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Limited Review Report of Adcon Capital Services Limiited
Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Pursuant to the
Disclosures Requirements)
Regulations, 2015

Board of Directors of
Adcon Capitat Senrices Limited

we have reviewed accompanying statement of unauditr:d financial
ADcoN CAPITAL sERvrcEs results of
r,rMrtgD for the Quarter and Nine Month ended 31$
Der:ember,20'J-6. This statement is the responsibiliy
of the company,s Management
and has been approved by the Board ,cl'directo."."
report on these financial statements bersed on
or. responsibility is to issue a
our review.
we conducted our review in accordance with the Standard
(sRE) 2410' Reuieu of Interim Financial statements performed. on Review Engagement
Auditors of the Entitg issued by the Institute or bg Ind.epend.ent
This standard requires that Crr*t.red .Accountants of India.
plan and perform the revie'' to obtain moderate
assurance as to u'hether the financial statements are free of nraterialmisstatement.
A rr:view is limited primarily to inq-uir;ies- of cornpa,'y
proisedure applied to financial data.
personnel and an analytical
errd thus provides less assurance than an
audit' we have not performed an audit u.a.".orii"gry,
opinion, we do not express an audit

Based on our review conducted as above, nothing
has come to our attention that
causes us to believe that the accofiipanying slatement
results are prepared in accord.ance witti upiti"ilt" of unaudited financial
accounting; standards and other
recc'gnized accounting practices and p,lticies
reqrtired to be disclosed in terms of Regulation
has not disclosed the information
ss oi tne sEeu &rJi;; obligations
and Disclosure Requirements), 2015 including the
manner in which it is to be
disclosed, or that it contain" *y materiar misstatement.

For M/s. tiupta Saharia & Co.
Charrtered Accountants
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ttit ' - ';:tji
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Date: l4.O2.2OLz Partner
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