Prof. James Dennis C. Gumpal, M.D.


1. Etymology and definition of medical jurisprudence

2. Laws

2.1. Sections 6 and 21 of R.A. 2382 as amended by R.A. 4224 (1965) & R.A. 5946 (1969)

2.2. Section 5 of Rule 138

3. History of Medical Jurisprudence

3.1. China

3.2. Europe

3.3. United States

3.4. Philippines

4. Course topics to be taken as modules

4.1. Introduction to Medical Jurisprudence

4.2. Anatomy

4.3. Biometrics

4.4. DNA

4.5. Reproduction

4.6. Pregnancy & abortion

4.7. Paternity & Filiation

4.8. Child abuse

4.9. Virginity and rape

4.10. Insanity and psychological incapacity

4.11. Sexuality

4.12. Drugs, poisons & toxic substances

4.13. Physical injuries

4.14. Medical malpractice

4.15. Medical ethics

4.16. Death and dying

5. Bases of grades

5.1. Quizzes, recitation (30% of raw score) - 8 multiple choice questions per module:

5.2. Mid-terms (30% of raw score) 110/100

5.3. Final exam (40% of raw score) 120/100

Recommended reference for this module: The History of Legal Medicine by Cyril your email addresses. To facilitate coordination and changes in schedule or contents of outline. readings and view the recommended videos. Class monitors for each section as well as irregular students.jaapl. 5. Attendance (University policy-absences allowed not to exceed 20% of total class hours) Total hours = 16 hours Allowable absences not to exceed = 3 hours (whether excused or not excused) 9. Proposals for projects must be related to any or some of the modules taken. indicate Section -“IRR”.pdf> References for the course is on the individual modules. Prepare a bluebook with only your student number and section written on the cover page. 8.optional and to be submitted or presented on the last class meeting. email me at jdcgumpal@gmail.full. For each page of the blue book (do not skip the back page) write numbers 1 to 8 and the module title on the upper right hand corner. for each section through your class leader/monitor.4. . These shall form part of the expected information you need to have in order to pass the course whether these are actually discussed during class meetings. send me your cp#s (identify your name and class section) to CP#09998894838 for immediate communication on matters relating to the class. 33/2/245. JD <http://www. Projects (+8 to final raw score) . 7. For irregular students without a definite day section. Wecht. MD. Students are expected to read the laws. 6.