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Professor (Grandmaster) ADEFIOYE Sunday Adewumi
Pratibha Systems Int'l

Theory of Urbanisation states that urbanisation is a transformational process that depicts the
growth of human communities which usually starts with a distinct and specific pattern or direction
of development through emergence or development of structural components of development
relating to the pattern or direction of development. And the initiating pattern or direction of
development facilitates or attracts the emergence and development of complementing or secondary
pattern of development. The theory of urbanisation further asserts that every phase or level in the
process of urbanisation with its inherent components (or attending structural and non-structural
components of development) would exert an impact (impact of development) on both animate
(people and other life forms) and inanimate (environment) of the area or location of urbanisation.
And to curtail severity of the negative impacts of such urbanisation, consideration of sustainability
measures (sustainability of development) becomes imperative. Also according to the theory, an
urban area is essentially defined by its dominant pattern/direction of development and inherent
components of development which can be measured by the type, presence, quality, and size of
developmental criteria/variables such as population, infrastructure, social amenities, and social,
economic and political structures among several others.

Keywords: Theory of Urbanisation, Urban Development, growth, human communities, pattern of

development, components of development, Urban, impact of development, sustainability of
development, the four process model, urban variables

Type of Theory (Genre)/Area of Applications: Urban Development

Adefioye Sunday A, (2016): The Conceptual Model for Sustainable Urbanization and Urban
Development: Theory and Practice. ISBN (13) 978-978-52464-9-0; Published by SDX Publishing
Intl. First Draft 23rd June 2016. Revised and Expanded August 2016. Preview copy available at

Professor (Grandmaster) ADEFIOYE Sunday Adewumi
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