply. The eastern world The best way to get set is to read oriental stories and see a few samurai and kung fu films. To govern its many millions from one centre needed not only nobles but thousands more officials. and must retreat — or instantly lose a quarter of full hp (lost confidence) and fight at –1 to hit and damage. the duel lasts another round: after 3 rounds. If one succeeds and one fails. and demons. Salmonson. since the state usually bestirs itself only for open rebellion or war. Mortal Mask. Turbulence is closer to the surface than in China. A game does not need precise cultural accuracy either. Adapt for your world as you see fit.

Auxiliary to the pantheon are nature spirits. thatched in the country.g. Correct manners become pre-eminent as one climbs the social scale. There are as many tea houses and eating places as there are inns and taverns. where the various gods are prayed to as needed. Wealthy homes are walled gardens enclosing broad-eaved houses with glazed-tile roofs. Compassion is also valued.Life and attitudes The cities. A date is quickly set for trial. as judged by society. social rank is fundamental. The wealthy wear layers of long silk robes in bright colours adorned with geometric patterns & artistic embroidery. but may depend on station. and villages teem with people and trades. where accuser. and past heroes. the basic foodstuffs here are tea. Speech is marked by elaborate circumlocution (see Kai Lung). bread. propitiated or entreated to act as intermediaries with the celestial bureaucracy. rice. and -spirits are available. cowardice. He asks all needed questions. but loses it more easily through folly. Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 7 . so theatrical troupes perform to entertain the trapped guests. The common folk live in cottages. with vulgarity or excess being grave crimes for the upper class. Even worse for a conventional people. Wheat is used to make noodles. wealth. Law courts are the same all over the east. Formal politeness is the rule in most situations. and seeking enlightenment within the world by self-control and selflessness. People bow when meeting. direct disagreement or even impatience) could be taken as an insult. and witnesses have their say before a magistrate (an appointed lord. Anyone of rank has numerous attendants. Houses are wood and brick. official. There is a profusion of fruits and vegetables. They wear cotton smocks and pants of muted natural colours and simple patterns. etc. and beef stew. the depth of the bow calibrated to the difference in rank (the lower bow lower). treachery. Instead of ale. It is a mix of worth (honesty. errors in behaviour risk shaming and loss of face.). towns. ancestors. They also define themselves mainly by their bonds with others. Great banquets drag on for 4–6 hours. castles mostly stone. and chicken. Rice-beer. and unseemly emotion. and most strive to keep secret anything that could be damaging. Hats are smaller and of forms indicating status and role. but is closest to ‘public repute’. since anything that might reflect badly on someone (e. particularly bonds of kinship (family & clan). etc. People thus tend towards LN(g). living in harmony with the flow of nature and balance of yin and yang. but there can be tension between the doctrines. -wine. The spirit world is seen as part of the human world. There are no lawyers. so justice is swift and unvenal. reliability. the rooms divided by movable oiled-paper screens. or pork. celebrated on holy days. and hairstyles more elaborate. Lavish temples and simple shrines abound. and other folk are barbarians. People are rarely alone. tile-roofed and tight-packed in the city. One gains face by valiant exploits and maintaining dignity. honoured by burning incense. fish. social connections). behaving correctly) and success (deeds. In lands so populous and stratified. Legal penalties are usually harsh. Japanese for overvaluing tragic noble failure. There are three main teachings: obeying the social rules and order that reflect the way of heaven. Music is a tuneless twanging and plunking that serves to develop stoicism in the listener. with straw sandals and wide shallow conical hats atop pigtails. a bailiff and his constables gather evidence. Chinese tend to have a weakness for gambling. Face is related to honour and status. sage. and the finest degree of distinction in dress and bearing is registered. then decides the verdict. plus cloth slippers or soft leather boots. Both tend to hold that theirs is the only truly civilised race. If an accusation is made. Some affect inscrutablity. A knight can freely cut down a commoner he deems offensive with no penalty. accused. the very poor eat millet.

