CHEMISTRY 1B Winter ‘17- Foothill College


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Katsir Email:
Lecture: MW 6:00 - 7:15 PM | Room 5702
Lab: Section B5 MW 7:30 – 10:20 PM | Room 4814 Section B6 TTH 6:30 – 9:20 PM | Room 4814
OFFICE HOURS: TH at 5:30 – 6:30 pm in 4814 and F at 10:30 am - noon | Room 4431 or by appointment

 Text: Chemistry, Silberberg & Amateis, 7th ed, McGraw Hill, 978-0-07-351117-7.
Connect access code ( g-katsir-section-5 or g-katsir-section-6-2)
 Lecture Materials: The same chapter slides that will be projected during lecture will be
available through Dropbox.
 A scientific or graphing calculator: TI–83, –84 , -85, or –86 are acceptable. No
calculators with web browser abilities are allowed during exams or quizzes. The
chemistry stockroom has calculators available for checkout during lab time only, not
for your use during the quarter.
 1B experiments and handouts. These are downloaded and printed by you from the Foothill College
Student 1B Labs DropBox (I will send you the link)
 LoggerPro software: Details in Dropbox page (Lab folder).
 Safety goggles (not glasses) or Visorgogs® (Bookstore).

 You will demonstrate an understanding of the principles of scientific inquiry.
 You will understand the behavior of chemicals in different physical states and the forces that form
these states.
 You will understand acids and bases and the extent to which they dissociate.
 You will gain insight into the nature of a chemical reaction, i.e. what drives a reaction to occur and how
fast and far it will proceed.
 You will apply the scientific method in lab experiments to collect and analyze data, and draw
 You will demonstrate the quantitative skills needed to succeed in General Chemistry.

READING & HOMEWORK: We will cover Chapters 5, 12, 16, 17, 18, 20 of the textbook in order. Connect
assignments will count as homework points towards your grade; LearnSmart assignments are for practice
only and will not contribute to your grade. Connect access is required! Expect to spend an average of about 5
hours a week on the online homework. The access code is specific for the textbook, is valid for 18 months and
follows you from course to course (Chemistry 1A to 1B to 1C). You only need one access code. You can
purchase access separately online from the publisher, McGraw-Hill. Each assignment will indicate the due date
and have a link detailing the grading settings for the assignment.

and it is expected that you arrive on time and participate in all of the lecture and laboratory sessions. as well as failing grades on your college RESOURCES -  Dr. BEHAVIOR. adaptivelearningdrc@foothill. Any device with internet access is not permitted during any exam or quiz.  STEM (or PSME) Center: Tutors and computers are available during the day at the STEM Center (Room 4213). EXAMS & QUIZZES:  See the calendar for exam/quiz dates. Accommodations will be made ONLY for VERIFIED illness or VERIFIED legitimate emergencies.foothill. This rule applies to emails and phone messages as well. it is your responsibility to understand what constitutes academic dishonesty in accordance with the Foothill College Academic Honor Code (  Disability Resource Center: To obtain disability-related accommodations. Additionally. you should not take this course.  All electronic devices must be turned off or put in silent mode (vibrate mode is still noisy). www. DRC contact information: Room Scale Exams 63% Homework 12% A+ ≥ 97% B. or student risks a significant deduction of points. Any type of vulgar or rude language toward the instructor or another student may result in dismissal from the course. Therefore.  You must pass the laboratory part of the class to pass the class. DROPPING THIS COURSE If you stop attending class during the first two weeks. Additional absences may result in a non-passing course grade. Students who are habitually late may be asked to leave instead of being allowed to join the lecture or lab. and the lowest scored exam is worth 19%. Any student that has three (or more) unexcused lab absences prior to the end of the 8th week will be advised to drop. AND ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: You are responsible for all the material covered in this course. or 650-949-7107. Katsir . please contact me to discuss your needs. if you have plans that will prevent you from taking ANY exam at its scheduled time. Be polite to your instructor and fellow students. After the second week you are responsible for initiating the official drop process. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing at any time. .psme.See me regularly during office hours (or make an appointment) for help. then your violation will be reported and you may be dropped from the course.foothill. If you already have an accommodation notification from DRC. Failure to officially drop classes will result in assessed enrollment fees for which you are financially responsible.  Make-up exams/quizzes will not be given. students must contact Disability Resource Center (DRC) as early as possible in the quarter. ≥ 79% Lab Quizzes 12% A ≥ 90% C+ ≥ 78% Lab assignments 13% A. ≥ 89% C ≥ 65% Total = 100% B+ ≥ 88% D ≥ 55% B ≥ 80% F < 55%  Your two highest scored exams are worth 22%. I will drop you on Friday of week two as mandated by state law.  Bring your ID to the exam ATTENDANCE.

