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I am writing this reference letter at the request of Andre Garrett. He has asked me to write this
general letter for his admission to your institute of learning.

I have known Andre for 4 years in my capacity as his mathematics teacher. I taught Andre 9th
grade math. While in 9th grade math, Andre earned a “B” for the year. He currently maintains an
“A” average in my 12th grade math class. His behavior in class is superior. He is the model
student. He is always early and well-prepared for the lesson of the day. His grades ranked in
the top 10% of my class. He is currently ranked in the top 20% of his graduating class. Andre
serves in many volunteering opportunities. Andre is a true leader of his peers. He serves as a
mentor and tutor for the underclassmen at Jonesboro High School. Andre’s attendance is also
Andre often exhibits excellent leadership skills in my class. He often volunteers to answer even
the most difficult questions. He leads his group and the class in classroom discussions. Andre is
well-organized. He is detailed and a speedy learner that works with minimum continued
instruction. Andre is very diverse in that He works well with others as well as working alone.
Andre pays attention to details.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Andre to your institution of learning. If his performance
in my class is any indication of how He would perform at your university, Andre will be a positive
addition to your university. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions on this
great student’s attributes. I can be contacted via email at or
you can call me at 404-550-3717.

Maketta Clark, Ed.S
Jonesboro High School
Mathematics Department

Ms. Felecia M. Brown Kenya Toby Lawvignead Harrell
Principal Assistant Principal Assistant