bestow fine gift/ favour on NPC. one of hundreds of daimyo or district mandarins). Excellent face earns esteem and influence. a character can offset face point losses by his Cha bonus. honour) matters. Characters are treated according to vocational status. Vocation status: low/ med/ high level = 1–5/ 6–12/ 13+. be reluctant to teach. as per the table. Mk ——————> <——————— (K-e) ——————> <———— K ————> Apparent status (obvious by dress. M ———> <—————— W. Players record any face points awarded by the DM after an adventure (start at zero). Status improves with advancement. A tract can be used until a roll is failed. spirit powers. or when dissembling (as thieves tend to). one of that class able to train must roll his level or under on a d20. Characters can gain or lose face in play — examples below. animal folk are treated as thieves. ◆ Losses. To use a tract. fulfil oath. 1 LLC 2 MLC 3 ULC 4 LMC 5 MMC 6 UMC 7 LUC 8 MUC 9 UUC <————— T ————> <———— P. not counting in-game missions. skills. die heroic death. win contest. legendary holy men. play mortifying prank (animal folk). by means of tracts on technique. philosophy. There is one per character class. obligations to these and to family take up at least 3 months of every game year. Minor (+1): do great deed. Great honour (+3 to status) raises one’s family’s status by 1. or for W Mk K-e = 1–4/ 5–8/ 9–12/ 13+. Initial social class (rolled as per UA 82) is the family status. and is of no further use to him. Mentors or schools must be found to teach skill and technique or impart wisdom and knowledge. Expect a few quests. Each 10 points of face adjusts status by ±1. true masters. If their race is known. treason (–9). save life at great risk. Luckily.Family. great ignominy (–3 to status) lowers it by 1. and bearing) affects reaction rolls in social encounters: +/– 5% per difference higher/ lower. etc. and be picky about pupils. as they tend to live in secluded mountain retreats. and lore that are found as treasure. Gains. Minor (–1): accused of crime. if not. lose/ refuse contest. metaphysics. banished. The status point total is also added as desired by a player to his next character’s ability scores (karma). up to ±3. or insights from the work and train himself up a level. Noble birth only means the family is part of a noble clan. as in the table below (thief and mage groups. Success means he can learn new tricks. UUC might be the equivalent of a baron (e. So a mid-level priest (MMC) making a request of a noble (UUC) would be at a (9 – 5) x –5% = –20% penalty. Training Training is crucial in the east. tactics. Special: breach of etiquette (–1/ 2/ 3 for L/ M/ U class). and face Characters are assumed to be likeable and favoured enough to be allowed to travel and adventure when not acting directly for lords. flee fight (knight). break oath. + remaining classes). Major (+3): clear family debt. taken prisoner. look foolish. Once per 5 levels. self-training is possible. and magical treatises as well. Even so. ignore obligation.g. Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 8 . manner. ask for favour. fail mission. Face (repute. There may be other types of tracts. Major (–3): convicted of crime. The rules on gaining levels (DMG 86) are enforced in full. and so on must be sought — often difficult. status. Beyond name level. The emperor and his court are a layer above this. leave insult unavenged. it teaches nothing new. save in situations where family status takes precedence and is higher. loss of face leads to disrespect and ostracism.

11 ming. 2 ch'i. 12 okubo. Roll d6: 1–3 A+B. 19 wen. 7 hua. Chinese had a family name followed by a two-part personal name: choose or roll twice on the male or female lists to create a personal name. 2 michi. silver. victorious tiger. 2 cho. 6 school. 4 cheng. 7 jade. Names for styles and manoeuvres can be rolled for or chosen on the lists below. 8 red. 5 inouoe. 4 lightning. 10 tiger Item (d10): 1 bell. 4 hojo. 8 toki. 17 yan. paintings. 16 takeda. 10 way Orient • General Rules and Revisions — 9 . as evidenced on the silver screen. 9 temple. 6 iron. 4 moto. 16 tsang. 2 ch'ing. 14 shu. 4 chien. 7 ox. then ‘no’ (= ‘of’). Choose or roll for a first (male or female) and last element to create a personal name. 4 golden. 2 genji. 8 suke. 15 t'ing. 14 shibata. 13 saitou. 18 yin. kaikishoho. etc. 75% of jewellery = art objects: lacquered items. Coins are one inch in diameter with a square hole in the centre. Add or substitute ‘-ko’ at the end to make it obviously female. 10 white Being (d10): 1 ancestor. 5 green. 11 lou. etc. Aspect (d10): 1 black. 10 miyamoto. 8 nami. 2 feet. 8 water. Only copper. silver. 5 kei. 7 feng. 6 kaga. 3 fist. replace electrum and platinum pieces with same-value small and medium jade plaques/ seed pearls in China/ Japan. cypress hero.g. 2 circle. 3 fire. 9 wind. tael. 10 li. 20 yüeh Japanese had a family/ clan name (not inherited by the lowly). the efficacy of a move is far less important then the elegance of the finishing pose. 10 sumi. 6 nori. The idea of value arbitrarily attached to something without intrinsic worth was so risible that he and his family were exiled to the frontier. yi. 100 per pound (one tenth value). 10 uji. superfluous cricket. 3 chüan. 2 animal. Silver and gold coins are thicker and weigh 10 per pound as usual. Of course. 4–5 A+I. 12 yori Martial arts are all alike in game terms. 20 yosida Male (d10): 1 masa. 3 chao. 17 wang. Copper coins are thin and light. 11 yasu. 17 tsung. 14 sun. Translation names (lotus blossom. 4 moto. taiheigenbo. 9 hung. or make some up (e. plate armour) with ones that do. 8 style. 6 nori. statuettes. 4 feng. 19 wu. called cash strings.g. 9 matsudaira. number ten ox. 8 kuroda. 4 jun. 2 eight. 6 kuki. 13 t'ai. Wages are often.Money and treasure PHB prices are used but the currency differs. 18 tokugawa. 3 hana. fighting techniques are much vaunted and argued over. 7 chü. 3 crane. It is said that an official once suggested that paper currency be created. 12 p'u. 8 huan. 9 hua. 6 hsiao. 10 wood Mode (d10): 1 claw. Add a mode and tweak if it sounds better. 11 yuki. They are often strung on cords in bundles of 100. 13 shen. 10 yoshi Female (d12): 1 ai. Family (d20): 1 ch'en. 12 yuri Last (d12): 1 atsu. 8 hsiung. 9 natsu. 8 huan. 9 spirit. 4 dragon. then a two-part personal name. 7 mai. gold coin names: Chinese: cash. 16 wan. paid in rice. 3 five. 18 wen. 3 masa. 9 three. 14 ta. 6 sword. 15 suwa. then d10s for each. 11 lien. 5 hsia. Names You can roll for or choose typical names using the lists below. 13 mei. 3 mitsu. 7 trigram. 19 ying. 6 chin. 2 hira. 7 sada. Replace magic items that don’t fit the milieu (e. 5 stone.) can be made up for characters fairly easily if they suit the campaign better. 7 style. 17 takigawa. 4 fist. 5 nobu. ‘thousand-year eggs’ that work like stinking cloud grenades). native weapons. Copper. 7 shige. 5 naga. and gold coins are used. 9 tsune. 19 yamada. 9 taka. 10 li. 12 shao. 16 tsu. 3 ch'iang. 10 lung. 6 I+B. 3 hayashi. but in the game world. 15 ts'ao. Family (d20): 1 chosokabe. Japanese: mannenzuho. 7 kimura. 5 chiao. re-rolling duplicates for males. 5 eagle. 20 ying Male (d20): 1 an. 6 monkey. 2 ao. 9 k'ung. there to be eaten by mountain demons. When rolling random treasure. 18 wei. training manuals. 8 snake. 20 wu Female (d20): 1 ch'in. 12 ling. 11 nakamura. 6 chou. 15 te. 5 method. 5 chih. like farmers’ taxes.