18 – Acid-Base Rxns Deadline to drop with a W-mark Ch. 17 – Equilibrium Ch. 20 – Thermodynamics Final Exam Review Mar 27 & 28 Final Exam 6pm – 8pm in Lab Room .12 – Intermolecular Forces Ch. 16 – Kinetics Ch. 17 – Equilibrium Feb 20 Feb 22 7 HOLIDAY – no lecture Ch. 16 – Kinetics Ch. 5 – Gases Jan 16 Apr 18 Jan 22 2 HOLIDAY – no lecture Ch. 20 – Thermodynamics Ch. 16 – Kinetics Feb 13 Feb 15 6 Ch. 5 – Gases Deadline to drop without a grade Jan 23 Jan 25 3 Ch. 18 – Acid-Base Rxns Mar 6 Mar 8 9 Ch. 20 – Thermodynamics Mar 20 Mar 22 11 Ch. 5 – Gases Ch.12 – Intermolecular Forces Jan 30 Feb 1 4 Ch.LECTURE SCHEDULE Week Monday Wednesday Jan 9 Jan 11 1 Intro Ch. 18 – Acid-Base Rxns EXAM 2 Q & A Exam 2 review Mar 13 Mar 15 Ch. 17 – Equilibrium Feb 27 Mar 1 Mar 3 8 Ch.12 – Intermolecular Forces Exam 1 Review Feb 6 Feb 8 5 EXAM 1 Q & A Ch. 18 Acid-Base Rxns Ch. 20 – Thermodynamics 10 Ch.

 Clean up your mess in lab. All writing must be legible. Safety Contract: Please read the Foothill Chemistry Department laboratory policies and safety and housekeeping rules. Failure to clean up may result in a lab penalty. DISPOSAL. You must arrive on time for lab lecture. This will include a title. etc…! • The report (neatness counts).  You must complete and turn in the Student Contract (provided by instructor). LABORATORY LECTURE: The beginning of each laboratory session is designated as a laboratory lecture period. calculations. and CLEAN-UP:  Lab safety expectations will be emphasized the first week of class. etc. with the date and your initials. If you are more than 10 minutes late for the start of lab lecture. graphs. Students who are not present in lab the first week of the course will be dropped. PRE-LABS:  Lab Notebook Preparation (The Notebook Duplicate): For all experiment activities you will submit a short pre-lab due BEFORE lab lecture begins. you will hand-in the duplicates of your data collection. it is at the instructor’s discretion as to whether you will receive a deduction. as well as shared areas such as hoods.  Some pre-labs may also entail a group activity that I will provide at the beginning of the lab session. LABORATORY ACTIVITIES: 1. . Once checked-in. which is used to outline important details of the procedure. • Collection and presentation of data in your notebook. state and federal law. CHEMISTRY 1B Winter ‘17 LABORATORY SYLLABUS GENERAL INFORMATION: Supplies: See lecture syllabus. overview theory and calculations. safety and a short outline of the purpose of the lab and its procedure. Check with the instructor if you have any questions. It is your responsibility to comply with all of the safety and housekeeping rules. Drawer: You will check-in to a locker drawer. An EXPERIMENT • Pre-lab (see above).  No pre-labs are required for worksheet or data analysis days. LABORATORY SAFETY. This includes cleaning and organizing your immediate lab bench area. You must complete a Student Contract given in the laboratory.  As a concern for the environment and to follow county. Mistakes during data collection should be crossed out with a single line through the data. NOTE: Repeated failure to comply with directed safety and/or chemical disposal procedures may because for dismissal from this course. proper chemical disposal is essential. you are responsible for checking out of this drawer. • Your attendance in actually performing the experiment. and emphasize safety hazards and proper chemical disposal. the bench tops around the balances. balances. After your experiment is completed. INCLUDE UNITS on all data. reagents. no later than 5 minutes into the laboratory for full credit.

