1. Massage from the inside of the face to the outside and from down up.

2. After applying the cream, rub your palms together to gather the warm
energy. Wrap your face with the palms and take a deep breath in to
appreciate the scent of red pine.
4. Place your palms around the eyes and relax for about 30 seconds
Wrap your cheeks with both palms to comfort your skin
1. Use your palms alternately to massage your cheeks from the chin to the
2. Use your palms alternately to massage up the neck.
3. 1. Close your eyes and use the middle and ring fingers of your hands to
massage the temples up and down to relieve your eyes.
4. 2. Use your thumb and index fingers to press the eyebrows to relieve your
eyebrow muscles.
5. 3. Use your index fingers to gently press along the eyebrows. Press the inner
ends and outer ends of your eyes and under the eyes. Repeat 2-3 times.
6. Essentrue massage for hydrated calves
7. 1) Sit on the floor and gently massage along the calf line from the
center of sole to the ankle to the knee.
8. 2) Use your thumb to pressure the point right below the knee and
the center 10 times, 10 seconds each.
9. 3) Gather your legs and stretch forward. Stretch your arms to the
tip of toes to extend the back of calves to improve overall blood
circulation in the calves.
10.Essentrue massage for smooth knees
11.1) Sit on the floor and lift one leg to hold the bottom of the calf
using the other hand and massage from the ankle to the knee 10
times. The thumb should pressure the inner calf and the middle
finger should pressure the outer calf.
12.2) Open the palm to rub the front of calf up and down 10 times.
Open the palm to wrap the knees and circle around to massage 10
13.3) Repeat on the other calf and knee.
14.Essentrue massage for circulation in the thigh

25. Repeat 3 times. 29.3) Form your hands into fists to tap the entire abdominal area clockwise.1) Open your palm to massage around your navel clockwise in circular motion. Repeat on the other thigh. 21.1) Sit on the floor and raise your knees.2) Use your thumbs to pressure the right side of lower abdomen (dot) for 10 seconds. Contract your lower abdomen and lift your head. 27. 19.Essentrue massage effective for stretch marks 26. Spread the knees and then gather them.1) Sit on the floor and massage the inner thigh of your left leg 10 times clockwise in circular motion.Essentrue massage for hydration 30. Repeat on the left thigh. 20. Relax your wrist and shake the arm. 16. 23.Essentrue massage for resilience in the thigh 18.3) Use both hands in fists to tap along the inner and outer thighs 10 times. Lie down to rest for 3 seconds. 28. 3) Use the same method to pressure the side of lower abdomen (dot) for 10 seconds. 24.2) Bring your hands together and push the back of thigh from the knee to the back of hip 10 times.2) Use the right palm to massage from the chest to the abdomen. Feel the inner thigh muscles contract.1) Lie on your back and stretch your legs.2) Stay seated in the same posture and pressure the inner and outer thighs of one lag using your thumb. Repeat 3 times on each thigh. . Repeat 3 times from left to right.1) Bend your left elbow and use your right hand to hold the center of your arm. Use your right palm to rub your lower abdomen 10 times in circular motion. Rub the abdominal area toward the navel. Essentrue Body Serum and the massage gives suppleness and firmness to the abdominal area. Contract your hips and hold for 10 seconds.Essentrue massage for firm abdomen 22. 17.15.

2) Use the fingers of your right hand to slowly massage from the wrist toward the elbow. 33. 31.1) Relax your left arm and lift it until your arm is parallel to the floor. 37.2) Use your thumb and index finger to hold the skin on the outer arm horizontally and slowly squeeze and pressure toward the armpit. Repeat on the other arm. Then. Inhale and exhale the scent of Essentrue Body Serum 3 times. • The eye area and the pores appear darker. Remember to relax your arm! 32. 34.Repeat on the other arm.3) Stretch your arms to the side and stop for 3 seconds. • Visible fine wrinkles. SKIN PROBLEMS: The complexion looks lack of vitality and fatigued.3) Rub the side of your arm from the ankle to the elbow and then rub toward the armpit. move your arms toward the face to wrap around the face. • The inside of skin feels mushy. The scent soothes and comforts your skin. Repeat 3 times. Use your thumb to pressure the two points on the center of your elbow and your thumb and index finger to pressure the sides of your elbow. not firm. • Skin texture feels rough and dull to touch.Essentrue massage for moisturized face 35. . 36. Open your right hand and rub the outer arm from the ankle to the armpit up and down. • Breakouts here and there even when it is dry.