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A Stockhausen Survey
Author(s): Paul Griffiths
Source: The Musical Times, Vol. 118, No. 1614, 20th Century Music Number (Aug., 1977), pp. 637
Published by: Musical Times Publications Ltd.
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(Universal.Now.9.) Maconie. worksfrombeforeKontra-Punkte (1952-3) were Well. all attributes meansand attainment. in the When he turnsto findinglinkswithinStock. just broughtout his firsttwo Improvisations sur hausen(Oxford. Boulez' appears as a work that sets its own aims and in Perspectivesof New Music. Maconiesuggests. Boulezhad Robin Maconie's The Works of Karlheinz Stock.It is not truethatBoulez'sThirdPiano by Verlainein Germantranslation and the Choral Sonatais likeKlavierstiick XI in that'theperformer being a four-part settingof 'Wer uns trugmit begins. glockenspiel.Maconie is a discriminating and ofjazz.theCh6refir Dorisusingthreepoems mistaken. achievesthemperfectly.evenifit does proposean in the "RussianBridge"sequenceof ThirdRegion escapefromthe'point'musicofKreuzspiel whichhe of HymnenwithOrchestra'. in Adieu. Fano/Stockhausen.forinstance. 637 This content downloaded from 200. Doris (Universal.Maconie suggestsan indebtedness to one starting-point-asecond if one counts the Bart6k. fromnowhereand to have opened a effortlessly One has too.psychologically or tech- 'takes a freshlook at a recurrent Stockhausen nically. Formelfor othersor to his own. it is also found in Mixtur Formelis a greatdealeasierto understand as part ("Translation"). 141. his'Nr.In Mallarme 'which greatlyresemble the earlier his prefaceMaconie remarkson Stockhausen's Stockhausenpiece in instrumentation and mood': unwillingness to discloseanything of a particular theydon't).foranysignoftheStockhausen ofideasputforward fig. over an levelof Kreuzspiel.are sometimesunexpectedbut almost alwaysapt and stimulating.written 20 yearsago.jazz (thoughI find his thesewords.24.His invocationsof Bart6k and jazz. the elucida. notleastthatbetween Kontra-Punkte Stockhausen's laststudent composition.on the other 75p) and the Sonatine for violin and piano hand. Whatone doesnotfindis anyevidencethat illuminatingguide. Readersinterestedin thiscrucialperiod challenge onecan feelinearlyBoulez(or someearly will have to referalso to RichardToop's article Beethovenforthatmatter).Both thechoralworksare forunaccom- One ofhis laterparallels. DieterSchnebel discoveryof a durationseriesin a Glenn Miller drew attentionto that self-sufficiency whichhas numberless than convincing)and the stimulus alwaysseemedpartof thenatureof Stockhausen's gainedin thatsummerof 1951at Darmstadt. disclaiming assistanceor which.40).as I havenoted. stillsoundsutterly Stockhausenmetboththethenlike-minded Karel newa quartercentury afteritscomposition.'In pianos and percussion. smallorchestra (Universal. xiii/1 (1974). now we can begin to know better.l'.whether positively or nega.and also. cussinghis own pieces. as hausen'simmediately subsequent worksin thelight Maconielooksfar.with spiel (1951).moreor lesswherehe pleases':thereis only Schmerzen'.clarinets. knownonlyas titles.smoochilyobsessedslow movement.of a constellation of the still unpublishedDrei Lieder for alto and musical"points". willshedmorelight. bassoonsandhorns)and 12strings (sixviolins. the Choral (Universal. bearingthe and themusicofWebern. tively.thenewevidenceof stringof compositions withthesameonce-and-for. ?6.Each workis a theexperienceofanalysingBart6k'sSonatafortwo neweffort to formulate thehistorical moment.It seemsto havearrived justification beenavailableto Maconie.Moreover. is paniedvoices. Orchesterof 1952.Writing of Ylem.thereare home.25). but only in radically on examplesfromthe past or the present.butHindemith isperhapsan influence nearer unpublished non-retrograde version.Kontra-Punkte.withfivepitched summariesof the influences prevailingon Stock.butthereis hardlyan inklingin thesefirst years'. and his section'Paris. scoreand violinpart?4)-togetherwith hausenmay have been reactingto the musicof thepiecethatimmediately followedit.For a longtimeStockhausen's in is tionofthedevelopment ofStockhausen's techniques scoredfor12 wind(threeeach of oboes. Perhapsa fourthstudentwork. andthat Goeyvaerts and Messiaen's Mode de valeurs et newnesshas littleto do with the youngman's d'intensites. ofKreuzspiel. Here again one findsthe op. cloggedtonalityof the 1940s.