Chemical division (Indirect Sales)
Paint division (Direct Sales)

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Prateek Rakesh Singh
MBA (Marketing & Sales)

Under the guidance of
Mr. Naresh Kumar Sharma



This is to certify that the Project entitled “Growel Chemical Division (Indirect sales) v/s Paint
Division (Direct sales)” is submitted by Mr. Prateek Rakesh Singh, in partial fulfillment of the
requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration in Marketing
and sales. This is a record of work carried out by him under the guidance and supervision at
Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, Dadra, during the academic year 2016-17.

He found to be very sincere and dedicated to his work. To the best of our knowledge, the
content of this project did not form a basis of the award of any previous degree or published
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At the outset, I consider myself fortunate enough to have the privilege of working under
the guidance of Mr. NARESH KUMAR SHARMA (Deputy General Manager) at Growel.
He stood my side for this work and his enthusiastic guidance support & encouragement
throughout my project made my work so much easier. Thus on the auspicious occasion of
submission of Project report, I like to express my deep regards and profound sense of gratitude to

I would like to thank HOD of all departments for providing me with the opportunities of
studying, learning and gaining practical experience in various fields during the period of training.
Their invaluable suggestions not only helped me to reach the successful completion of the tasks
assigned, but also made me learn a lot. I want to thank and all other working people in the
department who helped me during my work here.

My sincerely and heartfelt thanks to Prof. Dr Anu Prashaant for providing me all the valuable
guidance and consistent encouragement throughout my project work.

I unveil my warm and cozy gratitude to all my close friends and classmates to mention a few
close presences helped me to overcome the landrinth of adversities that came as mark of

Finally I express myself that working on this project was throughout pleasurable learning
experience. I sincerely hope that this project with its conclusion will reflect the best of effort put
into it.


I, Mr. Prateek Rakesh Singh, student of AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL,
NOIDA hereby declare that this project report is a result of
culmination of my sincere efforts.

I declare that this submitted work is done solely by me and to the
best of my knowledge; no such work has been submitted by any
other person for the award of degree.

I also declare that all the information collected from various
secondary sources has been duly acknowledged in this project.

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LIST OF CONTENTS PAGE NO. 1 Company Profile 1-15 2 Introduction 16-20 3 Objective and Scope of the project 21 4 Literature Review 22-25 5 Research and Methodologies 26-27 6 Results and interpretation of results 28-34 7 Recommendation 35 8 Conclusion 36 9 Limitation of study 37 References 38 Annexure I LIST OF FIGURES .CHAPTER NO.

No. Fig.2 Organizational structure 6 1.1 Sales and Distribution 20 network LIST OF TABLES .1 (C) Paint Plant 4 1.1 (A) Chemical Plant 2 1.3 Process Map 7 2 Industrial Marketing 18 Channel 2. 1. Title of Figure Page No.

1 Sales through dealers 28 6.1 Actual sales after discount 28 6.11 % of Trade discount to contribution for chemical 33 6. 6.5 Sales through godown 30 6.13 % of Paint godown expense to contribution ABSTRACT .1 List of dealers 3 1.3 Dealer satisfaction index 29 6. No.9 Paint contribution 32 6.7 Chemical contribution 31 6.13 Paint godown expense to contribution 34 LIST OF GRAPHS Graph Title of Graph Page No.9 % of contribution to sale 32 6.11 Trade discount to contribution for chemical 33 6. No 1.Table Title of Table Page No.7 % of contribution to sale 31 6.2 List of depot 5 6.5 Sales of goods of paints 30 6.

India has the greatest potential for sales in the world whether it is direct selling or indirect selling. In Chemical division sales is done through dealers and Paint division has incorporated direct sales to customers. customers and long term market share. This study is focused on the present and upcoming marketing trends of the selling of company products all over India.India has been major hub for most of the selling companies in the world and is going to be one of the biggest markets in the world as population is one of the major factors for the growth of the industry. Dealers. This paper shows that Grauer & Weil (India) Limited has two division i. Keywords: Direct sales. This study also focused on determining the satisfaction index level of dealers which will company to increase its sales. This paper aims to study the impact of both direct selling and indirect selling of companies. Chemical and Paint division and company uses two models for selling their products to customer. This study also focused on which method should Growel incorporate with suggestion to gain competitive advantage.e. Supply chain management. Without doubt. Dealer satisfaction index CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 1 CHAPTER 1 .

industrial lubricants. Growel is also selling their products beyond Indian Shores exporting materials to over 50 countries. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 2 1. The national sales network of the company is supported by over 35 sales offices and over 100 dealers and distributors spread uniformly all over India and all them are well equipped with skilled technical personnel.1. Today. Japan. WRS for automotive and marine industry. service laboratories in order to provide efficient after sales support to all Growel’s valued customer. It also has international alliance with company like Herbert Schmidt GmbH & Co. NOF metal coatings group. Over 2000 product are manufactured in plants and also maintain protection free environment. phosphating etc. KG (HSO). They also develop and provide engineering plants. Spain. Growel main focus is to develop high quality of environment friendly products and to provide top class services and to develop strong customer relationship. Growel Dadra Plant. Growel is incorporated with strong R&D and 7 manufacturing facilities spread over India. high performance paints. Western India . Transocean coatings. SIDASA. Germany. COMPANY PROFILE Grauer & Weil (India) Limited or Growel is one of the leading company in India and few in world which offer a corrosive protection solution across various industry segments. They are one of the surface finishing solutions providers company who offers integrated packages of electroplating and allied chemicals such as anodizing. Netherland.

