+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise

CHAPTER -1 c) A sphere of radius ‘a’ is made of
insulating material and has a charge
ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELDS distributed uniformly throughout its volume.
1. Gauss’s theorem is useful in determining Let the charge density be . Find the field
the electric field when the source distribution due to the charge for r < a.
has symmetry. (Score:1+2+ 2) [JUNE-2015]
(a) The electric field intensity at a distance 4. Electric field lines are a pictorial
‘r’ from a uniformly charged infinite plane representation of electric field around
sheet of charge is charges.
1 (A) State Gauss’s law in electrostatics (1)
(i) Proportional to r (ii) Proportional to
(B) Using this law derive an expression for
(iii) Proportional to r (iv) Independent of r the electric field intensity due to a uniformly
charged spherical shell at a point
(b) A thin spherical shell of radius ‘R’ is
uniformly charged to a surface charge (i) Outside the shell (ii) Inside the shell (2+1)
density  .Using Gauss’s theorem derive the
(C) Suppose you are in a cave deep within the
expression for the electric field produced
earth. Are you safe from thunder and
outside the shell. (Score:1+2) [JUNE-2016]
lightning? Why? (1)
2. (a) How much greater is one micro
[MARCH 2015]
coulomb compared to an electronic charge?
5. According to Gauss’ law the electric flux
(i) 1013 times (ii) 1010 times
through a closed surface is equal to where
(iii) 10 times 6
(iv) 10 times 0

(b) A point charge of 2  c is placed at the q and 0 have their usual meaning
centre of a cubic Gaussian surface of side 0.5
(a) Why is it safe to be inside a bus than
cm. What is the next flux through the sheltered under a tree during lighting?
surface? (Given  0 =8.85  10-12C2/N/m2).
(Score: 2) [JUNE 2014]
(Score:1+2) [MARCH-2016]
6. Conductors are materials which allow the
3. In symmetric charge configurations the passage of electricity through them
electric field can be easily calculated using
Gauss’s law. According to Gauss’s law, a) When two conductors share their charges
what happens to their total energy?
a) The electric flux through any closed
b) 3 charges Q1, Q2 and Q3 are arranged as in
spherical surface enclosing a charge q is
given by

(i) q 0 (ii)q/ 0

(iii) (iv) 4 0 qr
4 0 r
i) Find the force on the charge Q3?
b) Obtain an expression for electric field at a ii) In which direction will this force act?
point P due to a thin shell of radius R, when
the point is at a distance r from the centre of (Score: 1+2+1) [JUNE 2014]
the shell.

SAJU K JOHN, M.Sc. Physics, NET, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 1

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise

7. A) All free charges are integral multiple with P and E is given by PEsinθ, where
of a basic unit charge e. Then quantization the parameters P and E have their usual
rule of electric charge implies meaning. (Score: 1)
[MARCH 2014]
a) Q=e b) Q=
e 9. The electric flux due to an electric field
   
c) Q=ne d) Q=e E through a surface s is given by E.s .
(Score: 1)
B) Match the following quantities in a) The SI unit of electric flux is
Column A with their units in Column B: 1. Newton
A B 2. Volt
i) Force a) Coulomb(C) 3. Volt x metre
ii) Charge b) N/C or V/m Volt
iii) Electric field c) Coulomb meter 4. (Score: 1)
iv) Dipole moment (Cm) Metre
d) Newton(N)
b) Imagine that a charge ‘Q’ is situated at
(Score: 2) the centre of a hollow cube. What is the
electric flux through one side of the cube?
C) Electric field is an important way of (Score: 1)
characterising the electrical environment of a
[MAY 2013]
system of charges. Two point charges q1 and
q2 of magnitude +10-8C and -10-8C 10. Gauss’s law can be used to determine the
respectively are placed 0.1 m apart. Calculate electric field due to a charge distribution.
the electric fields at points A, B and C shown
in the figure.
a) Below are some statements about
Gauss’s law. Say whether they are true or
false: (Score: 1)
i) Gauss’s law is valid only for
symmetrical charge distribution.
ii) The electric field calculated by
Gauss’s law is the field due to charges
inside the Gaussian surface.
(Score: 2) [MARCH 2014]
b) Apply Gauss’s law to find the electric
8. “Gauss’s law is true for any closed surface,
field due to an infinitely long plane sheet
no matter what its shape or size” say the
of charge. (Score: 1)
following statements are true or false.

a) Gauss’s law implies that the total c) “There can be no net charge in a region
electric flux through a closed surface is in which the electric field is uniform at all
zero if no charge is enclosed by the points”. Do you agree with this statement?
surface. (Score: ½) Justify your answer.
(Score: 2) [MARCH 2013]
b) This law is useful for the calculation of
11. A) The electrostatic force between two
electrostatic field when the system
charges is governed by Coulomb’s law. On
doesn’t possess any symmetry.
which factors does the electrostatic force
(Score: ½)
between two charges depend and how?
c) In a uniform electric field, we know
that the dipole experiences no net force; (Score: 1)
but experiences a torque having a relation

SAJU K JOHN, M.Sc. Physics, NET, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 2

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise

B) If the air medium between the two
charges is placed by water what change
you expect in the electrostatic force and
why? (Score: 1)
C) An electric dipole is placed in an
external electric field. Obtain an
expression for the potential energy of the
dipole. (Score: 2) 14. Two equal and opposite charges +q
and-q are separated by a small distance
D) Two point charges +16µc and -9µc are ‘2a’.
placed 8 cm apart in air. You are asked to
place a +10µc charge is zero. Where will a. Name this arrangement.
you place the charge? Make necessary b. Define its moment. What is its
calculations. (Score: 3) direction?
[JUNE 2012] c. If the above system is placed in a
spherical shell. What would be
12. a) Name the physical quantity which has
its unit joule.coulomb-1. Is it a vector or a
the net electric flux coming out
scalar? (Score: 1) of it?
d. The above system of two charges
b) Two plane sheets of charge densities + is placed in an external electric
 and -  are kept in air as shown in field E, at an angle with it.
figure. What are the electric field Obtain relation for the torque
intensities at points A and B?
acting on it.

(Score: 1+1+1+2) [SAY 2011]

15. A body of mass m is charged
(Score: 1) [MARCH 2012] negatively. State whether the following
statements are true or false.
13. The idea of ‘Electric field lines’ is useful
in pictorially mapping the electric field around a) During charging, there is change in
charges. mass of body.
a) Give any two properties of electric lines b) The body can be charged to 2.5e
of force. (Score: 1) where ‘e’ is the charge of an
b) State Gauss’s theorem, in c) While charging the body by
induction new charges are created in
electrostatics. (Score: 1)
c) Using the theorem, derive an d) The force between two charged
objects is less when there is a
expression for electric field due to a
medium between them (than in
uniformly charged spherical shell
i) at a point outside the shell vacuum). ( ½ x 4) [MARCH-2011]
ii) at a point inside the shell 16. Draw the electric lines of force
(Score:2 ½) surrounding the charges if

d) A point charge of +10 µc is at a a) a `+ q` charge and a `- q` charge are
distance of 5 cm directly above the centre separated at a distance `a` apart in
of a square of side 10 cm as shown in air.
figure. What is the electric flux through b) Two `-q` charges are placed at a
the square? (Score:1 ½) distance `a` apart in air.

SAJU K JOHN, M.Sc. Physics, NET, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 3

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise

(Score: 1+1) [JUNE-2010] 2. An equipotential surface is a surface with
constant value of potential at all points on the
17. One can determine the direction of surface.
electric field around a stationary charge with
the help of electric field lines. (a) What is the amount of work done in
moving a 2  c charge between two points at
a) What do you understand by the term
3 cm apart on an equipotential surface?
‘electric flux’? Give its SI unit.
b) State Gauss’s theorem in (b) Two capacitors are connected as shown
electrostatics and express it in in figure below
mathematical form.
c) Consider a spherical shell of radius
‘R’ is uniformly charged with charge
‘+q’. By using Gauss’s theorem, find
electric field intensity at a point ‘P’.
(i) Outside this spherical shell
(ii) Inside the spherical shell.
If the equivalent capacitance of the
(Score: 1 ½ +1 ½+3) [JUNE 2010] combination is 4  F

(i)Calculate the value of C.

(ii) Calculate the charge on each capacitor.
(iii) What will be the potential drop across
(c) Two metallic spheres of same radii, one
1. (a) You are given two capacitors having hollow and one solid, are charged to the
same potential. Which will hold more
capacitances C1 and C2 .
Derive an equation for the equivalent
(i) Solid sphere
capacitance in (i) Series and (ii) Parallel
combinations. ( Score: 4) (ii) Both will hold same charge

(b) The variations of charge (q) on a (iii) Hollow sphere
capacitor with voltage (V) is shown in the
figure given below: (iv) Cannot predict

(Score: 1+3+1) [MARCH-2016]

3. A capacitor is an electronic component
having two conductors separated by an

a) An insulated capacitor with air
The area of the OAB represents between its plates has a potential
difference of V0 and a charge Q0.
(i ) Capacitance (ii) Capacitive reactance When the space between the plates is
filled with oil, the potential
(iii) Electric field between the plates
difference becomes V and charge
(iv) Energy stored in the capacitor. become Q. Which of the following
relation is correct?
(Score: 1) [JUNE-2016]

SAJU K JOHN, M.Sc. Physics, NET, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 4

a) The electric field lines corresponding to (D) What is the area of plates of a 0. (Score:1+ ½ + 1 ½ ) [JUNE-2015] (Score: 2) 4.1μF an electric field is shown below. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (i) Q = Q0 V > V0 6. Write the expression for electric field b) Three capacitors are connected to a between the plates. If so what are the values of (i) What is the effective capacitance individual capacitance given to you? of the combination? (Score: 1) (ii) What is the potential difference c) Obtain the expression for effective across the 2 µ F capacitor? capacitance. What happens to the 12 V battery as shown in figure: field if the separation between the plates is doubled? (Score: 1) b) You are given two capacitors. (Score: 1) [JUNE 2014] SAJU K JOHN. (A) A device to store electric charge is d) A parallel plate capacitor with air called between the plates has a capacitance of 8  F . Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 5 . M. given that the separation between the plates is 0. What will be the capacitance if the (a) Transformer (b) Capacitor distance between the plates is reduced by half and the space between is filled with a (c) Resistor (d) Inductor medium of dielectric constant 5? (B) What is meant by energy density of a (Score: 2) [MAY 2013] capacitor? 7. (iii) Q > Q0 V = V0 a) A parallel plate air capacitor ahs charge (iv) Q < Q0 V = V0 densities  and  on the plates. iii) EA< EB<EC iv) EA= EB>EC What happens to its v) EA= EB>EC (Score: 1) a) Charge b) Capacitance. 4  F 12  F and 16  F . a thin sheet of mica is placed between ii) EA= EB=EC the plates of the capacitor. After disconnecting i) EA> EB>EC the cell.1mm? (Score: ½ +1+2+ 1 ½ ) [MARCH 2015] 5.Sc. when three capacitors C1. NET. A parallel plate capacitor consists of two metallic plate separated by a small distance (ii) Q = Q0 V < V0 with a dielectric in between. C2 and C3 are connected in series. The region around a charge where its effect (C) Derive an expression for the energy stored can be felt is called the electric field. They can be used individually. Let the four possible values of capacitances be 3 F . A parallel plate capacitor connected to a The figure suggests that cell gets fully charged. Physics. parallel plate air capacitor. in series or in parallel in a circuit. in a parallel plate capacitor.

