Class : Year 4

Date : 25 August 2016
Day : Thursday
Time : 9.00-10.00 am
Topic : The Insect Investigators
Theme : World of Knowledge
Level : Mixed-ability
Focus skill : Writing (Grammar)
Content standards : 3.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to form letters and words in neat legible print
including cursive writing.
5.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to use different word classes correctly and
Learning standards : 3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print with correct spelling:
(a) phrases
5.1.6 Able to use adjectives correctly and appropriately:
(a) comparative
(b) superlative
Behavioural Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
a. identify the types of 6 adjectives that are found in a
b. identify the comparatives and superlatives of 6
c. construct 3 sentence using adjectives,
comparatives and superlatives
Materials : Worksheets, Powerpoint slides
Teaching aids : Laptop, LCD TV
Educational Emphases : Thinking Skills - Making connections
Constructivism - Building knowledge on the things that the
pupils already know
Values and citizenship - Cooperation
Language content : Adjectives, comparatives, superlatives

Pupils search for the names of the types of adjectives in the table Presentation Adjective identification Adjectives found in the text: ~Refer Appendix (15 minutes) 1. superlative previous week. 4. Pupils search and say out the adjectives. 5. Pupils recall the types of attention adjectives that they have learned. the farthest 2 (story text) short story on the LCD TV. Teacher displays the text of a 1. more interesting than ~To introduce pupils listen. sunnier than 2. knowledge 4. Teacher explains the irregularity of some comparatives and superlatives. 4. 2. Teacher reads the text and 3. ~To attract pupils 2. ~To activate 3. Stage Teaching & learning Content Purpose / procedure Remark Set induction Word search game Types of adjectives: ~Refer Appendix (5 minutes) 1. Teacher highlights the words. comparative game) they have learned in the 3. Teacher asks pupils to recall 1. the best writing activity and superlatives that are found in the text. fatter than structures for the for the adjectives. 6. Teacher displays a table full pupils’ previous of letters on the LCD TV. comparatives and superlatives that are found in the text. the most colourful the sentence 3. Teacher asks pupils to search 5. adjective 1 (word search three types of adjectives that 2. . comparatives 6.

than the boy. Production Group sentence construction Possible answers: ~Behavioural (20 minutes) 1. Teacher asks pupils the bright fat answers that should be filled in sunny ~To practise the spaces. Teacher displays an adjective Adject Compa Superl 3 (adjective table on the LCD TV. Pupils volunteer to type in the ~To integrate missing adjectives. cooperation adjective table in the previous 5. 6. The lamp is bright. value of adjectives that are found in the 4. 5. Practice Filling in the missing adjectives The adjective table: ~Refer Appendix (15 minutes) 1. Teacher corrects the mistake . bad and superlatives 4. Pupils present their sentences group by group. 3. Teacher goes through the answers with pupils. 2. ive rative ative table) 2. Teachers ask pupils to come of an adjective to the front and type in the (Objective b) missing adjectives. ~To instil the construct sentences using the 3. of paper. Teacher writes the answers on the white board. 5. The sky is brighter than the 2. The boy’s brother is fatter stage. Teacher asks pupils to lamp. The boy’s father is the and write them down on a piece fattest. Pupils construct sentences 6. Teacher divides the pupils into 1. The boy is fat. writing 6. 4. colourf identifying the 3. The Sun is the brightest. objective (c) 6 groups. Pupils identify the missing ul comparatives far adjectives.

knowledge that 2.comparative “comparative” and a 3. Teacher asks pupils to match the pupils the words to the correct names obtained of the adjectives. Fast . The fastest . Faster than .adjective lesson words and the words “adjective”.superlative ~To reinforce the “superlative” on the white board. Closure Matching the adjectives Adjectives: ~To conclude the (5 minutes) 1. that are found in the sentences. Teacher writes down three 1. 2. . Pupils match the the words to the correct names of the adjectives. 3.

superlative . comparative 3. adjective 2.Appendix 1 (word search game) v f e h i s z t g n c e s o c t p l a m e o y l r k l a e d v m m y a j m d j g i p l t n k t u a t t a i r d j c b v e a r l e e l n i t h l a d k s a m g d q r t i a s o t n m l a d j e c t i v e d p v r e f v r l e b u e k v e h q k p y s p m w j a j f g n Search and circle these words: 1.

the insect investigators went to the farthest part of the jungle to find some insects. . Pravin found the most colourful beetle there. It was the best day ever. Nurul also found a caterpillar fatter than the one she saw the other day. The day was sunnier than the day before.Appendix 2 (story text) A TRIP TO THE JUNGLE One day. They hoped that the insects they find in the jungle is more interesting than the insects they find in the city.

Appendix 3 (adjective table) Adjective Comparative Superlative bright Brighter than The brightest fat Fatter than The fattest sunny Sunnier than The sunniest colourful More colourful The most colourful than far Farther than The farthest bad worse worst .