conversion coating. It is a one of the manufacturing plant which has two divisions one is chemical division and another is paint division. Fig 1.The Growel Dadra Plant is located in the UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli approximately 175 kms to the North of Mumbai.1 (A): Chemical Plant B. A. The company provides various pretreatment. Competitors  Artech Surfin  Autotech India  Riko India Private Limited CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 3 The plant is manufacturing wide variety of metal finishing and electroplating chemicals. . ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. Chemical division The plants manufacture the entire range of electroplating chemicals used in the Surface Finishing industry and plant is also ISO 9001:2008. general plating.

21 B. lacquers etc. 1. The Plant is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified. The list of dealers is as follows:- List of Dealers of Chemicals 1 Mahalakshmi chemical traders 24 Bombay polishing materials 2 Karishma enterprises 25 Chemical house 3 Naveen agencies 26 Shree medical stores 4 Naveen rasayan 27 Science sales 5 Naveen sales 28 Jaina industries 6 Damodardas 29 Ak traders 7 Shreenath sales 30 RPG chemicals 8 Chandra chemicals 31 Attar chemicals 9 Bharat kumar and co. Paint division The Paint Plant manufactures various types of coatings for all segments across the Paint Industry. . 32 Munny metal works 10 Growstar sales 33 Bharat trading co. Sreekantiah & sons 44 S.P.1: List of dealers CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 4 C. The company sells their products to customer through dealers. and Industrial 45 Balaji Marketing corporation 23 Veekay Sales Enterprises Table no. chemicals and traders 22 Hind co.N. 15 Girish trading company 38 Vishwanath enterprises 16 Karishma distributors 39 Plating chemicals 17 Mani distributors 40 Gomathi Chemicals 18 Resources India 41 Sahaj Enterprises 19 Shri Balaji chemicals 42 Golchha Enterprises 20 Amit chemicals 43 Ortho chem. solutions. 11 Vinod chemicals 34 Gandhi traders 12 Shah sales corporations 35 Mahalakshmi chemical agencies 13 Reena sales 36 Shreesales corporation 14 Growtech agencies 37 Krish chem.

enamels. It has been main suppliers of coating systems to original equipment and automobile manufactures and heavy duty coatings for refineries. company also sell their products to Aerospace i. petrochemicals. putties and sealing compounds. nuclear power plants. Fig1. marine and architectectural use. The company manufacture various types of paints. fertilizers etc. It has been reputed manufacturers of protective coatings for industrial.e. various . Currently. which includes poly urethanes. OEM. marine coatings. isocyanate products etc. company paints products will also use in aircraft.1 (C): Paint Plant The company provides specialized surface treatment and corrosion protection solutions for all types of substrates. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 5 The company manufactures industrial paints which include protective coatings. varnishes. general manufacturing equipment’s.

2: List of Depot D. Each area of operation. is headed by a Vice president. supported by a HOD (HRD) HOD (EDP) HOS (PER) . 1. Planning. assisted (LIQ)of senior (PWDR executives who(FGS) ST) ) collectively control various operations of the organisation. Grauer & Weil Organization Structure HOD HOS HOD HOD HOS HOS HOS (ACC) The company (EX & (MNT) is managed by board of (CVL) by a team directors. Manufacturing. Competitors (MR)  Berger  NerolacHOD HOD HOD HOD HOD HOD  Shalimar (ACC) (RMS) (MNT) (PRD) (QAD) (FGS)  Zotul HOD HOD (RMS) (QAD) CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 6 1. government agencies. The lists of depot are as follow:- List of Depot of Paints 1 Dadra Depot 2 Pune Depot 3 Chennai Depot 4 Ahemdabad Depot 5 Ernakulam Depot 6 Faridabad Depot 7 Goa Depot 8 Faridabad Depot CMD 9 Jaipur Depot 10 Kochi Depot MD 11 Kolkata Depot 12 Ludhiana Depot CEO 13 Noida Depot 14 Indore Depot PRESIDE MR 15 ZirakpurNT Depot CORPORATE UNIT 16 Vizag Depot HEAD DADRA Table no. be it R&D. Marketing or finance. The company sells their products directly to customers through their Depot.2.

2: Organizational Structure CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 7 1.3. The technicians in the company are well trained academically.very capable team. The company works under QEOHS policy. and have a vast knowledge and experience in the field of metal finishing. Fig 1. A system has also been developed to ensure continual improvements in the . Grauer & Weil Process Map The company has established & documented a Integrated Management System (IMS) and it has been implemented & maintained throughout the organisation. well exposed to international structure and policy.

