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SOLARMOBILE CHARGER dependent upon the sun. Much of the


It works on the principle that when light
falls on the solar cell, electron -hole
pairs are created in the n-type emitter
and in the p-type base.The generated world's required energy can be supplied
electrons (from the base) and holes directly by solar power. More still can
(from the emitter) then diffuse to the be provided indirectly. The practicality
junction and are swept away by the of doing so will be examined, as well as
electric field, thus producing. Certain the benefits and drawbacks. In addition,
modules are selected and worked out to the uses solar energy is currently
suitable specifications.The development applied to will be noted.Due to the
of solar charger goes from the nature of solar energy, two components
fundamental level like soldering are required to have a functional solar
lamination and making the panel etc. energy generator. These two
The developed charger is planned for 6 components are a collector and a
Volts with ma capacity at bright storage unit. The collector simply
sunlight and step down to 5Volts using collects the radiation that falls on it and
regulator.In the report, the detailed converts a fraction of it to other forms
experimental characteristics of mobile of energy (either electricity and heat or
charger are noted.Solar energy is the heat alone). The storage unit is required
energy produced directly by the sun and because of the non-constant nature of
collected elsewhere, normally the Earth. solar energy; at certain times only a
The sun creates its energy through a very small amount of radiation will be
thermonuclear process . The process received.At night or during heavy
creates heat and electromagnetic cloudcover, for example, the amount of
radiation. Only a very small fraction of energy produced by the collector will be
the total radiation produced reaches the quite small. The storage unit can hold
Earth. The radiation that does reaches the excess energy produced during the
the Earth is the indirect source of nearly periods of maximum productivity, and
every type of energy used today . The release it when the productivity drops.
radiation that does reach the Earth is In practice, a backup power supply is
the indirect source of nearly every type usually added, too, for the situations
of energy used today. The exceptions are when the amount of energy required is
geothermal energy, and nuclear fission greater than both what is being
and fusion. Even fossil fuels owe their produced and what is stored in the
origins to the sun; they were once living container