(I can revisedversions.however.Also. The threeearliestworkswereall to some degree 1952' is a persuasiveargument for embarkon musicalconstruction at the image: the attenuation and compression.studentexercises. all.we have three thinkof no instancein Stockhausen'swritings works that antedate Kreuzspiel-the Chore fiir wherehe mentionsanothercomposerwhen dis. had onlythenbegunto compose. and interestsis donewithsympathy and insight. unusuallylong span of time.withtheexceptionof Kreuz- beginto findhistoryin Stockhausen's music.thoughtheChoralis also an essayin Schoen- someconnections whichI wishMaconiehadbrought bergianserialism.50) to assistin thesearch.157 on Sun.Onecanwellbelievethatheis. Schaeffer. when music. he notesthatit worksthathe was ready.The ideafirst appearsin Spielfiir chamberorchestra. ?1.130. chosenot to follow.Boulezand.?17.particularly theConcerto date 19 March 1951. for * example. the influence hausen'soutput.The orchestral Punkte(1952) has been work'splaceinhisdevelopment orofitsdependence available for some time.His firstorchestral work.andmostrecently of Stockhausen's output. Clearlytheimpactof Darmstadtwas 'one whohas inhabited thismusicalworldformany decisive.three In the early period this involvesMaconie in cellos and threedouble basses).wouldnothave fromthepast.A Stockhausen Survey Paul Griffiths 'Witheach of [his]worksit is as if Stockhausen hausen:theParisianoneswhichI havementioned.publishedin factlastyear. severalearlyscores. 11 Oct 2015 21:22:04 UTC All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . So too is theSonatine. whichwas revivedin 1959 (though therecentpublication ofseveralearlyscoresand of surelynotbecause.and one has to look far.above to within a fewmonthsStockhausen was to be capable Stockhausen remarks in theforeword to thebook. whichwas out morefully.InsteadKontra-Punkte 'Messiaen/Goeyvaerts. is readyto suggestoccasionswhereStock.percussioninstruments (vibraphone.

including as it does facsimile basses. with bemused disinterestor regret.50 forno. music will findMaconie's book at once illuminating Composed in 1965. in using the series as a theme for and on the best approach for performers. 3 Sing All Ye Make We Merry An EnglishCarol (XVI C. under Maconie's guidance.) Christemas with2 Glockenspiel. 'Englishversion'of the work. Hammond organ.yethe is prepared that Formel bears comparison in its kaleidoscopic to say where he thinksrealization has fallen short use of the ensemble and its free combinations of of aim (in Mixtur. thoughwitha greater Fur kommendeZeiten. Stockhausen'spast suggestprevioussuccessesviewed hausen's output that is available in publishedform.albeit highly discontinuous and regardto this last matter.19.for Stockhausen and works. ?15) I can hardly do better and the dead-ends.50 No.the achievements phonie II (Universal.on the place more swiftlyand of course on a smallerscale. III.the bulk of Maconie's workis of course tortedchoral personae in which the 'windows' into concerned with the much larger part of Stock. on Stockhausen's compositional processes for its period.six and tantalizing. even if everythingtakes pared to speculate.Maconie exhibits an tion of unpitchedpercussion. for each work.) withSoprano Solo and *does notcontain In U.ChurchStreet Vocal Part(withinstru.) withBaritoneSolo. with the melodic vibraphonepart Maconie. but also with discernment. usuallyprovidinga threadof connection. than referthe readerto pp. 6 A.130. underlyingtrustin the composer.157 on Sun. piano and harp) to make a total of 12 tion of duration when writingabout Klavierstiick timbres.It is withGruppen. 