4. Accountability & Authority of Key Persons  Responsibility & Accountability of MR  Overall Responsibility for establishing. Roles. implementing and maintaining IMS. .effectiveness of the IMS. Responsibility.3: Process Map CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 8 1. The IMS integrate all process together and processes of the organization have been divided into the following three major categories: a) Core processes For Quality b) Support Processes c) Management & Improvement Processes Fig 1.

 Changes to Management Programs.  Selection of Auditors.  Co-ordination of the conduct of Internal Audits & management reviews.-Corporate on IMS performance and need for improvements. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 9  Management Responsibility .  Calling Management Review Meetings (MRM).  Co-ordination for initial review.  Response to external enquiries/communication.M.  Co-ordination & monitoring of management programme.  Reporting to M./M.  Review of audit effectiveness and closures of NCs.  Internal communication within organization on IMS effectiveness.  Management of regulatory compliance.R.  Ensuring awareness on Customer requirements within the organization.  Control of documents.R.

●Employee Empowerment ●To optimize use of natural resources like energy.  Management Commitment: Top management provides evidence of its commitment towards development and implementation of QEOHS System and continually improving its effectiveness through the process of Policy deployment and so also by :- a. b. Employee’s satisfaction and Profitability. notices and reviews at different levels and forum as also thru the Quality Policy. thru both formal and informal feedback training.  Customer Focus: Key processes are mapped using Process Deployment matrix which requires the Process Owner to identify the Customers of the Process and Requirement of the Customers. discussions. ●To enhance Corrective and Preventive Action at every functional level.  Quality Policy: A Quality Policy appropriate to the purpose of the organization has been established. ●To upgrade & develop new process to meet customer’s requirement and cost leadership. Also the processes are managed to identify and address the final customer needs and improve CSI. Communicating the organization the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory requirements. It is in line with the organization’s strategy and aims at ultimate goal of improvement of Customer’s Satisfaction. The Quality Policy is displayed at strategic locations throughout the Organization. Our Organization’s Strategy focuses on - ●To meet Customer’s highest expectation providing value added product & service ●To enhance Timely delivery to the Market. The Understanding and implementation of Integrated Management system is ascertained through each Internal Audit which is used to conduct Bi Yearly and necessary actions are CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 10 . water etc. Establishing the Quality Policy thru deployment of Objectives listed thereof.

CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 11 . All the process monitoring data are reviewed along with suggestions made by Internal Auditors.taken.

● Overall responsible for ETP operation CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 12 . ●Monitoring of On-site contractor’s activities. ●Decision of acceptance / rejection of calibrated equipment’s. as applicable. Personnel & Their Role Responsibility & Accountability No 1 All HOD & HOS ●Control of Records including their Retention ●Internal Communication within their Department/ Section ●Identification of Training Needs of the Department Personnel ●Action on Audit NCs ●Participation in their initial review Process in their respective areas ●Implementation of Management Program as applicable ●Control of all operations related to significant aspects and hazards in their respective areas. 2 HOD ( QAD ) ●Overall responsible for incoming In-process & final inspection of products.  Responsibility & Accountability of HOD/HOS Sr. ● Decision of acceptance / rejection of inspected goods. ●Identifying non-conformities and taking corrective preventive actions in their relevant areas. ●Responsible for calibration of equipment’s.

● To generate monthly requirement of intermediate. On job and need based Training ●To Organize Personnel and Security Activities ●Management of Regulatory Compliance and External Communication CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 13 . Personnel & Their Role Responsibility & Accountability No 3 HOD (RMS & PUR) ●Responsible for generating Indent for purchase of Input to HO (PUR) ●To prepare purchase order for purchase of items below rupees forty thousand. Sr. ● Management of records related to Stores. ● Overall responsible for storage of raw materials / packing materials & other consumables 4 HOD (PER& SEC) ●Responsible for recruitment of Personnel ●Responsible for Induction . ● Communication with the corporate office regarding the purchase. ●To coordinate for receipt of material from the suppliers.

● Analyzing of NCs & product / process data to decide and implement corrective / preventive actions (CAPA). ●Assistance to HOD (MKT) for marketing related activities. Personnel & Their Role Responsibility & Accountability No ●Overall responsible for production activities in the 5 HOD (PRODUCTION) organization. Personnel & Their Role Responsibility & Accountability . ● To provide required support and guidance to HOS Production. ● Review of effectiveness of CAPA. ● Review and Control of Non-conforming (NC) products and their Disposition decisions. ●Providing monthly requirement of raw material and packing material 6 HOD(Finish Good Store) ●Overall responsible for storage & dispatch of finish goods. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 14 Sr. ●Production Planning and its execution. Sr. ● Day to day production planning. ● Providing resources for works related activities.

