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Professor (Grandmaster) ADEFIOYE Sunday Adewumi
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The theory of land use is divided into two parts – the developmental theory of land use (first theory)
and the spatial land use theory (the second theory). The Theory of Developmental Land Use states
that land use is directly proportional to political and socio-economic responsibilities/development
of an area. That is, land use of a place tends to increase due to the level or increase of the area's
political and/or socio-economic responsibilities and/or activities – the higher the level of the
political and socio-economic responsibilities/activities of an area the more the needs for structural
land use hence intensity of various related land use in the area. This is the first theory of land use
also known as the theory of developmental land use. The second theory of land use also known as
the Spatial Land Use Theory states that the extent of anthropogenic land use is inversely
proportional to the spatial extent of natural land cover e.g. Vegetation. The theory further asserts
that human presence and activities over a long period of time tends to reduce non-rocky surface
elevation of an area by accelerating the process of weathering merely due to human presence or
more proactively human activities.

Keywords: Theory of land use, developmental land use, spatial land use theory, spatial extent,
anthropogenic land use, land cover, political, socio-economic, first theory of land use, second
theory of land use, remote sensing, environmental management, geoinformation sciences

Type of Theory (Genre)/Area of Applications: Remote Sensing and Environmental Management

Adefioye Sunday Adewumi (2013): "Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Pattern Along River
Benue Channel in Adamawa State, Nigeria” Published in the Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary
Studies. Volume 2, No 5, Special Issue, July 2013. ISSN 2281-3993(print), ISSN 2281-
4612(online). Mediterranean Center for Social and Educational Research (MCSER)-Co-operative
Education Materials Advisory Service (CEMAS), Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. Pp 95-107.

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