Orient • Character Classes Class changes The AD&D Revived house rules for characters apply except as noted below. is fairly common. dishonour. relying on speed and accuracy more than strength and stamina. If wearing LM armour. or roam the land as a vigilante or mercenary. and devotion to duty. Their class skill bonus is reduced. broad. Orient • Character Classes — 10 . They train as swordsmen and archers. they get an AC bonus of –3 for non-bulky and –1 for fairly bulky armour. and their first weapons of proficiency must be sword (bastard. suicide can be ordered by a superior in both countries. getting +1 to hit for each proficiency slot as normal. in China banishment or execution is more likely. falchion. and get +1 to hit and on saves in any round where they win initiative. offering his sword to those who need it. long bow (the daikyu in Japan). a samurai should die by his own hand to avoid capture or to atone for ignoble acts. Both pledge to the code of bushido (wu-shih do). A knight-errant who gains high enough status may seek service with a lord and become a full knight. Weapon specialisation. spear. Warrior — Bushi. the katana or tachi. A knight must be lawful. perhaps at a steep price. and repay debts (for good or ill). gives them +1 to hit and damage per slot. or a scabbard as a buckler. be ready to face death at any time. only success or death! In Japan. then short sword. The knight expects to receive rewards from his lord for meritorious service — gifts. and dagger. There is no failure. glaive. Chan-shih The eastern warrior differs from the western fighter. but first weapons of proficiency must include at least two of the ‘four major weapons’: staff. no-one else may do so. to the knight. the samurai is held in great esteem and the ronin not much regarded. exalting bravery. They may not use shields. who by inclination or birth cannot serve. and in service to a lord (a noble or high official. and the wakizashi. In Japan the samurai wears two swords as a sign of status. Knight (Knight-errant) — Samurai. or leaves or is dismissed from service. staff. In Japan. Eastern knights wear the finest-quality HP armour or chain they can afford (there is no plate). regent. He may strive to gain or regain status. spear. or his overlord. but they gain other benefits to compensate. etc. Wu-shih (Ronin. and grants of land or position. or long). the hsia or ‘wandering hero’ is the more popular. or shogun directly. however. Warriors add 1 hp per 2 levels to the damage scored in hand- to-hand or missile combat. There is no duty to hunt down evil knights. and serve an emperor. such as a daimyo or mandarin). the to hit subtractions when parrying apply to all attacks in the round. hardship. and light lance in any order. Hsia) The knight and knight-errant are the same class but with different standings. and the knight is just treated as a noble officer. As the code of chivalry. They can use any weapon. show no mercy to enemies. in China. avenge any slight. his family. They also get the 1 hp per level skill bonus to damage if avenging insults. and longsword or broadsword. a knight may become a lord himself. but stresses one be loyal and obedient to one’s lord. but can use the long bow in full armour. A knight who loses lawful alignment or falls in status from upper class or leaves service becomes a masterless knight-errant. of noble birth. As with the knight. A knight-errant is one trained as a knight. Using a small shield. They may specialise with sword and bow only (and usually do). From 13th level.

With no elemental spells usable by spellcasters. or the like). They get player-chosen taboos at levels 5/ 10/ 15/ 20. Raise dead etc. fast talk. Assassin — Ninja. cannot/ must: cut hair/ nails. Orient • Character Classes — 11 . to mask actions or aid escapes. ‘disorderers’ to create crowd disturbances to aid pickpockets and burglars. 25 gp (or prepared as a mage would a spell scroll). If touched to the forehead of any undead they do damage as holy water. e. magicians interact with natural and supernatural powers to learn new spells and train (usually in the wilderness). Sorcerer — Maho-zukai. Bandits are frequent in the country and pirates at sea. Priest — Onmyoji. but can distract them (e. This does not work on mindless undead. and so on. Other magic common to assassins includes flash and smoke pellets: these are alchemical compounds (prepared by a mage as per potions). Tsei Oriental and occidental thieves are the same. read languages.g. A thief character may swap climb walls. They can choose one witch pact benefit if they take with it one automatic taint of evil (of their usual sort) at levels 6/ 12/ 18. using the mystic rules for influencing people. chien tieh) rather than killing. Instead of holy water. Fang-shih A priest cannot turn oriental undead per se. e.g. e. smoking. consume meat/ fruit/ alcohol/ salt. The monk is trained in martial arts already.g.g. Improvised weapons must still resemble and be used like a weapon with which the character is proficient. Wu-shen Beyond low level. shadow magic and so on are relatively potent. Each lasts for one touch only.) are very valuable. so treats a martial arts weapon proficiency as any other weapon proficiency. They can speak with such spirits. An assassins’ guild is family to members. reincarnate the spirit in another similar body (re-roll ability scores). with loosely linked specialised groups. sacred writings may be purchased at the same price. 25 gp each. &/or use scrolls for the same nr of mountebank skills (e. Violation stops casting for a day. On a natural 20 the paper sticks there doing continuous damage (and probably fizzing.Magician — Kijutsu-shi. Ku-shen Sorcerers train and interact as for magicians. and scrolls and items with such spirit powers (fireball etc. Thief — Dorobou. getting them to count grains of spilled rice) or trick them into leaving for a time. potions. requiring a melee hit. Rumoured mystic powers such as walking on water or through walls are brought off via rings. counterfeit. and get +10% on reaction rolls with them (+20% if same alignment). and complete fealty is expected on pain of death.g. wear certain colour. The person must be found and reminded of their past life in order to resume it. and there are organised underworlds in cities like thieves’ guilds. card sharks. disguise). Tz'u-k'o Most missions entail acting as a spy (shinobi. Monk — Yamabushi. and pretty women (‘bureau of beautiful people’) to fleece rich young men. sit facing E/ W/ N/ S. Ho-shang Monks add 1 hp per 3/ 2/ 1 levels to damage done by ordinary weapons/ martial arts weapons/ open-handed attacks. thrown down to distract for one round.