Є0=8. a capacitor is a key element of most a. The capacitor is now d) Find the equivalent capacitance of connected to a battery. M. Derive an expression for the capacitance of the combination.85  10-12C2N-1m-2 (Score: 2) [MARCH 2013] (Score: 1+2) [SAY 2011] 9. in series.c circuits. A capacitor is a device used for storing charges as well as energy. A capacitor is a system of two each of area A is charged with charges +Q conductors separated by an insulator. Write down the relation for the (Score: 1) capacity of a parallel plate capacitor. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) Some equipotential surfaces are shown a) What are the factors on which the in the figure. ii) The battery supplies equal and opposite charges to the two plates. each and are separated by 2. iii) The two plates of the capacitor have equal and opposite charges.Sc. and –Q. [MARCH 2012] b) The plates of a parallel plate capacitor 10. (Score:2 ½) a) Each plate of a parallel plate capacitor has a charge q on it. NET.5 Draw a labelled schematic diagram of a mm. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 6 . a. Pick out the capacitors given in the network. c) Van De Graaff generator is a high b. SAJU K JOHN. Capacitor is an arrangement to increase c) Two capacitors C1 and C2 are connected the charge carrying capacity of a conductor. What would be its capacity? Van De Graaff generator and state the principle behind its working. The plates of a parallel plate voltage generator used to accelerate capacitor have area of 90 cm2 charged particles. Physics. What can you say about the capacitance of a parallel plate air magnitude and direction of the electric capacitor depends? (Score: 1) field? b) Define the term ‘dielectric constant’ of a medium. It is based on a property called capacitance. (Score: 1) (Score: 2) [MARCH 2013] 8. Deduce the force acting between the plates of the capacitor. Besides its use in storing charge. 11. correct statement/statements: (Score:2 ½) (Score: 1) i) The facing surface of the plates have equal and opposite charges.

show that energy density of a parallel plate 1 capacitor is  0 E 2 where ‘E’ is 2 electric field between parallel plates. What will be the shape of the curve? b) If you connect the plates of a parallel plate capacitor by a copper wire. The equation is an equivalent form of famous law. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 7 . Find the and minimum values of capacitance capacity of it when he immersed the that can be obtained by combining unit completely in a medium of them? dielectric constant 2.6 x 10-19J 1. c) Using the above expression. their separation. Vector form of a law can be written as   (c) 1. NET. During this process the kinetic energy acquired by the charge is CURRENT ELECTRICITY (a) I J (b) 1. One coulomb charge is initially at rest and is accelerated through a potential CHAPTER-3 difference of I volt. For a parallel plate capacitor with each capacitor. Name the law. The graph is shown in the plate of area ‘A’ separated by distance ‘d’ in figure. 2. Capacitors are considered to be the building blocks of all integrated circuits. A (iii)Coulomb’s law (iv) Gauss’s law Parallel plate capacitor is a simple form of a (Score: 1) [JUNE-2016] capacitor. M.Sc. (Score: 1 +2+3+ 1 ) [MARCH-2010] (Score: 1½ + 1 ½ +3) [JUNE-2010] 13. 0 A What does the area of the shaded air. what happens to the capacitor? Justify your answer.6 x 10 J19 (d) 10J J  E . b) You are given two capacitors of 2µF b) Raju found that capacity of a parallel and 3 µF. capacitor d) Raju charged this capacitor and he plotted a graph between changing (Score: 1+2+3) [MARCH-2011] potential and charge stored in the 12.5. (a) Four equal resistances each of 6 ohms a) Write down the expression for the are arranged as shown in the figure given capacity of a parallel plate air below: SAJU K JOHN. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) Write the SI unit of capacitance and capacitor in terms of plate area and define it. c) Obtain an expression for the c) Obtain an expression for the energy electrostatic energy stored in a stored in a capacitor. What are the maximum plate air capacitor is 10 F. (Score: ½ x4=2) [MARCH-2010] (i) Biot-Savart’s law (ii) Ohm’s law 14. Physics. its capacitance is given by C  d portion of the graph represent? a) Represent the charge ‘q’ given to a capacitor of capacitance ‘C’ with potential difference ‘V’ in a graph.

(A). b) The resistance of a 20 cm long wire (b) A wire has a resistance of 10  . (V) 1 20 (iv) Cannot predict. The will be the new resistance? resistance of the wire is (i) 10  (ii) 11  (iii) 9  (iv)12. The following figure shows a carbon resistor: (c) Name two devices which do not obey Ohm’s law. Physics. 6 68 Draw V – I graph. The wire is stretched to a stretched by 10 % of its original length. NET. B. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (b) A bread toaster and a bulb are connected parallel in a circuit.Sc.1  (i) 5Ω (ii) 10 Ω (c) With the help of a circuit diagram (iii) 15 Ω (iv) 20 Ω describe the method to find the value of an unknown resistance using meter bridge c) Which one of the following arrangement.ohmic behaviour. 2 30 3 35 (c) With the help of a circuit diagram 4 50 describe the method to find the internal 5 55 resistance of a cell using potentiometer. (i) Meter bridge is a practical (iii) Copper (iv) Carbon application of Wheatstone’s bridge. The toaster produces more heat than the bulb. (ii) Resistance of bulb same as the (b) Table given shows the current (I) voltage resistance of toaster. Which of the following statement is true? (i) Resistance of toaster is greater than Calculate the total resistance between A and resistance of bulb.It is is 5 Ω. (a) Which of the following obeys Ohms law? (i) Transistor (ii) Nichrome (iii) Diode (iv) Liquid electrolyte a) Find its value using colour code. (V) relationship of a device. (Score: 2+2+1) [JUNE-2016] 3. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 8 . M. SAJU K JOHN. materials has more than one value (Score: 1+1+4) [MARCH-2016] for voltage for the same current? OR (i) Copper (ii) Mercury (B). (iii) Resistance of bulb is greater than Voltage Current (I) resistance of toaster. what uniform wire of length 40 cm. With the help of the graph (Score: 1+1+4) [MARCH-2016] explain whether the device is showing ohmic or non. (a) Which of the following material is (iii) Gallium Arsenide (iv)Germanium used to make wire wound standard resistors? (Score:1+1+ 1) [JUNE-2015] (i) Manganin (ii) Germanium 5. 4.

b) The potential difference across the a) If R1 and R2 are two resistors connected terminals of a battery is 8. When 10 Ω is removed the balancing length is shifted to 40 cm. NET. What will be the value of unknown resistance R? (ii) Like resistors. b) Electromotive force represents (C) Using a potentiometer how do you i) Force determine the internal resistance of a cell? ii) Energy iii) Energy/unit charge (Score: 1+ 1 ½ +1 ½) [MARCH 2015] iv) Current (Score: 1+1) SAJU K JOHN. In an electrical circuit resistances can be effective emf of two cells connected connected in series or parallel or combination in parallel. When a current of b) What is the effective resistance when 4 A flows through it in the opposite they are connected in parallel? direction. a) An electric charge produces (d) has a wire of low resistance. M. connected in series with the (B) Find the effective resistance of the circuit unknown resistance R. There is a flow of current between two (c) draws a heavy current from the external charged bodies when they connect together circuit. Kirchhoff’s rules are very useful for the diagram. when in series. because the potentiometer (a) does note draw current from the external circuit. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) With the help of a neat circuit 7. [JUNE 2014] (b) has a wire of high resistance. derive an expression for analysis of electrical circuits. [MARCH 2015] a) Derive an expression to find the 8. what is their effective a current of 5 A flows through it resistance? (Score: ½) from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. below diagram.Sc. (Score: 2) (Score:2+2+2+2) [JUNE-2015] 6. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 9 . b) When a resistance of 10 Ω is (A) State Kirchhoff’s junction rule. of both. the balancing given below: (Score 1+2) length is found to be 50 cm. finding an unknown resistance R. 9. c) Calculate the effective resistances Find the emf and the internal between the terminals P and Q in the resistance of the battery. Physics. cells can be combined together in an electrical circuit and can also be replaced by an equivalent cell. i) Electric field only ii) Magnetic field only (B) With the help of a diagram explain the iii) Both electric and magnetic fields principle of a potentiometer.5 V. (A) Potentiometer measures the potential difference more accurately than a voltmeter. the terminal potential (Score: ½) difference of the battery is 10 V.

Sketch the combination also. (Score: 1) some limitations. (Score: ½) b) Obtain the expression for the effective 14. a) From the below figures which one double its length? corresponds to a typical semiconductor. (Score: ½) (Score: 2) c) The voltage-current variation of two metallic wires ‘X’ and ‘Y’ at constant b) Dimension of temperature coefficient α temperature are as shown in fig. b) Draw circuit diagram off Wheatstone bridge. (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. a) Draw a series combination of three (Score: 1) [MAY 2013] resistors R1. Give one limitation of Ohm’s law. area of cross section ‘A’ and the resistivity ‘  ’ of the material. Which of the following quantities is a constant along the conductor? d) Three resistances are connected to a A) Current B) Current density battery as shown in the diagram. (Score: 2) a) State Kirchhoff’s junction rule and loop c) Inspite of validity of Ohm’s law. (Score: ½ + 1 ½ + 2) [JUNE 2014] b) What happens to the resistivity of the material if the conductor is stretched to 11. NET. The resistance ‘R’ of a conductor a) Which instrument do you use? depends on its length ‘l’. A and  . Resistors are sometimes joined together and they have several applications in electronics. l. explain which of the wires will have larger resistivity. Kirchhoff’s rules are very useful for the resistance in the combination of two analysis of complicated electric circuits. a) Write an expression connecting R. (Score: ½) c) Obtain an expression for calculating the resistance. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise [JUNE 2014] (Score: ½) [MARCH 2014] 10. Find the C) Electric field D) Drift sped value of current in the circuit.Sc. R2 and R3. resistors R1 and R2 in parallel. Physics. (Score: 1) [MARCH 2014] 12. b) Draw the circuit diagram for measuring the internal resistance using this instrument. is (Score: 1) Assuming that the wires have the same length and the same diameter. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 10 . You are given a cell whose internal resistance is to be calculated 13. M. it has rule. (Score: 1) c) Steady current flows in a metallic conductor of non-uniform cross-section.

and ‘  ’ is iv) May increases or decreases (Score: 1) A Al l c) Draw a graph showing the relation (A) R= (B) R= (C) R= l  A between resistivity and temperature of a (D) R= A l (Score: 1) super conductor. Draw a schematic diagram indicating the colour combinations that you Wheatstone Bridge and arrive at will select. when b) Resistance can be connected in series and parallel to obtain the required value of a) Resistance R is increased. Use it to analyse the tolerance. balancing length when the figure. you c) Kirchhoff’s rules are used to analyse want to select a 470 KΩ resistor with 5% the electric circuit. (Score: 2) 15. a) To construct an electric circuit. where the balance point will be shifted. radii with lengths L1 and L2 are shown in Given R=100Ω. Resistances are used to reduce the current flow in a circuit. Physics. the balance point is at X. a) The resistance ‘R’ of a conductor resistivity and conductivity depends on its length ‘l’. key (K) Open =60 cm. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 11 . M. (Score: 2) [MAY 2013] are connected in parallel. the product of its 17. (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. Derive an expression for the c) Obtain the connection for balance of effective resistance when three resistors the bridge. Balancing length which of these graphs represents voltage when key(K) closed =50 cm. 16. current change for L1? (Score: 1) [MARCH 2012] (Score: 2) [MARCH 2013] 18.Sc. a) A carbon resistor has coloured strip and shown in the figure. If L1> L2 state with reason. Whetstone’s condition for balancing the bridge. (Score: 1) d) The circuit diagram of a potentiometer b) The voltage current graphs for two for the determination of internal resistors of the same material and same resistance (r) of the cell. area of cross- i) Increases section ‘A’ and resistivity of the material ‘ ii) Decreases  ’ . NET. keeping all parameters unchanged. A. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise resistance. What is its resistance? (Score: 1) State with reason. the correct expression connecting R. In the potentiometer circuit shown. iii) Remains constant l. (Score: 2) (Score: 1) [JUNE 2012] b) As the temperature of a metallic resistor is increased.

fs of 22. a. (Score: 1) a cell using a potentiometer and explain the symbols. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise c.m.m. What happens to the terminal voltage 24. what would be the ammeter and voltmeter readings if the key K is closed? She says that the voltmeter reading will give the emf of the cell. Draw the circuit diagram for this and explain how you will determine the ratio of e. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 12 . this resistance with tolerance? b) Determine the current through the 75Ω resistance. What is the value of above circuit.f's (Score: 2) [MARCH 2012] 19. Remya makes the following circuit to measure the emf of a cell. two cells using a potentiometer. The thermal velocity of electron is about of the cell when it sends a current 106 m/s and drift velocity is about 10-3m/s.Sc. it sends a current through another standard cell (whose e. through the external circuit? a) What is meant by drift velocity? SAJU K JOHN. (Score: 1) [SAY 2011] (Score:1 ½ + 1 ½ ) [MARCH-2011] 23. 20. In the circuit shown below. known). keeping R determination of the internal resistance of constant.m. NET. When it is connected to an with a potentiometer if you are given external circuit. Justify this (Score: 1) [SAY 2011] statement. b) Explain with a circuit diagram the 21.f. A cell consists of electrodes and method to measure the emf of a cell electrolyte. M. Colour code of the carbon resistor is a) Find the equivalent resistance of the shown in the figure.m. c) Cell P is replaced by another cell whose e. is it. Physics. Write down the relation for the b) Resistance S is increased. What is meant by internal resistance (Score: 1+3) [MARCH-2011] of a cell? OR b. (Score: 1+1+2) [SAY 2011] (Score: 1) d) You are asked to compare the e. a) The physics teacher says that it is not possible to measure the emf of the cell in this way.f is lower than that of cell Q.

Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 13 . (Score: 1+2+2+2) [JUNE-2010] (a) Name the law which gives the 26. SAJU K JOHN. a) A carbon resistor of 58 kΩ is marked with rings of different colours for identifying it. the null point is velocity and electric current. Find its new (B) Depending on the requirement. resistivity. (Score: 1+1+2) [MARCH-2010] CHAPTER 4 Find the equivalent resistance between point marked ‘A’ and ‘B’. M. (Score: 1+3) [MARCH-2011] 25.02 volt is (b) Using a suitable diagram arrive at connected to a parallel combination of an expression for the current sensitivity of a resistance r and a key as shown in the figure. what happens to their resistivity? Give reasons. What will be the sequence of colours on this carbon resistor? b) Suppose two wires – one made of copper and another made of germanium are given to you.Sc. (A) A current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field in the surrounding space. an ammeter or a voltmeter. A potentiometer wire PQ of length 1 (a) Write the principle of a moving coil meter is connected to a standard cell of EMF galvanometer. (Score: 1+4) cylinder and has a resistance R. moving coil galvanometer. (Assuming there is no change in dimension of wires. 1. E1. Another cell E2 of EMF 1. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) Obtain a relation between drift When the switch ‘S’ is open. c) When the switch s is closed.) a) What do you mean by potential gradient? c) Five equal resistances each of value ‘R’ b) Determine the potential gradient Ω are connected as a network shown below. a moving resistance in terms of R. Copper is one of the suitable materials relation between current and the magnitude to make connecting wires due its low of the field it produces. If you heat these wires. will the null point move towards P or Q? Justify your answer. across PQ. Physics. MOVING CHARGES AND MAGNETISM d) State and explain Kirchhoff’s junction rule of an electrical network. NET. It is stretched till its thickness reduces by OR half of its initial size. 27. (b) Using this law obtain the equation a) What do you mean by resistivity? for the magnetic field on the axis of a b) A copper wire is the form of a circular current loop. obtained at a distance of 51 cm from P. coil galvanometer can be used as a current (Score: 1+2) [MARCH-2010] detector.

(Score: 1+2+2) [MARCH 2015] (Score: 1+2+2) [MARCH-2016] 6. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (Score: 1+4) [JUNE-2016] (A) The SI unit of magnetic field density is 2. What is the magnitude of magnetic field at the (ii) Write down the expression for centre of the coil? cyclotron frequency.Sc.8 cm. Calculate the experiences a force. M. Electric current can produce a magnetic 3. The following figures represent the path field of motion of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field. a) Name the force. A moving charge can produce a magnetic (a) henry (b) tesla field. NET. (Score: ½) (Score:2+1) [JUNE-2015] b) What is the effect of this force on the moving particle? (Score: ½) 5. If the current perpendicular to a magnetic field it carried is 8 A. Physics. Moving charges can produce a magnetic field in the surrounding space a) What is a toroid? b) A closely wound solenoid 80 cm long has 5 layers of winding of 400 turns each. a) Name the law which explains the relation between current and the magnetic field produced by the current. derive an expression for the magnetic field at a point on (b) Draw the magnetic field lines for a the axis of a circular current loop current loop to support your answer. c) What is the practical application of this effect? (Score: ½) SAJU K JOHN. Find the field at the point P? b) With the help of figure (2) explain the (Score: 1½) [JUNE 2014] term pitch. magnitude of field B inside the solenoid near its centre. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 14 . (Score:1+ 2) [JUNE-2015] 4. The diameter of the 7. carrying a current of 1A. A current carrying wire produces a magnetic field in its surrounding space. (c) Am2 (d) A-m (a) How does a current loop behaves like a magnetic dipole? (B) With the help of a diagram. (Score: 2 ½) c) Can you suggest any similarity between the magnetic field produced by electric (a) What will be the direction of magnetic current and electric field produced by field with respect to the velocity of the charges? (Score: ½) charged particle? d) The wire shown in figure carries a current (i) In figure (1) (ii) In figure (2) of 20 A. When a charged particle enters solenoid is 1. (C) Consider a tightly wound 100 turn coil of (c) (i) What is a cyclotron? radius 10cm. (Score: ½) b) Derive an equation showing the variation of this magnetic field with distance.

(Score: 2) moves in a combined electric and magnetic field is known as Lorentz force b) Compare Biot-Savart law with Coulomb’s law for electrostatic field. Galvanometer in to an ammeter? (Score: 1) b) A Galvanometer with a coil resistance 12Ω shows full scale deflection for a current of 2. Hence obtain current flow. Direction of velocity of two charged a) How will you convert a particles in a magnetic field is shown below. (Score: 3½) 10 MHz. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 15 . Obtain the expression for the torque 9. NET.6×10-19] (Score: 2) [MAY 2013] a) Illustrate Biot-Savart law with 10. which are parallel to c) Give an expression for magnetic field each other. M. (Score: 2) (Score: 3) b) “Magnetic force cannot do any work”. What should be the [JUNE 2014] operating magnetic field for accelerating protons? 8. explain the principle and working of a moving a) Sketch the path traced by the charged coil Galvanometer.5 A? (Score: 2) c) With the help of diagram. current is given by Biot-Savart law. Physics. Cyclotron is such a device. The movement of b) Using a diagram explain the electrons can be regarded as a circular working of cyclotron. Then derive an expression the expression for cyclotron for the magnetic dipole moment of an frequency. on the axis of a circular current loop. (Score: 3) [JUNE 2012] SAJU K JOHN. e=1.Sc. B) Particle accelerators are used to impart Do you agree with this statement? Justify high energy to elementary particles. The relation between magnetic field and [Mass of proton mp=1.6×10-27. (Score: 2) c) According to Bohr atom model a) Explain what you mean by electrons are revolving in circular orbits magnetic Lorentz force. (Score: 2) d) What is the value of B at the centre of the loop? (Score: ½) b) a rectangular loop carrying a steady [MARCH 2014] current is placed in a uniform magnetic field. 11. a) A charged particle is released from rest (Score: 2) in a region of steady and uniform electric and magnetic fields. A) A Galvanometer is a device which can acting on the loop. (Score: 3) orbital electron. your answer. (Score: 3) be used for measuring the value of current or [MARCH 2013] voltage. particle in each case. How will you convert that into an ammeter of range 0-7. (Score: 1) around the nucleus. Force acting on a charged particle when it necessary figure. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise d) Explain the working of a device which makes use of this effect with the help of a c) A cyclotron oscillator frequency is neat diagram.5mA. What will be the nature of the path (Expression only) (Score: ½) followed by the charged particle? Explain your answer.

NET... b) Obtain an expression for the b. Write down the relation for the explain its working principle and Lorentz force.. per unit length between two parallel conductors carrying current. accelerate charged particle or when a magnetic field of 0. 15. A crossed electric and magnetic accelerated. [MARCH 2012] (Score:1+ 1+3) [MARCH-2011] 13. applied. You are sitting in a room in which a  a) An electric current is flowing due to uniform magnetic field B exists.... This force reactions. using Ampere’s circuital theorem. SAJU K JOHN. a) What should be the direction of the b) Draw a neat and labelled diagram of a magnetic field for this to happen? cyclotron.. b) Find the energy of emergent protons field is used as . Given that µo = 4π x 10-7 infinitely long straight conductor H/m. a) State Ampere’s circuital theorem. (in MeV) coming from a cyclotron c.67×10-27 kg) (Score: 1+1+1) [SAY 2011] (Score: 3+2) 14. Physics.. M.. Calculate the force per unit length on ampere. (Score: 2) energy of the particle due to this circular motion? Why? c) A cyclotron’s oscillator frequency is 10 c) A cyclotron uses a magnetic field MHz. Use the above relation to define the magnetic field produced by an unit of current. is a cyclic accelerator to having Dees of radius 2 meters.67×10-27kg. A moving charged particle of charge 16.. State the underlying principle b) Will there be a change in kinetic of its working. a) With a suitable diagram.. e = 1.Sc. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 12. c) A long straight conductor carries 35 c.8 T is ions to high energies. What should be the operating and an electric field to increase the magnetic field for accelerating protons? energy of a charged particle. Find the magnetic field a long straight wire carrying a current of produced due to this conductor at a 4A due to a parallel wire carrying 6A point 20 cm away from the centre of current.6×10-19C.. Oersted found that moving charges or (Score: 1+2+2) [SAY 2011] currents produce a magnetic field in the surrounding space. (Score: 1+2+3) cm. Cyclotron is a device which accelerates ‘q’ experiences a force both in electric charged particles for carrying out nuclear field E and magnetic field B. . is called the ‘Lorentz force’. mass of proton Describe its construction and mp=1. (Score: 2) working. What is the centre of the room a charged particle is suddenly projected horizontally and it starts direction of magnetic field (i) above it and (ii) below it? (Score: 1) circular motion in the horizontal plane. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 16 . A current carrying conductor placed [JUNE-2010] in a magnetic field experience a force. how charged particles get b.. (Mass of proton=1. briefly a. Write down a relation for the force produced by a current carrying element. 17. Distance between the wires is 3 the wire. Ampere’s circuital theorem is generally used to determine the magnetic field a. At the south along a power line..

paramagnetic and ferromagnetic. (i) Dynamo effect (ii) Hysteresis a) State the working principle of a moving coil galvanometer. materials are classified in to diamagnetic. (a) Mention the behaviour of dia and ferromagnetic materials when they are placed a) The behaviour of magnetic field lines in a non – uniform magnetic field.Sc. Physics. b) State and explain Curie’s law. ( Score ½) MAGNETISM AND MATTER 1. the ferromagnetic. M. paramagnetic and 5. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise OR (b) The phenomenon of perfect diamagnetism in super conductors is called -- A galvanometer is used to detect current in a ----------- circuit. Magnetic materials are broadly classified [MARCH 2015] as diamagnetic. Materials are classified into diamagnetic. NET. (a) State Gauss’s law for magnetism? c) Compare paramagnetism and ferromagnetism. (Score: 1+1+1) [MARCH-2016] a) Which of the following is not 3. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 17 . It shows a full scale (a) High retentivity and low coercivity deflection for a current of 3 mA. (c) Why is the difference in the two cases? paramagnetic and ferromagnetic depending on their properties. Which material corresponds to the (b) The temperature at which a ferromagnetic figure? (Score: ½) material becomes paramagnetic is (i) Transition temperature (ii) Critical Temperature (iii) Curie temperature (iv) Triple point. Depending on the magnetic property. near a magnetic substance is shown in the figure. (a) Which of the following is a suitable diamagnetic? material for making electromagnet? A) Copper B) Water (i)Tungsten (ii) Bismuth C) Aluminium (iii) Copper (iv) Soft iron D) Silicon (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. Give examples of each. para and ferromagnetism. (b) High retentivity and high coercivity How will you convert this into a voltmeter of range 0-18 V? (c) Low retentivity and low coercivity (Score: 1+2+3) [MARCH-2010] (d) Low retentivity and high coercivity ( Score ½) CHAPTER 5 (B) Distinguish between dia. (Score: 2+1) [JUNE-2016] (Score: 1) 2. (A) Permanent magnets should have c) A galvanometer coil has a resistance of 12 ohms. (b) How this differs from Gauss’ law for (Score: 2) [MARCH 2014] electrostatics? 6. (iii) Meissner effect (iv) Faraday effect b) How will you convert a galvanometer into (i) an ammeter (ii) (Score:1+1) [JUNE-2015] a voltmeter? 4.

