Official Publication of PICPA- Cebu | “Sharing success beyond borders.”

On July 17, 2015, exactly 370 Our team aggressively worked on the
days ago, we took our oath as professional development of the members,
new members of the board of 27 seminars for the year and 1
A culmination of a year's sterling
PICPA CEBU. We pledged to
do our duty faithfully and
impartially and invoked the
summit; linked with other professional
group through sports activities; helped
accountants and PICPAns in other
service, progress and success help of GOD. institutions with in-house seminars.
LOURDES O. CAMBONGA Personally, there was a Together with JPIAns from local
President, PICPA-Cebu FY2015-2016 tinge of anxiety in me .. . Can universities, we offered voluntary work for
I do the job? Can I match the the success of the International
accomplishments of my predecessors?
Eucharistic Congress held in Cebu and,
Can I deliver what is expected not only of
also, served during the country’s national
me but my whole team? The words of
#PICPAMORE IN THIS ISSUE: Hellen Keller enveloped my mind - alone
I can do so little, but with the Team, we
election under the NAMFREL/C-
can do so much. With enthusiasm, the Team networked
As a first step, I conditioned myself with various government agencies through
that my Board will all be together to courtesy calls, visits and participation in
achieve what we want to achieve, guided the agencies’ programs
by by the words of Henry Ford ... and activities.

The Chapter’s socio-
civic activities for the
Coming together is a beginning year were focused on the
Keeping together is progress

marginalized school
Working together is success children from far-flung
BISAYA NI BAY! barangays in the town of
10 Topnotchers from Cebu Pinamungajan.
Indeed, the 2015-2016 Board moved Twice during the year, school bags,
+PICPA-Cebu welcomes newest forward together. And with these school supplies, toiletries and many more
members (p.2) forward steps, we were able to deliver were distributed. (..continued on page 2)
what were expected of us by the ring the year, the long gone PICPA
Congratulations! National Office, directed by its
#HowToBeYouPo prescribed scorecard, with the end in “O” is for Outstanding! Ms.was
newsletter reincarnated
Lourdes “Odette” Cambonga– and
#PICPAgram evolved! The newsletter
her “Outstanding Chapter President Award for FY2015-2016” during
mind of serving the PICPAns. features theheld
quarterly Chapter events –
the awarding ceremony at EDSA Shangri-la, Mandaluyong.
and this is now featured in the (also) newly
PICPAk, Ganern! resurrected PICPA Cebu website. We are
really happy that we activated these two
This is how it’s done: important sources of information for the
Snaps from this quarter’s PICPA benefit of our members.
activities in our PICBOOK. (p.4)

See what exciting activities are lined
up for PICPA-Cebu

Vinencio Oyangoren. 10th Place University of San Carlos 10 = 4 + 6 ogether veryone chieves ore USJR USC In photo: 2015-2016 BOD Standing: Katherine Mae Migriño. in many ways touched the Team’s lives since we University of San Carlos University of San Jose Recoletos University of San Jose Recoletos took the reins in July 2015 until June 30. Ma. 9th Place Marc Ong. I would not have reached the pinnacle of my presidency all alone. Arnold 42. together. Today. Edlenne Fatima Alvez. 7th Place Shenen Goc-ong.967 exam passers out of 6. Cedric Naranjo. the long gone PICPA newsletter was reincarnated – and #PICPAgram CEBUANOS DOMINATE evolved! The newsletter features the quarterly Chapter events – and this is now featured in the (also) newly THE 2016 CPA LINCENSURE EXAM resurrected PICPA Cebu website. Edgar Detoya. 2. (continued from p. 8th Place who. never turning their backs to help the Chapter. 9th Place Kenny Tabiliran. Lourdes Cambonga. 4th Place Ervin Cavalida.925 takers 2 Dolores Tampus (not in picture Maria Asuncion Alfaro-Benlot) . To the new Board with Sir Edgar Detoya on the rein. I would like to share the award of Outstanding Chapter President with you… it will be one of the unforgettable accomplishments in my career! It was always a pleasure working with you. The JPIAns are the red blood of the Chapter’s Jayvee Anga. The membership in good standing of our Chapter has spiraled this year. ADELANTE! 10 of 16 Topnotchers of May 2016 CPA Licensure Examination from Cebu Sarah Balisacan. 9th Place University of San Carlos University of San Carlos University of San Jose Recoletos We achieved more because we worked solidly all the way. the generosity of our sponsors and the unending support of Fidel.. Other than the new CPAs added to the roster. 2016. is enjoying the “educational” generosity of PICPA Cebu. Jonas Abellar. Thus. Vilma. All our accomplishments during the year would not have been possible without the wisdom of my predecessors. Not to be missed is the Chapter’s continuous and unconditional support to the JPIAns. Dennis Mendoza. our scholar. the fun and laughter during board meetings made the nights shorter. we reactivated the Chapter’s scholarship program. we should thank ourselves for a job well done! I feel so proud and honoured to have been able to lead the 2015-2016 Team. Rex TOPNOTCHERS Becera. Marissa Baldecir. Seated: Concepcion Racaza. We started introducing changes and policies in our Office Secretariat with the aim of fully professionalizing our office in the days to come. 5th Place Accountancy Week Celebration! University of San Jose Recoletos University of San Carlos University of San Carlos On the softer side.84% Supilanas. Lucille Ferrer. our Membership team did a good job of convincing “inactive” PICPAns to go back to the fold and join the fun-filled professional development and other activities. the daily fuel – Rosanna. 6th Place Elyzzah Torres. Ipher and Arnold. who in turn are always there. And to the Board. Fidel Abalos. 3rd Place Trisha Cabanlit.1…) During October of last year. Wendell Ganhinhin. We are really happy that we activated these two important sources of CONGRATULATIONS! information for the benefit of our members. Daylin and Rolly. Sugar Sagarino. Jr. Joshua Echivarre. and to everyone Claire Pilapil.

