My vacation trip

Good afternoon teacher and classmates, my name is Cristhian Castro and my Project is about
My vacation trip.

I was going to travel with my family, but we didn’t have much money.

Then we realized that in Lima there are many tourist sites, for example: The San Francisco
church, the hill San Cristobal, the Chabuca Granda park, the house of literature and the main
square. Besides, we didn’t need check into my hotel, buy a plane ticket or get a passport. We
just needed a camera to take photos. The stroll was very cheap. Lima is in Peru.

First, we went to hill San Cristobal. From there you could see all of Lima. The hill San
Cristobal has a cross above. This cross is very old.

Then we went to church San Francisco. Under the church San Francisco are catacombs. In
the catacombs there are many dead people's bones. I was very impressed.

Then we went to the house of literature. This place is very beautiful. Here there are
exhibitions, pictures and many books. It has a room where everything is about Mario Vargas
Llosa. Mario Vargas Llosa is a very important writer in the world. Before the house of
literature was an old train station.

Then we went to the Chabuca Granda park, in this place there are many handicraft fairs.
There we bought a chullo and a craftsman peasant.It’s the chullo. It´s mine. My father and my
mother were very happy.

Finally, we went to the main square and took photos.

In the main square is the government palace, the municipality of Lima and the cathedral of

Then we were very hungry. We went to the Norkys and ate a “pollo a la brasa” with French
fries and salad, and we drank Inka Cola. That day was very fun with my parents.

Well, teacher and classmates, I finished my presentation, thanks for your attention.