Giant Spider. Giant Bear Giant. Giant Eagle. Giant ~ ta hsieh Lizard Stag Crayfish. Gold Mule Weasel. Giant Goblin* ~ ye-cha. can be done for a full level’s xp plus training costs: train as if to go up a level. Aristocrats and courtiers will deride the rough appearance and country manners of ‘sudden lords’ who fail to master style. Head entries include subspecies (e. The upper class are familiar with literature. Giant Badger Ghoul Owl. usual demons & devils do for sorcery. T'ien Lung Iron Cobra Orient • Skills and Spirits — 12 .g. This helps minimise faux pas. Giant Ghost ~ yurei Otter. Fire Octopus. Wererat Su-monster ~ yü Crocodile Lycanthrope. ningyo Vulture Dragon. from lower to middle class. Air Naga Wind Walker* ~ kamaitachi Elemental. Weretiger Tiger Dog Lynx. Giant Lycanthrope. or middle to upper. Shen Lung Hornet. Lung Wang Guardian Familiar Yellow Musk Creeper Dragon. Mountain Revenant Dragon. and deportment. Giant Dolphin Men Turtle Dragon Turtle Merman ~ jen-yü. Yu Lung Jaculi Berbalang Fire Snake Kenku* ~ tengu Coffer Corpse* ~ chiang-shih Firetoad Penanggalan* ~ nukekubi Dire Corby Giant. and perfect manners are requisite. Giant Leopard Squid. Giant Bugbear* ~ bakemono Hobgoblin* ~ bakemono Sea Hag Bulette ~ waira Horse Shark Bull Ki-rin ~ ki-lin Skeleton Camel Lamprey Snake. gnoll. bakemono Rat. Water Ogre ~ oni Wyvern ~ ch'ih-lung Frog. Giant Ogre Mage ~ oni Yeti FIEND FOLIO Bat. Pan Lung Hoar Fox Zombie. Others (e. Yellow Musk Dragon. Giant Centipede. Asterisk = notes. Taste. and able to compose poetry and write in an elegant hand (calligraphy). Giant Dragon. elephant. Those moving up in the world and not born to the purple need to acquire these skills to be accepted. Giant Cattle Leech. Giant Crab. roc) are known in frontier regions. poise. Li Lung Guardian Daemon Tabaxi Dragon.g. Giant Boar Herd Animal Rust Monster Buffalo Hippopotamus Scorpion. Earth Night Hag ~ yomotsu-shikome Wolf Elemental. Giant Wolverine Elemental.Orient • Skills and Spirits Character skills Background knowledge. Hill Rakshasa Beetle. rhinoceros. Giant Dragon. dress. of bear or beetle). MONSTER MANUAL Ant. but gain polish and reduce xp to min for current level. Training in social graces. Giant Toad. Giant Mummy* Whale Elemental. Monster Lists Lists of creatures particularly suited to Oriental campaigns.

