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Written and Designed by: Matt Forbeck
Editing: Hal Mangold
Cover: Zeke Sparkes
Interior Art: Jim Callahan, Mike Chen, Kim DeMulder, John Grigni,
Don Hillsman, Ashe Marler, Nick Napolitano, Richard Pollard,
Kevin Sharpe, and Mike Sellers
Computer Coloring: Chuck Croft, Chris Impink,
Kevin Sharpe, Zeke Sparkes, and Matt Tice
Graphic Design: Matt Forbeck, Charles Ryan, and Zeke Sparkes

Special Thanks to: Amber Bucheit, Rachel Butterworth, Ken Carpenter, Frank
Chafe, Martin Forbeck, Marcelo Figueroa, Leticia Hayler, Michelle, Caden, and
Shane Lacy Hensley, Christy and John Hopler, Ann Kolinsky, Ray Lau, Jim
Pinto, Dave Seay, Matt Tice, Jennifer Wick, Maureen Yates, John Zinser, and
John and Mary Zinser.

Playtesting: Eric Allan, Chet Bacon, Mario Lee Bansen III, Kevin Boerwinkle,
Arron Cattle, Jim Crocker, Marcelo Figueroa, Paul Filsinger, John Goff, Kevin
Gormely, James Gormley, Andy Grim, Chris Hawkins, Michelle Hensley, Shane
Lacy Hensley, John Hopler, Eric Hurst, Mark Ingraham, Charles Ingram,
Gilbert Isla, Patrick Kapera, Vince Knuffman, Michael A. Letendre, Lucy Lewis,
Shannon R. Lewis, Chris Libey, Ashe Marler, Aaron McConnell, Greg McNutt,
Scott Michael, Andrew Morris, Brock Moses, Randy Moses, Tim Nanzer, Jason
Olivier, Jason Park, Jim Pinto, Jess Ray, C. David Ross, Robert Scott, Alan
Seyberth, Ralph Shelton, Eric Sofer, Bob Sohl, Zeke Sparkes, Annaleise
Stehwein, Rob Stehwein, William Steinmetz, Simon Stroud, Kevin Swibaker,
Matt Tice, John Wick, James Williams, Dave Wilson, and Kevin Wilson.

Dedicated to: Marty, who's made my world a little braver.

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THI END Of PATRIOT! ..................... 5 Picking a Showing the Fight .............. 140
Power Package ............ 61 Moving .................................. 141
Picking Tricks .................... 61 Moving on a
ENTERING DELTATlMIs.cOM .......... 12 Buying Gear ...................... 61 Held Action ................ 141
Welcome ................................. 13 Creating a Hero .... .......... .. 62 Sprinting ............. ... .......... 141
What We're About ................ 13 l. Assign traits .................. . 62 Getting Down-
Who We Are ........................... 14 2. Pick Skills ....................... 62 and Back Up Again ... 142
Who You Are .......................... 14 3. Pick Quirks .................... 62 Leaping .. .... ......... ............. 142
Decisions ................................ 33 4. Pick a Power Package .. 63 Lifting and Moving .... ... . 142
Being a Defiant ..................... 43 5. Pick Tricks .... ............. ..... 63 Attacking .............................. 143
A Defiant Life ........................ 44 6. Select Gear ......... ....... ..... 63 Ranged Combat
Our Mission ........................... 47 Blank Hero Sheet .................. 64 Attacks ............................. 143
Shooting ........................... 143
(HAPTER ON(: Am~!I11W~§ ocuxxxxu=xo=.= = = ®§ Line of Sight ........... ..... .... 143
Ranged Weapons ................ 144
WHAT YOU NUD TO KNOW .... 49 Ranged Attack Modifiers .. 145
This Is a (HAPTER THRH: Different Weapon Types ... 146
Roleplaying Game .......... 49 THE BASIC MECHANIC. ............ 81 Firing a Burst .... ............. .. 146
The Gist of It ......................... 49
Setting a Target Multiple Targets .............. 146
What You Need to Play ........ 50
Number ............................. 81 Shotguns ......... .. ....... ..... ... 146
This Book ............................... 50
Extra Successes & Tricks .. 82 Explosives ............................ 147
How to Use this Book ...... 50
Opposed Rolls .... .............. . 82 Deviation .............................. 148
Brave New Secrets ............ 51 Direction .......................... 148
Disasters ............................. 82
The Road Goes Ever On .. 51 Distance ........... ................ 149
Automatic Successes ....... . 83
Finding Our Products ...... 51
Jargon ...................................... 83 Two-Handed
Pencils ..................................... 52
Weapons .......................... 149
The Dice ................................. 53
Dice Codes ........ ................ . 53 (HAPTER fOUR: Bystanders ............................ 149
Stray Bullets ...... ....... ... .... 149
Reading the Dice ........ ...... 53 GUYING THE JOB DONI ......... 85 Human Shields ............... 149
The Players ............................. 54 Sub skills ................................. 85 Ranged Combat
A Wild Imagination .............. 54 Basic Skills ............................. 85 Maneuvers ...................... 150
Guiding .................................. 54 Recommended Skills ........ 86 Aiming ...... ... .................... 150
Guide as Storyteller .......... 55 Swapping Skill Points ......... 86 Called Shots ..................... 150
Guide as Judge ............... ... 55 Skill Modifiers ...................... 86 Disarming ........................ 150
The Hero Sheet ...................... 57 The Skills ............................... 86 Hipshooting ...... .. ............ 150
Quick Draw ..................... 150
(HAPTER TWO: (HAPTER flVI: Reloading ........... .............. 151
WHAT IT TAKES THE WILL -ROUNDED HERO .... lB Speed-Loading .............. .. 151
Firing with the
TO BI AHIRO ........................ 51 Roleplaying Quirks ............ 113 Off-Hand ..... ............... 151
The Profile ............................. 58 The Quirks ........................... 114 Using Two Weapons ...... 151
Traits ............. ................. .... . 58 Status Quirks ................... 114 Thrown Weapons ................ 151
Diceless Traits ................... 58 Standard Quirks ........ ..... 115 Ranges .............................. 152
Skills .... .. ................ .. .......... . 59 Range Increments ..... ...... 152
Trait Rolls .................... ....... 59 (HAPTER SIX: Close Combat
Unskilled Rolls ...... ... ....... .. 59
Quirks .................. .............. 59
THE BIG THROWDOWN .......... 131 Attacks ............................. 152
Defensive Bonuses .... ..... 152
Powers .................. ............ .. 59 Surprise ................................ 137
Close Combat
Tricks .................................. 59 The Combat Round ............ 137
Maneuvers ...................... 153
Creating a Hero ..................... 60 The Order of Combat ......... 138
Charging ................ ........ .. 153
The Archetypes ..................... 60 Actions .................................. 138
Disarming ........................ 153
Creating Your Simple Tasks ... .............. ... 138
Rushing an Attack .......... 153
Hero from Scratch ........... 60 Short Tasks ................. ..... . 139
Off-Hand Attacks ........ ... 154
Assigning Traits ........ ........ 60 Long Tasks ...... ...... ... ...... .. 139
Two-Fisted Brawling ..... . 154
Picking Skills ......... ... ..... .... 61 Classifying Tasks ............ 139
Dodging ................................ 154
Picking Quirks ............ ...... 61 Holding an Action .............. 140
Using a Held Action ....... 140

.... .... 177 Own Stories ...... 184 Handling the Extras ............................................................. 197 Weapon Damage ............. 155 WHAT MAKES HANDBOOK ............. 158 Gadgeteer ... 173 The Guide's Duty ...................... 164 You Are the Enemy ............. 162 The Gear Tables . 201 Wound-Effect Modifiers ......................................... .......... 200 Dismemberment .......... ........... .................................. 172 The Guide's World ............. 180 Awarding Stun ................ 158 The Mimic Totem ..................... 165 Only a Flesh Wound ............... 163 The Guide's Duty . 195 Damage .............. 182 The Guide's Recovery ................. ..... 159 Goliath ..................... 205 Smoke and Fire ... 160 Healer . 180 Experience Points .................. 179 The Setup .... 191 (HAPTER THIRTEEN: The Abuse of Power ............. 158 The Totem . .................... 198 Armor .. ...... 175 Adventure ..... 191 Making Your Own The Guide's Job .... 206 On the Mend .............. 193 Drive-Bys ............................................. 192 The Need for Speed ............................... 155 Bare-Handed Damage ............... 193 Crunch! ..................... 163 (HAPTER TEN: What's Really See the Doctor ....... 174 Running an Shields ..... 164 LIBERTY OR DUTH! ... 161 Drowning Initiative ............. 176 The Saga ....... ......... 155 ADELTA ADELTA ........................... .... 194 Experience and Roleplaying ...................... 201 Stunners .. 194 Having Fun . ....... 193 Experience Points ................... 173 Assembling a Team .... 162 Improvised HERO NEEDS ... .. 197 Head Shots ................................. Your Hands ........................................ 202 to Get Hurt .... 161 Experience Points ..................... 162 Financing . .......... 169 Experience Points ....................... ............. 156 Bargainer ...... 154 (HAPTER EIGHT: THE GUIDE'S Cover .... 200 Death and Maintaining a Gadget .... 158 The Delta Totem . 2B Turning ..................................... 205 Healing ................................................................... 192 THE USUAL SUSPECTS .............................. 164 Fighting Foes .. 160 Scrapper .................... 197 Close Combat Power Packages ................ ...... .... ................................... 187 BRAVE NEW SECRETS ............ 213 Delta Points ........................................ ... 200 Useless Limbs ........ .... 156 The Power Packages .. 203 Shrapnel ... 155 Prone Targets ......... 163 Happening ...... ....... 199 Improvised Armor ............ 164 Living in Fear .. ........................... .......................................... 199 Battering It Down .............................................. 177 Story Structure ..... ............. 156 Bouncer ....................................................... 193 (HAPTER SEVEN: Using TRICKS Of THE TRADE ............................................. 178 The Backstory ........... 171 (HAPTER HEVEN: Ranged Weapon Damage ............. 188 The Cone of Silence ..... ................................................... 172 The Guide's Power ......... TABLI Of CONTENTS Hit Locations .......... 159 Power Armor ..................... 203 and Suffocating ........ 203 Falling ............... 161 THINGS IVERY Maps and Miniatures ... 202 Massive Damage ....................... ...... .. .............. 202 Other Ways Speedster ....................................... 165 Using Foes .......... .. 158 Flyer ..... 198 Size ....... 187 Pricing Other Gear ........................... 205 Waking Up .................. .. 161 (HAPTER NINE: Injuries .............................. .................. .......... 181 (HAPTER TWELVE: Weapons ......... 156 Packaged Powers ....... 160 Gunner .... ...... 179 Rewards ........ ............... .... 176 Creating Your Armor-Piercing Ammo ......................... 199 Layered Armor ......... 183 Shortcuts ........... .. 165 Use 'Em or Lose 'Em . ......... 194 ...... ......................................................... 159 Chapters .. 185 Profiles ......... 158 Creating Your Pulling a Punch .. 167 Earning Trait & Skill Tricks .............................................. 158 Blaster ................................ 201 Own Gadgets ............ 156 Alpha Powers .................................... 171 GUIDING THE GAME ...... 164 Move Now! ....... 213 Your Fate............. 174 A Team Effort ............ 193 Crash and Burn ........ 191 On the Road .. 111 Deltas Are People Too . ...................... ........ 200 Wounds ........ 157 Learning the Trade . 194 Combat Tricks ..............








.. .20 Beta m~ .. I . Home I .. I WWW.. Favorites I -~..::. Web Sailor Pro 4..COM The truth can't be silenced! Features II Memorial II Archives II Crew II Events II Links Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 12 .History I • Stop I ..DELTATIMES.

And better people than you have tried to take down the Delta Times and failed miserably. there are three possibilities. Anyhow. If it's number one. you were given this address by someone who knows about it and thinks you might need it. you're the people we're really here for. Three.~. If that doesn't suit you. learn to live with it." "Secret Identities and You. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 13 . Things like "How to Shut Your Powers Off." "Life in Crescent City. One. the one I'm trying to reach. you're a hacker who was poking around and managed to find this place." and so on. more loosely known as the Defiance. I'm going to assume that you're a member of that third group of people. probably one that wants to shut us down . To that end. Now get the hell out.20 Beta f!l~ • Favorites I • Stop I Hamel WELCOME Since you've got the address for this site. If it's number three. Two. These books are constantly being revised and updated with the latest information we can get our little. Our mission is to serve the members of the underground delta community. we've got a series of web books that we've written about all sorts of delta-specific concerns. If it's number two. Take your best shot. muckraking hands on. WHAT WE'RE ABOUT The Delta Times is an irregularly published webzine. congratulations. Come on in. Web Sailor Pro 4. you're with some kind of governmental organization. hey. congratulations to you too.

" In the old days. WHO WEARE Sorry. Go to the link on secret physics. Web Sailor Pro 4. Even so. In the end. readers-fellow deltas. people like you were called superheroes-or supervillains. Most deltas. (Here's a hint for you slow you couldn't pick out in a crowd. Whatever. but that's not what you're the cause. shanghaied Justice on his way out of You can tell some deltas from just town. The eggheads use all sorts of terms for it: homo delta. and only if you know where to have no pupils. Hell. Maybe you just got your gifts." then I'd like to know what powers (it was Dr. Around bullets off their ski n. They've got wings or These days.20 Beta r! Favorites I • Stop I Home I WHO YOU ARE You're what's popularly known as a delta. you could even be a Delta Primer thinking about working for the other side. or their eyes is Truth.) look just like you or me. kid. for chrissake. beams from their eyes or bounce Justice. You've got powers "far beyond those of mortal men.) Yeah. of course. or maybe you've been hiding them for years.. They types: www. I could rattle off all sorts of dry data If you think being able to find our about who first used the word "delta" website means you've got a "need to to describe people with superhuman know. and the American Way. it's not my we currently know as the laws of real name. find it. and he knife in the drawer could call normal. and so on. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 14 . as in me. though. that information's WHAT ADHTA IS released on a need-to-know basis only. but we're soundly dedicated to ("change"). None here. powers that can't be explained by what My name's Truth. looking at them. skip over it. If you already know some of what I'm going to cover here. and the meaning of the Greek letter The Delta Times has a pretty small from which the term originally comes staff. Most of our articles and here as often as not-but that's not turn-of-the-millennium enough for most. You can get that kind of information comes to us from our information anywhere. paranormals. making us the hub in a loose network A delta is a person who has innate of underground deltas. I'm writing for the newbies. (No. . superiors. the only thing that's left scales. let's hit the basics first. Maybe they can fly or shoot identities.deltatimes. Theodore Weiss) flavor of crack you're smoking. it all comes down to the same thing. we think the American Way's of this stuff is what even the dullest taken a forced holiday. or their skin is blue.

like me at least. can't have too many places she can The fact is. it's not as easy to hate read it here. Fortunately. human story. Bear with me here. if you want to subtle nature than what you might see know where you're going. might think. I can Kennedy doesn't want you to think always tell when someone is telling the of deltas as humans. day Merlin. To him. Kennedy and his cronies hide. it means that if you After all. most of us aren't in that lousy excuse for a puppet show quite so obvious. kid. much to the we call Congress have a vested interest frustration of even President Kennedy's in you not knowing the truth. DELTA HISTORY Most of us have powers of a more As the saying goes. about living Some deltas can read minds or smell breathing people and the trials of their evil or even cast spells like a modern. unusual lives. I can't speak for you. It's a handy skill in my line of "delta menace." the "nation's greatest work. we're the truth.20 Beta 8~ Favorites I • Stop I Hamel Well. and she been told. You may have It doesn't take the government goons learned some of this in school. but it's not as infallible as you threat. Me. Still. you've first on most TV shows. Those that don't are got to figure out where you've been." We're anything but human.·~. the kind who get hauled in quickly. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 15 . but in Delta Prime much to figure out the there's more to the story than you've nine-foot-tall woman's a delta. Web Sailor Pro 4. after all. you know it's true! someone you think of as human. for instance. This is a most experienced goons.

but the first him. of course. Peter Payne. like a ghost..20 Beta Favorites I • Stop I Home/ . he wasn't exactly killed. . and there was a good leader. fighting on the side of the Allies.. The bullet but that's for another time and place. demanding yet always bullet lying there in a pool of what I looking out for his men's best interests..~. of course.. http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 16 . Pete told me when I interviewed him He was an American. Web Sailor Pro 4. heart of Europe. . the life draining out of You probably know this. 8~ . of the enlisted men." WWI. I reached While rescuing a fallen soldier in an down to pick the damned thing up. and it wasn't long "But I picked myself up and looked before he made sergeant. guessed was my own blood. take up a gun against the Kaiser's men." Okay. he was still going strong. Old Pete was a soldier in "I thought for sure I was a goner. He was a down at the ground. probably should have been. that's how the Silver Ghost between his shoulder blades and got his start: on a shot-up field in the lodged near his heart. but open stretch of no-man's land. Pete was my hand passed right through it-just shot and killed by a German sniper. THE fiRST DELTA Pete lay there in that nameless French field. a black about it a few years back. Even at over man from Detroit who'd volunteered to 90 years old. but he There's more to the story.. the Pete rose quickly through the ranks same determined gleam in his eyes. that had his name on it punched right Anyhow. when he suddenly realized the confirmed delta was a man named pain had left him. looking as fit as a man half his age.

Able to spirited her off to a safehouse he'd set slip in and out of any building at will. Estimates from his own Delta Prime days. and his sweet little even have thought of preparing for girl's all grown up. and Pete's fears all came true. The US Army quickly put him to government had become like over the use. It didn't take the scientists long to get stumped by Pete and his powers. his grandchildren became a delta in her And. Still. Within three months. a ghost. The Germans had no chance of prop up over two decades earlier. It wasn't until the '30s that he actually adopted a costumed identity. given the fact Pete was commanding a platoon of soldiers in the middle of the Great War. [ http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 17 . She's one of us now.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. at the time were that his presence cut That's where I caught up with Pete. His stopping a man capable of doing the granddaughter was still with him then. right up until one of bunker for the length of the conflict. spy.20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I Hame l ASTATf SICRH Pete kept his newfound powers to himself as long as he could. Knowing what the federal on. they Department of War's most successful made an executive decision. well. impossible. When the everywhere-Pete became the brass got the eggheads' report. A Defiant. course of the century. He was lounging on a beach on an The fact that Pete even existed was island off the coast of a country whose the US Government's most tightly held petty dictator he'd personally helped secret. especially if they wouldn't Pete's gone now. He knew that once the Army brass found out about them they'd haul his ass off the battlefield and stick him in a lab someplace where the eggheads would stick him full of more pins than a porcupine. up in a third-world country he knew he was literally unstoppable. his CO got word of what had happened. A man with Pete's abilities was too Pete spent his entire life in service to incredible to keep holed up in a secret the government. hey. there wasn't much chance of him keeping his amazing abilities quiet for long. long after the existence of deltas had BIHIND INIMY LlNIS become common knowledge. Pete kidnapped Pete spent the final months of the the young lady from her parents and war working as an Allied spy. the war short by months. the War to End All Wars was own right. him. No one had any idea how the man Once the war was over-and even could simply fade in and out of after other deltas started popping up solidness like.