What happens if a magnetic needle materials are super conductors. The captain of ship sailing in the Atlantic intermediate image is virtual. Pick out the correct statement/statements H E 2  Z E 2 where HE and ZE are the from the following sets. This shows that effect’? (Score: 1) c) Classify the following materials in to earth behaves as a magnet. components of earth’s magnetic field BE (Score: 4) along horizontal and vertical directions. a) The order of magnitude of earth’s (Score:1) [MARCH 2012] magnetic field in tesla is 10. If the ship 9. Materials are classified in to ferromagnetic. reach the nearest port. A) i) The most exotic diamagnetic d. By how much angle iii) Resistivity depends upon and in which direction should he deviate his ship from the north temperature and pressure. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) State and explain Curie’s law. (Score:1+1+2 ½ + ½ ) [SAY 2011] iii) A conductor is an equipotential. iv) In a compound microscope the 11. a) What is meant by declination? ii) Along the perpendicular bisector b) The captain has a magnetic compass of an electric dipole the potential is constant. a) Suppose the magnetic needle is [JUNE 2012] capable of rotating in a vertical plane about a horizontal axis. iv) Copper (Score: 1) [MARCH 2013] c. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 18 . NET. Obtain the relation BE = 8. (Score:1) (Score: 1) [MAY 2013] b) Define the term magnetic susceptibility. He finds that the magnetic declination of the present position B) i) A potentiometer can be used for of the ship is 5022′ East. Define dip at a place. reaches the magnetic pole of the paramagnetic and diamagnetic according to earth in which direction will the their magnetic properties. dynamic and paramagnetic a. Physics.Sc. Earth behaves as a magnet with magnetic perfect diamagnet? (Score:1) poles approximately near the geographic c) State the reason why soft iron is used in poles. more accurate measurement than a voltmeter. What is meant by magnetic i) Lead elements of earth? ii) Magnesium iii) Tungsten b. inverted Ocean has to travel in the north direction to and magnified. magnetic needle point? (Score: 1+1+1) MARCH-2011] a) Which of the following is not ferromagnetic? (A) Cobalt (B) Iron (C) Nickel (D)Bismuth SAJU K JOHN. is suspended at the magnetic poles? ii) The core of electromagnets are made of ferrimagnets. M. direction pointed by the magnetic iv) The setting sun appears higher in compass needle to reach the port? the sky than it really is. When a magnetic needle is (Score: 1) suspended by a string it comes to rest in b) What do you understand by ‘dynamo the north-south direction. making electromagnets. What is its value for a 7. needle with him.

Why? (Score: 1+1+1) induction. Suppose a coil of 2.f is induced in the coil. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 12. an (Score: 2+1) [JUNE-2016] e.Sc. (a) State Faraday’s law of electromagnetic off. (B) Mention the physical significance of CHAPTER 6 Lenz’s law with an example. Physics. (a) The electrical analog of mass is ‘N’ turns and radius ‘R’ is kept normal to a varying magnetic field B=B0 Cos wt.m. [JUNE-2010] 13. An electronic can be induced in a coil a) Write one example for diamagnetic by changing the magnetic flux through the and paramagnetic material. M. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 19 . (b) A 2m long solenoid having diameter 6 (Score: 1) cm and 2000 turns has a secondary of 500 c) What law helps to detect the direction turns wound closely near its mid – point. [MARCH 2015] (b) Name the factors on which the inductance of a coil depends. (Score:1+ 2) [JUNE 2015] (iii) remains the same 4. 3. ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION (C) When an electric appliance is switched 1. b) If you place the above three magnetic a) Which of the following substances between the pole piece of a galvanometer shows larger magnet. b) If this magnetic needle is heated beyond curie temperature while it is oscillating.f induced in the coil. 5. coil. sparking occurs. paramagnetic. through which magnetic substance deflection when the tapping key is magnetic lines of force easily pass through pressed suddenly? and through which is passes least? Justify your answer. NET. of induced current? SAJU K JOHN. It experiences a torque and the needle starts oscillating a) Write down the frequency of oscillation of the magnetic needle. and two coils. Write its mathematical form. (Score: 1+2) [MARCH-2016] ferromagnetic based on their properties.m. A magnetic needle made of iron is suspended in a uniform external magnetic field. then its period (i) increases (ii) decreases b) Using suitable equation justify your answer. (Score: 1+3) [MARCH-2010] (A) State Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Magnetic material are classified as Calculate the mutual inductance between the diamagnetic. (i) diode (ii) capacitance a) what is the flux linked with the coil at (iii) Inductance (iv) resistance any instant‘t’? (Score: 1) b) Obtain the e. Michael Faraday observed that whenever magnetic flux linked with a coil changes. When magnetic flux linked with a coil (iv) becomes infinity changes an emf is induced in the circuit.

I unit of inductive reactance is c) Write any two uses of eddy currents..m. a spark is seen within the switch... 2. (Score: 1+2) [JUNE-2016] c. Sometimes when we switch off electrical as electromagnetic induction. find the self- 7. inductance of the solenoid.. inductance of the circuit. The generation of e. determine the self- current of 2 A is passing through it.. The self-inductance of a coil is 2 mH.. (Score: 1) (Score: 1+3) [MARCH-2011] c) Two identical loops one of copper and other of aluminium are rotated with same 10. what is the induced emf in it? [MAY 2013] (Score:1 +3+2) [SAY 2011] 6. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise State the law. equipment. The flux linked with the solenoid NфE = . a) Which law helps to detect the direction of induced current? State the law... The phenomenon in which electric current inductance of the coil. Obtain a relation for the self. If an average emf of inductor of inductance 50 mH when a 200V is induced... This is explained on the basis of electromagnetic induction.f a) The SI unit of self-inductance is ----- ii) Induced current will be more and ----------. a) Mention the factors on which the self- inductance of a solenoid depends. why? (Score: 2) b) Current in a circuit falls from 5A to IA in 0. b. M. (Score: 1) (b) Figure given below shows a series LCR [MARCH 2012] circuit to a variable frequency source. a. 8. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 20 .m.1S. CHAPTER 7 (Score: 1) ALTERNATING CURRENT b) Explain what are eddy currents? (Score: 1) 1. In of inertia in a circuit. If an average EMF [MARCH 2013] of 200 volts is induced. b) What is self-induction? (Score: 1) c) Current is a circuit falls from 5A to b) Calculate the energy stored in an 0A in 0. (a) The core of a transformer has the if a current of 1A is switched off in a following properties: SAJU K JOHN.. is generated by varying magnetic field is (Score: 1+1) MARCH-2011] called electromagnetic induction.Sc. which case the i) Induced e.1 second.. A steady current of I ampere is passed through a long solenoid of length l and number of turns N. Determine the source frequency at resonance. (a) The S. Self-inductance of a coil plays the role speed in the same magnetic field. (i) Henry (ii) Ohms (iii) Volt (iv) No unit.f when the magnetic flux associated with a coil changes is known 9. NET. (Score: 1) time of one millisecond. Physics.

Power developed in an ac circuit can be actually? expressed as P=VI cos ∅. c) What types of energy losses are associated with a transformer? How can (ii) hysteresis loop is narrow.Sc. (Score: 2) (C) Explain briefly any three energy losses in [MARCH 2014] a transformer. 8. This is called reactance.C. then the reactance offered by L b) What are the different types of and C respectively. c) What phenomenon can be observed in a) Identify such a circuit from the a tuned circuit? following: d) How does it happen? (i) purely inductive circuit (Score: 1+1+1+2) [JUNE 2014] (ii) purely resistive circuit 7. a) Fill in the blanks: a) But what does a transformer do? If ‘w’ is the angular frequency of A. This is done with a transformer. it is necessary to (iii) inductive and resistive circuits change an alternating voltage from one value to another. (B) Explain with a labelled diagram the (Score: 1) working of a transformer. variation of current amplitude im with ω. (Score: 2) b) Draw a graphical representation of (A) State the principle of a transformer. Transformers either increase or decrease a) Explain resonance in an LCR circuit? AC voltage. In an A. c) What do you mean by sharpness of resonance? Explain it. 5.C circuit the flow of current is [MARCH 2015] opposed by inductors and capacitors.. Physics. transformers? XL= and XC= (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. In certain circuits b) What are the essential components in a no power is developed even though current tuning circuit? flows through it.C generator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 21 . A fascinating behaviour of the series RLC is the phenomenon of resonance. NET. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (i) core is laminated. we overcome these? (Score: ½ + 1 + 1½) [JUNE 2014] Explain the significance of each property. An A. We usually ‘tune’ the radio to hear a (b) what is meant by resonance in an LCR programme clearly circuit? (Score: 2+1) [MARCH-2016] a) By ‘tuning’ what we are doing 3. For many purposes. M. 6. (Score:1+1+ 2) [JUNE 2015] 4. (iv) resistive and capacitive circuits b) Which of the following circuit can be a) The basic principle behind a used to produce oscillations? transformer is (i) L-R Circuit (ii) LCR Circuit (Score: ½) b) Give an expression for the voltage and (iii) LC Circuit (iv) RC Circuit current in a transformer. (score: ½ + 2+1 ½ ) 9. (Score: 1) [MARCH 2014] c) Explain how oscillations are produced in the chosen circuit.

What do you oscillation (A) capacitance (1/c) know about the values of the vi)Damping constant Current (i) resistances? (Score: 1) (b) (Score: 1) [MARCH 2013] 11.C mains shown in the given figure. on introducing a electric slab between the (Score: 2) plates of the capacitor? Give reasons in [MARCH 2013] support of your answer.c. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) An electric bulb ‘B’ and parallel plate b) Prove that an inductor offers easy path capacitor ‘C’ are connected in series to an to d. (Score: 1) d) The quality factor Q determines the sharpness of resonance of an ac circuit. a) An alternating voltage is applied across on LCR circuit as shown below. Obtain a relation that shows the dependence of Q on resistance (R). d) Given below are two electric circuits A and B.c and a resistive path to a. c) In the above circuit if L=100mH.Sc. charge stored c) The variation of maximum current imax (q) and frequency ‘ω’ in an LCR circuit vi)Velocity (v) Inductance (L) for two different values of circuit v)Amplitude of force Reciprocal of resistance is shown. Draw the phasor diagram for the circuit. Physics. the voltages across the components. (Score: 1) governs the working of a [MAY 2013] generator. R=120 Ω and E=30sin(100t) find the i) Impedance ii) Reactance iii) Peak current and How will the glow of the bulb be affected iv)Resonant frequency of the circuit. (Score: 3) [JUNE 2012] SAJU K JOHN. (Score: 1) i)Mass (M) Charge(q) ii)Force constant (k)Resistance (R) iii)Displacement (x) Max. C=100µF. (Score: 1) 10. a) State the law which Calculate the ratio of power factor of the circuit B to that of A. M. The (Score: 1) bulb glows with some brightness. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 22 . The schematic diagram of a generator is (Score: 1) shown below. Draw the phasor diagram showing quantities. A. NET. Match the following quantities using the b) An ac voltage is applied to an LCR analogy between mechanical and electrical circuit. 12.

It is used for tuning frequency at which this situation occurs radio. say whether the bulb (Score: 1) glows or not. diagram. the current in it leads the voltage by . SAJU K JOHN. A student connects an ac source of emf capacitor ‘C’ are connected in series as V= V0 sin t to a circuit having a capacitor shown in figure. How will the glow of the bulb be affected on introducing a dielectric slab between the plates of the capacitor? Give reasons in support of your answer.Sc. wireless sets etc. in a series LCR circuit. NET. Seema constructed a series LCR circuit in the laboratory as shown in the diagram. M. used for tuning? XL= and XC= (Score: 1) (Score: 3+1) [MARCH-2011] B) An electric bulb ‘B’ and a parallel plate 16. Identify the element. c) In the circuit shown above. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 13. a) State the condition at which the (Score: 1) [SAY 2011] voltages across L and C become equal. find the C) Given below are two electric circuits A expression for instantaneous current and B.V. then the reactance offered by inductance b) Under what condition. She found that the voltages across the inductor and capacitor are equal when the circuit is connected to an ac source. what will be the effective current in the circuit? b) If he replaces the ac source by a dc source and connects a bulb in the above circuit. T. this circuit is ‘L’ and capacitance ‘C’ are respectively. (Score: 1+1 ½ +1 ½+2) [JUNE-2010] 17. a) If the instantaneous current from ac source is 10 sin (314 t) A. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 23 . Physics. What is the ratio of power factor of through the capacitor. Justify your answer. A series LCR AC circuit has great (b) Obtain an expression for the practical importance. 15. 14. A) Fill in the blanks: a) Obtain an expression for current in a series LCR AC circuit using phasor If ‘  ’ is the angular frequency of a. the circuit B to that A? d) Find the average power consumed in (Score: 2) [MARCH 2012] the above circuit. The bulb glows with of capacitance ‘C’ as shown below some brightness. When an alternating current is applied to an electrical element..c.

electromagnetic wave travelling in the Determine the corresponding wave length positive Z-direction is given by band.Sc. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (c) Find the voltmeter and ammeter readings in the circuit. Sun is a natural source of electromagnetic radiation. Identify the 3. Why? (score: ½ + 1) A B C [MARCH 2015] Radio waves Nuclear Destroy reactions cancer cells 5. a) When a low flying aircraft passes over (Score: 2) [MARCH-2016] head. Ultraviolet Inner shell Detect fake rays electron currency a) Which part of electromagnetic transmission notes spectrum is termed as ‘heat waves’? Acceleration Physical of charges in therapy b) Different animals are sensitive to conducting different ranges of electromagnetic wires spectrum. (A) The electric field of a plane in the 7. (Score: 1+2+2) [MARCH-2010] CHAPTER 8 ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES (B) We feel excessive sweating on a 1. Human eyes are sensitive to Cellular which part of the electromagnetic phones spectrum? (Score: 2) [JUNE-2016] c) Ozone layer in the atmosphere acts as a 2. A ratio can tune n to any station 4. Match the following suitably: optical phenomenon behind it. M. (Score: 2) [MARCH 2014] 7. the wave UV rays Remote switch length and frequencies are inversely (Score: 2) [JUNE-2015] related. (Score: 1) Microwave Cellular phone Infrared Water purifier Radio waves Oven b) In electromagnetic spectra. Match the following: cloudy day.5 MHz to 12MHz band. we sometimes notice a slight shaking of the picture on our TV screen. Which radiation is prevented by ozone (i) X-rays water purifier layer from reaching earth? (ii) Infrared Cancer treatment d) Ozone layer depletion is caused by which gas? (Score: ½ + ½ + ½ + ½ ) (iii)Microwave Remote switch [JUNE 2014] (iv)Ultraviolet Radar 6. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 24 . NET. Physics. Match the following: protective layer for living organisms. SAJU K JOHN. An important result of Maxwell’s theory is that accelerated charges radiate electromagnetic waves.