2 A Child is Born A DutchCarol (XVI C.Canada and Percussion(Dur.The theme is reinterpreted Stockhausen piece would do well to consult again and again.With transformation. also contains the first publication of the little It declares itself a companion to MikrophonieI.:2'30") 9 DuCVE and Percussion(Dur. or the problems of intuitiveplaying in somewhatsimilarconstitution.and to some degree familiar. musical and philosophical sources for particular But Formel is extraordinary.:G. bittel. so that he can discuss the serializa.:1'40") Vocal Part* 10p Vocal Part* 20p Score** ?2. TUCAPSKY No.any musician studyinga varied transformation.are to be publishedby his work demands. composed in 1969 forthe which was for tam-tamand electronics.Guitar with2 Glockenspiel.for whom Universal act No.) Joseph and Mary A GermanCarol (XV C. nearlyalways cogently. it is the dark shadow of Momente. C.a flux of dis- However. The book also includes. 5 and 7 ?3.1 11 E.understandingand analysis.He changeshis All of Stockhausen's most recent compositions.00 Score** ?2.but in fact birthdayof Dr AlfredKalmus of UniversalEdition.ringmodulatorsand a tape extracts from almost all the unprintedworks.from recorded.The text. own Stockhausen-Verlag. 1 No. is providedonly in Englishtranslationin this Maconie provides an exemplary service of intro. Ricordi & Co. critical and analytical methods as each particular fromhis 'Nr.The instrumentation is at once character.195-8 of Maconie's book Indeed.: 3' 20") a cappella (Dur.: 0' 40") Score** ?3.forinstance).the essential body of Stockhausen's music.publicationand commercialdisc The works in which Stockhausen found his way recordings. (London) Ltd. **includesPiano reduction Chesham.30' onwards. KerbyLtd.Bucks HP5 1JG mentalaccompaniment) 10p forrehearsal I 638 This content downloaded from 200. details of scoring. and with the addi.celesta. Dance Bethlehem 3C1 Music Publishers 198 DavenportRoad An EnglishCarol A Czech Carol with2 Glockenspiel.: 3') instrumental accompaniment The Bury. In reviewingthe recent publication of Mikro- but one can follow the progress. instrumental sextetDr K. a cappella (Dur.And he is also pre- differentinternaltempos.:3' 10") An EnglishCarol with2 Glockenspieland Vocal Part* 25p Percussion(Dur. It relayingextractsfrom earlier Stockhausen works. Guitar(Dur. fromFormelto Kontra-Punkte remainunpublished. varietyof woodwind and brass. This is all done with tact.00 No.too. 7 The Timeof No.As a writer the contemporaryGerman poet Helmut Heisen- on this.: 2') Vocal Part** 20p Vocal Part** 30p No.00 A Cycleofseven originalcompositions forFour-PartChorusof Mixed Voices Vocal Part* 10p Set of 5 Instrumental Parts Score** ?1.1. duction. readers with an interestin Stockhausen's for a description and discussion of the work. it is scored forsix sopranos.Guitar YODC\ Toronto. 11 Oct 2015 21:22:04 UTC All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . the perceptionof time in music when he comes istic: each of the orchestras of Gruppen has a to Carre.3. 4 Reference copies Balulalow available on request A GermanCarol (XVI C.Guitar Shepherds and Percussion(Dur. 5 Come Sing and Let Us Go To ICOvlt .K.

130.25). thereis a specialexcite- of Aus den siebenTagen.Four Die Walkiire(?320)..301-3 of Maconie's book. Ernest greatbrilliance fortwopianosand ringmodulator. It would extendthis Two pieces fromFur kommendeZeiten.and a pianosolo editionof of 1785(?32. written byStockhausen's sonSimonwhen thepoetictextsof Fir kommende Zeitenbesidethe he was sevenand eight(n. Bourand theSouthWestGermanRadio Symphony togetherwiththe pieceswhichflankit in Stock. percussionand electronicinstruments.Many wentto continental dealers.withhis colleagues mostrecentof theworksconsideredhereand the on piano. the dedicatee of Fir kommendeZeiten.000). availableon DG 2530 726 (?3. Belshazzar and Deborah fetched ?550 and ?220 -[_ I:: and a collection(c1740)of 27 songsby respectively Handeland others?380. here.Here we have the magnificent ofTransareoffered here. to GustaveDoret fromtheyears1906-15and re- scriptlyra viol tablature(c1660-80)bound with ferringamong otherthingsto L'apres midid'un ChristopherSimpson's The Division-Violist(1659) faune.Orchestra.a setoftextpiecesin themanner peace and quiet.: . lastto findmention in Maconie. : Excerptfromthelyravioltablature :^. In theSaleroom AndrewLamb A saleofmusicmaterial at Sotheby'son May11was Amongprinteditems. A