.. liberty.. Throughout the Roaring '20s and even the Great Depression. Still. even back then. They scared the hell out of people. Web Sailor Pro 4. They were the good guys. there seemed to be a kind of innocence then that we're sorely lacking today.. The dangers were the same. people who weren't too shy to wear their evilness on their sleeves. ! Of course. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 18 . I'm sure that people back then were just as good or evil as those who walk. After all. more and more deltas came to light. they lived in fear of villains. and the pursuit of happiness. That's probably just me looking back at a past I never knew through nostalgia-colored lenses.f. or more forgiving. In those idealistic times. if people were afraid. Back then.. fighting for the common good. The government hadn't gotten around to "educating" the public about them quite yet. or fly over the streets of America today.20 Beta ~~ * Favorites I • Stop I . most of them were heroes. the movie-house serials of the day showed reel after reel of patriotic American heroes putting down threat after threat to life. it wasn't because people were smarter in those days. it was a good time to be a delta. The fact is they just didn't know any better. and they were on the side of mom and apple pie. but even then there were villains-evil deltas bent on using their powers to further their own despicable ends. run. but in those nobler times they didn't seem quite as vicious as they do these days. Home I THf GOLDfH YfARS From the final days of World War I until the dawn of World War II. One of the most successful of these heroes was a man known as the Yankee. They weren't afraid of deltas just because they were deltas.

put gangster after gangster behind That's something I'm not sure we'll bars. He his kind were the real thing. and it wasn't long before the Americans had ignored what was mayor regretted his decision. Worrying about what some taking every opportunity he could to little German corporal was doing show how a good man-a good delta across the ocean didn't seem all that even-could make a difference. They had a kind of idealism that you Unlike many other deltas. he actually These days. tales of their adventures. But deep They kept fighting on against all inside. and come down the pike. was different. gaudy costumes and all. and by doing so they gave the rooting for the wrong kind of people. even though matters into their own hands. That didn't last. much safer for the rest of us. of course. [ http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 19 . their guilt as protect their privacy.. and he always made sure to ever see again. we've got the city of Chicago as a law-enforcement hard-asses at Delta Prime and the officer. He worked alongside bubblegum vein. this also made the Yankee THf LAST GRfAT WAR a target for every power-mad delta to Nothing lasts forever. though. and by all accounts. He was also believed that they were fighting the careful to build a case against criminals good fight to make the world that so they could be tried in a court of law. but the Yankee and Eliot Ness to take down Capone. The working our way out of the Great Yankee played the public like a harp. From all accounts. By that happening abroad. Depression. Contrary to the vigilantes. of course.~. important. The people loved him. They of some sort and then decided to take wore masks like him. it was too late. so-called The Yankee became a role model for crimefighters were nothing more than lots of other deltas-at least the superpowered vigilantes. They dressed had been pushed too far by a criminal like him. and Grea t Depression and the years after. madness. he had a only find in very young children these personal code against killing. they honestly followed it to a fault. I think people knew they were comers. For decades. Chicago quickly it wasn't long before the Golden Years became a magnet for all sorts of came to an end. he was a true masks they wore did as much to hide gentleman. making him the first delta to be occasional prima donna from Triumph. most of the believed in the Bill of Rights. Sure. Their many of their identities were common methods of stopping crime were often knowledge. The him. doing the superhero thing in the government. they acted like illegal and occasionally deadly. We were still time. Even through the tough times of the The radio dramas lauded them. Web Sailor Pro 4. deltas who community-minded ones.20 Beta ~~ $ Favorites I • Stop I ow Home I THf MAN WHO MADf ADlfFfRfNCf AUFf TO un BY Most of the early. collect enough evidence to make sure they stayed there. regs seem to have forgotten that deltas The Yankee was deputized by the were ever heroes. though. people across America thrilled to the Yankee and his kind never lost hope. The Yankee. openly sanctioned by any American Inc. rest of us hope as well. and he days. Best of all. Of course.

we had some of imagination. where When the call to arms finally came the Nazis had set up a special for the USA. Our troops were on their way In the end. Home I America was dragged into the For the first time in history. the Yankee was come from and how they could make deep behind enemy lines when he and more of them. Krieg personally flew super-soldiers. and they watched his back. Within the week. Over the years. entirely true. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 20 . the Yankee quickly plenty of deltas of their own. Even with my powers. Germans were just going to turn tail Never one to bow to fascist dictators and run back to Berlin. one of the Nazis' most what they really wanted: an army of powerful deltas. powers. the Yankee and Sparky take the fight to the Nazis. Out of nowhere. that's not Delta Squadron. For most swift. Actually. I've never The Yankee was right there when it been able to verify that theory (FDR's happened. it was a delta who put an abroad soon after. his defeated foes to Auschwitz. the world the Pacific fleet. led by the all-new end to the war. Web Sailor Pro 4. Dozens of Japanese fought alongside them and soared Zeroes and deltas ambushed the overhead. knew about the attack coming on Pearl Harbor. There are those who claim that FDR It was the first alpha. the Army suddenly pulled concentration camp for their delta Delta Squadron out of its five-star hat.~. They had of any stripe. the American naval base at dawn. and gays. but he let it happen to get the American public fully behind the war (APTURIO! effort. taught them what he knew about crimefighting. we declared deltas. nearly heavens shook with their fury. deltas Pearl Harbor. but also every Just because we had ourselves a delta in Europe that wouldn't wear a mess of deltas didn't mean the swastika armband with pride. Mixed in were subjected to horrors beyond among them. deltas growing conflict in Europe and Asia were a major force in a war. younger deltas willing my questions). but never known as Sparky. we had deltas no one Under the watchful eye of the camp had ever heard of pulling together to commander.20 Beta m~ fit Favorites I • Stop I . he'd had a long dead and in no mood to answer lot of sidekicks. having superpowers was no war on Japan and the rest of the Axis longer a game. The Nazis were going out the greatest deltas ever known. It was deadly serious. Our response was changed in many ways. though. razing it to the ground and decimating During World War II. a young man had some success at this. When deltas clashed. and of their way to exterminate not only Yankee was in the vanguard. organized a revolt against the guards. Both sides' programs his then-current sidekick. Jews. He Delta Squadron seems to support it. but the very existence of to work alongside him for a while. of effort into figuring out where deltas In the fall of' 43. gypsies. While men soon enough by the sneak attack at battled on the battlefields below. It was a good arrangement that SUPIR SOLOIIRS lots of other deltas mimicked over the Both the Axis and the Allies put a lot years. were captured by enough for them to actually produce Kapitan Krieg. prisoners.

s who could scarcely believe the world was forever changed. it seemed that Sparky was means. had ever been in their "care. Still survived the attack: Sparky. miserable time.20 Beta r!1 ~ • Favorites I • Stop I . others met their end by more creative At first. the young and the rest of the brave souls that man once known as Sparky had Krieg struck down. He massacred them all.O. To and killed each and every Nazi in the make matters worse. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 21 . truly dead. prisoners free.. Superior evidence that any of the dead deltas finally got to carry those fantasies out. Others were incinerated by Actually.:! Web Sailor Pro 4. their luck. Sparky died in that liberated the camp and set the fire alongside them. and the P. Only a handful Moving almost faster than the eye of deltas were strong enough to join the could follow. The Nazi guards even While being held in the camp. hands." and he did so mercilessly. As the flames consumed the Yankee Literally within minutes. who was there in a Some he murdered with his bare moment. in Kapitan Krieg. Superior zoomed around Yankee in his desperate gambit. the Nazis called entire camp. tossed his lifeless body into one of their Sparky had thought about killing Nazis massive ovens to destroy any shred of for a long. one of the delta rioters beams blazing from his eyes.W. Home I ALPHA GfNISIS THf TURNING POINT It was a bloody fight. A cheer went up from Superior woke up in his place.

and Heady with his newfound power. than Superior was clearly an alpha. Web Sailor Pro 4. was another uprising. a THE RED SCARE man with powers far beyond anyone The sudden realization that America on the planet. most every American. Home I Moments later. would survive a nuclear explosion. The alpha race was on. burner after Superior's arrivaL The Superior emerged with der fuhrer's Department of War had decided that body. the "developed" alphas of their own. a whole new class of delta. Kapitan Krieg-the The years directly after WWII were a Nazis' most powerful delta. power-got its first wakeup calL On When he saw the young man who'd October 12.. even the camp to put down what he thought up-and-coming Russians. Soviet spy-at least that was the way alpha or otherwise-as powerful as McCarthy put it. he certainly Godless communists into the heart of wasn't the last. while he may wasn't alone at the top put the fear of have been the first alpha. In 1950. His solution to this him. The crux of the matter was that the Still. Soviet nuclear test. Moments later. he could get his hands on. None notorious Senator Joe McCarthy from of them were powerful enough to take the fair state of Wisconsin led off a on Superior on his own. Even with all his vaunted powers. If the rest of us superpowered people are deltas. the long before someone decided to take Russians reported that they had advantage of that. and government needed to know if every because of Superior we never lost it. After the was over. There. Sure. the war face of modern warfare. To US citizen was a loyal American or a this date. that went double for every other delta Superior flew directly to Berlin. in the world. but he overcame them American Activities Committee alL There was really no stopping him. though. America started in the lead.20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I . the Russians detonated an been known as Sparky. In 1949. with no one dozens of deltas-flew down into the able to seriously challenge us. America-heady with its He had no idea what he was in for. witch hunt to track down and imprison they could surely give him a run for his or blackball every "un loyal" American money. and it wasn't Soon after the end of WWII. the man fine time for America. We were the who was responsible for the deaths of superpower in the world. Of course. he laughed at atomic bomb deep in Siberia. there's never been a delta. deltas (and especially alphas) were the Before anyone really knew it. with the Soviet Union.~. he faced some challenges problem was simple: the House Un- over the years. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 22 . development of America's own atomic technology moved right up onto the THE SUPERIOR AGE hot part of the stove again. (HUAC). The American nuclear he punched his way straight into Adolf program had been put on the back Hitler's bunker. He hung his head on the camp's front Superior couldn't be sure that he gate. but as a team. Their test the boy's impudence and promised put the world on notice not to mess him a quick death. Superior tore Krieg limb from limb.

. Some. Even a few members of afraid to talk about them-eloquently the Delta Squadron were called on to and at length. they hauling in Superior before HUAC. They served time for contempt of Congress. With one exception. they members were hanging their heads in uniformly refused. the man wore a hammer and Truman's. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 23 . knew his rights and wasn't the inquisition. like the Good Knight.. 1 With anti-Soviet sentiment at an all. oppression. like the Samurai. no one had the balls to actually send Declaring that a criminal like the Red him a summons. started out going after Hollywood." (Roughly translated: He Still. actually time high. but set after the deltas.) bringing in Patriot in late '53.. who even leaned to the left. were running higher than President Hell. left the successfully forcing the entertainment country as soon as he received his industry to blackball any creative types summons.20 Beta m~ • Favorites I • Stop I Hamel +.:! Web Sailor Pro 4. At the end of his opening testify against themselves or their speech. His approval ratings Reaper was a commie was a no-brainer. HUAC set to work. Heady Apparently there was even talk of with their successes in that arena. that didn't stop them from robbed the rich and gave to himself.1. Others. shame. and any representative who sickle on his chest and spouted tried anything against Superior knew revolutionary jargon as he "alleviated he could kiss his seat good-bye come capitalist pigs of their tools of the next election. nearly all of the HUAC fellows. Patriot. A lot of innocents got caught up in though.

1963. Web Sailor Pro 4. An emergency session ratified it in days. Still. and the governor of Texas were riding in a motorcade through the streets of Dallas. HUAC was disbanded.~. Texas. The President lay in a coma for three days before he awoke. The country finally got its collective head back together-helped along by the announcement that America finally had a working nuclear weapons program of its own. When it was all over. when a squad of the Devastator's Dreadnauts came zooming in over the horizon and blasted the President's car straight to hell. the First Lady and the governor were dead. but the President was still breathing. but it all came to a head on November 22. Superior was on the scene in mere moments. still railing against the threat that deltas posed to our national security. Superior lifted the President in his arms and whisked him away to Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in DC. where he could be treated by the top delta healers in the nation. With the disaster in Dallas still fresh in Kennedy's mind. and he made quick work of the Dreadnauts. he zapped a bill down to Congress. I'm sure.20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I A Home I In 1954. When he did. life was about to change for every delta in America. You know the story. and McCarthy remained a figure of some power in the Senate. and the President signed it into law within the week. President Kennedy. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 24 . THE GREAT TRAGEDY McCarthy's campaign against the deltas waxed and waned over the years. It was the Delta Registration Act. the First Lady. the fear of unrestrained deltas within our midst never really faded.

This scared the any matters in which delta hell out of regular folks.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. Their first directive was (and crimefighting. we bureau of the Justice Department. world-helping delta out still is) to arrest every unregistered there. happened. The first helping those who need it. movements can be traced at all times. plus any other deltas them.. the people who refused to DRA came down the pike. of course. just for lead. Those who refused enough to have lawyers arguing over it were tossed into jail. but the heart of it's simple enough. Of course. which is exactly what all of that into sharp focus. there was at least one other delta. It was were they scared. Kennedy knew the DRA was going to You don't need the ACLU to tell you see some resistance. when you saw the pictures of John-John saluting his mother's casket. but this was passed it almost unanimously. If you prick us (well. As you really able to defend themselves might see. Congress register were lawbreakers. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 25 . Department operatives really wanted Superior was the first delta to (and got) was an excuse to lock up any register. this is an extremely broad- against these superpowered threats. to enforce the DRA. Others use Primers. how could you help but feel for THf WITCH HUNT BfGINS the entire Kennedy clan? When the Sure. so he tapped this is a blatant violation of the Bill of Superior himself to found a new Rights. included a their abilities to take what the world number of the members of the old doesn't want to roll over and give Delta Squadron. and bleed. if you To that end. as they're called. the We're people like anyone else-with government needed to have some way the exception of our unearthly powers. the DRA's complex asked to register. Home I All known deltas were immediately THf OUTARfGISTRATlOH ACT tracked down by the government and Like most laws. Some of us dedicate our lives to he called it Delta Prime. based mandate. and dear God America's delta population. whose loyalty was theoretically beyond The point is that for every reproach. As such. Superior created a new can manage it with some of us). organization dedicated to policing they do strange things. it's entirely The incident in Dallas just brought open to abuse. being a delta. and lots of others followed his unregistered they could find. and any Federal law enforcement agency in killing innocent people. the vigilantes refusing to register. knocking over banks. but when people are scared. of them went quietly. I mean. clown causing problems: robbing the DP's second directive is to support wealthy. What the Justice It went into effect immediately. who weren't involvement is suspected. honestly just a tool. not all for decades (as they are to this day).20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I . pretty obvious the regular cops weren't Just because you're a delta doesn't going to be up to the job. With a lot of mean you're on the side of angels. Anyone with superpowers of any kind must register with the Federal OUTA PRIMf government so that his or her That's where Delta Prime came in.

of that stuff is a problem. Now. Deltas who don't lead not. of a problem with locking up people Most often it's that the hero wants to like the Mass Murderer or the lead a normal life when he's not in his Dreadnauts for any reason. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 26 . and Primers went after a number of even just curious neighbors bothering crimefighters who. most people don't have much There are lots of reasons for this. "When you about some delta being hauled in for make superhuman powers illegal. but it's still a matter of civil rights. for reasons of their not only them but those they love. none register." Of course. Just being unregistered was crime why not register? That's the question enough. only violating the DRA. it's a violation of basic powers. most Americans ask when they hear As the saying goes. Two.~. Web Sailor Pro 4. Some of those deltas lot of crimefighters (and criminals) became some of the most zealous and wear masks.20 Beta 8~ • Favorites I • Stop I . absolutely and openly refused to When you work behind a mask. not everyone privacy rights. proof or union suit. outlaws will have superhuman For one. there's a reason a refused to sign. Home I ~ I "' I So what if the feds didn't actually IDENTITY CRISIS have any proof that the man in question had committed a real crime? SO. Here's a clue: They don't capable hunters around. paparazzi. double lives have to worry about This became totally apparent when the things like old enemies. want people to know who they are. own. if you've got nothing to hide.

long arm of Delta Prime. they did back then. the Yellow Journalist. The Constitution gives every members who make a lot of noise every person the right to face her accuser. (I Alcatraz.20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I . underground newspaper called The more than one delta crime fighter made Delta Times. isn't so. and so often-enough to get on the evening a person in a mask doesn't count. unsanctioned by any might see on TV or in the movies.O. executioners. there's the fact that most Despite what the feds might want delta crimefighters are simply you to believe. More than a few deltas. knowing who we are. laws to get the job done.) Defiants. they all communicated through an In those rough-and-tumble days. In the old days. but they haven't caught police. It was pretty crude. Sure. appointing themselves the but it worked. lots Most Defiants don't know more than of criminal deltas go free-or at least a few other members. they haven't caught me yet.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. but it just wrong. the government. Wish me luck. We than one criminal counted himself shuttle around from server to server. Still. all lucky to even be able to walk away of which are located far beyond the from his so-called just desserts. but without eyewitness testimony. Home I Of course. deltas who had a real beef with the than a moment's pause. they DRA. Primers don't usually let things like pursuing stalwart IHI DHIAHCI MOVlMIHT webmasters like myself across There were a number of legitimate international borders give them more. Sometimes they bend Defiance isn't really all that together. and rather than sign up. I'm hoping to someday even masks and vowed never to use their top the record -setting run of the powers again. different from the regs. Being who they are. They And if you're feeling nostalgic. Bay. drop went underground and formed a loose YJ a line. there's a cadre of hardcore in court. and more web to get people connected. news-but most of us are simply deltas Sometimes this can prove to be more who want to get by without anyone of a hindrance than a relief. though. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 27 . Others simply hung up their me yet. went underground. taking down the criminals spending his days watching the world while avoiding the Primers and the from a cage. It was sent to P. decided to fight the whole thing. They carried the sentence These days. Also masked deltas can't ever appear Sure. across the country. paper's founder. and no matter what you vigilantes. Some of them More than one of my predecessors as continued to operate the way they publisher of this fine periodical is always had. We're not so nobody likes having to appear in court. we use the worldwide out right there on the spot. Keeping an We'd like to be the efficient espionage identity secret prevents them from and subversion machine we're having to answer for that-right or popularly made out to be. after all. He's doing his time in New organization called the Defiance. right in the heart of Chicago guess they thought it was catchy. He's always glad to hear from new There's no accounting for taste. boxes up for that problem by skipping right and to general delivery addresses past the theoretical judge and jury..