usually drain 1 energy level and/or 3 Con per night until dead. bag of gold) handed over. Giant Harvester Crane. Creature’s height seems to increase as fast as one can look up (save vs Wis not to look… if player says so). Giant Lycanthrope. Earthquake Golem. This exposes throat. Statue Spider Woman ~ jorogumo Demon Spider ~ tsuchigumo Golem.. yokai Hungry Ghost ~ erh-kuei. adapted from myth or made up. Aquatic (Merrow) Troll. fulfil task (as haunt). Appear as beautiful female (illusion or shapechange). make mischief. onryo Celestial Stag Golem. Marine (Scrag) Dragon Horse ~ lung ma Oliphant Vargouille Dragon. kitsune Nian Wheel Wraith ~ wanyudo Furi Nuppeppo White Ape ~ hsing-hsing.g. or objects to animate or manifest (e. Giant Ogre. Might pass on message. gaki Starving Bones ~ odokuro Dragon. Blue ~ ch'iung-ch'i Echo Sprite ~ yama-biko Ikiryo Tutelary Spirit ~ zuijin Elemental. Nature Kappa Unicorn-lion ~ hsieh-chih Faceless Ghost ~ noppera-bo Karma Chameleon Vampire-ghoul ~ ch'ih-mei Flesh-eater ~ jikininki Money Toad ~ chin-ch'an Vampire Tree ~ jubokko Flying Monkey ~ hsiao Naga. Torch ~ chu-yin Virtuous Beast Flying Snake ~ t'eng-she Nature Spirit Water Monkey Fox Spirit ~ hu-ching. Giant Tasloi Centipede Minimal Termite. Ordinary Baku Grim Raven Bear. Hold this. Cloud ~ fei lung Ophidian Verme Dragon. satori Ghost Light Oni Winged Lion ~ pi yao New monsters — summaries Some notes and sketches of selected monsters follow. Mist ~ t'eng lung Otter Weasel Dragonfly. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 13 . Wood Star Dog ~ t'ien kou Demon. Rainbow ~ chiang lung Hydra Bird ~ chiu-feng Tengu Dragon. Pottery Snow Woman ~ yuki-onna Crocodile-shark ~ wani Golem. Oriental ~ yao-kuai. Giant Marine Catfish. Look up. Volcano ~ fu-ts'ang lung Hydra Snake ~ hsiang-liu Tiger. Magic jar. Missing details and changes are up to you — mutability is a key eastern trait! Wicked spirit tricks and powers (if not stated. Seawolf Spider. Giant ~ ta feng Kech Skeleton. Bundle (e. Giant Owl Xag-ya and Xeg-yi Eagle Phantom* Yeth Hound ~ okuri-inu Eblis Phoenix Yuan Ti Falcon (Hawk) Quasi-elem. take over life. pack. baby. Possession. weapon. Northern Haunt Scorpion Bee. Paper Restless Spirit ~ kuei. appear as myriad eyes in wall. Sticks to hands. Bronze Poisonfeather Bird ~ chen niao Bone Demon ~ pai-ku-ching Golem. Animal Behemoth Lycanthrope. gets heavy (100 lb/ HD) as it revert to being a large rock: victim helpess or crushed.g.MONSTER MANUAL II Afanc Foo Creatures ~ shishi Ram Annis ~ yamauba Greenhag Rat. which is cut (= readied attack). make sounds of nearby revel). charm susceptible male (charm person). Can also possess animals. Lightning* ~ Raiju Oriental Appendix Amikiri Ghost Tree ~ kuei shu Pa-she Animal Folk ~ henge Goblin Rat Pai Tse ~ hakutaku Beetle. or destroy via disease or insanity. chance to use = 1% per HD): Femme fatale. Foxwoman Snake Cat Lycanthrope. Wereshark Stegocentipede ~ omukade Cave Cricket Mantis.

As red dragon. since to see means death no save unless one is a name-level priest or has protection from evil in effect. Two-headed dragon with mother-of-pearl scales. Elemental. 6 = prismatic wall. spruce. flies without need for wings. cherry. d6 x 100 demons and spirits parade along roads and through towns as often as once/ month. AC 4. orange. Else as demon (below). Coffer corpse. Resentful deceased. This ‘hidden treasure dragon’ guards underground hoards in volcanic areas. Animal folk. Dragon. jerky gait (some call it a ‘hopping corpse’). 8 = prismatic spray. and wood/nature. Unpredictable: some slay.The demons’ night parade: On summer nights. Bakemono. Snake-like magically flying creature with bird head and lobster claws. then beetle flies away clumsily at 3". if prompted. Demon spider. C. capture and torture to gain ends.. +2 weapons to hit. oriental. Giant spider (MM) demon (above). Dmg 1–HD or by wpn. but could have blue. volcano. no Str drain. huge noses or ears. CE. C. or 16 HD treant. red. As boring beetle (MM). Nr d6. People stay in. maple. J. but non-lethal attacks. or spirit form (ball of smoke). and wolves. binds victim with sticky threads (BB/LG to escape) and eats him. a few are helpful. Spells as sorcerer. as cleric spell.g. body decays instantly to noisome bubbling liquid. On exposure to sunlight. water. Demon. J. J.). May at times repeat snatches of past sound (“bury loot by forked tree”. HD d6x2. black. rainbow. Dragon can cast the following twice a day. fir. can appear as moving rainbow ribbon. nature. regenerate 1hp/ turn. “ambush at the pass”. Seek way out of mines or dungeons. and expires. but long sinuous body. look like rabbit/monkey cross. priests tell populace when. Use forked weapons. Goblins. there are boars. or created via animate dead. J. Blank-eyed men with micaceous skin and metallic antler- like growths. not ability to change. 1 in 6 it absorbs enough life force to pass on. chimerical or bizarre form with odd numbers of eyes and limbs or has hair that entangles or is barbed etc. Instead of mist. regenerate 1 hp/ turn. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 14 . 12. uses illusion specific to victim. Those who died underground. earthquake. looks like wood whence it came. As FF. tennodontosaurus. bugbears. Replaces normal zombie. Foxes are especially fond of mischief and trickery (any pretty girl alone at twilight is probably a fox). Rarely seen. There are 5 oriental elements: earth/metal. +d3 wpn to hit. bamboo. Devouring spirit. esp. fire. Can (HD/ day) use spirit powers or shift to any shape: specific person. etc. Breath weapons 3 each head: hypnotic pattern from one. 1% monk). but here means individuality. hooves. MR 50%. but if it kills. as MM2 dinosaur. Mv 12. some play pranks. Mostly baleful animal spirits or evil magic-user souls. 7 = prismatic sphere. As well as player character types. green skin. scales. drawn by light. Small insubstantial beings that create echoes in echoey places. Femme fatale. e. As shadow (MM). J. vapours = cloudkill. offered sweet scents. so others see its true form: skin drawn tight over white skeleton. pine. air. sometimes d2 horns or d3 eyes. Takes 1 rnd. Bugbears in cold areas only. Drain life force to survive. Celestial stag. 1 in 6 (1 in 3 foxes) has illusion spells as level d4 (d6) magician. cypress. but if hurt drums abdomen on ground to cause earthquake. Bone demon. reanimated by magic currents and preserved by eating metal. weasels. 1 in 6 as mage. zig-zag fangs. Crocodile-shark. Huge water monster. As MM. spirit released. cedar. C. may gain immortality if drain holy man (1% lvl priest. If refused. True form is striped giant spider with oni-like face. C. martens. offer unearthed riches for escort to surface. The fifth elemental is an 8. snakes. hobgoblins. J. C. Stiff. Echo sprite. 5 = rainbow. colour spray from other. at and after stated age level: 4 = chromatic orb. Amikiri. both affect twice usual HD. etc. insect. As mist dragon MM2. Beetle. long black nails. Dragon. outstretched arms. All shapeshifters can be called o-bake or bake-mono.