● To increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organization. ● To assist the organization in complying with current health and safety legislation and/or regulations with the objective of ensuring that all reasonable and proper measures are taken to protect the safety and health of learners. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 15 . ● To establish budget proposals for the operation of the Occupational Health and safety and specific training programs. ● Assist top management in development. implementation and monitoring organization’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Programs and Procedure. staff and visitors. ●To investigate and report on all serious/critical personal injury accidents occurring to staff and/or visitors to Unit Head and to assist in the investigation of all accidents/incidents that result in substantial damage to organization’s vehicles and property. ●To assist MR for control of documents. Preparation of maintenance schedule for the equipment. ● To investigate and report on complaints of hazardous working conditions to the Unit Head and/or other appropriate senior staff. No 7 HOD(MNT&SAFETY) ●Responsible for preventive / breakdown maintenance of machines & utilities (including machinery associated with operations related to significant aspects).

accident prevention and investigation. ●To arrange for Occupational Health and Safety testing and/or evaluations of the workplace by external agencies/consultants as may be necessary. ● To conduct. including first aid. ● To coordinate registration and removal of hazardous waste. ● To respond to fires and other emergencies on or about the organization property. as necessary. senior administrators and supervisors in emergency preparedness.Sr. Personnel & Their Role Responsibility & Accountability No HOD(MNT&SAFETY) ● To investigate and report on complaints of hazardous working conditions to the Unit Head and/or other appropriate senior staff. work place inspections and other matters related to implementing safety procedures in organization facilities in consultation with HOD (PER & SEC) To coordinate the organization’s emergency procedures and act as the organization emergency Incident Controller. ● To respond to employee’s safety concerns. the safety inspection of any organization facility. ● To assist the Unit Head in Occupational Health & Safety Committees. ● To coordinate the training of personnel in areas of safety. CRP. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 16 CHAPTER 2 . ●To assist executive staff.

Gujarat. The organic segment includes petrochemicals. Alkali chemicals form highest production in total chemical production and which accounts for 71% of total chemical production. The chemical industry of India is also one of the oldest and encompasses both large and small scale units. pharmaceuticals etc. The chemical industry is also one of the most diversified industries which include basic chemicals and its products. This sectors covers over 70. infrastructure support are essential to sustainable growth of Indian chemical industry. soda ash has been highest share in total production. The manufacturing of Indian paint started around 1920 when Shalimar paint set up its factory in Kolkata. fertilizers. J&K. environment friendly and customer focus.e. The Indian Chemical sector accounts for 14% of total export and 8- 9% of total import of India. The technology up gradation such as availability of skilled manpower. Bengaluru. The Indian paint industry has completed 100yrs of manufacturing. The government policies such as SEZ and industrial part model of development has alone lead to increase in investment in sector. The Indian Chemical industry is endowed with the availability of low cost labour. The industry has 14% share in IIP (Index of industrial production) which give very importance in country’s industrial growth. The Indian chemical industry classified into two segments i. Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The industry has also shown their interest toward product innovation. especially and fine chemicals. funds at reasonable cost. In case of alkali chemicals.000 commercial products. dyes and dyestuff into basic. Chennai etc. cosmetics etc. gases. INTRODUCTION The chemical industry of India is one of the most established sectors of India which plays a very important role in country’s economic development. building brands. The inorganic segment includes alkalis. organic and inorganic chemicals. The geographical location of well-established chemical industries is Maharashtra. Hyderabad. drugs. The Government of India has made 100% FDI and has de-licensed most of chemical products except those products which are hazardous to environment. The Indian paint CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 17 .

Pune. Today Companies must construct and maintain a gradually evolving complex channel system and value network. Over past few years.industry is only industry whose growth rate is doubled in last 5 years. The growth of paint industry has been closely linked with business and industrial sector of modern India. The Indian paint industry is classified as decorative and industrial paints. New Delhi. decorative segment account for 70% and industrial segment for remaining 30% of paints. The paint is defined as a coating material (liquid or solid) which when spread over surface of the product forms a film on surface of the product in order to protect and decorate the surface.000 outlets in operations. Berger. Kolkata. Nerolac. The geographical distributions of paint industry are Mumbai. Ahmedabad. Karachi etc. Noida. Today in India size of paint industry is that 20. The top 5 companies make up more than 80% sales of the organized market. The large scale sectors are dominated by four players in paint sector such as Asian paints. In domestic market. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 18 . and Dulux. Indian paints industry market has also caught attention of international markets. Marketing channels are parts of organizations which participate in the process of making a product or service available to end users.

The producer and the end user are part of every channel. Zero. The industrial goods marketing channels used by company are: 0 – LEVEL 1 – LEVEL 2 – LEVEL 3 – LEVEL Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture r r r r Manufacturer Manufacture representativ r Branch es sales Industria l Dealer Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial consumer consumer consumer consumer Fig 2: Industrial Marketing Channel A zero-level channel. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 19 . A manufacturer sales a physical products and services which require three channels: a sales channel. An industrial-goods manufacturer can sell their finished goods directly to industrial customers. or it can sell through its own sales branches/depot directly to industrial customers. in which manufacturer selling their finished goods directly to the end users.A marketing channel moves finished goods from producers to end users. or it can sell to industrial dealers/distributors who then sell to industrial customers. one and third-level marketing channels are quite common in manufacturing industries. also known as a direct marketing channel. and a service channel. The figure shows the channels which commonly used in B2B marketing. a delivery channel.

