Sophomore English

Science Fiction and
Mrs. Hardy, Room 1268 January 2017 – May 2017

How to reach me: Course Description
We will learn and refine necessary Sophomore English skills
through reading science fiction and fantasy literature. Class
 Office hours: 8:00am- activities will encourage students to make personal connections
8:20am, M, W, and by appt.
to literature and analyze the literature for the devices used to
 Phone (520) 625-3502
better understand how texts are built. Vocabulary building,
ext. 1869 study of grammar and the good old-fashioned practice of writing
conventions will improve student writing and reasoning to show
Class Website their growing knowledge of texts. This semester will focus on
https://cochranesfsophomores. reading and analyzing a science fiction novel, and culminate in a
TED Talk project on a subject of the student’s choosing.

Objectives Text – Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson
Students will read and analyze
all reading assignments.
Elantris will be the focus of our study during
Students will turn in their work
on time and in an organized third quarter and into the fourth quarter.
manner. Students will be This is a novel full of wonderful imagery,
respectful to their peers and
interesting characters, and plenty of
the teacher in group discussion
and work at all times. Students thematic opportunities. Some of the themes
will synthesize new ideas and we will study are fear, feelings of
viewpoints regarding the inadequacy, following authority blindly, and
literature read for the purpose
of finding their own place in the racism. We will continue looking at those
world as budding young adults social and political commentaries as well.
with their own ideas and

Required Materials
Final Project – TED Talks
(1) 100 page, college ruled
Composition notebook
2-3 pocket folders
Pens and pencils
Highlighters (multiple colors)
For the final project students will research
an area or subject of interest of their
choosing, and will create a TED Talk based
on their findings. More detailed information
will be provided when we begin the

Classroom Expectations and Rules
All classroom expectations and rules will be
followed by all students at all times. These Expectations:
rules and expectations will create a safe
environment conducive to learning for all 1. Be committed to expanding your
students. Along with Walden Grove’s rules learning.
and expectation, our classroom has one
2. Ask questions.
rule to rule them all:
3. Be fully prepared for each class session.
Show respect to your teacher, your
classmates, and your classroom at all 4. Exercise good judgment.

Classroom Procedures
1. Entering the Classroom

 Put away all electronic devices in backpack before entering the classroom.

 Come in calmly.

 Look for and begin bell work, as directed on the board, in your interactive

2. Start of Class

 Be in your seat completing bell work when the bell rings, or you will be
considered and marked as tardy. Back packs should be zipped and on the floor.

 Attendance will be taken every day during bell work.

 School attendance and tardy policy will be in effect

3. During Class

Talking During Class
 Questions and comments on the material are welcome and encouraged during
class, as is asking content relevant questions of your peers before asking the
teachers; however, off-topic chatter while the teacher is talking is not permitted
and will not be tolerated, as it is disrespectful and against our one class.

Moving in the Classroom

 Please raise your hand and wait to be called upon before you:
Speak, or

Go to the bathroom or nurse (use bathroom pass and hall pass)

 If you need to get out of your chair to sharpen a pencil, get a tissue, or spit out
gum, do so quietly, and at the least inconvenient time so as not to disturb others’

Behavior in the Classroom

 All talking will stop and attention will be directed to the teacher immediately
following the use of the attention words or signals:

“May I have your attention please.”

Raised hand or fist

 All classroom rules will be respected

 All instructions will be respected

 Disrespectful behavior toward ANYONE, for any reason, will NOT be tolerated.

4. Dismissal at the end of the period

 The teacher dismisses the students, NOT the bell.

o If the bell rings before the class has been dismissed by Mrs. Hardy, wait
until she has dismissed the class before packing your backpack or leaving
your seats, as important information may be missed.

o Make sure all trash is off the floor, your area is clean, your tables are back
to their original position if you moved them, and your chair is pushed in
BEFORE leaving.
 Failure to leave the classroom clean would count as a breach of our one
rule and will result in consequences.

5. Passes

 No student is to ever leave the classroom without requesting permission from Mrs.
Hardy or any other present teacher. Students are allowed to go to the bathroom, get
drinks of water, or refill water bottles during independent work time ONLY. If lecturing,
students will not be allowed to exit the classroom for bathroom breaks or water.

 Use your passing period wisely and to use the restroom before coming to class.

 If working independently, students may ask to use the library to find sources, a pass
will be written form them. Students will be given a note to the nurse when needed.

6. Absence/Make up Work

 Per Walden Grove’s attendance policy, students with excused absences will be
graced the missed day and allowed to turn in the assignment or take the test for the
potential full credit. Students with unexcused absences will need to speak with Mrs.
Hardy immediately or email beforehand, to discuss how their absence will
impact turning in an assignment.