Nr 3d12. J. as they lick wpns. HD 1. regenerate 1hp/ turn. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 15 . appears at random places in forest each night. etc. HD 6–9 d4. Low-flying. Ghost tree. 4 types. deadly poison. damage and spell effects halved (or +4 on saves). Always in pairs: foo lions. Hate water. but CE. dragon. Golem. Bonsai of Expeditious Strangulation. AC 7. AC 6. 6 HD. Golem. Souls of dead. Save vs paralysis when facing any feline or flee in panic. if drunk may show tail or revert to fox shape. 18 transmute water to dust. paper. go. giant frog. AC 5. usually of a familiar person. Mv 15. Golem. may bring bad/ good luck. burn d6/rnd until put out. +1/die dmg from fire. Mv /12". fireproof. and tail may stay (1 in 3). sleep). Have HD & attacks as creature resembled. Ghost light. mountain giant. rotten food. J. 5% chance disease in either case. may serve mages. d6 HD type. e. Gaunt. C. Nocturnal. Flesh-eater. or statues etc. Golem. band of 9 can cast lower water. These count as lesser golems. HD 3. play pranks. wood. serpent. MR 40%. even specific person. change to spirit form (ball of smoke) 3/ day. +1 F3 per 10. but friendly on occasion. C. yellow. Can shapeshift HD/ day to any form. and terra cotta warriors (F1. x2 from fire. d4 HD type. Goblin rat. can change into dog-sized giant rat. 2. zuijin. and like to trick or scare people. boar. Hungry ghost. but regenerate 1hp/ rnd. dmg by wpn. Common. etc. Either mindless constructs that rouse and obey simple orders (stop. +d3 wpn to hit. Hate dogs.Related magic: Bonsai of Elemental Summoning. All 8 classes occur: levels 2d4. Golem. get +1 to hit them in turn. A favourite ruse is then to appear as person to whom the victim tells his tale of terror… and do it again. Nr d6. Folded from magic origami paper. Spells as magician. horses. Dmg d4 or by wpn. but careless. Fox spirit. different attacks by touch: 1. Usually 3-ft tall bunraku puppets. drain level. Souls. +1 F7 per 50 with 2H sword. Tree or image gives shiver down spine if seen at night. mainly CE/N. fear 20' r. often dwell in wastes and deserts. green-grey skin. Usually tomb guardians such as foo animals. Often single creature: unicorn-lion. attack) if triggered or as bid by master. blue. but can take innocuous bodily form. but lights have human faces/ voices. 4. As ghost (MM). HD common 2. average hp/die rnd up. uncommon 4. J. no energy drain. Golem. AC 7. Gaki or haunt. Flying snake. hallucinatory terrain 1/day. Cursed spirits that eat human corpses. Faceless ghost. Demon-ghosts. Nr d20. Half damage from edged wpns. strokes face: features vanish. Can cast mirror image (d12 static trees in 50' r) 3/day. & chariot) with bronze weapons. At some point. but like to drop people into it. Examples bear. bite d6. AC 7. tiny mouth and throat. +1 weapons to hit. Magic possible (low power. green) with tail if moving. Cats et al. Starving ghosts of greedy. only kill if none handy. As snake (MM2). vengeful. giant (MM). AC 4. As ghoul (2+3 HD). Nr d4 to d30. ‘Dancing lights’ cast by foxes. Furi. Insatiable hunger for specific nasty fare such as offal. AC 3. Supernatural fox: dangerous. pottery. 1. 2. Rare. Haunted tree. +2 weapons to hit. Speak.g. tiger. orange. or blood. 3. giant crane. possessed by spirits. Uncommon. statue. e. Flying monkey. 1. Goblin-sized ratman. 2. C. sticks to valleys. 27 drought (reverse cloudburst). oriental. Monkey with owl wings. AC –5. Monkey-like creature that glides as flying squirrel. Half dmg from edged wpns.g. Seem like floating balls of fire or dancing lights (red. Many sorts of and names for these spirit fires. leaving blank smooth skin where face was — this causes the 10 yrs ageing and 2d6 turns panic. As wight. Half dmg from blunt wpns. or snake. most often seen on rainy nights. giant crab. or possess women. dog tail. breath polymorphs). Uses grass w. Painted & lifelike. can change to spirit form (ball of smoke or fire as ghost light) 3/ day. paralysis vapour to catch birds. cause disease (get 1 –ve hp/ day for 2d4 days). Blue fur with black leopard spots. confuses travellers. regenerates. silver or +1 weapons to hit. bronze. magic missile. like wine. Magic probable (medium power. CN. AC 6. Can be femme fatale. pot belly. lose the path 1/week.