A good focus on supply chain mechanism along with good promotion will help in turning the fortune and growth of chemical and paint industry. wholesalers. Sales and Distribution network of Growel for Chemical division and Paint Division . The manufacturer and dealers should agree on price policies. Various types of intermediaries are retailers.e. The manufacturer and the intermediaries need to agree on the terms and responsibilities of each channel member. Once the company has decided its channel objectives. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 20 2. its products.1. rights of territory. agents. and the environment. its marketing intermediaries. sale conditions. and the various services to be performed by each party. franchises.  To dispose of products and packaging.  To refurbish products for resale ( circuit boards or computers). it should identify its major channel alternatives:-  Types of intermediaries A company should identify the types of intermediaries available to carry out their channel work. forward movement of products from manufacturer to user.In Channels there are two types of movement i. distributors and dealers. The channel objectives of the company are influenced by the nature of the company. its competitors. The company must decide which segments of end users to be served and channels to be use in each case. The manufacturer should establish a list price and to set fair discounts for the intermediaries.  To recycle products (paper industry). and reverse-flow movements which include:-  To reuse products or containers (chemical carrying drums which refillable).  Responsibilities of each channel member.

Fig 2.1: Sales and Distribution network The figures shows the sales and distribution network of Grauer & Weil for both the division in sales and distribution happening through dealers is for chemical and sales and distribution happening through depot is for paint division. Whereas in direct sales company has direct contacts with the customers and as per demand finished goods is sell to the customer. In sales through dealers finished goods is dispatch from the company to dealers through proper documentation in order to have traceability of the products and then finished goods is sell to customer from dealers. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 21 CHAPTER 3 .

CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 22 CHAPTER 4 . Internship training was done on the following objectives:  To compare company sales done through direct sale and through dealers. Functional scope of this study is to identify which method company should adopt in order to increase its sales and how current methods of distribution of products through dealers can be improvised. OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE OF THE PROJECT 3. The geographical scope of study is limited to all branch sales (depot) and sales through dealers/distributors all over India.  To identify the dealers satisfaction level for Growel product and services.  To provide suggestion how to incorporate the best method of distribution of product to customers with its advantages. 3.  To identify which method is more beneficial to Growel. Objective of the Study: A project cum training program is a valuable part of Master Business Administration (MARKETING & SALES) curriculum. Scope of the Study: Scope of this project is limited to all the products of Growel (chemicals and paints) offered all over India.1. customers and dealers satisfaction and long term market share. This study will help company to make beneficial improvement in their quality and services in order to gain competitive advantage.2.

The sample size being used by the author in search paper is 50. India occupies largest markets in the world because of her huge population.The research is to investigate Romanian direct sellers’ perceptions on customers’ loyalty. The research paper also tells about upcoming marketing trends of the direct selling companies. The author has used primary data using Questionnaire Method. They have used random sampling method. The result shows that video releasing timing of movie is more i. The main significance of this paper is that marketing will provide boost to India’s economic development at an accelerated pace.The research paper examines the sales through sequential distribution channels. Direct selling is new marketing concept to our country. The CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 23 loyalty techniques that direct sellers use with customers are promotional actions. LITERATURE REVIEW Christopher et al. (2014):. The test done to check the hypothesis is regression and correlation analysis. personalization the relation with the client and offering stimulants.The purpose of this paper is to examine the importance of Direct Selling in Kerala (Calicut). It is an exploratory and instrumental research. The author has used convenience sampling i. Weinberg et al. (2014):. This research paper focuses on sale of product when distributed to Movie Theater and to video stores. . 24 weeks from release of the movie in case of rental video stores as compared to movie theatre and also impacts the sale. The result shows that70 percent respondents have got success on direct selling business and 20 percent of them have not got success in direct selling business in the study area while 10 percent of them are in neutral.e. The research paper focus is to identify the direct sellers’ perceptions on loyalty and loyalty techniques that direct sellers use in their work with the customers of Romania. The data are analyzed by different statistical units like percentage analysis. The sample size used by author is 31. The author has used secondary data for its study from theatre attendance and video rental stores. The sample unit is selected by keeping in mind targeted customers who involved in direct selling. The author has used qualitative research based on depth interviews.e. This paper tells about the advantage of direct selling that it is network based approach. sample of 35 tickets. (2015):. The . Bobalca et al. In this research paper author has used both primary as well as secondary data also.