meeting. President Kennedy were just too dangerous to risk another declared martial law across the entire encounter like the Manhattan Incident. Battles put down by Superior. millions of Americans nation by decree. way Kennedy's ever going to leave Instead. A special Secret broke out all across the nation in nearly Service detachment of Delta Prime took every major city. and soon toll numbered in the thousands. matters have gotten worse. John Q. The death went right out the window. and the office skyscrapers hauled them off to jail in the middle of above the Devastator's headquarters the night.'~ Web Sailor Pro 4. looks like he's not planning on leaving Some Defiants take this as a reason us any time soon. With to justice. Kennedy and exposed his throat to the Primers. It destroyed very shr~d of a witch hunt for unregistered deltas evidence in the place. Dozens of delta Dreadnauts started in Dallas in '63. all the way from the You'd think the American public federal government on down. In criminals fought tooth and nail against those early days. although he promised to listen chose to save the country the bother of to the words of Congress and the having to feed.20 Beta Favorites I • Stop I Home/ DUIANT BfHAVIOR Now I'm not one to advocate murder-even assassination-but there Despite the fact that most of the have been others who have tried to Defiants are good people. wouldn't have put up with that sort of To this day. clothe. No one fought more viciously than Anyhow. and house the Supreme Court on an advisory b~sis. Just when it looked like they Life as an American delta was pretty were finally going to bring the bastard tough in the '60s and mid-'70s. Kennedy started out ruling the Devastator himself. they simply was law. York City. FBI agents knocked down the This all happened in the middle of doors of any suspected deltas and the day. the Primers When he learned of the incident in had simply decided that some deltas Manhattan. to fill these posts. After all. he set off a self-destruct the support of a terrified American device that brought down the roof on public behind him. his have put their lives on the line to power base has solidified to the point protect things like the Constitution and that most people figure that the only the Bill of Rights." In truth. Kennedy rules our fair crap. MARTIAL LAW Lots of deltas were killed while "resisting arrest. Kennedy launched his den. deltas. At a spry 82. From then on. to hold a lot of anger for ordinary http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 28 . along with four that made HUAC look like a Girl Scout city blocks. care of the rest. much less the expense of Eventually he ignored that and SImply keeping watch over them until they appointed his own handpicked toadies died in prison. Public rolled over office is feet first. only his word Rather than chance it. country. Over the years. the prisons were jammed with superpowered inmates. If underground lair deep beneath New anything. most of them were the newly formed Delta Prime. that's not finish the job that incarnation of the true of all of us. and he hasn't cornered him and his Dreadnauts in his mellowed much over the years. Delta Prime with an iron fist. The concept of due process were packed full of people.

life during the Fortress' inmates are murderous those days was pretty damn awful. Web Sailor Pro 4. We've only got ourselves to blame.. keep the bad guys locked up. permanently-but there are a lot of Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 29 . Even most deltas are Traditional prisons weren't much use scared.. The Fortress is a massive. you might have felt the same state-of-the-art restraint devices. some of Anyhow. Your friends and family probably place is staffed by registered deltas of still do. folks.20 Beta Favorites 1 • Stop 1 . Home 1 . by Delta Prime. Fortress.. delta or not. The world's changing against people who could walk overnight. people with superhuman through walls or simply blast them powers are walking the earth.t..1-+ 1 people-the "regs" as they call them (rhymes with "dregs"). I don't hate regular folks. but I don't THf fORTRfSS agree. Forgive my sarcasm. before you found out you're a security prison specially outfitted with delta. I pity With all the deltas being brought in them . scum who need to be locked up- It got worse. Sure. Kennedy's answer? The of innocent people are dying.. and lots down. out of their wits. Aren't you scared too? I know I am. The way.. especially if you haven't told all stripes. making Kennedy didn't take control of the the world safe for decent. maximum Hell. all working in concert to them anything yet. the US government Figure this: These people are scared needed a place to hold them. God-fearing country so much as we gave it to him.

the place is packed top of the Sears Tower in downtown solid. Its point of view-say through the walls are reinforced with all the means government-controlled media. You've probably heard this story Either way. no one's been able to before. there's a whole lot of Windy City.' Web Sailor Pro 4. 1HI OIClNUNNIAL OAHU people whose only crime was failing to register with the feds. made his last stand on the world. He just happened to be New Alcatraz just to hold the overflow. over the years that it's been duplicated along with the latest incarnation of his in country after country across the Dreadnauts. in the heart of the National Of course. so bear with offer.-!!. The Devastator. straight to the Dreadnauts. so much so that the feds built Chicago. and even in the places where Delta Prime along with him to the they've got roads. All I can tell you unless Superior surrendered to him is that it's located somewhere in once and for all.20 Beta ~ 4{ Favorites I • Stop I . 1976. He brought every alpha in before. Either that science and (I'm told) magic can way. and they took the fight space between towns. me. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 30 . but maybe from a different break out of the Fortress to date. Superior wasn't going to Grasslands. Nebraska. standing on top of a doomsday bomb The exact location of the Fortress is a as well. and he threatened to set it off closely guarded secret. The place has been so successful It was July 4. These days. it's worth repeating.. Home I political prisoners in there as well. Friends. I've been out that way go quietly.

There wasn't any set his bomb off. The never hope to explain. wiped out every building within a mile The worst part was that only the free of the shore of what would thereafter alphas disappeared.. like an earthquake. but there's no magic "have staggering. all the abhorrent. In fact. According to the teams of scientists No one can say how a bomb set off who scoured the area in the months in Chicago could affect people all after the disappearance. missed right away.20 Beta m~ Favorites I • Stop I . and the resulting tidal wave among them. Apparently the devices mile or so of that. The loss of life was as before. Perhaps Airplanes that were above the radius his doomsday device combined the two of destruction disappeared too. Eventually the world put it all together. the Devastator disappeared along with If you're a delta and it looks like the everyone else.. All those in the be known as Chicago Bay. but it did. Into nothing. The Eyewitnesses report that there was a people simply disappeared. especially those That's right. nearby coastal waters of Lake Michigan Most people didn't know how to left with it. Mother gotten rid of all those dangerous Earth had never seen something so alphas. The rest of Lake Michigan "good" alphas were gone too. Literally millions of people another chance" card out there died. Of alpha in the world vanished. Deltas The property damage was still get into the same kinds of crunches incalculable. there was around the world. Floods maximum-security. hard like tha t. every free atop the world's tallest building. Life's never know how or why. rolled into the perfectly round-shaped Superior-the mightiest of them all- hole. Since anymore. On the other hand. everything within 25 miles of and the shock rang through the globe the Sears Tower just disintegrated. No one course. they'd finally If nature abhors a vacuum. and then Some of the missing alphas were the city of Chicago just disappeared. kind of announcement about it. as did in a way that traditional science could the soil for about half a mile down. cropping up since then either. and many more were hurt. Web Sailor Pro 4. The nothing left behind-not even a whole Devastator was known to be a master lot of dust. well. The lack of some others wasn't felt for days. it was then that the Devastator realized this at first. from all directions extended the radius There haven't been many alphas of destruction even further. That wasn't the end of it. delta-only prisons destroyed everything within another still remained. On one hand. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 31 . it probably is. and it wasn't long before Superior At exactly the moment of the confronted the criminal mastermind destruction of Chicago. it seems like we may end is here. Home I Delta Prime cleaned the sides of the THE VANISHING Sears Tower with the Dreadnauts. and the resulting that keep the deltas in also kept the tornadoes from the air sweeping in effects of the Devastator's bomb out.]. brilliant flash of white light. of the occult as well as science. of course. who were busy saving lives when they went missing. react. particularly if they THE AFURMATH were in hiding in the first place.

he'd promised "determined" that Primers were at to kill the leaders of any country that fault. They were just innocents To see what this means to the caught in the crossfire. You know: fewer deltas. In the last 20-odd years. Best to keep away from girders stretching toward the sky like us. Of course. in '89 when there was a total nuclear But that's not really what happened. We brushfire wars over the years. Deltas of all stripes battle in the a magnet for trouble. launching a nuclear attack. and they launched a reprisal at started a nuclear exchange. with new everybody else. Just ask the the South was a smoking crater. Chernobyl. you is look at any major city. we couldn't tolerate that. the Kremlin had before it started. like Crimson Pride just before the disaster. Sure. and also destroyed Minsk.20 Beta r!J Favorites I • Stop I . bones in a regenerating limb. First of all. the capitol of It wasn't an idle threat. and it oppressive) influence. Far. but the man kept the world covert Delta Prime team was seen together. fewer In short. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 32 . Web Sailor Pro 4. Second. OUR RAYAGID PLANH Without Superior's calming (read: That's enough history for now. there's no running from stand boarded up where they've been yourself. Within the hour. It turned out that a supposedly whatever). Windows Well.J. tool of the state. far away. you're other. But of end. nothing major. people would just as well shoot a delta as give her the time of day. The fact is POST -SUPIRIOR LlH that-even when we're good people- we're dangerous. and armies of deltas struggle on killed by deltas weren't intentionally battlefields across the world. taking out Kiev. Before the mushroom cloud had settled he might have been able to stop it over the city. At least with the alphas gone The low point. Germans. the world's a mess. but it You can say lots of things about got worse. came back you'd expect to have smaller problems. Superior (fascist pig. all hell broke should give you a good idea why most loose. this planet's Even if you never actually harm been ravaged from one end to the anyone with your own powers.. no one battling their Soviet counterparts in was going to try anything crazy. average American. Home I shattered by explosions or having the 1HI OUTAWARS odd delta knocked clean through the With the alphas gone. of course. we had all sorts of little so we blasted back. meltdown in the Russian city of Actually it was the exact opposite. kid. all you've got to do Before you became a delta. murdered. Tops of probably felt the same about us as buildings stand razed off. Most people streets. he even put an early end to the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. problems. While he was around. Monuments lay in ruins. Wrecked cars litter the place. Hell. Atlanta. That was bad enough. you might building. and it turn we sometimes Superior would let nations lost San Francisco before the madness duke it out as long as American finally came to a glow-in-the-dark kind interests weren't threatened. have thought things would get better.

the booming voiceover tells you: "It's your duty. That means no one can tell you what to do. This is real life. they can tell you all right. you don't have to worry about a long court trial. That said. Okay.. and with Kennedy still running the country by decree. it's the law. you've got to register within seven days of discovering your powers.~. It's not as simple as choosing between good and evil. Web Sailor Pro 4. it's time to decide who you're going to be. then you've either got to sign up or rot in jail. http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 33 . Strictly speaking. In Superior's long- gone tones. you're eligible to spend the rest of your life rotting in a high-tech cell in either the Fortress or New Alcatraz.20 Beta m~ • Favorites I • Stop I . If you're a delta (or even a suspected delta-some of us have powers that aren't all that obvious). things become more complicated. SIGNING ON You've seen the posters and the ads. It's your duty. You've basically got two choices: register or don't. and it's the law. Superior leans into the frame and points out at you. right? Never mind that it's one that was handed down by a government that hasn't been elected for over 30 years. Hey. TH£ PROS The feds have all sorts of reasons why you should register. Register now!" The law is pretty clear about this matter. After that. If you fail to do so. listen to this. Home I DICISIONS Now that you know a bit about your heritage. but there's nothing that says you've got to listen.

If the police need past the regs and knock down your to. and with the courts information secret. Inc. you can provide the police with an THE CONS alibi. reason. The theory here run or waiting for one of your is that if you're registered and neighbors to turn you in.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. but that one's off-limits. Home I It's for the safety of your neighbors. your family and recourse other than taking matters into friends have to deal with the stigma of your own hands. This It's for your own good. privately owned Kennedy and his goons-you have no employer of deltas). Or they can delta. Your neighbors are safe. They skip right for that reason alone. people know which openly without fear of being hauled in house to burn down. whenever there's a problem with you're eligible to use your powers a delta in the area. Even if you join up the way they are these days-few with Delta Prime or Triumph.. (the juries. The DRA doesn't keep that just lock you up. Everyone knows you're a list of potential suspects. Then they can cross you off the No privacy. Best of as long as they don't live next door to all-and this is the one bonus even I you. Deltas have a notoriously bad can't argue with-you don't have to effect on property values. something happens that could be traced back to powers of your kind. they can always find a different door instead.20 Beta ~~ Favorites I • Stop I . way. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 34 . mostly judges appointed by world's largest. spend the rest of your life either on the It's to protect yourself. If you register. being associated with you.

If you You even get a steady paycheck. and powers. and every jackass with a chip you can be one of the costumed on his shoulder that you've ever run puppets they let run around to across. even leave town. you're research. just of it. Compared to other their kids to the Delta Academy so they deltas. the feds So if you've signed your life away. from the top of this diamond- DELTA PRIME shaped structure. In fact. Kennedy. but it can course. freelance. way for people to feel safe around By "the Man. fascist Delta Prime encourages the parents government. Come to think the outskirts of Alexandria.else? Everyone you know is in danger. Of mission-by-mission basis. it hardly matters." of course. Either way. you operatives all over the country. Delta Prime's got offices and No rights. Kiss the although their main headquarters is on Bill of Rights good-bye. know your location at all times. want you in the Delta Academy what next? As a registered delta. When you're registered. Or psycho. since Kennedy tore the damn spitting distance from DC. friends I've got to admit that the Primers The draft. corporate downtown Crescent City. go ahead and Hancock of any registered delta minors to send that dotted line. And with just a little bit of "inspire" the regs. you can be a covert said before. I mean someone like you.. give your life over to the feds. clothes you. There's also the added benefit tells you what to think and do. In that case. it seems. delta criminals and major threats of all they can still find your family and kinds. This includes every killer. you get a beautiful Hey. you've got several options: Delta The Academy is located right in Prime. thing up when he declared martial law 36 years ago.20 Beta 51 ~ Favorites I • Stop I Home I Your movements are tracked. When you sign up. each and everyone of them had involve long-term deployment too. or a normal life. THE DELTA A(ADEMY If you're under 18. You are working where you're going to. Delta Prime when you're leaving and but don't kid yourself. if you're looking to become the view of Chicago Bay. Even if you're with Delta Prime. Web Sailor Pro 4. the have done some good over the years. you've got to tell Sure. of the fact that they won't be running http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 35 . they can find out where you sure to find yourself facing off against live. every (read: killing) and other spy stuff. Is there anyone .. it's stable and legal and all that. Like I As part of DP. can be trained in how to control their Uncle Sam feeds you. It's the only for the Man. Primers lead a pretty good life. to sell their souls to do it. government can draft you for any They've managed to save the planet reason it sees fit. Delta Prime fMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES doesn't want you. the Delta Academy. tool of an oppressive. instead. in the band of work. but that's the This is another reason the DP needs to price you pay.!'. buildings that went up around the rim of the circle where Chicago used to be.. This may only be on a more times than I'd care to count. VA. everyone knows you're a operative doing all sorts of wetwork delta.

bacon hauled out of the fire. Even if you any age. If so. there are a number of corporations out there that would be happy to hire fREELANClRS someone with your particular skills. he's ready and with the kind of checks he's and willing to sign up with Delta Prime writing. although it's rare to see a delta sign on full-time with Triumph. "Fly!" they ask. of course." Boggles happening too often. If you're a real do-gooder. "How high?" The Academy takes children in at There's a catch though. and it can be a real problem. no matter how talented. let me tell you that 1'd never hand at deltaball. they're a real headache. and back in 1960. Some nearly any reg. incident in LA a few years back. All reg teams have strict rules were growing up in. Shepherd and Kennedy seem to have Just imagine a superpowered kid in the some kind of deal that keeps this from middle of his "terrible twos. It does happen. The largest employer of deltas in the There's a reason the military doesn't nation is.. Or you can only bother worth at least as much as one from charging those who can afford it. superpowers. if you're thinking of unexpected charges for having their hiring on with a pro regs sports team. whether on the field or off.t Web Sailor Pro 4. However. orders without question. Inc. it's safer for everyone involved. As the world's richest the less willing you tend to be to take man. Shepherd controls a lot of power. and by the time he gets out. Teenagers are against using the talents of any kinds of dangerous enough with cars. paycheck than in saving the world. Of course.. And why not? A don't even have to charge for your well-known delta's endorsement is services. the more after he retired from the hero game you already know who you are. and not just because of his money. He's The same's true with deltas. though. Get a got a number of the most powerful kid into the Academy when he's 13. and you Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 36 . there's nothing stopping The bidding for deltas can get pretty you from going into business for fierce at times. feds can still call on you at any point. you can always try your crank. Home I around loose in whatever town they forget it. after that send a kid of mine to the Academy. usually just means that a Triumph delta gets detached to a DP squad for a certain period of time or the length of a (ORPORAU WORK single mission. With deltas.20 Beta m~ • Favorites I • Stop I . it the mind. but the TV audiences are hooks into the kid during his formative huge. Maybe while the Primers head back to the you're more interested in a fat barracks. you salaries of top athletes. if you're interested in a Before you start calling me an old real challenge. When it does. The older you get. even surpassing the yourself. the like admitting people after they reach a corporation founded by Rex Shepherd certain age. If you like. deltas on the planet under contract. Then the Triumphant Just because Delta Prime wants you gets to go back to her luxury apartment doesn't mean you want them. don't get to play in front of live crowds but it also means the feds can get their anymore. people even have insurance that covers By the way. you Sure. the younger than eight.. years. Triumph. for life. when he says.

own destiny has a long. so it's a riskier way of earning a maintain a secret identity so they can living than you might think. you can expect When they need you. investigators. or Delta Prime's as you've got yourself an accountant to going to do the same thing. your profile low enough that you don't Don't think about trying to defraud attract too much attention.20 Beta m~ Favorites 1 • Stop 1. Either a corp like your ass out along with them.. they usually just one of two things to happen-and show up wherever you are and haul maybe both.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. have a normal life. secret Triumph. I prefer life in the shadows. found himself in a holding cell this Some freelancers even try to way. as long offer you can't refuse. same time you have enough clients that They've got their own teams of delta you don't starve. real name for yourself. it's Of course. handle the intricacies of the billing As a freelancer. and if they even suspect I've got a lot of respect for you've been cheating them out of their freelancers. crooked road More than one innocent free lancer has to walk. is going to make you an IDs be damned. Unfortunately. Home 1 +.1-+ 1 can make a good living off that. they're happy to punch register and still try to maintain her your one-way ticket to the Fortress. The real have a habit of not giving a damn problem here is that if you ever make a about any freelancer's personal life. while at the the insurance companies though. and they services on a job-by-job basis. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 37 . Inc. Anyone who can actually premiums. the trick is to keep process.. you can just hire out your not a secret from the Primers.