manu. a non-starter like 'Zugvogel' after the superb thoughhis pieces will certainlyappeal to young achievement of Transfor orchestra(1971)..1 like much less the presented inplainmelodicandharmonized versions. recording of 'Zugvogel'.. Both pieceswereconceivedin Ceylonin choreographers to ignorehis bizarreremarkon its July1970.or to hear beforeassessingtheyoungerStockhausen's merits. now instrumentalists.59). the incompletefullscoreof %. theseconda studioperformance.).The firstbatchof self.. and thatcomesacross moredetailedinstructions.eccentricity).We mustwaitawhile elaborately worked-out scoreof Mantra.50). sternlyrecommend (?3.and one fromJelkaDelius to linesof versein Mozart'shand fetched?8200 and Beecham describingher husband's enthusiastic thethemeof a tarantella written downby Leopold MozartinNaplesin 1770andinscribed byWolfgang .. thesigned raised?750. : . powerfully on the 'A' side. trumpet in thissecondpiece.not as amateurmusicians.7 in D printedon vellum?260. butitstillbringsa surpriseto place furJunge. In thisrecordinghe FinallyI would commendTierkreis (1975). of tencopiesofElgar'sMay Song autographscoreof Haydn'sPiano Trio no. 11 Oct 2015 21:22:04 UTC All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .50).157 on Sun. Pelleas et Mdlisande and the Nocturnes and comprising 68 leavesand 138 compositions.MeanwhileStockhausen perecon. Fur kommendeZeiten (?4. playingliveat Donaueschingen..a duetand a trio competewith the whistlesand jeeringsof a not for electronicinstruments usingthe largelyplus. the himselfplaystheKandydrum. inscribedby the composerto AlexandreCingria cludingthechiefattraction of thesale.thefirstmadeat theworld Mantra. No formulating ofhistorical moments composer'sspokenparticipations.whileHans Zenderand minusnotationof theearliersolo Spiral..i A' ::VI~'t f.whichbeginswitha noisy transposable and so suitableforanyinstrument or jamboreeand thencollapses. Among various other autograph I' #: '' itemswas a pianoscoreofa recitative and fugueby Khachaturian (?500). Preludeand Fugue by Vieuxtemps of 1864(?260). plays the imprintworksconsistsof Pole and Expo (?4. Bax's musicforthefilmOliverTwist(?400) and a 1.Musik displayhisgifts. I1 1:A I I fetched?1300. totallyconvinced audience. perform at a templeceremony. S# .19.75) and One has perhapsceased to be amazed by the Tierkreis(?4.and Fiir the Saarbrucken Radio Symphony Orchestra have kommende Zeiten.the one whichbearsthe island'sname 'evidentsuitability (a rare forballeticinterpretation' usinga rhythm on theKandydrumwhichStock.75).Let me insteadadvise readersto look at Stockhausen'sensembleon ChrysalisCHR 1110 pp. His son Markus.. Two recordings tinuesto astound. Mantra (?9. J. and the house also offers a set varietyof waysin whichStockhausenchoosesto of charming and imaginative compositions.* -. Prominent among at the'ageof 15 wentfor? hour-long workof immense scope and premiere.__ : A3 ?_ . . sold at Sotheby'son May 11 639 This content downloaded from 200.The signedautographscoreand Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blueinscribedbythecom- partsof a stringquartetin G composedbyBritten poserto JohnGalsworthy ?240. haveto hausen'soutput:Pole and Expo. one of 1868 fromWagnerreferring to manypreviously unrecorded-went for?6000. 'Ceylon' articletoo muchifI wereto attempt to describethe and 'Zugvogel'('Bird of passage')... Contemporary manuscript fullscoresof Handel's :: :^ ^ :: :::""'0 :I''.a set of Stravinsky vocal notableforan unusuallyrichand variedcollection and piano piecespublishedby Henn in 1917 and of items.and theautograph autographletterswas a seriesof 17 fromDebussy full score of Elgar's Arthurfor ?3500.justsimpletimeless all teachers and The performance is gracefuland Theworkis a setof 12 melodies 'hot' as the premiere1 remember fromMetz in forthesignsof thezodiac ('Tierkreis' in German).as agentsin thiscountry. and say thatTransis one of thefour hausennotatedimmediately afterhearinga group orfivepost-1945 worksthathavemostmovedme. .p.not helped by the combination. but very seductive. .. (?2800)...thoughincludingsome with mentin a firstperformance.Even so.are playedby music.