Dear Customer


Please be informed that, Trust Bank Limited has announced the following exclusive features and benefits for
Credit Card holders.

1. Annual Fee free for First year (New
Credit Card Customer):
Trust Bank offers Credit Card Annual fee free (1 year) for the following customers-
 Corporate Clients
 Salary Account Holder
 Payroll Account Holder

2. Reward Point:
Trust Bank offers reward point for customer benefits, through which customers will be able to waive
annual card fee (including supplementary).

Card holder can earn 1 (one) reward point for POS/E-commerce transaction of BDT 50 or USD 1 & 0.2
reward point for each transaction. Reward point will not be earned for transactions made by Cash
advance transaction at Bank POS. Customers will be eligible for waiver of Annual fee based on their
reward point as per the following table:
Card fees per card Required reward Required transaction per card
Name of Card
(BDT) point for waiver Approximately (BDT)
Visa Domestic Classic 500 500 25,000.00
Visa Domestic Gold 1,500.00 1500 75,000.00
Visa International Classic 2,000.00 2500 1,25,000.00
Visa International Gold 2,800.00 3000 1,50,000.00
Visa Platinum 4,000.00 4000 2,00,000.00

3. Easy Pay facilities at Non Selected Merchant Store:
Trust Easy Pay is designed for Credit Card holders who want to buy product and make payment through
Equal Monthly Installment (EMI).

Easy Pay facilities will be available for Trust Bank Credit Card holders purchasing from outlets with no
merchant agreement with TBL. In this case the Transaction amount should be between Tk. 10,000.00 to
Tk. 500,000.00 Interest Rates for Credit Card Holder (Purchase from Non Merchant) are as follows:
Months Interest Rate (Approximately)
3 1.00% per month of the total purchased amount
6 1.00% per month of the total purchased amount
12 1.50% per month of the total purchased amount
18 1.542% per month of the total purchased amount
24 1.583% per month of the total purchased amount
30 1.625% per month of the total purchased amount
Examples of Easy Pay:
Total Price of Product= 30,000.00, Tenor= 3 Months, Rate of interest=1% per month
Easy Pay calculation method = [(Purchase Price/Tenor) + Purchased Price x Rate of interest)]
= [(30000/3) + (30000x 1%)]
= (10000+300)
= 10,300.00
Easy Pay /Installment size will be= 10,300.00 per month

4. Discount Partner:
Trust Bank announces attractive discount facilities against card transaction from the following merchant.
Now, Trust bank Card holder can avail discount up to 55% from the following merchant.

000. Yours Sincerely.00 BDT (Fifteen thousand only) after TAX having Tax Identification Number (TIN) are eligible to apply for Trust Bank Credit Card.Eligibility for Trust Bank Credit Card: Service holders drawing monthly salary at least 15. . For further queries please contact Trust Bank Call Center number at 09604016201.

Trust Bank Card Department .