people are going to talk. no matter if you're part of the Defiance Movement or not. they've got you.20 Beta r!J ~ $. PROS Why in God's name would you want to be a Defiant? (That's what people are going to call you if you don't register. go on back and keep reading. It SECRH LIn Your other option. your life is no longer your own. but when they want to yank you around. there's no one forcing you to run on down to the nearest Delta Prime office and show them why you're not a reg anymore." You've got to basically bend over and let them creep up inside you with a microscope. I'm a delta. In a very real way. It's a joke. you've got to face the consequences if you're caught.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. Privacy. "Hey. If so. is to hide your light under the biggest bushel you can find. they don't have to tell all your neighbors that you've registered.) That's a damn good question. Sometimes the leash is long. and good. No registered delta ever gets a normal life. but when the DPs show up on your doorstep to search your house and question your relatives and neighbors. Complying with the DRA doesn't mean you just walk into the nearest Delta Prime office and say. and sometimes it's short. you're on a federal leash held by Delta Prime. Now. Once you register. of course. Freedom. Of course. Favorites I • Stop I · Home I It NORMAL LIn I hope you didn't skip all the way down to this entry first off. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 38 . Literally.

you'd some Primers wear masks. one which hasn't seen an anyhow. There's a evading arrest. you have to set up a new life founded on the idea that all men are somewhere far away and hope no one created equaL That you've got rights to tumbles to who you are. if you're CONS willing to play ball once you've been N ow. make damn sure you Primer and you foil some madman's don't tell anyone else. Unless you control who knows who you are. it's not for everyone. his friends anymore? Do you think Life on the run. if you're sure no one can see you. who gets the most dangerous A double life. Some delta powers are nearly before you're caught. but that better hit the road. decide to save the kangaroo courts My only advice here is. you're doomed. In fact. Trust no one. Leaving the life. as much as I believe in being a caught. Sure. If you don't tell the feds you lose your safety. Chances are good that you're going to be able to relax in your eventually somebody's going to figure own house? As a Primer. your life. You never know. When you lose your privacy. Even with those be lucky enough to see the inside of a you can conceal. wear a were killed "resisting arrest. like your chances in the Fortress. you can't you out and turn you in. Trust me. If you can't do that. Then you find the bastard and good reason to suspect you're a delta- spank him in front of the entire. as you know it. and Delta you give all that up. the Primers will tempted to use them from time to time. is over. You become Prison. even if you manage to get your day in court. Do you Parents have even been known to turn think your family's safe from him or in their children. you think you can assignments from there on out? keep quiet about who you are. places aren't much better. but matter how you want to slice it. When you sign that line. you. Gloves help too. http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 39 . couldn't-be-Iess-grateful city. but it's Death. The phrase you'll hear a lot of is "life without parole. You surrender Prime's chase units don't really give a yourself over to Kennedy's damn about international borders government. make sure no one next thing your loved ones know. either the Fortress or New Alcatraz." Even if mask. election in over 35 years. if you ever do around here the bother of a triaL The use your powers. Say you're a you're a delta. you're going to be prison. you sees you. It's a reason all those goofs are running one-way ticket off this mortal coil for around in costumes out there. Lots of times. you might never impossible to hide. If you piss off enough people tough. If you're determined doesn't mean you can't figure out who to stay in the States. but most happiness. If anyone figures plan for poisoning Manhattan's water out that you're a delta-or has even supply. and vice versa. This country was very least.20 Beta m~ ~ Favorites I • Stop I Hamel Safety. No you to join Delta Prime instead. Here's why. cover you killed anyone in the course of up anyhow.. Sure. doomed to living life on the run. liberty. you're complicit in the country's betrayal of looking at one hell of a long term in those ideals. At the Be your own delta. the government might allow Defiant." Of course. And guess hard life. it's a only if they really need you. you're pretty much they are with a little legwork. If you do get caught.:! Web Sailor Pro 4. and the pursuit of country's always a possibility.

and isn't a whole lot of fun. destroyed. Or you can Just because you've told the world try some combination of these. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 40 . you really cut down on the cases. When you find and it doesn't hurt if everyone you've yourself getting homesick. there are some deltas like Bill the Dreadnauts show up on your King who have stood up and openly family'S doorstep. get a you can. tell the world. and certain kind of personality to pull it off. run. forget about this. but it's better than having your own. I don't they spot you. you need to ever cared about is dead. And when learn to keep your mouth shut. In short. and if a fugitive delta isn't high. Otherwise. mask. . but they're can be sure it won't be a social call. or join the Defiants. this isn't going to make drop your pants like this. you proclaimed who they are. Don't. if you don't have anyone you care that much about. Home I (ARHR (HDlClS Of course. Just make sure you don't develop and piss on the DRA.. chances of someone getting to know profile. the harder it is to keep it. unless you've got a death First. they're a lot more likely care if you're dying to tell your parents. and you can kiss LIfE ON THE RUN your life good-bye. doesn't mean you're off the hook. it puts the person holdmg friends and family safe. At least this way the rest of and any enemies you might make. If you really want to keep your Second. the more people who know wish. Some courts have people friends who don't mind harboring a with powers like mine that they haul fugitive for a few nights at a time. You've got to have a Life on the run's lonely though.~ Web Sailor Pro 4. the press. your secret. I don't know what is. unless you're sure they can For now. They've just hitting the road. Now you've got to deal with the fact that KHPING OUIIT everyone who watches the news or reads a newspaper now probably The first thing you need to do is knows what you look like. your life's not any other friendships in the future over yet-at least until you get caught. If that happens. you're all Assuming you make the right choice set. Living on the streets become accessories to your crime. think about your secret at risk too.20 Beta Favorites I • Stop I . It only takes one person to make a single slip of the tongue. to call the feds than shake your hand. Delta Prime or the latest incarnation of Okay. nor is couch lying about it may not do them or you surfing-if you've got the kind of any good. you've still got a few options: handle themselves at least as well as keep quiet. it's not for everyone. your family can enjoy it. Sure. lULING THE WORLD Chances are that folks back home are going to figure you were killed or ran Have you actually listened to a word away or simply dropped off the face of I've said? If you really want to just the earth. out to verify testimony in high-profile However. you're on them happy. you well enough to discover your secret and turn you in. or your best friend. your spouse. unique cases. remind yourself that if you stuck you can count on having them around your home might have been harassed by the government. either.

Not everyone wears them. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 41 . No.~.20 Beta ~~ • Favorites I • Stop I . pretty hard on someone who's a I've actually met some deltas who've confessed delta. the world can be beats rotting away in New Alcatraz. but it sure as hell As I said before. It makes the long even someone you don't even know. if you can believe that. it's not a and they're usually damn good ones. nights a bit easier. Of course. whole lot of fun.. and that's true no been on the run since the DRA was first matter if you're registered or not. is going to recognize you or see you At least it does for me. just fine. of course. The only thing you can hope then is that you can Gil AMASK run far enough or fast enough to get Masks are pretty common in the away. One handed down. using your powers or whatever. way to get around this is to wear a You'd think that more than 35 years of mask. looking over your shoulder would Lots of closet deltas get forced into have an effect on most people. but leaving town when their secret is these folks seem to have weathered it revealed. Home I It's not always a choice. now for over nine years. the ones who The worst part about life on the road flaked out were captured years ago. delta trade. Someone-maybe Keep thinking that. is that sooner or later your luck is right? going to run out. I've been living "on the run" myself but those that do have their reasons. Web Sailor Pro 4. and she's going to turn you in.

you get to go home at the isn't really the ruthlessly efficient end of the day and put your troubles organization you might be hoping for away. By OP's definition. If Defiance Movement is easy./. lists. While protecting your opted directly into the government (or identity and your privacy. citizens don't always trust people in Remember. a mask also a government-condoned corporate removes a certain amount of venture). we're an oppressed masks. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 42 . All you've you're a Defiant though. When you Despite what the government- think about it. wearing a mask makes a censored newshounds might try to lot of sense... joining the Wear one or not. It's your choice. there's no real way to contact a The flipside of this is that normal whole bunch of deltas at once. As soon as we rear our heads who's behind the mask.20 Beta m~ • Favorites I • Stop I · Home I There's a long-standing tradition of JOINING THE DEfiANCE masked deltas. accountability. going all the way back to the Silver Ghost himself. Otherwise. Other work._ Web Sailor Pro 4. not tell the feds. you can't really tell people. and you can't enough to pop up on Delta Prime's even be sure if it's the same person radar. If no one knows who you shove down your throat. those troubles can track you than the Delta Times and a few mailing home and blast your place to splinters. we're either outlawed or co- from day to day. the Defiance really are. I recommend got to do is develop delta powers and it. After all. with a little detective (assuming you're a closet delta).

you're marked for life. you can't tell the two kinds apart.. you're laid up in a shed somewhere. you're in. These are the kind who get on my So. The real question is what kind your head. powers so he can live a quiet life in the while others simply line their own suburbs.. on him. Welcome to the club. Most of the time. nerves. and even Sure. since it's often hard to know just who it you're looking at life in a high-security is you're dealing with and what she's cell. who will? Delta Prime? They're other. The only hope using their powers to suit their own you have is that if you're ever caught ends. "You can check hoping you can heal up before anyone out any time you like...1. and you're not Tim Robbins. Like the song says. and they've got to share their Delta Prime wasn't so busy thumping winnings with the world. every now and then some too busy more often than not. They act leader of free deltas everywhere. happen. even though they've got their place. but there isn't really a "we" to For some it comes from a sense of speak of. Otherwise. Yeah. responsibility.20 Beta r!l ~ . a delta who swears off using his Some of us take to Robin-Hooding. He'd like they just won the superpowers get his ass laughed out of the country if lottery. bounce bullets off his chest. If you're a It's kind of strange actually. but some of us just seem to get while others are the people the world too heady with our powers to contain needs saving from. never leave. You hardly ever hear about of criminal you are. Usually they change their tune after some other delta (Primer or BIING ADEfiANT otherwise) kicks the crap out of them. but you can finds you. I'm not saying it doesn't ever pockets. ourselves. It's as if Defiant. If you're not going to save mechanisms to coordinate with each them. Some want to save the world.! Web Sailor Pro 4. at least on the surface. you poor It's not so fun being a delta when bastard. comers. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 43 . it's both that easy and a Give a man a mask and the power to whole lot harder. crackpot stands on top of the Empire Other deltas just have something to State Building and declares himself the prove-usually to themselves. hey." Once you're a Defiant. you want in. then by definition you're a becoming a delta does something to criminal. bargain with your captors. You're not getting out. . Home 1 . 1 In reality. you can manage some kind of plea These are the most dangerous kind. we (if I can speak for Defiants the most shy and retiring bookworm everywhere for a moment) take all can become a glory hound. And this isn't The Shawshank capable of. if and when they're necessary. You've got these There are pockets of more-organized amazing powers. HALOS AND HORNS Just because you spat on the DRA BEING ADELTA doesn't mean you're a saint. and there are deltas scattered all over the place. Redemption. after all. Favorites 1 • Stop 1 . but people out there who could use your we don't have much in the way of kind of help. Still others are a bit more subtle.

but if robbery. They think they're above things Can you confide in the questioner? If like laws and human life. If you're one of them. Web Sailor Pro 4. the fly. The Defiants don't have lot more support out there than you that option. if someone comes have a good answer. I've even known of the rare occasion in which a cop or even a Primer has kept a Defiant's secret. take it with a grain to come up with plausible excuses on of salt. If you're lucky. heads. confidant what's going on. but sometimes there's just life or a life on the run-or both-there no other way out. of us a bad name. Why are you never around It's hard to imagine how the regs when your alter ego is? (Lots of other might "misunderstand" a bank people aren't around either. Think long and hard on that before you all I can say is you'd better hope the break down. Unless of bruises? course he's threatening to hurt someone. right? the question's put to you. weeks? Where did you get all of those Just walk the other way. Then I'll leave it up to you and your conscience as to what you (HOOn YOUR fRlfNDS (ARHULLY should do. absolutely nothing to do with the that's doubly true with other Defiants. You're telling the to make the world safe for humans and world that this new identity you've deltas alike. Eventually. you're going to need to be able just misunderstood. someone to back up your stories. as soon as you tell your way. Also. are some adjustments you're going to have to make. trying you're living a lie.1:. and then you're who just let the power go to their going to have to decide what to do. (HOOn YOUR fNfMlfS (ARHULLY TOO If YOU'Rf HOT AGOOD LIAR. always try to figure out created for yourself is not the real you. you can hardly count on that kind of Now that you're leading a double treatment. UARN Lots of deltas are more defined by who they hate than who they love. Don't try to change him. Primers get to you before the Defiants Sometimes it's better if the confidant do. easier. your life just got a whole lot rest of the world like their playground. person behind it.. you're saying the mask has not being able to trust anyone? Well. been for the last few hours/ days/ listen to him.. Every time you put on a mask. for ADEFIANT LIfE reasons of their own. Defiants have a you off to jail. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 44 . might guess. the questions are going There's a whole subsection of deltas to catch up with you. and toilet all rolled into one.) Where have you right out and tells you he's bad news. Home I Remember what I said before about In fact. There's nothing like having brothel. Of course. you'd better On the other hand. They treat the you can. sure.20 Beta r!l ~ ~ Favorites I • Stop I . If they tell you they're good people. the Primers will cart isn't actually a friend. whose toes you might be stepping on. And woe to anyone who gets in their Of course. you've These are the guys who give the rest made her an accomplice to your crime. When you're bouncing around.

They're not only not going to forgive you. you can forget about it. With your enemies. and that almost makes it worse. walk away while you still can. it's not going to be pretty. or they might be on ours. These are the people you want to steer clear of at all costs. Keep your mask on. Either way. you might be working on their side. It's nothing personal on their part. and if not for a simple twist of fate. things sometimes get strange. but the reverse just isn't true. DUTA PRIMIIS YOUR INIMY If you have any doubts. there's the occasional federally sanctioned psychopath out there-the G-Man leaps to mind-but they're mostly deltas doing what they've got to do. Do yourself a favor and avoid this scene entirely. The people you piss off are the people you really need to watch out for. In fact. they might forgive you. For the most part.~. These are the people who are going to spend day and night trying to hunt you down and kill you. When you're dealing with something as large and relatively indifferent as the federal government though.20 Beta m~ Favorites I • Stop I Home I ~ I "' I If you're not able to handle getting into a battle with someone like the Wiseguy. they're going to come to your hometown and start killing people on the off chance you might know one of the victims. run like hell. You may not have anything against them. just like you. Ihttp://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 45 . don't. If you really got them torqued. Web Sailor Pro 4. It's easy to understand why someone you've pissed off is trying to put an end to your life as you know it. Sure. If your friends figure out who you are. these guys are just doing their jobs.

more than one nation has crossed. When it comes down nearly impossible. and we're a CONTA(TlNG OTHIRS target because of it. If you do. Finding other Defiants you can down. but it's rare. As it is. We're the best source of timely Defiant information in the world. the only saving grace is the mercy from the Primers. about is. hold on to within their own borders. well. Home I That said. Most but fortunately there are nations out times. it's the best to you or them. It's their job to internet.20 Beta ~~ • Favorites I • Stop I . Web Sailor Pro 4. This is the worst part about being a Delta Prime would love to shut us Defiant. granted deltas tax-exempt status in an Sometimes you can find a friend out effort to lure superpowered expatriates there. You never know about anyone. I know which side thing going. of course. and working with other Defiants would be they're good at it. two Defiants who meet on the there with less-oppressive regimes. but it's your The first thing you need to know choice-and your life. their best to forget their paths nearly In fact. and street each do an about-face and do some are beautiful places too. They her as long as you can. Such people are appreciate unregistered help. you can't expect any Hell. even if rarer than diamonds. the US doesn't. The Delta Times. finding and track you down and bring you in. 1'd come down on. http://welcome_to_deltatimes/page 46 . and they've tried more than trust can be a stone-cold bitch.~. once. We're strictly outlawed in the US. Without it.

This is to stop Primers with a real mad-on. so be careful out there. mean "my. As a thinking which of them can blow your brain to human being (assuming you're not a pieces just as easy as looking at you. Most of these are divided up according but most Defiants think we're long past to who's on the list and why they need that point. only peaceful means to accomplish this. We need to kick data years back. and now it's grown Kennedy's withered ass out of office into the most important part of the and have free elections to put a global economy's infrastructure. If Kennedy has OUR MISSION his way. strangled the people of this country for It's been a thorn in his side since its the past 35-plus years. I mean we need to rescind Given a chance. It's impossible to tell who's A(HALUNGE going to read what you write on the No matter which side of this debate internet. lines on a map aren't much differ from mine. and if you go Check out the Declaration of back to the home page. and for the people back in putting that genie back in the bottle. By the you come down on-even if you're a same token. don't bother asking me how to join. I think Kennedy the state of martial law which has would shut down the entire internet. not on it either. there are a number of There are those who advocate using Defiance mailing lists out there too. It's up to you to figure out to know each other. Primer). you can sign up Independence for a clue on how I feel for one right there. It started out as a Supreme Court as being completely government-run means of transmitting unconstitutional. how I see things though. You never know involved in the discourse. government of the people. Nothing less will do. there's no people. with what are we left? Your take on this whole issue might See you in the future." in one sense I use of it while you still can. "There comes a The Liberators. and has come again. One last bit of advice about the internet.J. so make When I say "our. and that's fine.20 Beta r!l~ • Favorites I • Stop I Hame l Even so. have a time in the course of human events. and I think that time more than once." but in another way I'm After all. by the Even if Kennedy wants to. The greatest power of the web is the free exchange of ideas. he'll figure out a way to take that away from us somehow. It's by invite only." famous list that's been cracked by DP wrote Jefferson. about the whole thing. By that. office. when the time for words is talking about Defiants everywhere. Web Sailor Pro 4. try to be polite to the Primer lurking around this site-get people you meet. for instance. I'm That time is now. Anyhow. over. Take it as you We've got ourselves up on several will. There are a couple what side you're on. it's your duty. http://welcome_to _deltatimes/page 47 . and we Our mission is to restore democracy shift around from server to server on to America. We need to development in the way that it repeal the Delta Registration Act or- promotes the free (and anonymous) better yet-have it struck down by the exchange of ideas. an almost weekly basis. mirror sites around the world. general interest ones..


having a hero without a chased your buddies around the yard. and all the other som eone. So let's figure out how this thing As a player. The problem with those kinds of This means coming up with a plot. but that's all known as the Guide gathers together a a load of crap-sorry: sophistry. (That's w hy it's called "roleplaying. (HAPTER ONE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Welcome to Brave N ew World. After all. roleplaying game set in a modern-day anyone from earthshaking villains to America in which the history is not our grifters on the street.) We'll get to THE GIST OF IT how you create a character in a You 've roleplayed before. take d own his foes. you play the role of a works. you were actually no place to go. own-which you should have figured We could go on at length about the out by now if you've read this far. a characters the heroes might encounters. and it's all about fun. Brave New World hero you com e up w ith. philosophical ramifications of rolep laying games and the wonderful kinds of vicarious experiences they can THIS IS AROLEPLAYING GAME p rovide for those who really invest In Brave New World. one person themselves in their heroes. you m ad e a gun out of your hand and Of course. You took on the role of without a plot to unravel? someone with a gun who was going to That's where the Guide com es in." Sherlock. games is sometimes when you shot some settings. story means you're all d ressed up with going "Bang! Bang!". bunch of players to create a story or an It's a game. Anytime moment. story for the heroes to interact with. adventure. what's a hero rolep laying. she didn't always fall down CROSS pout . and so did your The Guide's job is to come u p with a friends.

we've got some ways for you to get around that frustration and keep the make-believe going. just how bad is it going to read this book cover to cover. lightning bolt? And if someone hits If you're the Guide. and he sets a number (called a Target Number) and HOW TO USf THIS BOOK hands you some dice. we're not holding your hero up with a set of statis~ics ~hat anything back from you. to make sure he's the just for reading though. Now. you tell the forms . of course. question about exactly how something After all. took all the fun out of the whole thing. instead of pointing your finger roleplaying game. right now we're talking speak." so to entertainment. a Dreadnaut with my lightning bolts!" movie. nothing tell us a bit more about who he IS. we've got to set Brave New World. any other book. a short story. It's an idea that can take many when you shout "Bang!". Smce that would stop you from running a he's a make-believe hero. just how powerful is that which is off limits to players. you're not actually blasting made into just about any form of anyone. you're there to pretend. For the most part. though. is how Chapter Ten. After all. You read it from one you blast the Dreadnaut into next end to the other. You're just speaking in your hero's voice-"in character. a TV Guide. and for The Guide guesstimates about how that. which quickly 2) A pencil. "I'm going to blast down that show. a card game. often fell into a vicious circle of "Did 1) This book. but it's more than at someone and hoping she falls down that. (HAPTER ONl: WHAT YOU HEED TO KNOW like she was supposed to. a novel. a miniatures battle game. Okay. "You WHAT YOU NffD TO PLAY missed!" To play Brave New World. No arguing about it. If you're a player week. Hey. way to get to know him and to keep As a rulebook. hard he thinks it is for you to hit the Dreadnaut with your bolt. The rest of the book do you know how many dice to roll? makes up the Guide's Handbook. then you get to your hero. Sometimes she just stood there and shouted. right? 5) A wild imagination. with your little sister. 3) A fistful of dice. Well. Since be? you're the heroes' eyes and ears into To answer all that. It could be (Of course. you're a bit older now. . When you've got a was last week. It's also a same kind of character this week as he reference book. It can be a comic book. and that's what this part of the Brave N ew World is a setting for a book's all about. You roll the d ice. you only This usually led to an argument that need a few things. They're called THIS BOOK rules. you should stop reading after The next question. not bicker 4) Some players. at least. and Let's go through these one by one. it's only fair. Brave New World's not track of him. you use it just like and if you get that number or higher. not!" and "Did too!". Of course.) about the roleplaying game. a set of action figures. you need this book. that's the best good game.

