Lesson Plan Format

Date : 20th March 2013

Class : Year 3

Time : 60 minutes

No. of pupils : 29 pupils

Level : Average

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Wonderful Love

Content Standard :

1.2 Able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situations for a
variety of purposes.
2.2 Able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and nonlinear texts in
the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct
3.2 Able to write using appropriate language, form and style for a range of purposes.
4.1 Able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and songs.

Learning Standard :

1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversations:
a) Talk about oneself
b) Introduce family members and friends.
2.2.2. Able to read and understand phrases and sentences in linear and non-linear
3.2.2 Able to write with guidance
a) simple sentences
4.1.2 Able to sing action songs, recite jazz chants and poems with correct
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.

Focused Skills : Writing

Integrated Skills : Reading, listening and speaking

Language Contents : Adjectives

teacher will then show flashcards about adjectives and nouns contain in the song and ask them whether they understand what they mean. students are to compose their own poem to describe any one of their family members by using the adjectives learned. Read any 5 lines of the song with correct pronunciation and word stress. the teacher will introduce an action song entitled “The Love of Mother Sweet and Marvelous” to the students. Students’ Previous Knowledge : Pupils know how to acquire the vocabulary and understand the meaning of the words and phrases in context. teacher asks students to follow and sing along by reading the lyrics written on a manila card. worksheet. . Teaching Materials : Manila card. Write and compose a short poem using at least 2 of the adjectives learned. students will be involved in writing. teacher asks students to create a card and write the poem that they have composed in the card. 2. reading.Behavioral objectives : By the end of the lesson. After that. Teacher will then ask questions about the topic. teacher will present the moral values that can be learned from the activity and end the class by singing the song again. Then. teacher selects few students to deliver their poem aloud in front of the class. As a conclusion. First and foremost. listening and speaking activities. creative thinking Lesson Summary : In this lesson. Then. Next. Teacher will demonstrate the song by singing it first. coloured paper Moral Values : Appreciate and love family members Thinking Skills : Critical thinking. students should be able to: 1. Next.

3. To stimulate students’ contain adjectives about the song schemata 2. Teacher demonstrates the action song. engage with the topic 2. Students respond to the flashcards shown. To arouse and draw song written on it. Teacher shows a manila card with a 1. To enhance their to describe any one of their family writing skills members by using the adjectives 2. To help students to learned in simple sentences understand on how to .upper  deeper  wider – broader Practice Activity 3 : I am A Composer (10-25 min) 1. Presentation Activity 2 : Flashcard ( 5-10 min) 1. Stages Activities Remarks/Rationales Set induction Activity 1 : Action Song (3 -5 min) 1. Teacher shows flashcards which 1.great  higher . Teacher provides other synonym for the adjectives. – “Wonderful students’ interest on Love”.lovely  marvelous . students to share their Examples: experience a) Do you love your family members? b) How do you show your love to your family? c) How do you know that they love and care for you? 4. Teacher asks some questions. Students compose their own poem 1.amazing  wonderful . 2. To test their knowledge and asks students whether they 3. the topic 2. 5. Vocabulary :  sweet . To get the students understand what they mean. Give opportunities for 3. Guide students to read the poem. Ask students to follow and sing along by reading the lyrics written on the manila card.

Students then share with their use the adjectives in partners. Production Activity 5 : Show Time! (10. Teacher will present the moral 1. Worksheet as the poem aloud in front of the class 2. Helps the students to activity. simple sentences 3. teacher asks students to integrating other skills create a card and write the poem that they have composed in the card. To get students enjoy Activity 4 : A Card For You learning poem by 1. 2. Teacher gives students worksheet the meanings of the about the song. Inject fun in learning . Teacher sums up the (2-5 min) values that can be learned from the lesson 2. Next. learned 3. To develop confidence show their cards and deliver the within students 2.15 min) 1. Students are to fill in the blanks adjective with correct adjectives. To test whether Activity 6 : Fill in the missing words students understood 1. Sing the song in closure to the recall what they have lesson. Teacher gives feedback about the enrichment for the presentation lesson of the day 3. Teacher selects few students to 1. 2. 2. Conclusion 1.

wonderful Love! Higher than the mountain Deeper than the ocean Wider than the universe . oh.Appendix 1 : Action Song (Linear text) Wonderful Love The love of mother Sweet and marvelous The love of mother Sweet and marvelous The love of mother Sweet and marvelous Oh.

Appendix 2 : Flashcards amaz marv ing elous highe lovel swee r y t great wond deep erful er broa uppe der r wider .

Appendix 3 : A card for you Students write their poem here .

Appendix 4 : Worksheet – Fill in the missing words Wonderful Love (Linear text) The love of mother ___________ and ___________ Oh. _______________ Love! _____________ than the mountain _____________ than the ocean ______________than the universe . oh.

Appendix 5 : Manila Cards (for the lyrics) .