crocodile tail. or scarlet. Pai tse. often 9 heads. C. but can devour entire villages. All may have red. J. HD 5. CE. scare 20' r. A ‘living ghost’ that springs unbidden from intense rage. but original body sickens and dies if away too long. or orange skin. but bite paralyses 2–8 hrs. cows. J. Hydra snake. fox. green-tipped wing feathers. detects thieves by scent. LG. and eat humans. C. ruins. sees in dark. Also mountain oni: Nr 3d12. true sight. so bribe or won challenge may get one safely by watery lair. Oni. Poisonfeather bird. Body of crackling electricity may take shape of cat. blue. Voice like thunder. once. As well as player character types. lightning. hate. Princes and nobles can use elemental or druidic magic. There are underground/ underwater spirit palaces in hills and forests/ lakes and seas. may rattle. Lands during thunderstorms. sound of footsteps or someone washing beans. Giant python-like snake eats elephants (1 per 3 yrs). As hydra but d6 HD type. C. wide nostrils. J. Dip feather in liquor to get undetectable poison for assassinations. Nr d6. Penanggalan. or wolf. J. black. MR 75%). Mv 9". Phantom. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 16 . C. kappa loses Str and 1 hp/rnd until wet again (can trick into bowing too low. wind walk 1/day. whose neck stretches indefinitely at night. Likes to drag people. Mv 6"//18". Massive horned lion (x2 size. Dmg d6+3/ d6+3. Has eye patterns like peacock tail on pelt. fear 1/rnd. bandaged bronze-age nobles may also be encased in jade plates. Mainly eats monsters (or can be flattered into it). damage. Squat headless torso of decaying flesh: its flabby folds vaguely outline a face. Long neck. Includes habitual acts and noises: woman combing hair. preys on children. Includes ogres and ogre mages. but takes normal prey. ki-rin. or all party undertake quest to prove virtue. As ghast including stench. HD 8. face). AC 0. lean. black. horns. yellow. etc. C. rokurokubi. Use sea serpent stats (snake. C. As well as ‘normal’ nukekubi. (Each PC passes a Cha or Wis check. torch. but rarely).Hydra bird. can cast sex change 1/rnd (causes total loss of. War dog stats. C. boy playing. with which it can see. Massive mountain (or rarely. Very strong (19 str) green-blue goblin with shell back (immune to rear attacks). Nian. there are spirits of lakes. beak for mouth. graveyards. 7–8 ft tall. Loves cucumbers and wrestling. ethereal at will. or jealousy: the grudge-bearer’s sleeping soul leaves body as fetch (see spell). and can breathe gust of wind at will. sea) beast: lion head. red eyes. Ikiryo. AC 4. never surprised. scarlet beak. Nature spirit. Replaces zombie monster. weasel. kill. there is a variant. touch causes disease (get 1 –ve hp/ day for 2d4 days). damage. Lurk in mountains. rocks. Dmg d8 (2d8 if using kanabo). 1 in 6 may have associated cantrip. Eats viper heads. Dislikes very loud noises. J. Pa-she. Naga. Scarlet snake with human head. and advises virtuous kings (and compilers of bestiaries) thereof. but no bite. 1 in 6 can possess. may drown them (reaction roll) and drink blood or eat liver. often 9 heads. Bloodthirsty and cruel. Mummy. C. As hydra but d4 HD type. bull body. and these can keep it at bay. As MM. Money toad. Green.) If attacked. trees. one hind leg. as MM. HD. Karma chameleon. purple plumage. hands and feet are mere lumps. or virtuous beast horn (or magic) neutralises. they terrify. AC4. C. invisibility 2/day. d2 horns on head. Quasi-elemental.520 supernatural species. Genius savant. and water-filled cavity atop head. flies at 9". A water-goblin. Big bullfrog. d3 eyes. Nuppeppo. If supplicated. er. air blast as cloud dragon (MM2) 1/day. Seeing initital stretch also needs a save or die. Sits on coin piles as guard. As eagle (MM2). Unicorn. Hard-to-find spirit. True sight shows form of instigator. green. knows all about world’s 11. fly & polymorph self 3/day. Kappa. associate with goblins and goblin rats. HD. Few are adventuresome. J. fly. Eyes and stats as for blindheim (FF). if spilled. giant in MM) x2 size. and horses into water. As half-sized tarrasque (MM2). may grant 10 face points to characters.