 ***Students must schedule their own appointments to make up work. It is the
student’s responsibility to remember to do this, not the teacher’s. ***

 Students have only TWO weeks to make an appointment to retake a test or quiz,
after which time the missed test or quiz will not be allowed to be made up.

 No makeup work will be taken after one week prior to the last week of school of
each quarter.

7. Food in the Classroom

 Food is welcome in the classroom under guidelines.

 All food must be in a resealable container

 All food must be “finger food” /snack items (Please, no snacks that leave residue on
fingers, such as Doritos, Cheetos, or Takis).

 Food is not to be shared with other students unless teacher approved in timing.

 If food makes a mess, the student is responsible for cleaning up before going to
their next class.


 Mrs. Hardy has veto powers for all food items and to ask for food not to be
consumed that day.

8. Turning in homework

 Students must turn in the homework that is due that day to the appropriate period
slot when it is asked for, no exceptions.

o Late work will not be accepted.

 Absent work will be turned in to the “Absent Work” drawer.

 All work that is turned in must include, in the upper right-hand corner of the page,
full name, period, date, subject, and name of the teacher.

 All papers must be printed. Unless explicitly stated, emailed papers will not be
accepted or graded. ***It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their time so
that they can turn assignments in properly and as instructed.***

 Any hand written work must be written legibly. If the writing is not legible, then the
student will have the opportunity to rewrite the assignment so that it is legible and
resubmit it the following day.

 Any work without a name will be placed in the “No Name” drawer and it is up to the
student to seek it out, place their name on their missing assignment, and bring it to
Mrs. Hardy’s attention.
Consequences of Not Following Procedures
STEP ONE issue and possible solutions. Other
 Our classroom utilizes “Work Ethic school faculty or administration will
Points” which act much as a job be informed as necessary.
performance evaluation would. Each  Lunch detention.
day is worth five points; the student STEP FOUR
will lose these points as an employee  Referral to office for Administrative
would lose evaluation points if Action and/or detention.
deemed necessary.  Parent contact
STEP TWO  ***Any violent or threatening
 Consulting with Mrs. Hardy to write behavior will result with immediate
an action plan that: referral to the Administration and
o States the problem any consequences they see fit.***
o Explains what is causing the 
o Creates a plan to solve the Positive consequences for meeting and
problem exceeding expectations can include praise
STEP THREE from Mrs. Hardy, positive contact with
 Call to parents and possibly a face to parents, and above all, good grades in the
face meeting to discuss the discipline class. Remember, a phone call or email
from the teacher isn’t always a bad thing!

You are the captain of your grades. The B = 80-89%
work you put into your learning will C = 70-79%
facilitate you in your grades. The point of D = 60-69%
this course is to expand your thinking and F = below 60%
aid in the goal of creating lifeline learners. I
am always happy to meet with any student A Note on Plagiarism and Cheating
who would like more explanation or extra Plagiarism and cheating are very
assistance in any course material. serious offenses and will be dealt with in a
GRADES: very serious manner. Plagiarism is not
1. Grades are based on percentages of merely the stealing of intellectual property;
homework assignments, papers, it is also a gross break of trust between the
quizzes, tests, and all other assigned offending student and the teacher. This is
work. Each assignment is given an whether it is copying work form a source,
appropriate weight as designated: quotations used without citations, or
Work ethic – 20% copying another student’s homework.
Papers – 35% Cheating is also a breach of trust and will
Projects/Tests – 25% be treated as such. The offending student
Homework/Classwork – 20% will receive a zero for the assignment, with
2. Semester grades are comprised of: no opportunity to redo the assignment, and
1st quarter – 40% a zero for the work ethic that week. Other
2nd quarter – 40% consequences may include detention, a call
Final exam – 20% home to parents, and any further
3. A = 90-100% consequences left up to my discretion.
About the Teacher
I am a graduate student in the Teach Arizona program through the University of Arizona’s
College of Education. This is a one-year program which will allow me to get my Masters of
education as well as my teaching certification in the state of Arizona. I graduated with my
Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Arizona in December of 2015, where
I engaged in English Language, Grammar, and Literature courses.
My husband and I have four children in SUSD schools, and have a love for the community and
a commitment to being a positive part of Sahuarita. I am excited to be able to share my
passion for literature and education with my students and their families!

Parent Signature
Students and parents: Please sign and return this portion to Mrs. Hardy no later than January
13, 2017.

I, )_________________________________________ (student’s name) have read and
understand the Expectations and Procedures for English Class. I agree to accept and follow
the procedures detailed above, as well as the rules and expectations detailed in the Waldon
Grove High School Student Handbook.

Please have your parent or guardian read the above information and sign below, to signify
their own understanding of Mrs. Hardy’s class expectations and requirements.

Parent or guardian’s signature _________________________________

Parent or guardian’s printed name _________________________________

Date __________________________

Student’s signature ________________________________

Date __________________________

Please feel free to contact me at any time with question or concerns regarding your student.