this concept also applies to life in its entirety the main difference being that in accounting. And to officially show that for every value received topnotcher Jayvee Faust Anga gave a brief welcome these new CPAs to the there is a corresponding value given speech as a form of response in behalf of professional world. this concept also applies generations of CPAs in the country which to life in its entirety the main should stimulate interest and cooperation will spend it working”. In behalf of BOA Chairman inducted CPAs departed with bright 2015-2016 PICPA Cebu Hon. “You will no longer debit and credit. The relatively short but stimulating talk revolved around the established accounting concept of debit and credit. the heart of the event: Induction of New CPAs. from all accounting professionals. It is therefore important the parents who equally deserve illustrious guests who graced the to focus on values with positive effect recognition and gratitude for keeping up event were Board of Accountancy and long-lasting significance. Chairman) and Hon. learning. The elusive difference being that in accounting. Concordio delineate the Board’s strategic plans for degree but certainly does not signify Quisaot. PICPA Cebu held up. highest standards of ethical The program then proceeded to conduct. responsibilities and opportunities that come with it. whereas in life. Lourdes Cambonga his healthiest. it was time to be nourished with equally delightful and meaningful message delivered on point by no less than by Pamela Gay R. Concordio Quisaot. Concordio the heart of the event: Induction of Following the closing remarks. The Master of Ceremony established accounting concept of Baysa shared some of the programs that said it best.Passing the CPA Board Exam marks delightful and meaningful message Perhaps the gathering of these newly the culmination of long years of hard delivered on point by no less than the inducted CPAs was the best time to work in attaining an accounting keynote speaker. It is therefore nation-building. New CPAs. In behalf of BOA 3 Chairman Hon. Cebu’s highest ranking development. who wasn’t in aspirations of what lies ahead in the next President Ms. As pointed out by will affect the current and future spend sleepless nights studying. Joel Tan-Torres. such “figures” may New CPAs soberly professed their not be as easily determined because oath as professionals and as they encompass virtues and partners of the government in experiences. Joel Tan-Torres. the newly Quisaot. with the demands of their children’s members Hon. these new CPAs also uttered the Pledge positive effect and long-lasting of Integrity which upholds the significance. Quisaot. ceremony at the Cebu City Sports they encompass virtues and This was followed by a heartfelt tribute to Club last June 24. Quisaot. Gloria Baysa (Vice. BOA Vice-Chairman chapter of their lives. Hon. The program then proceeded to studies and character building. Dadang the keynote speaker. INAUGURATES NEW CPAs After the attendees shared meals during the banquet. such “figures” may all inductees and as a challenge to the the Oath taking and Induction not be as easily determined because new professionals to keep going forward. whereas in life. Hon. The relatively short but the future development of the profession. Gloria Baysa took charge as the everyone to appreciate the triumphs inducting officer of the ceremony and PICPA-CEBU of the present while embracing the headed the distribution of certificates and PRC IDs. who . monetary values are calculated and assigned for every debit and credit to show that for every value received there is a corresponding value given up. As individuals who important to focus on values with hold public accountability. you Hon. As pointed out by Hon. Hon. an end to the abiding quest for stimulating talk revolved around the As a representative of the Board. - set the tone of the event by inviting Hon. title “CPA” will serve as a key to the monetary values are calculated and Shortly before the ceremony gates of professional practice and assigned for every debit and credit to concluded. Among the experiences.