data collection. Laboratory assignments are usually due and collected BEFORE the start of laboratory lecture. If you receive a truly urgent call or message. Students who do not adhere to the safety rules or do not display professional conduct may incur deductions to their laboratory assignments. quietly leave the classroom to respond to it. 2. . LABORATORY QUIZZES: There will be 3 laboratory quizzes. and a 1% subjective grade based on overall performance and adherence to the lab safety rules. ATTENDANCE AND BEHAVIOR You may be dropped if 3 or more unexcused absences are counted. attendance. If students are found to have copied from one another. There are no make-up quizzes. Lap top computers may be used during class ONLY for class business. reports. points will be deducted from the grade of ALL those who are involved!  Lab activities can be turned in a maximum of one lab period late but at the expense of a 15% penalty.  There are no make-up labs. instead a missed lab will count as your lowest lab score that is dropped. LABORATORY GRADE:  Your overall lab grade is based on pre-labs. In certain cases. Please do not talk on the phone during lab. A WORKSHEET activity consists of • Attendance (unless otherwise indicated) • The quality of the completed worksheet DUE DATES AND LATE POLICIES  The due date of each laboratory assignment/report will be specified during the laboratory lecture. Worksheets and data analysis days are mandatory unless otherwise stated by your instructor.  Reports must reflect your own work even though you may be collecting and sharing data with a partner. I may allow you to use another group’s data for partial credit.

Crystal Violet Kinetics Data Collection Feb 13 Feb 15 6 Analysis & Graphing of Crystal Violet Kinetics 06-Experiment. & Equilibrium Constant Mar 6 Mar 8 9 Exam 2 Review Exam 2 Mar 13 Mar 15 10 09-Worksheet: An Introduction to 10-Experiment. Iodination of Acetone Data (bring your laptop) Kinetics. The Keq Equilibrium 08-Acids. Gas Behavior Hours only Jan 23 Jan 25 3 Graphing of Gas Behavior Data (bring your Quiz 1 laptop with Logger Pro (Installed) 02-Experiment. Lab Safety. Investigating 04-Worksheet: Crystal Lattice & Unit Intermolecular Forces Cells Feb 6 Feb 8 5 Exam 1 05-Experiment.Holiday No lab .Holiday No lab . ΔH Fusion of H2O Jan 30 Feb 1 4 03-Experiment.Office Quiz 2 7 Hours only Analysis & Graphing of Acetone Kinetics Data (bring your laptop) Feb 27 Mar 1 8 07-Experiment.Office 01-Experiment. Bases. Equilibrium & Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Mar 20 Mar 22 Quiz 3 Wrap-Up Analysis of Equilibrium & Thermodynamics Drawer Check Out-REQUIRED 11 Data (bring your laptop) Final Exam Review Continue Worksheet: An Introduction to Thermodynamics Mar 27 Mar 28 12 Final Exam 6-8 pm Final Exam 6-8 pm . Notebook Requirements Chemistry 1A Review Chemistry 1A Review Drawer Check In Jan 16 Monday Jan 17 Tuesday Jan 18 2 NO LAB .WINTER 2017 CHEMISTRY 1B LABORATORY CALENDAR Week Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday Jan 9 Jan 11 1 Intro. Parts 1 & 2 Feb 20 Monday Feb 21 Tuesday Feb 22 NO LAB .