This paper examines impact of warehouse management system in a supply chain.The research paper examines study of public perception regarding direct selling of goods and services in 8 different countries. This paper examines the detailed study of SCM of European countries. The .r. Sarkis et al. This paper focuses in the full process of material flow within manufacturing CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 24 organization. (2006):. Vaculik et al. put away and picking. This paper aims to control the movement and storage of material within warehouse and process associated transactions (including shipping. In this paper author critically asses current development in theory and practices of SCM. environment due to competitive marketing pressure and drivers and regulations. The research was exploratory in nature. This paper points out the way for theorist and practitioner to meet future demand of SCM and future challenges. The author has used primary data using survey questionnaire with the help of industry expert. Kennedy et al. The result shows that various gap between theory and practice. The result shows that majority of people has positive perception of direct selling. Storey et al. trends and possibilities. A number of trends are selected by author who works in favor of better SCM prospects in future and to maintain discipline in SCM. The survey has 314 responses.The research paper examines and aims at how GSCM (green supply chain management) is becoming environmentally sustainable. spends a monthly amount of 100 Ron on these products and trusts its products. This research paper consists of number of challenges existing in SCM.This paper examines the current development of SCM through identifying barriers. receiving. performance and practices of GSCM among various Chinese manufacturing organizations. This paper also describes the drivers.result shows that loyal customer is the one who buys companies’ products every month or at least quarterly. (2012):. (2004):. The author has used convenience sampling. The sample size taken was 500. The author has used sphinx survey data analysis software.t. (2005):. The result shows that Chinese enterprises have increased their awareness w. In this research paper primary data is collected through interviewing questionnaire.

In this author has reviewed 160 papers related to SCM. (2002):. Martin et al. behavioral decision. This paper brings a causal model that finds a link between relational benefits achieved by long term relationship with retail. which consist of financial information of all medium to large firm. The result shows that use of causal model shows the relationship between relational benefits and satisfaction. And thus the effect of warehousing is seen in customer service level.This paper examines the decision theory in sustainable supply chain management.This paper examines the effect of Inventory management on firm performance.result is drawn from carrying out performance levels and by enhancing productivity of manual warehouse by incorporating a WMS and cost benefits analysis. (2014):. In this paper the main focuses is on the use of AIDC technology and RFID. This paper focuses on lean management which is important in today’s competitive environment.e. (2008):. This paper aims at theory building and use of DT concept in SCM. The author has used systematic literature review. The result shows that around 60% of paper on decision making in SCM arrives from operational research and around 16 % comes from business ethics and empirical. The CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 25 . In this paper authors had conducted convenience sampling method in order to test the hypothesis relationship. The aim of this paper is to test hypothesis that makes IM so powerful which is useful in increasing the performance of firm. In this paper author has used to approaches i. textile and chemicals. This paper also shows that warehouse takes up to between 2% and 5% of cost of sales of corporation and emphasis on minimizing warehousing cost. In this paper author uses secondary data i.This paper examines the effect of relational benefits on retail satisfaction. This paper focuses on three industrial sectors which include food. Koumanakos et al. Alexander et al. lead lines and cost structure of company.e. The sample size used here are 693. data is taken from ICAP database. abduction approach which include two DT concept— Snowdemis framework and keeneys value focused decision analysis.

lower will rate of return CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 26 .hypothesis test used in this paper is cross section linear regression. The result shows that as higher level of inventories preserved by firm.

They are:-  Exploratory research design: . METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION In this research paper we have use two types of data collection:-  Primary data: .It is flexible in its approach and it involves qualitative data and investigation. 5. The authenticity and relevance of data is high. This enquiry may leads to validate the existing objectives or reaching to new theories and models. In this survey method a questionnaire is personally given to the respondent from the selected sample with a request to answer the questions and return the CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 27 . problem and project specific data. It is simplest and most loosely structured.It is well structured and systematic in design.2. During survey the primary data collected from structured Questionnaire.  Conclusive research design: . It is quantitative in nature. structured method of enquiry towards business objectives. 5.is original. It is further divided into two parts :-  Descriptive research design  Causal research design In this research paper descriptive research design is used as it provides a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the phenomena under study.1. A researcher should work toward goal otherwise research will lose its importance in the field of management. Types of research Design There are two types of research design. CHAPTER 5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES Management Research is an unbiased.

The questionnaire is provided to dealers under the guidance of the researcher. who are then expected to read. With the limit. Secondary data collected from various magazines. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE Convenience sampling was used to obtain data. This type of sampling is chosen purely on the basis of convenience and according to convenience.3. SCALE OF MEASUREMENT In the questionnaire 5-point Likert scale has been used from totally disagrees to totally agree. 5. This scale is used to represent people’s attitude to a topic. 5.is not topical or research specific and collected by some other research investigators. internet and various books. QUESTIONNAIRE FORMULATION The questionnaire is deigned to identify the dealer’s satisfaction level which is structured a questionnaire. A questionnaire consists of number of questions relevant to the research problem. This most widely used approach to scaling responses in survey research. All the findings and conclusion obtained on the survey done in the working area. The total sample size was 34 dealers. and personal researches relevant to the research problem have been included.6. For the collection of secondary data various articles and researches from news journals. Graphs like tabular graph and line graph CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 28 .questionnaire. understand and tick down the reply in the space meant for answering various questions in the questionnaire itself. Tabular analysis and percentages 2.4. company internal records. I tried my best to select the sample representative of the whole group. printed or typed in a definite order on the form or sets of forms. 5. It can be collected quickly by decision maker in short span time.  Secondary data: . 5. METHODS USED FOR DATA ANALYSIS The collected data is analyzed by two ways:- 1.5.

