Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data
Name : Mohammad Soni, M.Pd.
Date of Birth : Garut, 25th of June 1991
Address : Jln. Ranggalawe No. 160 Garut
Gender : Male
Religion : Moslem
Marriage : Single
Nation : Indonesian
Phone : 081330105271
E-mail :

Education Formal

SMPN 1 Garut
SMAN 1 Garut
Bachelor Degree in English Education
Program at STKIP GARUT
Master Degree in English Education and
Literature Department at State University
of Surabaya

Working Experience

The leader of Iqra Club (2005-2006) 3. 2. 1. English Instructor in UIN AMPEL Surabaya (2016) Experience of Organization Involvement 1. English Instructor in Executive Language Program “Beverly” in Garut (2012 .84/4. GPA (IPK) : 3.69/4. English Instructor in SMK Pelayaran Bhakti Samudra Surabya (2015- 2016) 4.00.present) 3. Excel. English instructor in AKPER PEMDA GARUT (2013-2014) 2. DKM SMAN 1 Garut (2004-2005) 2. HIMADIKSARIS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris) (2010-2013) Research Title: 1. Acces) Foreign Language Proficiency Spoken Written Language Good Average Poor Good Average Poor English √ √ Personality Personality Truthful Easy to learn something new Can make a good cooperation . Power Point. Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions on Spoken Corrective Feedbacks GPA (IPK) : 3. PSM (Paduan Suara Mahasiswa) STKIP (2009-2013) 4. Sundanese Phonological Interference in Pronouncing English Affricate and Fricative Consonants. Proficient to Operate Computer Windows XP (OS) Microsoft Office Personal Computer (Word.00.

Mohammad Soni.Pd . Thank you Sincerely yours. M. Having motivation to make better each day Responsible Good in team work That’s all my CV for your inspection.