Rosanna Arcenas. Rosanna with PICPA President Ms. Cabulay Lourdes Cambonga and Ms. Lourdes Cambonga Cloud Computing & Cloud Accounting Resource Speakers Mr. Lourdes Arcenas Cambonga and Past President Ms. 2016 @ Cebu Parklane International Hotel Accountancy Profession Cases and Applications (L-R) Past President Ms. Speaker Dean Danny A. Aranas and PICPA President Ms. Effective Strategic Planning For Business Seminar `Enterprise Wide Risk Management with Resource SpeakerCarlos Yturzaeta . Dennis de Jesus & Ms. Resource Speaker Mr.Attendees of Effective Strategic Planning For Business seminar. Rosanna Arcenas. Elirie S. Josephine Camara Effective Strategic Planning For with PICPA Business Seminar Resource President Ms. Effective Strategic Planning For Business conducted last May 5.

Elyzzah Kaye Torres (Top 7). Cesar A. Eranio L. Ng and PICPA President Ms. Right Photo:USJR Topnotchers (L-R) Jayvee Faust Anga (Top 3). Ng Rosanna Arcenas. Rosanna Arcenas Risk Based Auditing of Financial Statements (L-R) Past President Ms. Marco Past President Ms. Clare Pilapil. Sarah Balisacan & Joshua Echivarre. Professor at Ateneo Graduate School of Business and Ateneo Law School PICPA Elections Volunteers from University of Visayas Strategic and Critical Financial Management for the CPAs Resource Speaker Dr.Ethics and Good Governance Seminar with resouce speaker Atty. Punsalan Resource Speaker Dr.(L-R) Statements Resource Speaker Mr. Shenen Mae Goc-ong (Top 8). and PICPA President Ms. Lourdes Cambonga Left Photo: USC Topnotchers (L-R) Ervin Cavalida. Mansibang with PICPA President Ms. Lourdes Cambonga Resource Speaker Mr. Mansibang. Fernando L. Lourdes Cambonga and Past President Ms. Trisha Cabanlit. Kenny Tabiliran (Top 9) . Cesar A. Marco Fernando L. Rosanna Risk Based Auditing of Financial Arcenas.

(Cebu Parklane Hotel) Thematic Area 2 Thematic Area 2 Deputy Editor Dean Estelita C. Naranjo Government (Cebu Parklane Hotel) Compilation Engagements Venencio Oyangoren Jr. (Cebu Parklane Hotel) Public Practice Speaker: Speaker: Sept. Jesfil U. Thematic Area 2 .23 Accountancy Week July 22 EDITORIAL CONSULTANT: th Celebration 4 PICPA Cebu Lourdes O. Panantaon 8 CPD units. (Cebu Parklane Hotel) Successful Tax Agent Jamilah A. de Castro Sept. 2 Mr. Elirie Aranas Mr. Cambonga Summit EDITORIAL BOARD Wendell Ganhinhin Editor-in-Chief PICPA-CEBU CHAPTER ACTIVITIES AT A GLANCE JULY – SEPTEMBER 2016 Members: (Q1. FY 2016-2017) Domingo Dennis Mendoza Jr. Commerce and Industry Edgar R. Nelson Gargoles Richelle Eve B. Marco Fernando Ng How To Be A Staff: 8 CPD units. Aguirre 8 CPD units. Baquerfo (Cebu Parklane Hotel) Graphic/Layout Editor 8 CPD units. 16 Graphic/Layout Editor & Deputy Writer Managing Tax Assessment & Collection Atty. Detoya August 5 August 19 Education PFRS Updates Financial Statements Cedric Val R. Paraz Thematic Area 2 Deputy Writer Charlene E. July 16.