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The USPF Rizaliana Museum is the home of the The Rizaliana museum holds a number of alluring

biggest collection of Rizal’s artifacts and memorabilia fascinating and intriguing artifacts that really caught our
outside Manila. It came to existence in 1952 when interest. It was hard for us to choose just five, and it was
Rizal’s sister, Doña Trinidad happened to visit Cebu even harder for us to rank them. But in the end, we chose:
The Rizal Family Tree, Original Sketchbook of Dr. Jose Rizal
bringing with her the personal belongings of the late
with Josephine Bracken as the model, KKK Flag, Photos of
hero. It was on February 11, 1951 that she promised to
Dr. Jose Rizal at different ages and the Manuscripts of the
donate some of the personal belongings of his brother. Noli Mi Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The fifth in rank is the
Her niece, Concepcion Herbosa, daughter of Mariano Rizal Family Tree. This is located across the entrance of the
Herbosa and Lucia Rizal, was married to the former museum. It was interesting to see the names of the Jose
USPF vice president, Escolastico Duterte. At the Rizal’s relatives in detail. Fourth in rank is the original
entrance of the museum, you will be greeted by a sketchbook with a portrait of Josephine Bracken. It is
wooden carving of Dr. Jose Rizal sculpted by a located at the center right, the last shelf beside the KKK flag.
Cebuano local, Dr. Ramon Abellana, from Carcar City. It was amazing to witness an artwork of our national hero.
It was completed on May 22, 1960. Among others, the Third in rank is the KKK flag. This is located at the center of
the museum. It was an honor to see the symbol that gave us
museum contains the national hero’s wardrobe – shirts,
the freedom we are enjoying today. It gave us an incredible
undershirt and breaches, postcard collection,
feeling of patriotism and love for our beloved country. The
photograph of the Noli Me Tangere and El
second in rank is the frame containing the photographs of
Filibusterismo manuscripts, letters to friends and Jose Rizal at different stages. It was amazing to see
colleagues, sketch of Josephine Bracken, etc. It also firsthand the change of Rizal’s physical appearance over the
holds photographs of Jose Rizal’s at different ages, his years, rather than just reading it in history books. The first in
family, his colleagues, his eye instruments, academic rank is the glass containing the manuscripts of Noli Me
records, and handwriting samples. In 1961, the Jose Tangere and El Filibusterismo. This is located in the right
Rizal Centennial Commission declared the University side of the museum, beside the glass containing the original
of the Philippines Foundation Rizaliana Museum as a sketchbook of Rizal. We were able to appreciate this the
national shrine. most since our course subject focuses on these two

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