M. (Score: 1) layer effect [MARCH 2013] (Score: 2) [SAY 2011] 9.Sc.V. magnetic fields that propagates through space c) Remote control of T. Infra-red rays. (Score: 1) [MAY 2013] 11. X-rays. Then the (Score: 1) property which remains unaltered is b) An electromagnetic wave propagates i) Wavelengths ii) Frequency through a medium of permittivity ‘  ’ and iii) Velocity permeability ‘  ’. X .E ). Physics. Ozone Greenhouse rays each. A periodic variation in electric and b) Mobile phone communication. induction camera iv) used in medicine to destroy cancer Kirchhoff’s Relaxation Hertz cells. (Score: 3) [JUNE 2012] a) Imaging of bones of human body. (Score: 1) and molecule b) Give one application of infrared and X. Microwave Fracture Melanin Len’s law Conservation Galvanome of bones of charge ter the ascending order of frequency/wavelength. bodies Microwaves. (Score: ½ x4=2) [MARCH-2011] a) The direction of propagation of an electromagnetic wave is that of      i) B.E ii) ( B  . d. d) For sterilizing surgical instruments. etic damping etic vision iii) produces greenhouse effect. What is the speed of iv) None of these (Score: ½) this wave through the medium? Also [JUNE 2012] write the dimensional formula of ‘  ’. b. etic waves dipole al to E moment ii) is absorbed by the ozone layer in the Electromagn Electromagn Night atmosphere.E SAJU K JOHN. sets. Ultraviolet Klystron Cellular radiations in the ascending order of phones frequency. Match the following: 13. Match the following. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 25 . is called electromagnetic radiation. NET. (Score: 2) junction rule time [MARCH 2012] Infrared ray Relaxation Conservati time on energy 12. Name the electromagnetic waves used for the following applications. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise      a) Which of the following is not an iii) E  B iv) ( E  B)  B electromagnetic wave? A) X rays B) ϒ rays b) An electromagnetic wave is entering C)  rays D) Microwaves from one medium to another.rays Hot Radar Visible rays. The orderly distribution of electromagnetic radiations according to their 8. Infrared Nuclear Cancer reactions treatment a) Arrange the following electromagnetic c. 10. Electromagnetic spectrum is an ordinary wavelength or frequency is called arrangement of electromagnetic radiations in electromagnetic spectrum which Electromagn Variation of Proportion  i) is used for studying crystal structure. Drift Non zero Electric velocity energy circuits I II III density a.

44 m and an eye – piece of focal introducing the concept of displacement length 0. Choose any two lenses which are to be d) Arrange the above three waves in preferred as objective and eye-piece to increasing order of wavelength.06 m. 15. What do you mean by angle of formation. name the electromagnetic wave table. It was James Clark Maxwell who (b) A telescope has an objective of focal modified Amperes Circuital Theorem by length 1. The magnifying power of a telescope depends on the focal length of the objective and that of the eye-piece. Physics. Arrive at the expression: 2.Sc. Give reason for your (Score:2) [JUNE-2010] selection. (Score:2+2+3) [MARCH-2016] 4. NET. an expression for finding the refractive index of a prism. L1 6D 1 cm b) is absorbed by ozone layer of our L2 3D 8 cm atmosphere. (A) (a) If the focal length of a double d E convex lens is 12 cm and radii of curvatures b) The SI unit of 0 is dt of faces are 10 cm and 15 cm respectively. between the objective and the eye – piece? a) What do you mean by displacement (Score:2+2) [JUNE-2016] current? 3. L3 10D 1 cm c) is produced in nuclear reactions. SAJU K JOHN. The refraction of light through the (B) (a) What is the structure of an optical atmosphere is responsible for many fibre? interesting phenomena. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 14. (b) What is the principle used for (a) How is the atmospheric refraction of transmitting audio and video signals using sunlight affects the duration of a day? optical fibre? Explain the principle. (ii) Show that in order to achieve large magnification in a compound microscope the CHAPTER -9 magnitude of focal length of objective and RAY OPTICS AND OPTICAL eye piece should be small. Considering the electromagnetic (a) Data of some lenses are given in the spectrum. (1 +3) Complete the ray diagram to image a. (b) A Prism shown in the figure is designed (c) With the help of a neat diagram arrive at to bend the rays by 1800. (Score:2+2+3) INSTRUMENTS OR 1. which Lenses Power Aperture a) is used to detect fracture in bones. (Score:1+2) [JUNE-2016] deviation? b. When light passes through a triangular prism. it undergoes deviation. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 26 . (a) volt (b) ampere what is the refractive index of the lens? (c) ohm (d) henry (Score:1+1) [MARCH-2010] (b) (i) Draw the ray diagram showing the formation of image by a compound microscope. What is the separation current. construct a telescope. M.

different aperture sizes. (c) diverges rays of light d) How Snell’s law is modified in this (d) is of uniform thickness everywhere. You are given two concave mirrors of 5. (A) A convex lens responsible for this effect? (a) is thicker at the edges than at the middle b) What is the effect known as? (b) is thicker at the middle than at the edges c) Draw the ray diagram showing this physical phenomenon. (Score: 1+1+2) [MARCH 2015] a) Draw the ray diagram showing virtual 7. then the ray b) Derive an equation showing the relation between u. which one of the two the doctor sketched the following figure to you may select to get a sharper image? explain her vision problem. when OR the object is between C and F 10. (b) bends towards the normal c) An object is placed at a distance of 70 (c) bends away from the normal cm from a concave mirror of focal length 45 cm. (A) a ray of light travels from a denser image formation in a concave mirror. v and f. situation? (B) With the help of a ray diagram sketch (Score: 1+1+2+ 2) [JUNE 2014] the image formation by a convex lens. medium to a rarer medium. (d) goes along the normal (Score: 1) i) Find he distance at which the image is formed? (B) Draw a diagram showing the path of a ii) What is the magnification monochromatic beam of light through a produced? triangular prism. a) i) One with larger aperture size. M. NET. On hot summer days while moving in a b) What causes such a defect? bus the distant spot on highway appears to be c) What remedy can you suggest? wet even though it is not actually wet? (1+ 1+ 1) [JUNE-2015] a) What physical phenomenon is 6. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise  A  Dm  sin  n21   2  A sin 2 (Score:2) [MARCH 2015] (Score:1+ 3) [JUNE-2015] 8. Draw the necessary diagram. u. Where. ii) One with a smaller aperture size b) Why do we choose it? a) Can you identify Deepa’s vision (Score: 1 + 1) [JUNE 2014] problem? 9. The image formed in a concave mirror is (C) Derive the Lens Maker’s formula always erect and virtual whatever be the position of the object.Sc. When Deepa consulted an eye specialist. Physics. (Score: 1) (Score: 1+3+1+1) [JUNE 2014] (C) Using this diagram obtain the relation SAJU K JOHN. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 27 . v (a) doesn’t bend at all and f have their usual meaning.

(Score: 2) [MARCH 2013] (Score: 1) 15. relation   .5. An object is placed in air 100 cm a) What is the relation between the refractive from the glass surface. NET.. explain the formation of rainbow. A) Light has several properties like immersed in water of refractive index 4 . b) Consider two thin lenses of focal (µ1 < µ2< µ3) (3) lengths f1 and f2 is contact. The radii of curvature of both unit? (Score: 1) surfaces are equal to a R. (Score: 2) c) What are the technological applications of total internal reflection in nature? Briefly explain i) PQ is horizontal ii) QR is horizontal it. placed in the medium of refractive index n1. Consider B) A thick lens gives coloured images due to refraction of light at a spherical surface ………. where u. What is its figure below.. refraction etc. Obtain an expression for the effective focal length of this combination.. The path of light rays through a convex b) Using this diagram derive the lens when it is placed in two different media n2 n1 n2 n1 is shown in the figure. A ray PQ is incident on interface? (Score: 1) it.5 has a focal length of 20 cm in air. A) An equilateral glass prism is placed on a) What happens to the light at the a horizontal surface.. (Score: 2) [March 2014] iii) RS is horizontal iv) None of these …………. Physics. M. At what position the indices µ. R of spherical surface =20 cm. (Score: 1) separating two media of refractive indices n1 C) In a compound microscope the nature of and n2 (n1 > n2) the intermediate image is …… (Score: 1) a) With the help of a ray diagram show D) Based on refraction and total internal the formation of image of a point object reflection. a) Define power of a lens. (Score: 1) c) In the above case let the first medium be air and the second medium glass of refractive index 1. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 11. v. When light travels 3 from an optically denser medium to a rarer (Score: 3) [MAY 2013] medium? 14. What will be the power of this combination? (Score: 3) c) A convex lens of refractive index 1. µ1 and µ2? (1) image is formed? (Score: 2) [MAY-2013] b) Find the focal length of lens shown in the 13. [JUNE 2012] Calculate the change is its focal length when SAJU K JOHN. refraction takes place. R have v u R their usual meaning. reflection. (Score: ½) 12. For minimum deviation: b) Give demonstration for total internal reflection.Sc. When light rays enter from one medium to another. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 28 .

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 16. b. Physics. Mark angle of incidence i. where f is the focal length and R showing the formation of a real image. +50 cm is used as a simple microscope by a person with normal near point (25 cm). we must adopt sign (Score: 2) [MARCH 2012] conventions for measuring distances. Draw the ray diagram for the image formed by a concave lens. is the radius of curvature. The focal length of the distance ‘u’. c. state as to and angle of refraction r1 and r2 . angle of emergence e. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 29 .Sc. Two lenses of power +7D and -3D b) Derive the relation connecting object are combined. -25 cm iv. (Score: 1) d. NET. mirror. What is its refractive index? (Score:1 ½) [MARCH 2012] 19. shown in the figure.(A) To derive the relevant formula for reflection by spherical mirrors and refraction by lenses. Using the data given below. image distance ‘v’. angle of deviation  SAJU K JOHN. of the ray is as shown in the following figures. a) Complete the ray diagram showing the passage of light. +25 cm (Score:2 ½) c) A thin convex lens of focal length 5 cm iii. which of the given lenses will you prefer to (Score: 1) use as b) Using the diagram obtain the relation i) an eye-piece and ii) an objective to construct an  ie A (Score:2 ½) astronomical telescope? Give reason for c) The critical angle for diamond is 300. radius of combination would be curvature R and the refractive indices n1 and n2 of the two media. 17. State Cartesian sign conventions used R separates a rarer and a denser medium as in ray optics. A spherical surface of radius of curvature a. Show that f = in the case of concave Complete the path of the incident ray of light. In the figure PQ is a ray incident on a through an equilateral prism and the path prism ABC. your answer. (Score:1 ½ +1 ½+3+1) What is the magnifying power of the OR microscope? (Score: 1½) [MARCH 2012] B) Raju passed a ray of yellow colour 18. M. -50 cm ii. i.

