Functional Health Patterns

1 Health Perception-Health Management Pattern:

On 2011, he had his first stroke in which there is a report of his
hand bending, he can still manage to speak but can no longer move his
hands. His 2nd episode of stroke was when he was swimming in the nearby
river and he suddenly stopped moving, he drowned for a minute until
somebody saved him. It was said that it was a very hot day when that
occurred. On his 3rd stroke, that is when they noticed that he can no
longer walk, he reports that when he tries to lift his legs, it feel
so heavy. On January 30, 2017 the significant others reported that he
is always sleeping and doesn’t wake up. On February 17, 2017 that is
when the patient can no longer speak and was vomiting. He was admitted
in Bayawan District Hospital and was referred at the same day to
Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.

In his teenage years, he likes to drink ‘tuba’ together with his
peers after a tiring day at work. He seldom smokes only when he is
stressed. He is not compliant with his medications although it is
already provided by his family and dislikes to take his maintenance
for his blood pressure. He gets his daily exercise in doing his work
as a farmer, he has to walk his carabao’s and cows every day early in
the morning.

His drinking of ‘tuba’ and frequent smoking have added to the
factors why CVA occurred. His non-compliance with his medication is
also a big part of why his condition had a relapse.

2 Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern:
Patient eats 3 times a day. He likes eating vegetables and
fishes. His favorite fruit is banana, hence his love for sweets.
They got their source of water through a nearby well. He doesn’t
feel any difficulty in swallowing. There were instances that he
felt pain on his teeth because when he was given his medications

The significant others observed that the patient has become thinner when he was admitted. skin is dry. 3 Elimination Pattern: He doesn’t defecate everyday but rather two to three times each week. During his hospitalization.O . he hasn’t defecated yet since the day of his admission and is inserted with a foley bag catheter. He has no difficulty in passing urine. resulting in the damage of his set of teeth. But since his episodes of re- stroke. He reports that he has difficulty in defecating at times. A Examination Has no change in colour before and during hospitalization as stated by the S. Visible bony prominence. During his stay at the hospital. he is still on NPO status and depends on his intravenous fluid for nutrition and hydration. there has been a decrease in his mobility which enables him to perform his daily activities. . During his admission. he is being positioned every 2 hours to prevent ulceration since he is incapable of fully moving his extremities due to his condition. He can just move his left arm and can move his legs from side to side but with observed weakness in every exertion. He is used in many works most especially in the farm which is also slightly near their house. he would chew it vigorously. Oral mucous membrane is moist and pinkish in colour with no lesions. 4 Activity-Exercise Pattern: He has sufficient energy for his daily activities because he doesn’t get tired easily when doing his daily routines when he farming.

he lives with one of his children. Since he is incapable of moving freely. He said that they don’t have family problems where he has difficulty handling. and discipline. He gets more sleep during his admission rather when he wasn’t admitted. He is well taken care of in times when . he perceived having a just enough sleep and is ready for his daily activities. He is also close with his granddaughter and grandsons. He also has no problem sleeping. But even after the check-up he didn’t get any corrective lenses. he has no memory change and his hearing and vision is still intact. During his admission. cannot speak directly. lying down. He had a check-up with his ophthalmologist when he noticed that his vision is getting slightly blurry. During his stay at the hospital. He has a good relationship with his neighbours and feels belongingness with them. 7 Self-Perception Pattern: (N/A. he is unable to move his extremities fully. he just stays in bed. He usually sleeps at around 8pm before but changes after he was hospitalized and wakes up at 4 in the morning. During his admission.He cannot speak) 8 Roles-Relationships Pattern: Our client has a nuclear family-structure. His own family depends on him in terms of financial needs.5 Sleep-Rest Pattern: When he rises up in the morning. decision making. He is still rather close with his children despite the fact that each one of them already has a family. he is being visited frequently by his daughters and granddaughters. 6 Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern: When he was still at home.

but was later on convinced by his children. All of them has their own family now and they are still in touch with everyone. . 10 Coping and stress tolerance When he is stressed about something. 11 Values-Beliefs Pattern: He doesn’t like to go to church together with his children rather he likes to spend his time to work in his farm land.he needs assistance. 9 Sexuality-Reproductive Pattern: His wife died back in 2012. according to his significant others. He just performs his everyday routine in farming. He doesn’t like to be admitted in a hospital when he was edematous all over his body. he doesn’t let anyone of his family know. but they had a total of 10 children. He hates it when he is working and someone disturbs him.