Brave New World isn't a snapshot For a good chunk of the rest of the frozen in a moment in time. we've given you a good table As we've implied. Then millennia ago. ~~ ' . There are some World books and products from secrets that we're holding close to our Pinnacle Entertainment Group on a collective chest for now. check out Ravaged Planet. but the story is bigger than we BRAVE NEW SECRETS could cram into a single book. This rulebook has everything in it that you need to know to play the game. ~S PIlICE CROSS POUI . They can also tell you what's going to be coming out soon. (HAPTER ON{: WHAT YOU Nuo TO KNOW ~.- works in the game. we'll reveal more and more The best place to find our products is about what's going on behind the your local game store. sprinkled clues to some of them throughout this book.. or about games in now is the title: Crossroads. It's just the beginning. but we've regular basis. Not only should scenes. this book you're of contents in the front of this book. and it continues to keep your eye out for more Brave New unfold every day. holding isn't the end of the Brave New There's also an extensive index in the World story. All we can tell you right about our game. back. The story saga. This will all culminate in a they have our complete line of books brand-new roleplaying game in which and accessories. you need to be able to find the relevant rules right away. the behind it all begins centuries. As the Brave New World story fiNDING OUR PRODUCTS develops. even Brave New World player'S guide. general. but they can help you you can explore the tangential out with any questions you might have ramifications. To THE ROAD GOES (VER ON that end.

there's even a Bounty Hunters running a secure online store where you can demonstration of Brave New World or order your Pinnacle products directly one of our other games in the store. We suggest you use a pencil to fill in all the details on the sheet. you directly. Your hero's going to get punched. These range from the color of his hair If you've got access to the internet. then go ahead and use a pen. he can improve his abilities in the game. Don't worry about all that right now. there's a blank sheet on page 64 too. rules corrections.peginc. of these things figured out. (HAPTER ONE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Some stores even have game clubs so At our website. That's where gun-toting gangers. When you get all we post regular updates to our games. and them down on a hero sheet. PENCILS If you don't have a game store in When you create a hero to play in your area. characters. If you're lucky. and generally kicked around. That's a hero's lot in life. See? . all the current information. that you can photocopy to make blank sheets for your own use. to how fast he can run circles around stop by www. And it's all that shows you how to do all this. If you're sure your hero's never going to change. changing himself for the better. Just let us tell you one thing: You're wrong. you can just erase the old details and write in the new ones. probably on a regular basis. we and get the latest rumors about where might even have one of our team of we're headed. And when you're done with all of that. gadgets. We're always happy to teach any of our games to anyone bold enough to step up to the gaming table. you can always contact us your Brave New World game. Check the front of the book for determine a lot of things about him. beat up. Some things on the sheet can change from time to time. We'll get to it all in good time. To reflect how he can apply that to new situations. you can also sign up they can introduce you to other people for mailing lists so you can discuss interested in playing the kinds of your favorite games with other fans games you like. shot at. from the and absolutely free. you write including new rules. and if you use a pencil. and even the There's a sample sheet on page 58 occasional adventure. Plus. hopefully your hero will have learned something.

right? Just count up the another 6. a of the rest of those boardgames rotting 6 is the highest result you can get. giving him a final nothing to it. He picks up the 6 and rolls it a~ain. your house already. His final highest Sometimes you might see. Example: The Guide asks Instead. 50 far. w e use a code that's pretty Marty to roll 5d6+4." New World doesn't bother with those. Brave World are what we call "open-ended. be used to. (HAPUR ONE: WHAT YOU HaD TO KNOW THE DICE RlADING THI 01(£ In Brave New W orld. That's probably got a boatload of them in your result. to. They're the bunch of dice and add all those results little. you can pick up each of those dice and reroll them all. and It works like this. getting a 4 and Simple enough. . you roll a You know what dice are. all. rolllt agam. right? all sorts of strange-looking dice that It's not so. When you're done tells you to roll some dice. Marty rolls much standard for roleplaying games. his highest result is a 6. You 6. regul~r. In lots of games. but we recommend you have at The best part is that if you get more least 10 dice close at hand. than one 6 at a time." There's really he adds the +4. ~ou car: roll the die again and keep can get by with a single die if you have gomg untll you don't roll another 6. If you get another more you have around the better." That's just fine. the single die with the highest something like. He picks up the two 6s and rolls "Roll five six-sided (standard) dice. 01(£ COOlS Keep track of each of those open-ended Most of the time when the Guide rolls separately. Not so numbers on their sides. but it's a result. 6. "Roll 5d6+4. "RollSd6. see we're d ead on . total of (16+4=) 20. that's the highest you can roll on a Some other roleplaying games use single die. When we say." That m eans. "Roll five dice and dle number is (6+6+4=) 16. Dice rolls in Brave New come in lots of different shapes. You've pick the highest number you get. stashed inside an You might say to yourself that. and he gets 1. you roll all the dice and then tables around the world." them again. plastic cubes with pips or up together to get a final total. His highest result is sides on one of those cubes." we mean. six-s~ded ~ie-you can pick up When we say you're going to need a that dle. we read the d ice Let's talk about the dice for a in a p articular w ay that you might not moment.4. People use in Brave N ew World. "Roll five dice and add open-ended roll gives you your final +4 to that. 6. we're not kidding. After in a stack in a closet. This m~ans that if you roll a 6 on any of We stick with the old standard: the six- your dIce-the highest you can get on a sided cube. and add it to what fistful of dice. he says rolling. them in casinos and on dining room Instead. getting a 4. The you've already got. five dice. To that add +4 to your result.3. pain to read something like that in a book every time it comes up . and you'll now 12. with old copy of Monopoly or Yatzhee or any that kind of a method of dice reading.

got lots of rules and examples to get The screen's also got all sorts of vital you set on the right path to making the game information printed on it for easy coolest Brave New World hero around. you've bitten off activities. need to know the life history of the Games with more than six players mugger and his victim. Look for Power Shield. 48-page adventure to get your game If you're a player. It's playtime. All you need can be more challenging than many are a few salient details. Who wants him dead? Their heroes will learn about them in Coming up with all this stuff the course of playing the game. or your make your life easier. game. What are his dreams are lots of things in the game that the and goals? Who does he care about? players don't need to know right away. AWILD IMAGINATION but we're ready to help you out there Roleplaying is also a creative too. baby. what you're doing. single hero. Most Guides find it's easiest to work The upside to this is that you don't with three to six players. After that. of thousands. It's up to you to make sure everyone else is having fun. pal. usually around a table. but it's also the with warm bodies. You've got to handle a cast you can add other people as you like. room together. but all. Guiding can be the most rewarding To do that. Be sure to chew with a group of people sitting in a thoroughly before you swallow. the Brave endeavor. an idea about what you want your hero The screen's perfect for hiding all of to be like and what he wants to do in your Guide-only secrets behind. start with a small extra (that's what we call the characters group and work your way up. reference. We've fun. If the heroes stop a attention during a game. and you've New World Guide's kit. This makes Guiding easier CROSS PIlLII . If you're new have to put as much work into each to roleplaying games. you don't really always easier to juggle fewer people. Chapter Eleven: Guiding the Game. It comes got to be ready to open up the box in complete with a cardboard screen and a your head and let all the toys spill out. Every the Guide controls) as the players do player demands a certain amount of into their heroes. If you want We'll tell you all abou t this in to give a bigger group a shot. as players who don't feel like they're The Guide can make or break the getting enough attention leave. figuring things out is part of the don't worry too much about it. you've got to fill the game position in the game. (HAPTER ONE: WHAT YOU NEED 10 KNOW THE PLAYERS GUIDING Roleplaying games are social If you're the Guide. though. There the game world. Just be sure you plus we give you a few more ways to know what you're doing. We appreciate group may start shrinking all by itself. After requires a healthy imagination. you've got to have rolling. more power to you. They're meant to be played a big chunk. and it's mugging on the street. Guides care to bother with. after all. The players each You need at least two people to play: only have to worry about their own the Guide and one player. Preparing for this can suck up a lot of your time. most challenging.

and the Guid e has to game. at least. It's roleplaying" and a game. . setting the Target reading this book you're still unclear Numbers for their action rolls. the Guide's word is law. story along. She also serves as a referee The adventure's not only a great way for any questions that come up in the to launch a Brave New World series of game. and it requires a tremendous make a tacit agreement to abide by the amount of imagination. Her biggest task here is to judge adventures. It's also a perfect example how difficult it is for the characters to of how a game should work. Let's make this some hints to help you out with this in absolu tely clear: Chapter Eleven. though. since you don't have to be flipping through this book every time GUlDf AS JUDGf you need to know how much damage a The Guide doesn't just guide the certain weapon does. for instance. There's no way that a set of rules GUlDf AS STORYTHUR could possibly cover every detail that's A roleplaying game's got two going to crop up in the course of the elements to it. on how to bring an ad venture to life. game exciting and fun. If after perform actions. In m atters of the game. the players must difficult." If If her job to fill in the gaps as best she For the roleplaying side of things. A roleplaying game is meant to model life-or a strange version of it. be There's a lot more to it than that sure to pick up Power Shield too. balance them carefully. making decisions on the fly to the Guide's got to come up with a story resolve any kind of situation her that engages the players and m akes the player'S m ight present her with. We've got Gu ide's judgment. (HAPUR ONl: WHAT YOU HElD TO KHOW for you. This can be For this to work. It's both That's where the Guide comes in. can.


there aren't going to be a whole dealing with how that makes you lot of challenges for him. code name. the hero's name. is the heart of adventure. but that's bou nce of his chest? And how good of not really the point here. It's about having powers "far is it? If the hero's the next best thing to beyond those of mortal men" and then God. You might know w hat kind of hero Take a look at the hero sheet on the you want to play. A lot of the details you mask and bounces bullets off his chest. if you want to you could just playa reg Just how big a bullet can he really like a reporter or a street cop. these vital statistics THf HfRO SHffT are called the hero's profile. a detective is he? Brave New World is about having If you w ere back on the playground. but at nigh t he wears a talking about. (HAPTER TWO: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AHERO Here's where we get down to it: how That's great. rest of it. b ut you need to be able to make a delta of your own. To help you really pin down who Does it corrupt you. or do you use it your hero is in terms that mean responsibly? To struggle w ith those something in the game. and challenge different from most everyone else. pal). shoes. Collectively. to d efine the hero a bit more solidly. Of course. CROSS poul . Maybe he's a cop next page for an example of what we're during the day. "He's the greatest. a cop. you n eed to questions. can fill in on your own without any He fights crime as a Defian t because help from us: the player's name (that's there are criminals beyond his reach as you. It's about power and how it's used. and so on. your hero needs powers. and he doesn't want to jOin Delta origin story. powers that treat the laws of p hysics you could just say. describe him with a set of numbers that ran k him against everyone else in the game. Then there's the Prime and be forced to leave his family." like a puppy treats a brand-new p air of but that's not much fun for a character.

I<:::. and powers. Of HON01l.. 8RA"'.. $5 PIlICC . There are also two traits that stand ----'-'--_-'--_ D. This is his ability to learn things the dice column. 8' AllTIFlJI.:~:::.... self-explanatory..D... physically speaking...55.. They might seem pretty hurt things. while an KNOW~~DG~ 2 DODGING 3 ~NG~ISH 2 DI<IVING:PV 2 Olympic athlete m ight have a Strength COMPUTING 2 SHOOTING 5 or Speed of 5. but deltas bust through that limit all SKIU BQHUS SKIU ~ A"MOI< 5/. toss things. S~UI<ITY 2 If the hero's got a nu mber listed in DISGUIS~ 2 the bonus column.. QUIRKS DI(UESS TRAITS UNRWIS1ER. a car. all trait SCI<UTINIZ~ 1 SWIMMING 2 names are Capitalized and listed in S~AI<CH 1 THI<OWING 3 italics. Speed.. DELTA NAME JOHN (OD£ HAME . (HAPUR TWO: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AHERO Speed tells you just how fast your THE PROflU hero is...... 06+_ the number you get after he rolls his ~Ill Q!l!II!\ SKIU ~ trait dice.. Every character has a number in hero is. and drive kinds of statistics: traits. A"RT.. for numbers next to each trait: dice and Smarts tells you how brainy your bonus.:~B:. and hero is.. D6+_ q PDWERS 2. the time.. h e rolls that number of ORIGIN IT'S A WNG STOI<Y--S~~ BACK dice .. When th e hero is called upon to u se the trait. to call on knowledge he's got. These define the hero in ability to lift things. an d the n orm al human maximum is 5. by himself.:.. quirks. COVAl. D6+_ STRENGTH .!!. roll dice when they come into play. Every character in the game has four Strength tells you how powerful your basic traits: Smarts. This says things about how brave he is and how good he is at TRAITS influencing other people. That means th e person on the AI<~A ACI<OBATICS 2 ~N~I<GY B~AST street has a 2 in each trait. you just add that to SPIRIT .. but let's go over them Notice that there are two columns anyhow. These are Pace and Size.. The bigger the number.~_ _ _ _ __ CAI<T~I< trait.~HAND~D 5 talking about an actual trait. It's his Strength.. heroes get anything listed in the bonus and to figure intellectual things out all column.D FOI> GRMnN. DELTA POINTS SPHD!!.SI"'. the PLAYER NAME MA"TIN FO"B~CK better your hero is in that p articular I~..~. HAI<~e:Y-DAVID50N COD... but only exceptional quickly.. Spirit. starting at 1 and going on up . skills..snN.-.!. fire a weapon."'. . It also defines how well he can A hero is defined by four different dodge attacks. and broad strokes.. Each trait is defined by a number in the dice column. Spirit tells you how together your hero is... SIZE 5 PACE 9 The average n umber in each trait is . apart from the others since you don't _____ IMPU. B~V~I<Y 2 C~IMBING 2 To help you know when we're PE:I<SUASION: FIGHTING: CHAI<M 2 BA.

shooting. blade. He just relative to other people.) UNSKILLED ROLLS So a hero with a Speed of 4 has a Pace If the hero doesn't have the skill he of (4+5=) 9. he's got add any trait or skill bonuses to the die superpowers of some sort. and bravery. just the tabletop in a single round. See Chapter Eight for SUBSKILLS these. Each of these subskills is Tricks are special things your hero considered a separate skill. Chapter Seven. SKILLS Traits give you an idea of a hero's QUIRKS raw abilities. the Each of the skills is described in full powers all come in premade packages in Chapter Four. to make it easier for you to create a balanced hero. but the action to work. his first harder he is to hurt. The bigger a needs to get an extra success for the person is. things like Collectively. That total is your final result. Some skills are divided into subskills. Then you Assuming the hero's a delta. In this case. They are knows how to do. (HAPTER TWO: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AHERO Pace tells you how far your hero can move in a round. needs for a certain action roll. but figure of the hero can move across a don't add any skill bonuses. language. the easier he is to hit. The groupings are more for tricks anyone can learn are covered in convenience than anything else. listed here. her that makes her unique. General name. Simple. (If you're trait bonus. That's where skills hero. Each Each of the quirks are described in skill then has a bonus number listed full in Chapter Five. make a raw trait roll. Most p eople have success-assuming he gets one- a Size of 5. These can Each trait has a number of different be good things or even bad t~ings. they're called qUIrks. for instance. When your hero wants to use a skill. In Brave New World. Everyone's got something about come in. These are roll. is broken down into barehanded. while Chapter Eight has some power-specific tricks. skills listed under it. roll plus +5. . he can Size describes how big your hero IS still give it the old college try. a tabletop inch translates to roughly two yards. In other words. Fighting. That's how many inches a the dice for that trait normally. It's the second success that gets things going. She can activate not related in any way other than these with extra successes. This is figured by TRAIT ROLLS adding the number of the hero's Speed Some situations call for a hero to dice to any flat Speed bonus he's got. doesn't even count. you gather together all the dice for the POWERS trait it's under. next to it. but abilities aren't worth No one's just a collection of much if you don't know how to do numbers. CROSS poul . not using miniatures. not even a Brave New World anything with them. and TRICKS club. and roll them.

after all. 2) Pick your hero's skills. deltas come complete with all the traits. and even without their To make an archetype your own powers they're a cut above normal. Don't That's enough for your hero to have worry about it if you don't understand 3 points in each trait. Making a hero from scratch is more There are two ways to create your challenging than using an archetype. how he got his powers. else. the one in this book-and fill in all the missing details like name. don't sweat it. . but spend some time thinking about who they've got to come from somewhere your hero is. If you want to. and powers they need. cookie. archetypes and pick one you like. These 1) Assign your hero's traits. an archetype is Smarts. CHAPTER TWO: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AHERO (RfATlNG AHfRO (RfATlNG YOUR Now that you know how a hero sheet works. so your other traits will suffer. origin story. important to your hero. Try 1) Use an archetype. average. Spirit. they are: not comfortable with taking on such a task quite yet. do is copy their statistics down on a 5) Pick your hero's tricks. You have 12 Trait Points to Go ahead and look over the divide up among these traits. Going from the simplest to but it's also more rewarding. and why he's decided to join the The most points a hero can have in Defiance Movement. a packaged hero first. just On pages 65-74. THf ARCHfTVPfS To create a hero from scratch. and the Filling in all the empty spaces on the least he can have is 1. skills. and 3) Pick your hero's quirks. but for now you should you like. own hero. blank hero sheet-you can photocopy 6) Buy your hero's gear. any trait when starting out is 5. let's get to slapping a HfRO FROM SCRATCH delta together for you. Speed. we've listed a follow these simple steps: number of typical kinds of heroes you might find in Brave New World. All the work's you need to assign numbers to each of been done for you. All you've got to 4) Pick your hero's powers. these. about. and Strength-and really the way to go. hero-as opposed to a generic. they're ready to play. you can put more cutter character-you still want to points into any trait you like. and so on. Use the back of your focus on the traits that are most photocopied sheet and go wild. It's possible to hero sheet is a good start. just above the what all the skills and powers mean. These are heroes we're talking We'll get to that in good time. but you improve your traits as time passes in should feel free to add as much more as the game. If you're the most challenging. ASSIGNING TRAITS If this is your first time playing in a Your hero has four different traits- roleplaying game. playing the game with an archetype or 2) Make one from scratch. and then come back here when you're ready to try it all again.