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a. (1) ‘µ’ is the refractive index of material b) Derive lens maker’s formula of lens with respect to surrounding assuming formula for refraction at a medium. what will happen to colour through the prism? Velocity of the resolving power of the light in vacuum is 3 x 108 m/s. magnified imaged of small objects. NET. (Score:1+2) [SAY 2011] a) State the laws of refraction. a) Under what condition the ray of light (Score:1 ½ +1 ½+1+3) [SAY 2011] gets total internally reflected for these media? (2) 20. b) Draw a neat schematic ray diagram for the formation of image due to a a) Draw a labelled ray diagram of a point object placed in front of two compound microscope forming an thin convex lenses placed in contact. 24. Draw the path of the ray through the 23.5. State the laws of refraction. Sunlight gets scattered as it travels b) Briefly explain how optical fibres through earth`s atmosphere. Combination of lenses are used in optical different? Why? (1) instruments to obtain the required power. State Rayleigh`s scattered law. Explain why. (2) [JUNE-2010] a. A microscope is a device used to obtain lenses? Express its unit. microscope? Explain. M.Sc. (1) b) With the help of a ray diagram derive 21. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 30 . c) If the objective lens is immersed in a What would be the velocity of yellow transparent oil. (1+ 1 ½ + 2 ½) [MARCH-2011] a) What do you mean by power of a 22. from one medium to another. Why? (1) Calculate the focal length of the lens d) Compare the focal length of a given in air. (3) curvatures of the surfaces of lens. During sunset and sunrise. (2) [MARCH-2011] c. The refractive index of the material compound microscope. Refraction of light is the phenomenon of b. The formula used in this  1 1 1  case is lens maker’s formula. refractive index ′ 2’ from a medium of d. (2) c) Obtain an expression for the effective focal length of the combination of two SAJU K JOHN.5 is 30 cm. b) Obtain an expression for the magnifications produced by a b. (3) c) Is it possible for a given lens to act as c) The radius of curvature of each face a converging lens in one medium and of a convex lens made of glass of a diverging lens in another medium? refractive index 1. If a ray of light is incident on a medium of prism which suffers minimum deviation. A lens of a particular focal length is lens maker’s formula for a convex mode from a given glass slab by adjusting lens of focal length ‘f’ as radii of curvature. the sun change in the path of light ray when it goes appear red. (2) of the prism for yellow colour is 1. Physics. transmit light signals. deviation produced by the prism. Obtain a relation for the total refractive index ‘ 1’.     1    f  R1 R 2  a) Write lens maker’s formula. (2) [JUNE-2010] converging les for the blue light with that using red light are they equal or 25. R1 and R2 are the radii of spherical surface. image at the near point of the eye.

(iv) Both interference and diffraction fringes are of different width.2015] SAJU K JOHN. NET. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 31 . (b) Using a schematic diagram derive an [MARCH-2010] expression for the fringe width in Young’s OR double slit experiment. derive Snell’s law of refraction. are illuminated by blue light to observe interference pattern. Prove the law of reflection. What should be the angle c) Obtain an expression for the refractive of incidence so that the reflected and index of the material of this optical refracted rays are perpendicular to each element. Light waves from two coherent waves produce alternate dark and bright sources having intensities I and 2I cross each regions called fringes. 2. [MARCH-2010] other? (b) Using Huygens’s concept of wave front. CHAPTER -10 (Score: 2+3) WAVE OPTICS OR 1. (a) The shape of the wave front originating from a tube light is (i) Plane (ii) Circular (iii) Cylindrical (iv) Spherical a) Name this optical element. (ii) Diffraction fringes are of same width. (Score: 1+4) 26. (A) (a) Unpolarised light is incident on a plane glass surface. (Score: 2+3) [MARCH-2016] (iii) Interference Fringes are of equal width and diffraction fringes are of different 3. (3) [JUNE. (A) Interference and diffraction of light (B) (a). +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise thin convex lenses in contact. In Young’s double slit experiment. a. M. Sketch the interference pattern. Physics. (b) With the help of a diagram obtain an expression for finding the distance (i) Interference fringes are of unequal between two consecutive bright or dark width fringes in the interference pattern produced by double slits. other at a point with a phase difference of 600 . the slits width. Figures shows a graph between angle of OR incidence and the respective deviation of light when it is passed through an optical element. (1) b.Sc. What is the resultant intensity at the point? (a) Regarding the fringe width choose the correct statement. minimum deviation D if it is (Score: 1+4) [JUNE-2016] completely immersed in water? Justify your answer. Arrive at an expression for the fringe width. (b) Give Huygens’s principle with the help of b) What will happen to the angle of a ray diagram. (B) Huygens’s principle helps us to find the (1+ 1 ½ + 2 ½) shape of a wave front emanating from a source.

a) Describe Young’s experiment in interference with necessary theory. (Score: 1) Rayleigh iii)Charles Interference Myopia (C) Derive an expression for the fringe width K Kao of interference pattern formed on the screen. (A) Interference of light from two sources (Score: ½) can be observed if b) Differentiate the interference pattern (a) the sources are independent. Physics. (Score: 3) b) Explain the refraction at a spherical surface using a schematic diagram. a) From the figure given below can you (Score: 2) [JUNE 2014] identify the physical phenomena that light undergoes. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 32 . phenomena. iv)Christian Polarization Rainbow (Score: 2 ½) Doppler Optical Coherent (D) Write the condition to produce good fiber sources interference bands.Sc. with a coherently illuminated single slit diffraction pattern. Light undergoes different phenomena Draw a graph showing angular like interference. a) Mention the phenomenon behind it. Figure given below shows the arrangement Huygens to explain various optical to test the polarization of light waves. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 4. diffraction etc. Wave front is a concept introduced by 6. (Score: 2) b) (i) By what name the angle iB is c) Mention the shape of wave front for the known? portion of wave front of light from a distant star intercepted by the earth. (Score: ½) i)Thomas Scattering Astronomy young (B) Draw Young’s arrangement to produce ii)Lord Red shift Communication interference pattern. (ii) Modify the Snell’s law according (Score: 1) [MARCH 2014] to the situation depicted in the figure. 9. Match the following: (c) the sources are of different frequency. We obtained alternate dark and bright (Score ½ + 1½) [JUNE-2015] region if we look at the shadow by an obstacle closed to geometrical shadow. (Score 1) 7. 5. (Score: 1) Diffraction Colour of sky (Score: 2) [MAY 2013] [MARCH 2015] 10. A B C (d) the sources are coherent. (Score:1½) (b) the sources are of different frequencies [MARCH 2014] and random phases. M. dependence of intensity plane polarized light with second polarized P2. 8. NET. a) What type of wave front will emerge from i) A point source and ii) Distant source of light (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN.

Various phenomena exhibited by light coherent sources ‘s1’ and ‘s2’seperated by a can be explained using the wave theory of distance ‘d’ and obtained the interference light. Brewster’s law gives a relationship between angle of polarisation and refractive a) Do these phenomena violate the law index of the material. (Score: 1) b) What are the differences between interference and diffraction? (Score: 2) c) A plane wave front is incident on a single slit. interference etc. on the surface of a glass plate and it SAJU K JOHN.5 mm. (Score: 2) Find the separation between sources b) Obtain an expression for fringe width if they produce waves of length in Young’s double slit experiment. Discuss the diffraction pattern formed by the slit. Wave nature of light is essential to explain ‘P’ marked on the screen appears phenomena like diffraction. of conservation of energy? Explain. a) Name the phenomenon which proves the transverse nature of light. Physics. M. the ratio of a) State Brewster’s law. pattern on a screen at a distance ‘D’ from the sources as shown below. dark and bright bands are seen on the screen. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 33 . Match the following: 13. A student performs an interference experiment in the laboratory using two point 11. Find the ratio of amplitude and intensities of b) A ray of light is allowed to incident the two interfering waves. (Score: 1) [MAY 2013] 15. 7000A? (Score: 2) [JUNE 2012] 16. Represent the variation a) What will be the shape of wave fronts of intensity graphically. sustained interference pattern? width of fringes obtained is 1. b) In an interference pattern. NET. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) A plane wave front is incident normally ( 1 ½ + 2 ½ ) [MARCH-2011] on a convex lens. bright and hence find its fringe width. maximum intensity is 36: 9. 17.Sc. Sketch the refracted wave front. In interference and diffraction of light. Match the following: I II III A B C (a) Doppler Interference I = Io cos2  (i) Doppler Scattering Theory of Effect light (b) Snell’s Law Diffraction D (ii)Maxwell Red shift Coherent = sources d (iii)Rayleigh polarization Astigmatism (c) Malus Law Blue shift Sin i /sin r Diffraction Speed of (d) Single Slit Polarisation    u Experiment c Galaxies Electromagnetic Blue colour Refraction  waves of sky = (Score: 3) [MARCH 2012] a (Score: ½ x 4 = 2) [MARCH-2010] 14. c) If the screen is placed at a distance of a) What are the conditions to obtain a 1 metre from sources ‘S1’ and ‘S2’. coming from sources ‘S1’ and ‘S2’? (Score: 3) [MARCH 2013] b) Arrive at the condition such that point 12.

Physics. [ h= 6.12 Kg is 2.76  10-34 m. When light falls on a certain metals photo electrons are generated. (a) The work function a metal is 6eV. (b) The waves associated with matter is (Score: 1+2) [MARCH-2010] called matter waves. (A) The wavelength of matter waves is called de Broglie Wavelength. (b) minimum energy required by an electron to escape from the metal surface.Sc. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 34 . What is the wavelength of an electron  p and e respectively are moving with the accelerating in a potential difference of 54 V? same momentum. (A) Work function of a metal is the OR (a) energy required by an electron to get absorbed in the metal surface. If they accelerated by same potential. are 2. (Score: 2+ 1) [MARCH-2016] (a) An  -particle. Then (Score:2) [JUNE-2015] (i )    p  e (ii)  p  e   4. then CHAPTER 11 (i) e   p (ii)  p  e DUAL NATURE OF MATTER AND RADIATION 1 (iii)  p  e (iv) e  p 1. (iii)    p  e (iv)  p  e   a) Express the phenomenon in terms of (b) The de Broglie wavelength of a ball of equation. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise is found that the reflected and (i) Emitter current (ii) Collector current refracted rays are mutually perpendicular as shown in the figure. Let e and  p be the de Broglie wavelengths associated with electron and proton respectively. (iii) Saturation current (iv) Peak current The refracted ray is deviated from its (b) Work function of caesium and platinum initial path by an angle of 300. (i) will the emission be possible? Determine the refractive index of the (ii) Why? glass plate.If two photons each having energy 4 eV strike with the metal surface. M. (a) The maximum current emitted by a photoelectric material is called SAJU K JOHN. Which one of the metals has higher threshold wavelength? Justify. (B) Photoelectric current depends on the intensity of incident light. Calculate b) Explain the terms used.625  10-34 Js] (Score: 1+ 2) [JUNE-2015] (Score: 1+ 2) 5. Electron can undergo diffraction just like electron having de Broglie wavelengths  . the speed of the ball. waves. NET. (Score: 1+ 2) [JUNE-2016] 2. a proton and an 3.14 eV and 5. mass 0.65 eV respectively.

NET. (Score: 2) is a wave associated with every material body. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 35 . 1eV =1. When photons incident on a metallic wave nature of particle? (Score: ½) surface electric current is produced. b) What is the wavelength of electron a) Name the scientist who put forward this when it is accelerated by a voltage of 54 V? hypothesis. [MARCH-2014] Given mass of the electron =9. c. h=6. a) Who introduced the concept of photon? (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. Why? (Score: ½ +1 ½ +1) [MARCH-2015] 9. Where 0 . +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise (c) energy required by an electron to be retained by a metal surface.1 x 10 -31 kg. (Score: ½) (Score: 2) [JUNE-2014] b) Which experiment established the 8. M.6×10-34Js. a) Which of the material has higher work function? (Score: ½) (d) maximum energy required by an electron to escape from the metal surface. (Score: 1) wavelike properties under suitable conditions.Sc.3×10-20J. there kinetic energy of 120 eV. (Score: ½) a potential difference of 100 volts. (Score: 1) [MAY-2013] 12.6 x 10 -19 J electrons suggesting matter waves. Photon is a quanta of light. The work function of the metal is given by hc c) An electron of mass ‘e’ is accelerated 0   h 0 . (a) What is de Broglie hypothesis? photoelectric effect. (b) Write the formula for de Broglie a) Explain Einstein’s photoelectric wavelength. (Score: 1+ 1+ 1 ½) [MARCH-2015] Find the momentum. Albert Einstein. Moving particles of matter should display light wave and matter wave. the great physicist proposed a clear picture to explain 6. h.634 x 10 -34 JS. c) What happens to the slope of the graph when intensity of radiation (C) All photoelectrons are not emitted with increases? Why? (1) [JUNE-2014] the same energy as the incident photons. Physics. (Score: 1½) The graph given below shows the variation in stopping potential V with e) Calculate the frequency associated with frequency  of the incident radiation of a photon of energy 3. b) Which material is more photosensitive? (Score: ½) (B) Write Einstein’s photoelectric equation and explain the terms involved in it. the materials A and B. (Score: 2½) (c) Calculate the de Broglie wavelength associated by an electron accelerated through b) Name the quanta of light. According to wave nature of matter. De Broglie proposed the wave nature of h= 6. electron. speed and De- Broglie wavelength of an electron with 7. Find 0 the wavelength associated with the usual meaning. 10. [MARCH-2014] a) Mention any two differences between 11. equation.  0 has their from rest by a potential difference v.