 The graph shows that actual sales of goods for five after providing discount to dealers.3.1: Actual sales after discount 6.1: Sales through dealers Graph no 6.2. Dealer/distributors satisfaction survey report .1.  The graph shows that sales of goods for five years increasing when they are selling through dealers. Chemical Division (Sales through dealers) Table no 6. Interpretations  The table shows that average percentage of trade discount to sale is 11.6%.6% which means that company providing discount to their dealers with an avg. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 29 6. of 11. CHAPTER 6 RESULTS & INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS 6.

Paint Division (Direct sales) . Sum of % total Of dealer 2931% satisfaction level Sum of % total of dealer Dealer satisfaction Index satisfaction level ↓↓ Total No. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 30 6.4.22% which is an acceptable index as 85% index level is being set by company.3: Dealer satisfaction index 6. This is done to increase dealer satisfaction by providing right quantity on right time delivery. of Dealers 2931 86. So.5. the calculated index is above standard index which is good enough. Interpretations The table shows that dealer satisfaction index is 86.22% 34 Table no 6.

Table no 6.5: Sales through godown Graph no 6.  The graph shows that company selling directly to customer has also increased the sales for each year but during 2015-2016 sales almost double because of new customer attracting to company products.44% which means when company selling their products through depot their depot expenses is less when we compared it with chemical.6.7.  This shows that company direct sales are much superior to company sales through dealers.5: Sales of goods of paints 6. Interpretations  The table shows that sales of goods and depot expenses which means company selling their products directly to customers. Chemical Contribution .  The table also shows that average percentage of godown expenses to sale is 8. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 31 6.

8.24% which means that company when selling through dealers their contribution is more. Ta ble no 6. Interpretations  The table shows that average percentage of contribution to sale is 47.7: Chemical contribution Graph no 6.  The graph shows that contribution to sales is increasing each year. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 32 . more contribution leads to company is in profit.7: %of contribution to sale 6. Hence.

10. PaintContribution Table no 6.  The graph shows that percentage of contribution to sale is almost same for four years but at fifth year increases as sales increases because of introduction to new customers. Hence a direct sale is more beneficial to company as compared to sales through dealers. 6. which means chemicals sales through dealers is more profitable than direct sales.9.47%.  When we compare the average percentage of contribution to sale of chemical with paint the contribution to sale of chemical is more. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 33 . But we can see in the graph also for fifth year contribution to sales increases drastically because of direct sales.9: %of contribution to sale 6.9:Paint contribution Graph no 6. Interpretations  The table shows that average percentage of contribution to sale is 34.

13% which means trade discount Company giving to dealer’s w.11.12. 6.13. Interpretations  The table shows the average percentage of trade discount to contribution is 28.r.11: Trade discount to contribution for chemical Graph no 6.  If average percentage of trade discount to contribution is less than company is in profit. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 34 6.t their contribution. Paint Godown expense to Contribution . Chemical trade discount to Contribution Table no 6.11: % of Trade discount to contribution for chemical 6.

14.13: % of Paint godown expense to contribution 6. percentage of godown expenses to contribution is less i. Interpretations  The table shows the average percentage of godown expenses to contribution is 24.e.  When comparing company both divisions. Table no 6. This shows that direct sale is more beneficial to company as compared to selling through dealers.  The graph shows that percentage of godown expenses to contribution remain same for four years but for fifth year drops to 22% which means through depot expense is less and sales is more. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 35 .24% which means that if company selling directly to customers through depot.13: Paint godown expense to contribution Graph no 6.13%.24% as compared with chemical which is 28.

e) This will eliminate the role of middlemen which will leads to lower distribution cost which will enhance the profitability of the organisation. The company should also switch their chemical products sales from dealers to direct sale to customer in order to gain competitive advantage. c) The promotion of the product the direct to customer and its feedback can be easily available but in dealers in won’t be much effective. j) This will help organisation to maintain customer relationship as organisation depends on the loyalty of the customer as long as customer requirement are met. g) Organisation need to maintain the warehouse to store the product and its delivery. CHAPTER 7 RECOMMENDATIONS As Grauer & Weil (India) Limited has two division i. specialized and complex products this kind of business model most suitable and profitable. As per our results and interpretation direct sales to customers is more beneficial to company than through dealers. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 36 CHAPTER 8 CONCLUSION . d) It will be easy for the company to explain the profile of the product to customer and through dealers it may not be effective. h) As company produces more technical. It can read and understand the customer needs which can’t be possible sales through dealers. customers and long term market share. b) Organisation can feel the changing taste of the customer and can take timely action.e. chemicals and paint division in which chemical division is using sales through dealers and paints sales through Depot. If company will switch their chemicals indirect sales to direct sales they will have following advantages which are:- a) Organisation will remain in touch with the customer. i) The communication between customer and organisation will be more effective. f) This will to understand the perceptions of the customers towards offerings and changing.