You can choose these from the general list in Chapter Seven or pick PICKING APOWER PACKAGE ones from your hero's power package This is where we finally get into the in Chapter Eight. Every point you spend on a skill gives you a +1 bonus with that skill. When you take a negative quirk. For every p oint you have in that trait. while negative quirks (like poor) give you extra skill points. taking negative quirks Your hero gets to choose a single can add some realism and even power package from those listed in heroism to your character. It's good to have some quirks to surmount. Up to a point. You can improve this later though. none of your skills can have a bonus of higher than +5. Overcoming Chapter Eight. Positive quirks (like rich) cost you that many skill points. so choose meaning to your hero's struggles. These points must be spent on skills. we provide you with p ow er less. turn to Chapter Nine. This package cannot be these kinds of obstacles can add some added to or changed later. (Otherwise she gets some more or a lot Instead. (HAPTER TWO: WHAT IT TAKfS TO Of AHfRO PICKING SKillS Each trait has certain skills that are associated with it. For a list of together into a seamless whole. you can add those points to your skills or pick up a positive quirk. When creating a hero. Each hero gets three tricks to start out with. See Chapter Four for a full list of skills and which traits they each go with. packages that knit your hero's powers cars. you get 3 Skill Points to purchase skill bonuses with. so we don't just provide Unless your hero's rich or poor. ?5PlllCe CROSS POLII . and the like here.) We're talking weapons. stuff that separates your hero from the people on the street: superpowers. armor. but overdoing it PICKING TRICKS can turn the game on its ear. let you mix and match as you like. she you with a list of possible powers and gets $1. carefully. available gear.000 to buy gear with. PICKING QUIRKS Each quirk has a number listed next to it that's either positive or negative. You can't take more than 10 points of negative quirks. Superpowers can sometimes be BUYING GEAR complicated.

Etiquette Speed-load heroes start with 3 Forgery Stealth Delta Points. occult Electronic. club. in Criminology Riding hockey. country Piloting: Airplane. more skills. composition. Spirit. Perception we've collected all mountain Performing: the information native 2 Scrutinize 1 Tactics Acting. blade too. negative quirks. The hero's Pace Computing Quick draw football. music STATUS QUIRKS with up to 5 finance. diceless traits here Area know ledge: Martial arts: club. Personal SMARTS SKILLS Shadowing four traits: Smarts. Arts: Illustrating. PICK QUIRKS Language: Any electrician. You can start business. secret identity chemistry. HERO CREATION QUICK REfERENCE fREE SKILLS mathematics. trait. See the Search 1 Weaponsmith music. region. blade Sport: Baseball. heroes are Size 5. forest. positive quirks or points worth of administration. Bureaucratics helicopter deltaball. and commercial American Tracking Strength. powers aside. Academia: Streetwise Speed. Gambling Trade: Carpenter. Boating: 1. law. he gets 3 Accounting. Demolition Sleight of hand Swimming Again. Lockpicking: Climbing in any trait. history. Bravery CRfATlNG AHfRO physics Faith Creating a Area knowledge: hometown 2 Security Leadership hero's simple. basketball. Running Quirks or state. two pages. Climbing 1 Language: desert. You can't vehicle start with more culture. appropriate storytelling chapters for all the RECOMMEHDfD SKILLS Persuasion: Bluff. City. Barehanded. soccer inches. PICK SKILLS Medicine operator. Escaping than 5 points or comparative Flying STRENGTH SKILLS less than 1 point literature. unregistered . Mimic to make it easier. Fighting: Acrobatics in terroga tion. barehanded Archery intimidation. engineering painting. You can choose language machine up to -10 points of 2. clergy. For each point Navigation mechanic. quirks Disguise Shooting Throwing or powers aside. Fighting: Figure your Artillery mechanical Barehanded. taunt Scrounging You've got 12 Stealth sailboat Dodging Scrutinize trait points to Search distribute among Driving. Public identity or Science: Biology. details on SPEED SKILLS Bravery charm. 3. seduction. everything here. ASSIGN TRAITS Perception Persuasion: bluff Speedboat. Delta or reg points in a skill. is his Speed+5. county. singing. vehicle. You can use these your hero's got in Profession: plumber points to buy a trait. sculpting. writing Registered or geology. but Survival: City. public you need on these Tinkering speaking. SPIRIT SKILLS skills under that archi tecture.

PICK TRICKS Fine tu ning Smack it Patron +2 to +5 Lusty -1 Each h ero then Photographic 11ean -2 gets th ree free memory +5 11ute -3 tricks from either GOLIATH Rich +1 to +5 Obligation .2 Im pression SPHDST£R Bad habit -1 to -3 Squeamish -2 The natural Afterimages Bigot -1 to -3 Temper -2 New friend Burst of speed Bloodth irsty -2 Ugly On a roll Cautious -3 Unlucky -5 Pumped up Cheap -2 Vengeful -2 Ricochet 6.5 4. direction +1 Pacifist -3/-5 Poor -3 GUNNER Sense of time +1 GENERAL TRICKS Poor ears -2/-4 11ercy Sharp ears +1 Poor Brilliant idea Pierce armor Sharp eyes +1 eyes . See Curious -3 the lists on pages 188-189 for prices. PICK APOWER BOUNC£R Alert +3 Bounce attack Ambidextrous +5 Death w ish -5 PACKAGE Flip-toss Authority +1 to +5 Depen d ent Pick a single Beau tiful +1 -1 to-5 power package.000 to Crazy -lto -5 spend on gear.5 Illiterate -3 Sp eedster Light sleeper +1 Lucky +3 Impulsive -3 GADGHHR Ordained +1 Loyal -3 5. "IRO (RIATION QUICK RlflRINCI POSITIVE QUIRKS Dark secret -1 to . .1/-3 the general list or Rock your world Self-confiden t +2 Obvious -3/-5 his power Superjump Sense of Old -3 p ackage. Disabled -3/-5 BARGAINER Brave +1 Duty -1 to -5 Jinx Brawny +3 THE PACKAGES Enem y -1 to -5 11ake it look easy Contact +1 to +5 Bouncer Dark Frail -3 Glass jaw -3 Bargainer BLAST£R secret +1 to +5 Blaster Destined for Greedy -2 Blast punch Gullible -2 Flyer greatness +5 Superblast Heavy sleeper .1/-3/-5 Bull's eye Sidekick +5 Savage -3 Entangling HEALER Tough +2 Self-righteous -2 Extra damage Healing disease Veteran ±O Skeptical -1 Fast learner H ealing p oison Voice +1 Slow -2 First move Wise +3 Slight -5 Grapp le Knockback SCRAPPER Snobby -1 NEGATIVE QUIRKS Softhearted -1 Kn ockd own Fast healer Absentminded -3 Know th e Streets Dirty fighting Stubborn -2 Addiction -1 /-3 Stu tter -2 11ake an Arrogant -3 Sup erstitious . SELECT GEAR Clumsy -3 Vow -1 to-5 Unless the Code of honor -3 Wanted -5 hero's rich or poor. Coward -3 Young -1 he's got $1.1 Gadgeteer Double-jointed +1 Goliath Famous +2 Hefty -2/-3 Gunner flYER Favor owed +1 H eroic -5 H ealer Burst of speed Gear +1 to +5 H onest -3 Scrapper Flying dodge Iron jaw +3 Illness -1/-3/ .


swimming 2. escaping 3. calls. who might know someone who heroic -3. sure I can help. scrutinize I. Come in. honor -3. I might know someone jointed +1. delta ±O. though. I could possibly put you in skeptical-I. famous +2. wise +3 touch with her. running I. Colt Quote: Voila! Agent and 20 rounds of ammo. barehanded 2. I'm Crescent City 2. ahem. I'm right. I should know more. my friends. martial arts: Of course. You "know a Delta" who wants sleight of hand 3 to join the Defiance? I'm afraid I Spirit: 3d6 can't help you there. make it look easy Until then. Gear: Handheld computer --=DIll with cell modem. a convertible Cadillac (financed) and $2. area knowledge: Whatever it is you're worried about. shooting I. come in. Speed: 4d6 You have a problem that only Driving: personal vehicle I. please be careful. If you'll just give me a rich +2. . secret identity ±O. organization of which persuasion: bluff I. Powers: Come back after my show Bargaining: Can use tonight. friend.000. Tricks: Brilliant idea. chance to make a few phone self-confident +2. Derringer and four rounds of ammo. unregistered ±O. mechanical 2. language: English 2 I know why you've come to me. I'm not terribly performing: public familiar with this speaking 2. for you at the will-call window. someone with my particular. lockpicking: talents can resolve. criminology 4. Academia: occult 3. code of Now that you mention it. my Bravery 2. jinx. can help. double. persuasion: charm 2. you speak. a mimic totem. throwing 2 Size: 5 Pace: 9 Delta Points: 3 Quirks: Arrogant -3. one heck of a wardrobe. search 1 Strength: 2d6 Climbing 2. perception 2. I always am. gambling 2. By then. ARCHETYPES BARGAINER PROFILE PERSONALITY Smarts: 3d6 Welcome. I'll have tickets waiting totems.

secret identity ±O. Speed: 4d6 How many people do you Dodging 2. swimming 2. shooting 4. good false ID papers. iron jaw +3. running I. right? Tricks: Blast punch. much the better. Chevy negotiable. front. driving: personal know who can walk the streets vehicle I. ARCHETVP£S BLASTER PROfiLE PERSONALITY Smarts: 3d6 Life as a delta's not all bad. sharp eyes + I. security 3 someone with my unique talents. after all. cell phone with e-mail capability. stealth 2 your hands are living Spirit: 3d6 guns? Bravery I. wanted -5 I look at helping with the Powers: Deftance as a kind of charity Armor: 5/.000. martial arts: of Crescent City unarmed? barehanded 2. martial arts: Who needs bullets when blade I. self-confident +2. collapsible grappling Quote: Everything's hook. disguise I. search 3. . delta ±O. shadowing 1 Strength: 2d6 Climbing 2. work. pretty good living at it. throwing 2 many Size: 5 times I've Pace: 9 been Delta Points: 3 stiffed by a Quirks: Beautiful +1. There's computing 2. the An~ings down that natural. unregistered ±O. dependent -2: called in the younger sister. scrutinize 2. persuasion: charm 2. Corvette (financed). language: always someone willing to hire on English 2. Everyone's got to do Energy Blast their part. perception If it 2. superb last bastard in the White House. and $8. curious client who -3. rich +3. I make a Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. so Gear: Binoculars.

if I can Size: 4 some good for Pace: 14 . !RCHHVPES BOUNCER PROFlU PERSONALITY Smarts: 2d6 Hey. unregistered ±O.. already done more stealth 2 ~ the Defiance Spirit: 4d6 than people Bravery 2. and $50. young-l Powers: Fast: +5 to dodge. flip-toss. dodging 4. knockback Gear: BMX bike. profession: student me. lucky PluS. I'd 2. driving: generation! personal vehicle 1. deltas along Delta Points: 4 the way. skateboard. perception 1. persuasion: charm 3. old Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. that's Quirks: Delta ±O. look out! Get outta my way. Strong: +3 to Strength Tricks: First move. streetwise 2 Strength: 2d6+3 Climbing 3. self-confident way cool mask. sport: skateboarding 1.. well. you're so far over the hill. scrutinize 2.. . Pace. Sure.. survival: city 1 need the Hubble to see you. softhearted -1. impulsive -3. and get this: +2. call me by a codename.I get to wear this secret identity ±O. but I've barehanded 3. ~sup . -"'-h'IMr+. Time Speed: 4d6 to make way for the new Acrobatics 2. old man! rolls. you're only 30. destined too fresh for me for greatness +5. and initiative Quote: Try to keep up. slight -5. but compared to navigation 1. PC with limited internet connection and loads of computer games. language: English 2. search 2. man! computing 2.. swimming 1. shadowing 2. I may not have been a martial arts: for long. rooftops like throwing 2 me? Hey.


Smarts: 2d6 Do you have any idea what it's like to fly
Area knowledge: Crescent City 2, through the air? Not like a bird, but like a
bureaucratics 1, computing 1, god? Defying gravity is like a dream come
etiquette 1, gambling true. I could spend all day in the
1, medicine 2, clouds.
language: English But eventually the world always
2 brings me down. Gunfights in the
Speed:5d6 streets. Innocent delta
Dodging 3, children being taken
driving: from their parents.
personal vehicle Delta Prime trying to
1, flying 5, quick track me down.
draw 1, shooting Of course, to do that, they're going
3, stealth 2 to have to figure out who's pretty head
Spirit: 3d6 is under this helmet of mine, and I
Bravery 2, leadership can tell you that's one thing they're
2, perception 2, never going to be able to do. I've
persuasion: charm 1, got a contact on the inside, if
scrutinize 1, search 1, you know what I mean.
shadowing 2 Meanwhile, it's up to people
Strength: 2d6 like you and me to step up and
Climbing 1, fighting: barehanded 2, make a difference in our world.
swimming 2, throwing 2 After all, if a delta can't make a
Size: 5 difference, who can?
Pace: 10
Delta Points: 3 Quote: Hang on tight. We're a
Quirks: Beautiful +1, contact +3: a long ways up!
cousin in Delta Prime, dark
secret -1: has a cousin in Delta
Prime, delta ±O, glass jaw -3,
honest -3, pacifist -3,
unregistered ±O, secret identity
±O, sense of direction +1, sense of
time +1, voice: soft +1
Armor: 5/- when flying.
Flying: Can fly at a Pace of 50.
Tricks: Bull's eye, extra damage, and flying
Gear: Colt 2000, Kevlar vest, motorcycle
helmet, a leather bodysuit, and $50.


Smarts: 4d6 Careful with that!
Area knowledge: Crescent City 2, That's a prototype I've been working on
computing 2, language: for months, and I'm not quite finished with
English 2, navigation 2, it just yet.
profession: engineering Sure, I know what it does. It's for, um-
3, science: physics 2, Well, that's not important.
security 3 I'm working on my armor right now. A
Speed: 4d6 machine this complex needs a lot of care,
Dodging 3, driving: you know. Hand
personal vehicle 2, me that wrench,
flying 3, shooting 3, would you?
stealth 1 I don't really
Spirit: 2d6 think of myself
Bravery 1, perception 2, as a delta. Not
persuasion: bluff 1, really.
scrounging 2, I mean, it's
scrutinize 1, not like I'm
search 1 flying around,
Strength: 2d6 (+3 blasting people
with suit) with my fists.
Climbing 1, fighting: Well, okay, that's
barehanded 2, exactly what I do,
fighting: club 2, but it's not really
swimming 1, me, it's the machine.
throwing 1 Sometimes it seems like
Size: 5 the machine's more of the
Pace: 9 delta than I am. After all, it's
Delta Points: 3 the~ith the powers, right?
Quirks: Absentminded Still, you've got to admit, I came
-3, brave +2, clumsy up with this baby, and man, can I
-3, delta ±O, famous make it sing!
+2: under his real
name, honest -3, Quote: Now where'd I put
photographic memory that jet pack?
+5, secret identity ±O,
sharp eyes +1, skeptical
-1, unregistered ±O
Tricks: Fast learner, first move, smack it
Gear: Power armor (Armor 10/3, fly at Pace
40, armed with guns), Colt Agent and 20
rounds of ammo, Jeep Cherokee
(financed), tools in his garage, and $300.


Smarts: 2d6 It's a hard world out there. Trust me, it
Area knowledge: Crescent City 2, area only takes one slip to fall from grace.
knowledge: Crescent City There was a time when I had it all. I was
underground 2, disguise I, language: a linebacker for the University of
English 2, security I, survival: city Michigan, and I had pro scouts
2 and agents lining up to get me
Speed: 3d6 to Hancock agreements with
Dodging 3, driving: them.
personal vehicle I, I was in demand.
shooting I, Then it all changed.
stealth 4 I got in that car
Spirit: 2d6 accident. I hear the
Bravery I, investigation says my
perception 3, brakes were cut. I
scrutinize 3, don't know who by,
search 1 but when I find out,
Strength: 5d6+5 I'm going to pop
Climbing 2, fighting: his head like a
barehanded 5, rotten egg.
fighting: club 4, I survived the
sport: football 2, "accident," but I
swimming I, was changed-into
throwing 2 this. There's no
Size: 7 hiding the fact
Pace:S I'm a delta,
Delta Points: 3 and since I
Quirks: Alert didn't really
+3, delta ±O, care much for
dirt slow ±O: the Delta
-2 from Primers, I
initiative, heroic -5, iron decided to go
jaw +3, obvious ±O, poor underground-
-3, public identity ±O, 4*L literally.
registered ±O, sense of These days I live beneath the streets of
direction + I, stubborn Crescent City. And I'm not the only one. It's
-2, ugly ±O, tough +2, voice: hard +1 like a whole 'nother city down there.
Powers: I still come up sometimes for air and
Armor: 10/-. some decent food. Sometimes I even lend
Big: Add +2 to Size. people a hand when they need it. They
Powerful: Add +5 to Strength rolls. always seem to appreciate it until they get
Tricks: First move, knockback, rock your a good look at my face and realize what
world I've become.
Gear: Brass knuckles, two hunting knives,
and $50. Quote: What are you staring at?