.. surface a minimum amount of energy must be supplied.. (Score: 2) [MARCH 2012] 15. the velocity of emitted photoelectrons increases. b) State three methods to supply this energy to the free electron. M. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 36 .. work function and threshold frequency for the metal. (Score: 2) (Score: ½ +1 ½ +3)[ MARCH-2011] b) Find the values of i. threshold frequency and ii. NET. Calculate the a) Define the terms. d) Following graph is obtained in an experiment on photoelectric effect. (Score: 1) photosensitive material for visible light? b) Draw a graph to show the variation of stopping potential with frequency of i. whether they are TRUE or FALSE.. Sodium ii. Caesium the graph? (Score: 2) [JUNE 2012] c) Write down Einstein’s photoelectric equation and explain the 14..Sc. Work function from the graph. Einstein got Nobel Prize in physics in1921 a) What is meant by photoelectric for his explanation of photoelectric effect work function? a) Write down Einstein’s photoelectric b) Which of the following is not a equation. c) When light of frequency 7. d) Davisson-Germen experiment proved the particle nature of electrons. Given below is the graph between (Score:1+1+2+1) [SAY. 13. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) Briefly explain the effect of intensity (Score: 1) [MARCH 2012] and energy of the incident radiation on the photo electric effect. (Score: 2) 16. Physics. Rubidium iv.. a) Matter waves are electromagnetic. c) Alkali metals are most suitable for photoelectric emission. How the value of Plank’s constant can be determined from iii. Which characteristics of incident radiation is kept constant in this b) When wavelength of incident light is experiment? decreased.21 x 1014Hz is incident on a metal surface... threshold frequency. Einstein was awarded Nobel prize in [MARCH 2013] 1921 for his work on photoelectric effect.2011] frequency (υ) of the incident light and maximum kinetic energy (Ek) of emitted 17. the maximum speed of the ejected electrons is 6 x 105 m/s. Magnesium incident radiation.. SAJU K JOHN. Read the following statements and write symbols. a) This energy is called. To emit a free electron from a metal photoelectrons.

(Score: ½) (b) Draw the energy level diagram of [MARCH-2014] hydrogen atom. According to de Broglie. Rutherford atom model is based on the 2.Sc. How spectral lines are produced? (c) Germanium (d) Silicon (Score: 1+ 1+1) [JUNE. structure of atom with the help of quantum hypothesis. cannot of nuclei. It was Bohr who suggested the stable make use of photoelectric effect.8 surface. When a vapour is exited at low pressure by passing an electric current through it. NET. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 18. According to him. What is the angular momentum of an (a) Quartz (b) Caesium electron? c. the standing particle wave on a circular orbit a) What will be the de Broglie wave for n = 4 is given by length of a moving particle and that of a photon? 2 (i) 2 rn  4  (ii)  4rn b) Name the experiment which proves  the wave nature of electrons. around a central positive nucleus. radon sample will remain undecayed. Illustrate the experiment. a spectrum is obtained. Physics. (Score: 1+ 2) [JUNE-2016] 6.2015] c) Represent graphically the variation of 4. Light meters in photographic cameras 3. terms of the decay constant and initial number d) Red light however bright. Where can an electron be observed in photosensitive material? an atom? b. produce the emission of photoelectrons from a clean zinc (b) The half-life of radioactive radon is 3. (a) Name the series observed first. of Bohr’s second postulate of quantization. (a) List out any two limitations of Bohr classical concept that electrons are revolving atom model. (Score: 1) consisting of various series. a) What is photoelectric effect? b) Which of the following is a a. SAJU K JOHN. The atomic hydrogen emits lines spectrum atom. Find the time during which 1/ 20 of radiation can do. with a  (iii) 2 rn  4 (iv)  4rn suitable diagram. 2 (Score: 1½ +3 ½) [JUNE-2010] (Score: 2+ 1) [MARCH-2016] 19. matter exhibits (b) According to de Broglie’s explanations particle as well as wave nature. Do you agree with statement? Why? (Score: 1 +1 +1 +2) [MARCH-2010] (Score: 2+2) [MARCH-2015] 5. But even a weak ultraviolet days. (a) Obtain an expression for the number of photoelectric current with the radioactive nuclei present at any instant in intensity of incident radiation. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 37 . (Score: 1) ATOMS b) Name the different series of hydrogen 1. M. CHAPTER 12 a) Draw a spectral series of emission lines in hydrogen. c) In which region Lyman series is located.

Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 38 . are integers. Write down the Balmer formula Broglie wavelength of an electron for the wavelength of Hα line. M. state of hydrogen atom is . What are the radii of atom model by combining the classical and then n =2 and n=3 orbits? (Score:1+3+2) [MARCH-2011] quantum concepts. (Score: 1) b) Name the different series of lines a) What do you mean by ground state of observed in hydrogen spectrum. [MARCH-2013] a) Which specific problem of the 7... If the wavelength `  ` of spectral lines line spectra of hydrogen atom. ground state of a hydrogen atom is -13.3 x 10-11m. based on quantum ideas. Niels Bohr explained hydrogen spectrum spectral line emitted in Balmer series.. a) Based on Bohr atom model explain the 12.625×10-34 JS. orbiting around the nucleus.610×10-19C. me×=9. Comment c) The radius of the inner most electron on the result. Which series lies in the visible region? b) From Bohr’s theory obtain the de c. Name the series spectra produced atom model and how it is rectified in by hydrogen. Bohr proposed a new model of atom to uncertainty principle and express it overcome a problem of Rutherford’s atom mathematically.. (Score: 2) (Score:1+1+1) [SAY 2011] c) Give the statement of Heisenberg’s 11.1×10-31kg) a) Write down the expression for (Score: 3) Balmer series of spectral lines.... Physics.Sc. Spectra are produced due to electronic transitions from higher energy level to lower energy level. The wavelength associated with a particle Rutherford model was attempted to is called the de Broglie wavelength. e=1. From be solved by Bohr model? Bohr’s postulate of quantization of angular b) What are the basic postulates of Bohr momentum arrive at an expression for the model? wavelength of an orbital electron. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) Mention the drawback of Rutherford a. [JUNE 2012] b) Find out the shortest wavelength of 9... NET. (Score: 2) [JUNE-2012] orbit of a hydrogen atom is 8. ϵ0=8.6eV. SAJU K JOHN. From this.85×10-12FM-1.eV. a hydrogen atom? (Score: 1) b) The excitation energy required to c) Show the transitions between energy raise the electron in the first excited levels producing the different series. (Score:1+1) [JUNE-2010] a) Draw the energy level diagram of 13. Where R : Rydberg Constant and `n` and `m` ( h=6.. Bohr’s atom model? (Score: 1) b. (Score: 1) (Score:1+1) [MARCH-2010] [MARCH 2012] 10. The total energy of an electron in the hydrogen atom. emitted by hydrogen atom is generally (Score: 2) 1  1 1  expressed as  R 2  2  b) Calculate the radius of third Bohr orbit  m n  of hydrogen atom and the energy of electrons in that orbit. (Score: 2) model... In 1913 Neils Bohr proposed a successful 5.

+2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise CHAPTER 13 (c) Two nuclei have mass numbers in the ratio 1:64. two neutrons and between a life period? proton and a neutron is denoted by f pp b) A radioactive sample has initially N0 . nucleus is called nuclear force. iii) 9 F 17 iv) 10 Ne17 (Score: ½) SAJU K JOHN.life of radio 5. NET.u = 931 MeV (Score:1+1+ 2) disintegrate? (Score: 2) OR [JUNE-2014] (B) (a) What is meant by half. (Score: ½) 1 H 2  1 H 2  2 He 4  Energy ii) Rate of decay of all radioactive elements can be characterized by their Mass of  1 H 2   2.0026u b) A certain radioactive elements have a half-life of 10 days. (b) What is the meaning of mass defect? a) Categorize the following statements (c) Calculate the energy released in the related to radioactivity as true or false. f nn and f pn respectively. How long will it take to reduce to 1 g. What is the ratio of their nuclear NUCLEI radii? (Score:1+1+ 2) [MARCH-2016] 1. reactor? Polonium out of its initial mass of 16 g. How much (i) f pp  f nn  f pn (ii) f pp  f nn  f pn nuclei will be left after 8 years in the sample? (Score:1+1) [JUNE-2015] (iii) f pp  f nn  f pn (iv) f pp  f nn  f pn 4. i) Fission ii) Fusion iii) Controlled fusion (Score: ½) (c) Which one of the following particles can be used for the disintegration of a b) Which of the following helps to slow radioactive nucleus? down fast neutrons in a reactor? i) Safety rods (i) Proton (ii) neutron ii) Moderator (Score: ½) (iii) Electron (iv) Deuteron c) In the nuclear reaction what is the element X? (Score:1+1+ 2) [JUNE-2016] 2. (Score: ½) Mass of  1 He 4   4.014102u half period. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 39 . (a) what do you mean by Q value of a 7 N 14  2 He4  1 H 2  X nuclear reaction? o16 N 14 i) 8 ii) 7 (b) Write down the expression for Q value in the case of  decay. The half-life period of this element is 2 years. H. then number of nuclei. M. Radioactivity was discovered by A. Physics.m. Nuclear fusion reaction is responsible for nucleus? energy generation in stars. (A) The force exists the nucleons in a 3. How long it will take for 75% of its atoms originally present to 1 a.Sc. Radioactivity is an accidental discovery by Henry Becquerel. Becquerel (a) The nuclear force between two a) What do you mean by the term half- protons. nuclear reaction shown below: i) All elements present in nature show radioactivity. (b) The half – life of polonium is 140 a) What is the principle behind a nuclear days.

Calculate What fraction of a sample of pure tritium its half life will remain under decayed after 50 years? (Score: 1) (Score:2) [SAY 2011] [MAY-2013] 12. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise d) The mass of an atom is expressed in a) Name the material that used as control rods in a nuclear reactor. the conversion of 92 U to 94 Pu in a nuclear reactor.5 years. Then 8. (Score: 2) [MARCH 2014] c) Nuclear fusion is the source of energy in stars. Briefly describe them. i) Kg ii) g (Score: ½) iii) u iv) Carats (Score: ½) b) Average energy of a neutron produced 238 in fission of U nucleus is 92 [JUNE-2014] (Score: 1) 6. b) Explain how energy is released in a (Score: 2) fission process.Sc. (c) Two nuclei have mass number iin the (Score: ½) ratio 1: 8. what is the (b) Complete the following nuclear reaction equation. of a nucleus of a heavy element with the (Score: 2) emission of certain types of radiation is [JUNE-2012] known as radioactivity. (a) In the following nuclear fission a) The radioactive isotope ‘D’ decays reaction. Physics. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 40 . Spontaneous and continuous disintegration in a proton-proton cycle. (Score:1 ½) 11. In a nuclear reactor the chain reaction is carried out under controlled conditions. Write down the reaction involved 7. Nucleus of an atom consists of protons and b) The energy released in nuclear fission neutrons closely packed in to small volume. of D2 are 176 (Score: ½) and 71 respectively. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion represent two types of nuclear reactions. Write the [MARCH 2012] relation connecting them. according to the sequence What is the value of N? 235 92 U  01n  94 38 Sr  140 54 Xe  N If the mass no. A radioactive substance decays to d) Tritium has a half-life of 12. Energy generation in stars is due to nuclear c) Write down the reactions involved in 238 239 fusion. N is the number of neutrons released. 10. of its initial value in 25 days. M. SAJU K JOHN. process with uranium is of the order of (Score: ½) a) How will you relate the binding energy and stability of a nucleus? c) Three types of radioactive decay occur (Score: 1) in nature. (Score: 1) a) How a nuclear fusion is occurred? [MARCH-2013] (Score: ½) 9. What is the ratio of their nuclear c) Distinguish between half-life and mean radii? (Score:1) life of radioactive element. i) Mass number ii) atomic number of D 9 Be  24 He  01 n  4 (Score: 1) (Score: ½) b) State radioactive decay law. NET. and atomic no.

a) Define half-life. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) Write down one similarity and (b) What is a Zener diode? Give its symbol. (Score: 2) [JUNE-2016] b) Calculate how much of 15mg of 3. SAJU K JOHN. (Score:1+2+ 3) [MARCH-2016] 4. Write any two important features of the graph. Physics.2 days. (a) V-I characteristic of a forward biased diode is shown in the figure. (Score:2+ 2) [JUNE-2016] b) For a nuclear reaction.Sc. M. Diode is a semiconducting device made up of p-n junction. (i) identify the experiment (ii) draw the resulting graph (c) with the help of a neat circuit diagram obtain an expression for voltage gain of a transistor amplifier in C-E configuration.003  1. dissimilarity between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. combination of the above gates. (a) Which of the following symbol Radon will remain after 14. Q.8 days. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 41 . along with 2. The half-life of Radon is 3. NET.0025       amu   amu  How much energy is released by the reactions (in MeV)? (Score:1+2) [JUNE-2010] Name the resulting gate formed by the 13.004   amu   amu      R + S + Energy 1. R and S taking part in it is given below (1amu = 931 MeV) P + Q  Complete the truth table of the circuit: 1. represents a universal gate? (Score:1+2) [MARCH-2010] CHAPTER 14 (b) Shown below is an experimental set up SEMICONDUCTOR ELECTRONICS with a semiconductor diode 1. A graph showing the variation of current (I) flowing through a p-n junction with the voltage (V) applied across it is called the V-I characteristics of a p-n junction. A logic circuit is shown in the figure: masses of nuclei P.002  1.

