aliDelete Delete a zone alias

aliRemove Remove a member from a zone alias
aliShow Show zone alias definition
cfgCreate Create a zone configuration
cfgAdd Add a zone to a configuration
cfgDelete Delete a zone configuration
cfgRemove Remove a zone from a configuration
cfgShow Show a zone configuration
zoneAdd Add a member to a zone
ZoneCreate Create a zone
zoneDelete Delete a zone
ZoneRemove Remove a member from a zone
zoneShow Show a zone configuration
cfgClear Clear all zone configuration
cfgDisable Disable a zone configuration
cfgEnable Enable a zone configuration
cfgSave Save a zone configuration to flash
cfgShow Show zone configuration definition

 To create alias
alicreate "alias_name1","wwn"
 To create Zone
zonecreate "zone_name","alias_name1;alias_name2"
 To add Zone to zone config
cfgadd "<< ADD CFG NAMEHERE >>","zone_name"
 To see all the ports details
 To see config files in switch
 To add license
 To see all commands
 Switchenable/switchdisable
 Alias
 Zone create
 Add to zone
 save
 enable

like this (where applicable in this command and all other commands in this post. create some aliases for your own use instead of having to remember the Fibre Channel World Wide Port Names (WWPNs). etc. enters into configuration mode  Create zones switch(config)# fcalias name AliasSample vsan 3  Add members to zone switch-config-fcalias# member fcid 0x222222 member pwwn 10:00:00:23:45:67:89:ab member fwwn 10:01:10:01:10:ab:cd:ef  Create zone set switch(config)# zoneset name Zoneset1 vsan 3  Add zones to zoneset switch(config-zoneset)# member Zone1 zone name InlineZone1 switch(config-zoneset-zone)# switch(config-zoneset-zone)# member fcid 0x111112  Activate zone set switch(config)# zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 3 Activate switch(config)# no zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 3 De-Activate  Save configuration copy running-config startup-config To store the active zone set copy running-config startup-config To store full zone sets show zoneset active/status Displays status/active zone sets show zone Displays zone information/statistics show zone vsan 1 Displays zone information for specific vsan 1 show zoneset vsan 1 Displays information for zone set show zoneset vsan 2-3 Displays zone set information for range of VSANs show zone name Zone1 Displays members of a zone show fcalias vsan 1 Displays fcalias configuration show zoneset brief Displays brief descriptions of zone sets First. replace XXX with the appropriate VSAN number): switch(config)# fcalias name stor-array-processor-a vsan XXX switch(config-fcalias)# member pwwn AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF:00:11 switch(config-fclias)# exit switch(config)# Obviously. server HBAs. you’ll replace the fake WWPN I used in the command above with the correct WWPN for that device. From . Repeat this process for all the storage processor ports. You create aliases using the fcalias command. CISCO Procedure config t. in my opinion. This will make life a lot easier.

create zones. although multiple targets is usually acceptable. use the zone and member commands like this: switch(config)# zone name first-new-zone vsan XXX switch(config-zone)# member fcalias stor-array-processor-a switch(config-zone)# member fcalias server-hba switch(config-zone)# exit switch(config)# Since each zone contains only a single initiator. isn’t that easier? Next. next create a zoneset.this point forward. you’ll need to repeat this process for each initiator. To create a zone. See. You can create a new zoneset just using the zoneset command. which already had all the previously defined zones as members. you can use the alias in place of the WWPN when creating zones. or you can clone an existing zoneset with the zoneset clone command. Once you have all the zones created. Each zone should have a single initiator and (ideally) a single target. Add the new zones you’ve defined to the zoneset like this: switch(config)# zoneset new-zoneset vsan XXX switch(config-zoneset)# member first-new-zone switch(config-zoneset)# member second-new-zone switch(config-zoneset)# exit Finally. In this case. activate the zoneset: switch(config)# zoneset activate name new-zoneset vsan XXX Then save the configuration with copy run start . I’ll clone an existing zoneset: switch(config)# zoneset clone existing-zoneset new-zoneset vsan XXX From here. you have a copy of the existing zoneset.