PROfiLE Crack Shot: Add +5 to shooting attacks.
Smarts: 2d6 Quick: Add +5 to Speed rolls for
Area knowledge: Crescent initiative.
City 2, artillery 1, Tricks: Bull's eye, first
demolition 1, move, and ricochet
gambling 2, Gear: Barrett M90
language: with 20 rounds of
English 2, ammo, twin
security 2 Colt 2000s with
Speed: 5d6 45 rounds of
Dodging 2, ammo for
driving: each in spare
personal clips, two
vehicle 1, more spare
martial clips with 15
arts: armor-
barehanded piercing
2, quick bullets (AP 10),
draw 2, Kevlar vest,
shooting 5, 1976 Dodge
speed-load 1, conversion van,
stealth 2 and $50.
Spirit: 2d6
Bravery 1,
perception PERSONALITY
2, Yeah, I used to
persuasion: work for Delta Prime. I
intimidation 1, was one of the bad
scrutinize 1, guys, the people who
search 1, haul fresh, snotnosed
streetwise 2 delta kids like you in
Strength: 3d6 so the teachers at the academy can get their
Climbing 2, sport: basketball 2, hooks in you while you're still young and
swimming 3, throwing 2 impressionable.
Size: 5 I did a lot of wetwork too. Eventually I
Pace: 10 just got sick of it, but we don't have time
Delta Points: 3 for that story now. If we don't get out of
Quirks: Alert +3, ambidextrous +5, code of here in the next five minutes, Delta Prime's
honor -3, contact + 1: Delta Prime, delta going to be throwing us a surprise party.
±O, destined for greatness +3, duty -3: That's one gathering we can both do
help the Defiance, enemy -2: Evil without.
Unlimited, enemy -3: Crescent City Trust me, I know.
mafia, heroic -3, registered ±O, rich +1,
secret identity ±O, skeptical-I, tough +2, Quote: Come with me if you want to live
veteran ±O, wanted ±o: as veteran free.

those poor souls who find their way language: Spanish 2 to us in more pieces than they Speed:2d6 should be. and I know what it's perception 3. medicine 5. on a roll Gear: Colt Agent with 20 rounds of ammo. lucky +3. I know we can't Strength: 2d6 change things overnight. driving: personal What my case worker at Delta vehicle 1. Kennedy's America. leadership 2. self-confident +2. I don't want anyone else to scrutinize 2. Size: 5 It's just a matter of time. someday we're going to be able swimming 2. Tricks: Healing disease. search have to go through that. fighting: but if we keep chipping barehanded 1. I'm actually a registered forgery 2. Climbing 1. delta. poor eyes -1: wears contacts Powers: Healing: The hero can heal wounds. Squadron. a surgeon's bag. away at that big rock. curious -3. . secret identity ±O. Contact +2: Crescent City Mercy Hospital. fighting: blade 2. scrounging 2. throwing to use the remnants to pave the 2 way to freedom. stealth Prime doesn't know is that I 2 moonlight with the Defiance. I did Spirit: 4d6 my time as a medic in Delta Bravery 2. 1. new friend. and I see it bureaucratics 2. registered ±O. streetwise 2 Sure. delta ±O. stubborn- 2. shooting 2. Add + 10 to medicine rolls when using the healing power. Kevlar vest (worn in the field). ARCHHVPES HEALER PROFILf PROFILf Smarts: 4d6 This is a hard city. glass jaw -3. every day. etiquette 1. Dodging 1. Crescent City Mercy Hospital. Pace: 7 Delta Points: 4 Quote: Does this hurt? Quirks: Cautious -3. and $250. I work in the ER at Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. like to live as a delta in persuasion: charm 2. and I use my powers to help language: English 2. Chevy Metro (financed).

first move Gear: Nightstick. you hide a face like search 1. iron jaw +3. me in the right fighting: blade 1. delta ±O. do. perception 3. Strong: Add +3 to Strength. Kevlar vest. slight -5. Just point fighting: club 3. then I am the man you're looking for. vehicle 1. tell me what to swimming 2. them. and $200. unregistered ±O Powers: Armor: 5/- Healing Factor: Make a healing roll every hour instead of every day. I've never been registered. public identity ±O. I've busted my knuckles on just medicine 1. direction and running 1. brass knuckles (hidden under gloves). would scrutinize 1. language: English 2. stealth 2 and I like it that way. done. Tricks: Dirty fighting. tough +2. impulsive -3. throwing 2 Size: 4 Pace: 8 Quote: I'm the best there is. shooting 2. Colt Agent with 20 rounds of armor-piercing ammo (AP 10). driving: personal fresh blood. . sharp ears + 1. ARCHETYPES SCRAPPER PROFILE PERSONALITY Smarts: Id6 You need some help against the Primers. I don't hide behind a Bravery 3. so to speak. security 1 about every kind of delta over the Speed:3d6 years. Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. Even Spirit: 3d6 so. healing factor. Don't believe in persuasion: bluff 1. dude. disguise 1. fighting: but I get the job barehanded 5. enemy -2: old gang. mask. Delta Points: 3 Period. sharp eyes + 1. I mean. Quirks: Alert +3. and I'm always looking for Dodging 3. hunting knife. at a church picnic. this? streetwise 2 I may be about as Strength: 5d6+3 subtle as a chainsaw Climbing 2. quick draw 1.

Actually. I'll be Dodging 5. they don't curious -3. running 3. +2. there are lots of English 2. streetwise 1. know the streets Gear: Colt 2000 and 45 rounds of ammo in spare clips. language: Spanish 2 people fighting over this part of Crescent Speed: 5d6 City. impulsive -3. speed-load the pueblo. Bravery 2. amigo? You don't Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. sense of Quote: direction Hurry up. about us? You shadowing 2. 15 rounds of armor-piercing (AP 5) ammo in another clip. +1. damned if I'll let them have it. honest people who 1. disguise 2. martial arts: barehanded 3. duty -1: to the barrio. beautiful + 1. but I was born and raised here. throwing 1 they're on a Size: 5 " recrui ting Pace: 110 drive. language: This is my turf. the good. driving: personal vehicle 1. delta ±O. unregistered That's ±O. look like you're from the barrio. . shooting 2. soft +1 jVamanos! Powers: Fast Runner: Add + 100 to Pace. That's what confident I'm here for. Kennedy cares scrutinize 1. brave +2. search 1. Quirks: Alert +3." Delta Points: 3 Otherwise. ±O. navigation 2. perception 2. stealth 2 scratch out a living here as Spirit: 3d6 best they can. secret okay identity though. when swimming 2. -3. nightstick. and $250. voice: slowpoke. only see the tracking 1 Primeros Strength: 2d6 down here Climbing 1. quick I want to give this neighborhood back to draw 1. Tricks: Afterimages. extra damage. self. !RCHHVPfS SPHDSTIR PROfiLE PERSONALITY Smarts: 2d6 How can I help you. You think persuasion: charm 1. Lightning Reflexes: Add +5 to Speed rolls for initiative and dodging. loyal bother.







she fails. sh ould be for the hero to do what he This is called making an action roll. you've got a well they m igh t roll. the Guide sets a The Guide takes a look at the situation Target Number (TN) and asks you to an d figures out abou t how h ard it roll a certain n u mber of dice. the Guid e can simply tell him that he's Setting the Target N u mber can take out of luck. the Target Number. Weaklings trying to push som e getting used to. n o matter how you've got this down. Easy 5 The Guide thinks about it for a Challenging 10 moment and sets the Target Difficult 15 Number at 7. is chasing a thief across the rooftops of Crescent City. Otherwise. your hero succeeds If the player wants his hero to do at whatever sh e was trying to do. The thief TARGET NUMBERS leaps from one building to the next. but we make it over the Empire State Building are easy with the following table. There's about 12 feet Amazing 20 between the rooftops. and Marty wants the Rebel to Difficulty Target Number fo llow him. the Rebel. If your result is equal to or greater than the h arder the feat is to accomplish. The higher the number. CROSS POLiI . w ants to do. that might not work. somethin g that's flat-out impossible. The table below has some examples. When you SETTING ATARGET NUMBER want your character to d o something Setting a Target N umber is simple. (HAPTfR THRff: THf BASIC MfCHANIC Brave N ew Wo rld centers around a single basic game mechanic. Example: Marty's hero. and this isn't Incredible 25 exactly a nicely groomed running Phenomenal 30 track the Rebel's on. handle on m ost of the game. Once going to fail every time.

To use a general trick (those from Chapter Seven) properly. and the Rebel pins Jackie's or ricochet an attack off a wall. the result might be. Marty rolls the Rebel's success. Example: The Rebel lets loose at a Delta Primer with an energy DISASTERS blast from his fist. Better yet. Jackie result. arm to the table. giving him a total of opposition to someone else. The Target Number is 6. For every extra success you Of course. to put a crimp in the hero's plans. you get another rolls Jackie's (3). With a grin. If he doesn't. Many actions have tricks associated with them. she fails at Marty uses the extra success to whatever she's doing. he can screw it up too. If a Target Number. Savannah says yourself on the back for a heck of a roll. All knows that goes with the action he's you have to do is beat your opponent's using. she You might have more successes than gets two successes. Since Jackie won by (10-4=) 6. Each extra 5 points choose the trick until after you rolL on the roll counts as another success. Example: The Rebel's somehow fXTRA SUCHSSES &TRICKS got himself in an arm-wrestling If you get a really great action roll match with Savannah's hero. you don't have to worry about The Rebel lands neatly on the setting Target Numbers. Since that's 5 more than the action roll. He want to do something in direct gets a 4. but you can pat match. but it takes three extra gets a 4. while Savannah gets a 10. successes instead of one. and he roll and gets Just as a hero can get a really great an 11. OPPOSED ROLLS They come up 1. CROSS PBul . goes wrong. Second. (HAPTER THRH: TH£ BASIC M£CHAHIC Marty rolls a number of dice equal to the Rebel's Strength: 4. She uses the you know what to do with. while Savannah Target Number. 3. Just have both other roof and continues after the of the characters roll. Marty pull it off. Marty Sometimes your hero's going to picks up the 6 and rolls it again. you can rack up more than one Savage. he got an extra hero makes an action roll and gets Is success. something blast home into the Primer's chest. and 6. You can use these successes to and Savannah gets a 4. For every 5 points over the Strength dice (4). you can use a trick your hero successes with opposed rolls too. he can still go at it again . First off. 5. The character thief. case. In that (6+4=) 10. it's up to slamming the Primer into a the Guide to come up with something mailbox across the street. no matter what activate Rebel's knockback trick. Marty do tricks like knock an opponent down wins. success. Marty gets a 5. you don't have to result by 5 or more. with the higher result wins. that Jackie uses the other success to knock the Rebel out of his chair. This time. not even breaking stride. you can get extra get. your hero has Example: Jackie and the Rebel to know it. Unused first one to win the arm-wrestling successes are wasted. The first success slams the on the majority of the dice.

make a grab for it. then says. He doesn't even need to not recognize at first. between the buildings at the sixth even alp has. The Guide rules that picking Success: When a die roll meets or up the desk has a Target Number of beats a target number. the instance. Also a Greek letter meaning "chan ge. Target Number (TN): The number a since lifting something like a desk player needs to roll equal to or greater is so easy for him. A person without any 5d6+5. controls opens herself up to the chance of the p lot. player gets an extra success. There are some new words that we and 6. sets the Target Numbers. she person who sets up the game. Also the first letter of the going to hurt when he hits the Greek alp habet.- . Either way. The Guide smiles and says. but just as succeeds. have to bother with an action roll. These can range from taxi Number. than to succeed at an action. She can still roll if she Guide: The players' eyes and ears wants to-say. since the things clear. Action Roll: When a player wants The Guide thinks about it for a his hero to do something. is a 6. ground. &s PIlICC 1. pick up a desk. and it's of delta. his refuse to register with the governmen t.. (HAPTER THREE: THE BASIC MECHANIC Example: Let's go back to the Rebel leaping across the rooftops. Rebel's leap automatically fails. so his lowest possible result superpowers. bother rolling. A fata l kind of hurt. although there are few floor. so rolling for that's silly. eyes pleading for one last chance." D elta Prime (DP): A bureau of the Department of Justice. he trips . it's the m akes rulings in the case of any player's choice. Just to make bother rerolling that 6. The extra successes-but if she does. For every 5 points an action do there's no need to roll for them." "There's a clothesline crossing The term covers all kinds of deltas. questions. if she wants to get some into the Brave N ew World setting. Alpha: A p articularly powerful kind The Rebel's 10 stories up. He's got a disaster on his use in Brave New World that you might hands. JARGON Say Marty rolls and gets 1. this is the roll moment. for the player was rolling against. here's what they mean. This means the Bruiser doesn't success. Extra Successes: A bonus for a great Some things are so easy for a hero to action roll. "The Rebel she m akes to see whether or not she makes a desperate leap. the hero doesn't have to drivers to major villains. D elta: A person with superpowers. and disaster too. the player has a 5. roll is higher than the Target Number People cross the street all the time. Primer: Slang for a member of Delta Example: The Wall wants to Prime. A quick hero might be able to alphas these d ays. 1. _ _ . If the hero's lowest possible action Extras: The characters controlled by roll is equal to or higher than the Target the Guide. " Defiants: A group of deltas who M arty looks up at the Guide. The best-known AUTOMATIC SUCCESSES delta grou p in the US government. His Strength is Reg: Regular. his f eet leave the rooftop. 1.


you're all set. You choose skills in any other way. If she agrees to it. talk it over with your Gu ide. you should know what If you pick a skill with a list of your hero's Smarts. If you want your hero to they can b e added to just like any other h ave a skill that's n ot listed here. and so on. number of basic skills for free as shown We've listed a lot of skills in this on the list below. and everything. science: Scrutinize 1 aeronautics. They're not related skills under that trait. before you choose a power package. FREE SKILLS SUBSKILLS Skill Skill Level Many of the skills listed in this Area know ledge: chapter actu ally describe a broad h ometown 2 category of subskills. Search 1 5POLIce . These don't cost book. You can't come back here after you've added bonuses to your traits and pick BASIC SKILLS up more skills. The bonuses don't earn Every hero starts out with a certain you more skill points. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE By this point. and subskills beneath it. Speed. as well as all of his diceless subskill for your hero. you must pick a Strength are. They're For each point you have in a trait. for Climbing 1 instan ce. Science. Spirit. Now it's time to pick his skills. Subskills are traits. but we can't possibly cover anything during hero creation. just skill. only grouped together to make them you get to choose 3 points worth of easier to talk about. covers a lot of different kinds Langu age: native 2 of subskills. handled just like regular skills. like science: biology.

Smarts. no m atter which you can blast som eone into next what skill's being u sed. It's just hard er rarely has a direct app lication like a to do most things w hen you can't see science skill w ou ld. They often don't affect every hero is going to want to have at Smarts skills. SKILL MODIFIERS comparative literature. ACADEMIA (SMARTS) Subskills: A merican culture. occult. In general. you don't. matters of in formation instead. number should be Easy (5). LIGHTING MODIFIERS RECOMMENDED SKILLS Situation Modifier Twiligh t +2 Bravery Night with a full moon +2 Driving: personal vehicle Night w ith a half moon +4 Fightin g: barehanded Night w ith no moon (city) +6 Perception Night with no moon (country) +8 Persuasion: blu ff Total darkness +10 Stealth Blinded +10 Sw imming SWAPPING SKILL POINTS THE SKILLS The skills your hero can choose are If you like. and in those cases. you could take 4 points listed the trait that's associated with from under your Strength skills and use that skill. On the under another on a two-for-one b asis. Use common sense when so often in the course of a game that applying these. you can swap skill p oin ts listed h ere in alph abetical order to from under one trait and spend them m ake them easy to reference. bu t this can Sometimes it's m ore a m atter of b rain s be altered up or down by any n umber than brawn. (HAPTER FOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE Rather than list these modifiers RfCOMMfNOfD SKILLS under each skill. we've collected them There are certain skills that come up here for you. for instance. it's n ot of conditions. You don't have with a flashlight or other light source to pick these skills for your hero. in each of the skill descriptions on the Academ ia covers the kinds of following pages. history. PULII . the week-althou gh that sure doesn't hurt. or Spirit. them to buy 2 points worth of skills under Speed. but if can ignore a lot of the modifiers. but there's one set of knowledge you pick up out of books or modifiers that applies to lots of in school. what you can do so much as what you Lots of these situations are outlined kn ow. This kind of knowledge different skills: lighting. be prepared to suffer the consequences. sam e line as each skill heading. we've For example. and a hero least one point in them. It mostly deals in what you're doing. The fact is that saving the world isn't It's the Guide's job to set Target always ab out h aving a power with Numbers for any action roll.