Diode can be used to convert AC into (B) Obtain the expression for the voltage DC. (Score: 1) b. 8. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a. working of a full wave rectifier.Sc. Inputs Output (Score: 2) [JUNE 2014] A B Y 10. a) The following figure represents a (a) Identify the gate (b) Draw the logic symbol of the gate (c) Explain why NAND gate is known as (Score: ½) universal gate? (score: ½ + ½ + 1) b) Draw a typical illuminated p-n junction [MARCH 2015] solar cell. 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 ii. (score 2) [MARCH 2015] b. (A) What do you mean by barrier potential (Score:1+ 2) [JUNE-2015] of a diode? (Score 1) 5. The truth table of a logic circuit is given 0 0 1 below: 1 0 1 i. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 42 . Draw the circuit diagram of an AC to DC converter using two diodes. transistor etc. The truth table for a logic circuit is given below: A B Y 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 [JUNE 2014] 1 1 0 11. There are different types of semiconducting (B) With the help of a diagram explain the devices such as diode. Physics. as an amplifier in common emitter (Score: ½) configuration. Given below is the truth table of a logic gate: b) Draw the circuit diagram of the above mentioned circuit. NET.C current to continuous D. gain. You are given two p-n junction diodes. M. (A) Draw a circuit diagram of a transistor c) LED converts energy to light. a) Mention the name of an electric circuit which make use of these diodes to convert A. Choose its symbol from the 1 0 1 following: 1 1 0 a) Identify the gate? (Score: 1) b) Which of the following is the logic symbol of this gate? (Score: 1) (Score:1+1) [JUNE-2015] 6. This process is called-----------.C current. Identify the A B Y 0 1 1 gate. (Score 2) [MARCH 2014] SAJU K JOHN. a. Which of the following symbol (Score 3) [MARCH 2015] represents a p-n-p transistor? 9. (Score: 1) 7.

15. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise 12. diode. Physics. d) Draw the circuit diagram to determine (Score: 2) the common emitter characteristics of a transistor and sketch a typical output characteristic for two different base currents. Biasing is provided for maintaining proper a) Why positive feedback is applied in an current flow across a p-n junction. voltage or current. transistor etc. 16. b) Sketch a V-I graph for this arrangement. (Score: ½) c) Why the common emitter configuration of a transistor is preferred in amplifier? b) For the device shown in below draw the (Score: 1) V-I characteristics when the potential is applied between the terminals A and b.Sc. c) Draw the reverse characteristics of a Zener diode and an ordinary p-n junction a) Write the truth table of ‘OR’ gate. (Score: 1) (Score: 1) [MAY 2013] b) How a Zener diode is different from an 13. Oscillator is a circuit that generates signals (Score: 2) of desired frequencies and an amplifier is used to amplify the signals. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 43 . oscillator? (Score: 1) b) What are the effects of negative a) In a biased p-n junction the feedback in an amplifier? (Score: 1) net flow of holes is from ‘n’ region to ‘p’ region. (Score: 1) a) Comment on the current floe across the junction under this condition. Given below is the truth table of a 2-input c) A transistor can be used to amplify logic gate. Zener diode as a voltage regulator. Draw the logic circuit of this combination (Score: 2) [JUNE 2012] of gates and write the truth table for the output of the combination for all inputs. Explain how a SAJU K JOHN. [MAY 2013] 14. germanium crystal with arsenic and indium (Score: 2½) respectively. A gate allows the signals to pass through ordinary p-n junction diode? only when some logical conditions are (Score: 1) satisfied. a) Will the junction be forward biased or reverse biased? Justify your answer. The two are joined end to end [MARCH 2013] and connected to a battery as shown. A p-n junction with a bias voltage is shown below. (Score: 2) (Score: 1) d) With a diagram explain the action of a b) The output of a 2-input ‘NOR’ gate. NET. Two semiconductor materials A and B transistor can be used as a current shown in the given figure are made by doping amplifier. Draw necessary circuit. A p-n junction has various applications as in diode. (Score: 2) [JUNE 2012] 17. M.

A logic circuit with inputs A and B [MARCH-2011] and output Y is shown below.. universal gates. what will be the output. B=1? (Score:1+1) [MARCH-2011] (Score:1) [MARCH 2012] 22. NAND and NOR gates are called When a = 1. Physics. Consider the logic circuit using NOR gates given below: A) Identify the logic gate.. 18.bias and 0 0 1 collector -base junction should be given a 0 1 1 . Photodiode Voltage regulator (Score: 1) C) Give their possible range of values. Diode Conversion (Score: 1) of electrical [MARCH 2012] energy into light energy 19. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise A B OUTPUT should be given a . with inputs `a` and `b` and output `x` a...Sc. bias. ii) A=0. (Score: ½) B) Draw its logic symbol (Score: ½) C) If this logic gate is connected to a NOT a) Write the truth table for the circuit.. 23. when b) Identify the logic operation which this i) A=1.... Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 44 . SAJU K JOHN. Zener Diode Conversion of light into a)   1   b)    electrical  1 energy Light Rectificatio c)   1   d)    Emitting n  1  Diode (Score: 1) (LED) B) Define the quantities  and  . b = 0 and a = 0. b) Write down the output `x`. c. (Score:2) [SAY 2011] 1 0 0 1 1 0 21. Fort the working of a transistor as an components of electronic circuits to meet amplifier.... Match the following in 3 columns.. As you know diodes are inevitable 20.. when Q. Identify the logic gates marked P and Q. Write down the output Y.. Why? (Score:1+1) [JUNE-2010] (Score:1+1+1) [SAY 2011] 24. its emitter .. b = 1. For the logic circuit shown below. and when A= 0 and B= 1... M. a) Identify the logic gates marked P & b.base junction specific requirements of our daily life. (A) Choose the correct relation between A B C the transistor parameters  and  . B=1 and circuit is performing. NET.. gate. A=1 and B=0.

M. system is the b) Can this photodiode be used to detect a wavelength of 500 nm? Justify your (a) distance to the nearest TV station answer. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves 2. A photodiode is fabricated from a (Score:1+1+ 1) [JUNE-2015] semiconductor of band gap energy 2. its coverage increases. Why? (score 1) [MARCH 2015] (Score: 2) [JUNE-2016] 5. Name any other two modes of agree with him? Justify your answer. Draw the labelled block diagram of an (B) If the height of a TV transmitting amplitude modulator for obtaining AM wave antenna increases. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 45 . propagation of radio waves is used? b) Write down its truth table. 26. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) Name the diode which regulates the (i) The attenuation of surface waves output of an unregulated supply. A student made a circuit as shown in the figure. (1) increases with increase in frequency. 4.Sc. Physics.8 eV. There are two basic modes of communication: point to point and broadcasting. must have a) Name the mode of propagation used for (i) Pick-up antenna (ii) demodulator radio waves of frequencies ranging from 30-40 MHz (Score: 1) (iii) amplifier (iv) all of these b) Name two communication systems that (b) Which of the following statement is use space wave mode of propagation. Do you a. In short wave broadcast service which mode of propagation of radio waves is used? a) He argues that this circuit is equivalent to an AND gate. (A) Range of an electronic communication a) Define band gap. b. (iv) Sky wave propagation is useful only in the range of frequencies 30 to 40 MHz (Score:1+1) [MARCH-2016] 3. wrong? (Score: 1) SAJU K JOHN. b) Draw its circuit symbol and general shape of its volt-ampere (V-1) (ii) The phenomenon involved in sky characteristics. (a) A receiver in a communication system used for communication purpose. S1 and S2 are switches and B is a bulb. (b) distance to the nearest radio station (Score:1+2) [MARCH-2010] (c) largest distance that the signal can travel (d) largest distance between a source and destination up to which the signal is CHAPTER 15 received with sufficient strength COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS (score 1) 1. (iii) Space wave mode of propagation is used in satellite communication. 25. Draw the frequency spectrum of (Score:1+1) [MARCH-2010] amplitude modulated signal. NET. (2) [JUNE-2010] wave propagation is similar to total internal reflection.

.5 Sin12560t ) Sin(22 105 t )volt ii) Receiver (Score: 2) calculate: [MARCH 2012] i) Amplitude of carrier wave 11. 9.Sc. Sky waves b. 10.. a) What is the difference between sky Different types of media offer different band wave and space wave modes of widths... Long waves 8. Ground waves. (Score: 1½) [JUNE 2012] b) Give a block diagram of a generalized communication system.. c) Draw the block diagram of an AM (Score: 2) receiver. propagation? SAJU K JOHN. In communication. Television broadcast is done by space wave mode of propagation.... modulation? (Score: 1) a) Discuss the amplitude modulation. a) Name the agency which administers the present system of frequency allocations. ( ) 2 b. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 46 . ( ) 2 d. modulate a carrier wave of frequency l   l ωc which are the frequencies contained (Score:1) [SAY 2011] in the modulated signal other than ωc. 7. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise a) What is the approximate band width c) In standard radio broad casting which and upper limit of operating frequency of modulation is commonly used? a coaxial cable system? (Score: ½) (Score: 1) [JUNE 2014] 6.. modulation plays an b) What do you understand by amplitude important role. (Score: 1) (Score:1) [SAY 2011] b) Why modulation is necessary in 13. Power radiated by a transmitting communication? (Score: 1) antenna is proportional to c) If a signal of frequency ωs is used to  l2 l 2 a. Ground waves (Score: 2) [MAY 2013] c.Signals are continuous a) Mention two communication systems variations of voltage or current. (Score: 1) [MARCH 2013] 14. c. Physics. Various propagation modes are used in (Score:1) [SAY 2011] communication 12. NET.. Space waves d. . In our daily life... M. a) Which of the above waves is used in the (Score: 1) UHF range? (Score: 1) b) Draw block diagrams of an amplitude b) An AM wave is represented by modulated i) Transmitter and Cm (t )  6(1  0. signal is transmitted from a source to a receiver through a medium. Which of the following is used for ii) Frequency of carrier wave the line-of–sight (LOS) communication? iii) Frequency of modulating signal iv) Modulation index a. sky waves and space waves are generally used is communication process. that use space wave propagation. Spectrum allocations for communication (Score: 1) [MARCH 2014] are arrived at by an international agreement...

Modulation is a process employed to superimpose a carrier wave with a signal wave. a) Name the two types of electrical signal. Communication is the process of sending information from one place to another by electric signals. (Score:1+2) [JUNE-2010] 16. a) In amplitude modulation. How much service area can it cover if the receiving antenna is at the ground level? (Radius of earth is 6400km) (Score:1+2) [MARCH-2011] 15. which of the following will change? (a) Frequency (b) Phase (c) Amplitude (d) Wavelength b) A message signal of frequency 10 KHz and peak voltage of 10 volts is used to modulate a carrier wave of frequency 1 MHz and peak voltage of 20 volts. b) Differentiate these signals. M. (Score:1+2) [MARCH-2010] ALL THE BEST SAJU K JOHN. NET. Determine the modulation index and frequencies of side bands.Sc. Physics. +2 Physics Previous (2010-2016) Questions Chapter Wise b) A TV transmission antenna is 81 m tall. Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut 47 . giving one example each.