then return to grave and devour corpse at leisure. Immune to mind- affecting spells. Chosen victim hears ringing in ears before attack. Seeks vengeance. Disruptive shapechangers. J. Roams after midnight. etc. Varied manifestations. Righting wrong or finishing task may lay ghost to rest. 5% chance per tengu of magic feather fan. HD 8+3. regen 1 hp/turn. Her icy breath = gust of wind at will. sought by those about to die. Colossal skeleton 50–70 ft tall formed by black magic from bones of famine dead. change shape. Detect evil. Often man eaters. Love to torment pious with false visions. wreak disaster (blight. Mv 12". paralysis. J. Prone to fits of ungovernable rage. Replaces vampire. C. Two related sorts. but fond of mischief too. and drains 1 hp blood per round. turn to swarm of rats. flies like shooting star. illusion spells as that level magician. Dmg d6/d6/d8. only clue via dreams. Mv 15". 4–6 HD: May be invisible or appear as in life or death. LG. Mv 21". immaterial but can manipulate objects. Spear or falchion in melee. Int low. ethereal at will. if attacked (+3 wpns to hit) can breathe cone of cold 1/day. Snow woman. tiger teeth. pestilence. 2 shots/rnd with bow = magic missile (never miss). Nr 1. as next. cantrip effects. AC –3. fly 12". 1–3 HD: Spirit often invisible. J. as being killed by one = heroic death. etc. must return to coffin or tomb to rest every day. or inflict disease or insanity. e. speak briefly. thin-bodied. can use magic (all types). 7–9 HD: May appear as in life or death. 18 Str. C. Lost. Tall inhuman beauty seen on snowy nights.g. Can cast veil 1/day. Star dog. Can try to possess person 3/ day for task (fulfil oath. always have long noses. Can cast thunderclap and symbol of discord 3/day each. trapped. Int low. As skeleton. HD d10. +1 wpns to hit. silver wpns to hit. Nr d4. AC 3. know alignment. Spider woman. Once male relaxes. dreamlike awareness. Leaves no footprints. males winged. AC 3. save to priest or magic. bites off head on 17–20. May sometimes kill. on landing seen as smouldering canine monster size of bull. Can 1/ day try possess animals or objects. C. 1 in 6 are permanently invisible instead. Dmg 1–HD. The other like a kite: stats as kenku. earthquake). animate latter. leads mortals astray to die of exposure. Guards holy places. +HD/3 wpn to hit. As huge spider (MM). Starving bones. Fire-eating. HD 7+7. Tengu. pull into water (by drowned suicide). magical fire heals. Generally they paralyse or drain blood and energy from victim. Statues often flank shrine gates. or vengeful ghost. femme fatale. poison. half damage from cold or electricity. except CE(n). May be caught in brief phantom- like scene. can create air blast as cloud dragon (MM2). MR 5% per HD. regen 1 hp/rnd. Vampire-ghoul. May kill to try to substitute for own soul in hell. unclear communication. vulture claws. but AC 4. Change form as animal folk. Change to spirit form (ball of smoke) with helpless victim 3/day. HD 26. CE.g. or haunt areas with minor physical or spell effects. typhoon. D 2d20 non-lethal grab. gaze causes fear. Only dim recall of life. e. HD 5–8 (d6). drops from 50 ft and moves on. kills and eats (lone) humans. Fierce man-eater. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 17 . d10 type HD. binds him with sticky threads (BB/LG to escape). to take over life. Guardian warrior archers. one like kestrel (the FF kenku. bite drains 2 energy levels (but victims just die). and ESP at will. AC 4. J. Take d6 hp/rnd from direct sunlight or immersion in running water. or it may need to be exorcised. shower of stones 1/ day (effects as FF poltergeist but +4 on save). covered in long tangled white hair tinged green from tomb mould. if interrupted when feeding. can speak if it wants). As tiger but deep blue & grey-blue. blue. leaving only a dried-up husk by morning.Restless spirit. Cannot charm. claws paralyse 3d4 turns. mimic any voice. Tiger. if misses head 2x. avenge death. Unicorn-lion. summon.). impersonate monks. C. Tutelary spirit. Huge red eyes. she changes to spider form. J. shiver at certain spot. HD 4+4. or grab legs and slow. 10 HD: Great lord done great wrong. Lion with unicorn horn.

Scare 20 ft r. Aquatic. Virtuous beast. Mv 18". cold flames flick out to drain soul. Call people by name. Branches can be used in healing potions. Double dmg from axes. eats it but not much as doesn’t expel it. C. but victims simply die. Hoards gold and silver. J. MR 45%. may drown them (reaction roll). no stench. Orient • Skills and Spirits — 18 . from large sheep. Many names (e. Grows at old murder sites. Dmg d6/ d6/ 2d6 or 3d4 (+2 horn: on natural 20 or 4 > nr to hit impales heart). Wind walker. spectre (MM).Vampire tree. Int ave. flings corpse 30–100 ft away. 1 in 6. has permanent telepathy. chiai tung. detect lie. battlefields. Has whitish-grey fur. but only grapples. As huge (trapdoor) spider (MM). J. Flaming oxcart wheel with man’s head as hub. but always four legs and straight horn. but HD 2+4. Stats as smilodon (MM). likes to drag people under water. 2d6 branches entangle: 1/ 2/ 3 hits = –2 to hit/ –5 to hit/ held immobile. gores perjurers. kai tsi. may assist in key trials. thick black mane and tail. each 8 hp = +1 die. true seeing.g. to deep-green horse. Winged lion. As wraith or. Attacks demons/ evil spirits. lu tuan. Intense gaze paralyses evil- aligned with fear. HD 9. Basic stats as hangman tree (MM2). antlers. Int high. White ape. AC 0. 6 HD + 1 hp/yr. Devours predators in wild. say. bleeds. Invisible form looks like flying giant weasel with slicing sickle claws. if cut. try to kill and eat them if they can. Wheel wraith. claws & teeth like tiger. lurks by shore or bank. ESP. panic and flee. tube extends to drain d12 hp/rnd until victim dead. sin you) as can alter form. Taer (MM2). C. MR 30%. Water monkey. etc. but (since they rely on ESP) if hit by surprise. Normal-seeming tree that drinks human blood. Radiates protection from evil and cure disease 20 ft radius. +2 wpn to hit. damage converts their essence to gold/ silver at 1 coin per HD. and wings. but flies at 12". C. poh. LG.

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