 From the third objective it concludes that company is also focusing on dealer’s satisfaction level in order to increase the sales of the company. And they have done their best to maintain the dealer satisfaction level by responding to their problems.  The company should also switch their chemical products sales from dealers to direct sale to customer in order to gain competitive advantage. . And this is done by increase dealer satisfaction by providing right quantity on right time delivery.  From the second objective it concludes that direct sales is more beneficial to Growel than sales through dealers because it leads to lower distribution cost which will enhance the profitability of the organisation.  From the first objective it is concluded that both divisions had an increase in sales of goods but in case of paint division sales of goods increases i. CHEMICAL DIVISION V/S PAINT DIVISION 37 CHAPTER 9 LIMITATION OF STUDY  The finding of the study may not be applicable to other places except Dadra Unit.e. customers and long term market share. almost doubled due to direct sales because in that godown expenses incurred is less as compared to trade discount given to the dealers in case of chemical division sale of goods.

REFERENCES Text Books:-  Ramaswamy V S. published by MACMILLAN Business Books. .  The respondents were too busy to give exact answer to all questions.  There are chances of sampling error. 3rd edition. “Marketing Management”.  Chances of biased data collections to respondents.  Some working section has only authorized entry so I was unable to collect data from this section.  There is chance of under estimation of sales and income as it is the nature of human beings. Namakumari S.

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22 Chemical House Chandigarh 100% 23 Shah sales Mumbai 100 % Our pending dispatches. We need separate technical person for Madurai. Sometimes we receive in open condition. Trichy chemist is working for Trichy dealer only. 70% 7 Resources India Trichy 76 % Huge loss due to technical complaint in Grow clear Theta. 86% 5 Udyogic rassayan Ghaziabad 98% 6 Naveen Sales Faridabad. 3 Krishma Distributers New Delhi 82% 4. No Technical support in this area. Shreekant & Bangalore 74 % Care to be taken for in producing packing of son cartoon Box. Trichrome Hb 1701. small quantity corporation to not dispatch or send incorporate other ocs. Document delivered late by courier & sometimes bills send to other dealer. Naveen Rassayan Gurgaon. If the material are executed then all the relevant documents must be forwarded directly dealer & not through regional offices. 13 Plating Chemicals Chennai 96% 14 Resources India Chennai 70% 1. N.g.50% 1.Bharatkumar & Malad 88 % com 18 Mahalakshmi Chennai 88 % chemical agencies 19 Grow Star sale Pune 94 % 20 Munny Metal Works Chandigarh 98 % 21 Shree Medical store Varanasi 78 % Against full advance payment. We are not getting hard copy of o. Surfix Zn 602. Is he approved to satisfy trichy dealer only. Metal- 2. 8 Shri Balaji Chemicals Coimbatore 76 % We need some chemicals packing lit instead of kg (E. When create problem for us formerly in were getting the same 10 Dynachem Baroda 90% 11 Krish Chem Vapi 96% 12 B. 24 Krish Chem Vapi 90 % 25 Girish Pune 66 % 1. & price list which is required most important us.Balance. Trichrome Hb 2203 C) 9 Amit Chemical Ahmadabad 94% 1. 1 Shreenath sales Nasik 86% corporation 2. Passivation products problem . Passivation problem Zinc fix Olive 952 & Trichrome Hb 1720 in 5 ltr packing. Bombay polishing Madurai 82.Some products packing in bags are not properly specially proper packing products 2.c. 2. 15 Gomati Agencies Madurai 90% 16 Veekay sales Mumbai 98% 17 K. level.

C.00% Sum of % total Of dealer satisfaction level 2931% Sum of % total of dealer satisfaction level Dealer satisfaction Index Total No. 27 Krish Chem Vapi 94. for 303/303 in future.00 % 1. Till you do not get L. Due to mail of GP every day the system have improved more than required. 29 Science sales Sonepat 100. Which receive from transport. & Trichrome hb 1720. of Dealers ↓↓ 2193 86. 31 Munny Metal works chandigargh 80. We are easily complete the requirement of sale tax dept. 2.00% Remark: . Trichrome 1000. Trading company. 3. 26 Growtech agencies Malad 70 % 1.94% 28 Dyna Chem Baroda 86. 2.Kindly arrange to dispatch the material as per our urgent requirement.R Xerox copy enclosed with bills.-we have to phone & remind to mail for Q. Test certificate not received.00% 30 Growtech Agencies Malad 72. I am suffering important item (as per our) requirement not in stock when our urgent requirement for our loyal Part.P as soon as material id dispatched. Till we do not get our documents.2188 34 . Not receiving the L. 2. (CC attached. Every day we are getting the G. It is just like online. Lr copies not received within time.) We are very happy with the system of finding email from system. Document delivered late by Professional courier.R copy from us.00% 32 Reena sales Mumbai 98.00 % 33 Shreenath sales Malad 84. We have to phone and ask for Xerox copy where LR is attached.00 % 34 Gandhi traders Pune 80. 3.