The trade-offs. are convenience and speed. they can be made of wood. all while pounding the bad guys with your fists? Most folks trying that would start off by bouncing on one wall and then landing ungracefully on their butts. she can tumble across city streets or over rooftops with the best of them. meaning you can get them past metal detectors without much of a problem. Third. It's up to the Guide to set the Target N umber based up on the situation. a weapon firing on full auto can pop a target full of a fistful of lead in the time you can shoot a single arrow. You can even use acrobatics to halve the damage from a fall. of course. the Target Number should be 3 plus +1 for every inch fallen. A bow has a Quickness of 2. and carbon composites. With this skill. Second. The second action is for firing. Also. This mean s tha t if your hero falls 10 inches (20 yards). CROSS POLII . plastic. bows don't leave telltale kinds of evidence on the shooter. but they have some decent benefits. and cartwheel across a floor. the Target Number would be 13. Not your hero though. Halve the falling damage before the maximum damage cap kicks in. like powder burns. making it great for a sniper. First. but as a rule of thumb. a bow doesn't make much sound when you fire it. It's a lot easier to tote around an automatic pistol than a longbow. ARCH£RY (SPUD) Bows and arrows may seem p retty p rimitive. (HAPTER FOUR: GUTING TH£ JOB DON£ ACROBATICS (SPUD) Ever wanted to bounce off three walls. roll out into a somersault. The first action is for loading the bow and drawing the string.

writing want to be prepared. though. painting. Most weapons a hero's going to want to use aren't going to require ARTS (SPIRIT) artillery to use. Your chance of knowing where explode wherever they hit. you composition. as w ell as what the weather's like their loads up and over obstacles. (HAPTER FOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE ARTILLERY (SMARTS) For instance. you. the more quality of the work. you probably but that's not true of mortars. can be made. but when the chance to Subskill: Illustrating. You've got to figure the got area knowledge: Milwaukee. the best bars in the state's largest city Firing artillery is different than aren't too good though. The more appropriate arts roll to determine the targeted the place. then there. knowledge: home town for free. and a new roll knowledge roll. music haul out the heavy gear comes out. state. . height and trajectory. After completing This skill tells you how well a hero the work. grenade know most of the major cities in the launchers and the like. knowledge: Wisconsin. county. unless you've shooting a gun. it often requires a good want more. sculpting. it's going to cost helping of luck. the artist makes the knows a particular place. If you Even then. sometimes even Every hero starts out with area calculating in things like high winds. poor information the hero can get on an area works can be revised. These things lob state. What's life without art? Any hero who takes art of some kind AREA KNOWLEDGE (SMARTS) as a serious endeavor needs to pick up Subskills: City. region. Given time. if you've got area Most weapons fire in a straight line. one of these subskills and then spend country some time creating.

hide. w hether it's an impressionist landscape or a column in the Crescent City Star. sailboat Handling a boat is a lot different than driving a car. These things tend to bounce up and down with w hatever happens to be in vogue in the week in question. CROSS POUI . the hero can't do Stormy seas (over three. or stand there) until he Shallow bottom +4 makes a bravery roll at the same Target Calm wind (when sailing) +4 Number. or freeze. you don't have to worry shout into the face of the abyss than about making a boating roll to just keep others. you've got all of this down p at. the Guide may ask you for a bravery roll. If you succeed. Until the artist manages to break through. though. hide. like a jetski. take off at full speed. Once he finally makes the Raging wind (when sailing) +4 bravery roll." As to whether or not the work is truly art. BOATING (SPUD) Subs kill: Speedboat. Sailboat works for any kind of boat tha t BRAVERY (SPIRIT) uses wind for power. It's w hen things get World that could scare the pants off a hectic that you need to think about it. With the boating skill. you're going to find out common situations. anything else on his actions (except foot waves) +4 run. See the Bravery BOATING MODIFIERS Table on page 90 for example Target Numbers. and there's an entirely different set of rules on the waterways. he can act normally on his next action. There are things in Brave New sailing along. p riest. smaller boats. he's going to Rough seas (up to three. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE It's up to the market (in the form of the Guide) to set the cash value of any particular p iece. Bigger boats are affected If you want your hero to do by conditions differently. well. Speedboat covers speedboats (of course) as well as any other kind of powered watercraft. Some people are just more willing to In general. she can plan on putting the "starving" in "artist. These apply to w hat kind of stuff your hero's made of. something insane. your hero Situation Modifier stands tall. When that kind of situation Here are a few modifiers for comes up. If you fail. that's for history to decide. foot waves) +2 At that point.

and there's not Even in Brave New World. it's Defusing a bomb 10 constantly monitored by Delta Prime. for instance. rounded down. in A hero's Pace when climbing is equal that Kennedy has done his best to to a quarter of his regular Pace. they often can't hard time even knowing how to confirm its accuracy. That's when you computer has taken the world by get back to the basics: climbing. A Driving along the El tracks 10 word to the wise computing whiz: Don't Spitting on the President 15 post anything here that you don't want the Primers to see. storm. CHAPTER FOUR: GlTTlNG THE JOB DONE BRAVERY TABLE www. She jail-or worse. It's a lot slower to scale as long as he's in charge at the end of the side of a building than it is to dash the day. As always. it's worked. BUREAUCRATICS (SMARTS) If the heroes use the web to search Sometimes it's who you know. it's up to surf the web for information. knows what she's entitled to. it's up to sometimes it's how well you know the Guide to set the Target Number for how to fill out the paperwork. Target By its nature. amendment rights can land you in and what managers to ask for. and for information on something. the weekly news site and information clearinghouse for unregistered deltas everywhere. For that reason. Computing allows a hero to set up The Climbing table gives you an idea and troubleshoot computers and about how hard it is to climb various computer networks. just about any government agency only Even when the heroes do find confuses most people. censors spend a lot of time" cleaning" A hero with bureaucratics knows how web sites so that most places people to cut through all that red tape to get to would go have biased or only partially what she wants. and she knows how to ask for it. The each quest depending on what it is the American government in Brave New heroes are looking for. encourage capitalism and innovation. the an elevator in sight. CROSS PIlLII . It's also used to kinds of surfaces. across a street. Government properly ask for what they need. Dealing with the harder it is to find. It's an unusual dictatorship. the Guide to take into account any Brave New World's web is a lot more extra factors and adjust the Target restricted than the one in our world. Good climbing but it's still a hotbed of rebellious gear can reduce the Target Number by activity. displaced responsibilities. The best-known Defiant spot is up to -4. So far. Number accordingly. and they have a something on the web. The more World is a mess of shuffled papers and obscure or particular the information. which offices to visit. She knows which true information. Exercising your first forms to fill out. Delta Times is a Situation Number semipublic forum in which people can Stepping into a fight 5 exchange information and converse Running into gunfire 5 with each other. CLIMBING (STRENGTH) Sometimes you need to get from COMPUTING (SMARTS) down here to up

45° surface 3 Rough. activators. 60° surface 5 Rough. When you need it though. drops of blood. you really need it. you really wan t to know what you're doing. few handholds 9 90° surface. with some luck. Of course. and so on. If he can then tap into the FBI's database. this isn't where your hero studies how to become a criminal. CROSS POLl! . few handholds 11 Sheer. this all takes time. even on a rush job. CHAPTER fOUR: GUYING THI JOB DONI CLIMBING Difficulty Target Number Rough. p ow d er bu rns. and other kinds of scientific evidence at a crime scene. If the hero's got access to a lab with the proper facilities. glassy office building 13 CRIMINOLOGY (SMARTS) N o. With criminology. he can search their DNA files for a m atch. a hero can check for things like fingerprints. timers. reconstruct what happ ened. he can determine blood types and even get DNA p rofiles from pieces of hair. H e can make a guess at the trajectory of bullets an d. 90° surface 7 60° surface. Not a lot of people spend their time working with explosives. It's what law enforcement officials use to figure out h ow a crime was committed and-hopefully-who did it. or skin under a victim's fingernails. setting shaped charges. up to four weeks. This is one skill that most people aren't going to need on a daily basis. What's the next occupation of a demolitionist who blew his last assignment? Feeding worms. DlMOLITION (SMARTS) When you're working w ith things that go b oom.

(HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE Demolition is u sed for disarming DISGUISE MODIfiERS bombs as well as making th em . Get and that's when you need a disguise. ?5POLICE CROSS paul . someone's shooting at your hero. your hero needs the dodge make yourself look like someone else. see the can drive m ost passenger vehicles- Disguise Modifiers Table. the mimic skill too. It's Even if your hero's got himself a set extremely difficult to fool a friend of of wheels. To handle own as the situation warrants. The without some driving lessons. scrutinize against your original disguise roll. anytime you give Dodging an attack is a big part of someone a reason to be suspicious or combat. Ap ply something bigger-like a bus. commercial you've got to convince people you're vehicle really someone in particular. Turn there for makes an opposed roll. that's a bit trickier. closer the friend. motorcycles. semi. since Subskills: Personal vehicle. like pull a complete the illusion. p ickup trucks. using her all the details. Then. Don't just stand there when you're going to get stir crazy though. Sooner or later. and then making sure your body's do. To som ething exceptional. so we explain it all in depth in just take a good look at your hero. he risks exposure. since it only changes how the Driving rolls are only called for when hero looks. A hero with driving: personal vehicle For some guidelines on this. enough. As soon as the imposter the hero hits a hazard or wants to do opens his mouth. she Chapter Six on page 154. he doesn't have to make driving In fact. You make your disguise roll to see not in the same place when they get how well your hero's managed to mask there. If you want to try to impersonate an DRIVING (SPUD) actual person. it's best not to show your face DODGING (SPUD) around town at all. he's not going anywhere the person your hero's posing as. or these modifiers to the suspiciou s limousine-he needs driving: person's scrutinize roll. himself. and should feel free to add m odifiers of her the like-easily enough. d rive. skill. her the hell out of the way! The disguise skill is what you use to To do that. the harder he is to Assuming your hero knows how to fool. disguise alone isn't often checks every round he's on the street. It's all about figuring out where If you just want to change your the bullets-or whatever-are going to appearance. that's simple enough to be. Aren't sure if cutting that blue wire sh uts the Situation Modifier bomb down or sets it off? Time for a The hero's posing as demolition roll. The Guide cars. commercial vehicle. he needs to use bootlegger reverse. someone well-known +2 The hero's p osing as DISGUISE (SMARTS) an acquaintance +4 When your picture's been splashed The hero's posing as all over the papers and you've been a close friend +6 featured on America's Most Wanted Deltas.

CROSS PUUI . like h overcraft. See pages 164-165 for how this works. this is the skill she uses to wriggle free from her bonds. confident that you'll be dead by the time they've brought the world to its collective knees. It's up to the Guide to set the Target Number. they just shoot you in the head. It's up to the Guide to determine which kinds of vehicles require their own subskills. The table on page 94 gives some samp le Target Numbers for common types of bonds. go for piloting. Escaping doesn't allow the hero to pick a lock. It allows her to figure another way out- if there is one-and then use it. If it flies. That's a d ifferen t skill. Car chases can crop up a lot in Brave New World. If the craft sits in the water. (HAPTER fOUR: GUYlHG THE JOB DOHE Driving can also be used to operate even stranger things. In Brave New World. point a laser at you and leave. most bad guys don't strap you to a table. No. there may be times when the villains figure the heroes are more valuable alive than dead. try boating instead. DRIVIHG MODIfiERS Situation Modifier Dark +2 Slick +2 Icy l oily +4 Raining +2 Storming +4 ESCAPING (SPEED) What's a villain without a good deathtrap? Smart. Still. When a hero finds herself tied up in some way. based on how much effort the hero's captor has p u t into keeping her in one place.

club.:. ~S PtllCe L _ . have him try the martial arts you call it God. it's Force. It's one thing to look good. it's almost as FIGHTING (STRENGTH) important to know how to act. Subs kills: Barehanded. For the most part. as the case may be. Some people believe in a higher just mayhem. Whether brawny. You'll learn more about this as the Brave New World ETIQUETTE (SMARTS) saga develops. power that watches over us all-or If your hero's faster rather than ignores us. people in different situations and how to handle himself in high society. except it's based strongly your hero believes in her faith. This is the kind of hand- to-hand combat that's all about brute FAITH (SPIRIT) strength. and personal.- CROSS poul . on Speed instead of Strength . or the skill instead. Covenant ops-whatever. which one is the salad fork. monks.. Yahweh. In a delicate situation. this skill determines how used just like fighting. It's Fighting is what your hero uses to knock the crap out of someone up close vital for diplomats and spies alike. they're hollow shells of Ropes 5 what they once were or could be. blade This skill is more than knowing When fancy words fail you. Allah. nuns. (HAPTER FOUR: GUTING THE JOB DON{ EsCAPING DIffICULTIES Faith is an essential skill for religious people of all stripes: priests.. Handcuffs 9 Faith actually helps certain kinds of Straigh~acket 13 deltas use their powers.-. Bonds Target Number Without it.. It tells the sometimes you've just gotta throw hero how to keep from offending down. There's no real finesse here.

the Guide must set a thugs either looking for someone in Target Number for the original forgery . you should come up with a on the run. say Rain/snow +2 of a painting. The lower of the two rolls is used to set the Target Number of an opposing FORGIRY (SMARTS) scrutinize roll. That's not to say it attacked in midair. the hero needs to couple Sprinting +2 his forgery skill with another skill. just that it takes a you to make a flight roll. "Your papers are not in order. If you someone can hear when confronted by want to use something unusual. but it's a real risk. people are In either case. In Kennedy's America. certain thin gs are harder to fake than There's nothing to zooming along others. she With the forgery skill and the right can glide through the air with the kind of equipment. Flying Modifiers Table for some From there on after. based upon the conditions Forgery can also be used to fake other people's signatures or to duplicate their your hero's facing. a foe must make an opposed scrutinize roll against the forgery roll. Of course. rough though. see papers can cause them a lot of trouble." your Guide about whether or not the Defiants often don't have their weapon falls under a stand ard subskill. and so on. Just about the worst thing sure to choose the right subskill. talk to a cop is. See the crea ted. their lack of For all abou t how to u se fighting. The FLYING (SPHO) job s are almost always low-paying and m enial: washing dishes. Citizens are someone can identify it as a fake. the Guid e might ask can 't be altered. particularly if they're If not. Some employers will hire people without papers. or if the hero gets prevent tampering. The base Target handwriting . That's n ot going to d o fake versions of ID papers or just about her a lot of good w hen the goin g gets an ything else n ecessary. It's the Guide's job to set the Target Number. to see through a common modifiers . sin ce through open sky. ID d ocuments are tricky. papers in order. Look. CHAPTER FOUR: GUTING THI JOB DONI If you want your hero to use a particular or simply abusing their weapon rather than his bare fists. the hero can create greatest of ease. Otherwise. Storm/blizzard +4 making successful rolls with both. Situation Modifier For more complicated forgeries. If FLYING MOOIfIIRS the scrutinize roll succeeds. the harder the item is required to carry identification papers to forge. forgery. the clear. then they're in weapon type. If they've managed to keep whole new subskill to cover that their powers a secret. the forger makes a skill roll. To subject to random checks by jackbooted represent this. bu t it's not always they revolve around a federal ID card just clouds in your way. pages 153-154. the more likely it is that on themselves at all times. skilled hand to pull it off. be power. If your hero has the flight p ower. picking fruit. the forgery is spotted. When the forgery is Number is usually Easy (5). up in the sky! detassling corn. When there's that's got a hologram embedded in it to any kind of obstacle.

fORGERIES Forged Item Successes Needed Dollar bill plate 5 ID card 3 ID papers 2 Signature 1 Work of art 3 GAMBLING (SMARTS) Gambling is a loser's game. In Brave N ew World. he must add +6 to the Target Number. for instance. That's where they get the money to put up those titanic hotels in Las Vegas. In fact. The trick is making sure that's you. If the roll doesn't succeed. A hero cannot forge something he's never seen before. gambling's been legalized pretty much everywhere. The fact is that every casino game is stacked in the house's favor. holding up hope for even the most downtrodden that they might someday strike it big.(HAPTER fOUR: GHTING THI JOB DONE roll. like a friendly poker game or a ru thless round of craps. the forgery is bad enough that anyone who looks at it closely can spot it automatically. . The national lottery. if he doesn't have a version of the original at hand when producing his forgery. but in every game. The feds see it as a way to get a lot of money into their pockets and keep the masses distracted at the same time. unveils a new. With games that are pure random chance and no real betting strategies- like a lottery-the gambling skill isn't worth a whole lot. that's when a seasoned gambler can stack the odds in his favor. there's got to be a winner. When the games get a bit more personal. instant millionaire just about every week.

the base Target Example: The Rebel. Every point of bonus like this. Jackie N umber is 5 instead. That's a total of three successes. CHAPTER FOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE When you've got a group of people The more blatant the cheating. When a hero w ants to bluff in a game Total up the number of successes in which bluffing could make a from all of the gamblers. she makes a the pot into that many p ieces. The stake is $100 persuasion: bluff roll. it's also a good way to get run points worth of skill in her native out of town-if you're lucky. The Rebel gets $100. If no scrutinize rolls are mad e against her. Each persuasion: bluff roll. take -1 from the hero's gambling success. If you get Every character starts out with 2 caught. At the start of a round of langu age of the fed eral government- gambling. so you can count on there being a vocabulary. and away. In a serious game. each player has the chance to but it doesn't have to be. gets ad ded to every op p onent's Every gambler pitches that amount of scrutinize roll. For most people in Brave New There are two ways to cheat: quietly World. tongue. language. Every success she success gets one piece of the pie. but she gambling roll. For every success ($100x3=) $300. handle it easier it is to spot. making the pot backfire on the hero. everyone make a gambling roll. gets none. edge over the other players. gets over the highest scrutinize roll Gamblers who fail entirely d on't get a m ade against her adds +1 to her thing. Jackie LNo habla Espanol? iTiene una gets $200. the hero's got it If no one thinks to scrutinize the hero. declare that he's going to cheat. . The higher the roll. They each make a the scrutinize roll gets over the bluffing gambling roll. The Rebel gets one hero. the better the hero's grammar. lot of suspicious players. dow n well enough to sound like he he automatically gets away w ith it- scraped through high school. At 2 points. so we divide the pot into LANGUAGE (SMARTS) three pieces worth ($300-7-3=) $100 Subskills: A ny language each. the gambling against each other. Savage. and the Bear. then d ivide difference (like poker). the bluff can each for an hour. while blatant cheating talks like a child and is illiterate in the adds +6. It's a good way to give yourself an always speaking the same language . gambling roll. and Bear Jackson are If the highest scrutinize roll beats the playing poker. money into the pot. people size up the competition right reading comprehension. Jackie gets two. Then have Bluffing works in a similar way. thou gh. that's English-the official and blatantly. Langu age is the primary means by which we all communicate with each Every gambler knows how to cheat other. and he unless he gets a disaster on his gambling can also read and write. and Bear roll. most skill. he's problema! out of luck. The problem is that we're not too. Set a pot for a period of a player adds to his gambling roll also time-an hour u sually works nice. well. Quiet A hero with 1 point in another cheating add s +2 to the player 'S language can get along with it.

Then any member of the team on the wrong side of the law. H e can try it with his leadership to help prevent members of bare ears. mechanical conversation in a foreign tongue. listening device to have a shot at Before a combat. she gets about half he gets them to give up their rights. she puzzles it all out locks have both electronic and completely. Improvised lockpicks +1 . however. What's an can use the leader's perception roll illegal equipment charge? Finding the result instead of her own. if she likes. but bunch of heroes. (See Electronic locks are another situation page 137 for all about this. they need some the hero needs to get another success. Keeping people scared is how With one success. is fear. The Target Number is LOCKPICKING DIFfICULTI£S usually Easy (5). With two extra appropriate subskill. takes one action. the hero can use cracking a safe.) When a entirely. They require sophisticated situation crops up in which the heroes equipment which is illegal to have. but the Guide can change this depending on the Type of Lock Successes Needed circumstances. When using substitutes. all a hero needs is a success gets her closer to full successfullockpicking roll with the comprehension. the leader can unless you're a licensed locksmith. he's already himself. the words right. and she can probably Frightened people use lots of locks. Mechanicallockpicks are easy to find. stuff. Some cunning successes. If your group-assuming he's not surprised hero's a Defiant. you're out of luck. but he needs another success. Each extra To get past most. though. anyone friendly hero-including Safe 4 the leader-can give another friendly Bank vault 5 hero one of his remaining actions. his team from being surprised. kind of coordination. Shouting out orders in Interior door 1 the dark or over a storm can be a lot Desk drawer 1 harder than normal. might be surprised. during which your hero barks out orders to the heroes around him. That's w here A hero needs a stethoscope or similar leadership comes in. make a leadership roll for the entire Otherwise. she The keyword in Kennedy's America needs to make an Easy (5) language roll. Front door 2 For every success on the leadership Padlock 3 roll. however. thinks the conversation's about To use the skill. effective. have the right kind of equipment. is a Difficult (15) Making a leadership roll in combat scrounging roll. the hero's got to something else entirely. get at least the gist of it all. LUD£RSHIP (SPIRIT) Proper tools (like the slim-jim used to A team without a leader is just a open car doors) are illegal. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THI JOB DON£ If there's a question as to how much LOCKPICKING (SPUD) a hero can understand of a Subskills: Electronic. forcing the A disastrous roll means the hero lockpicker to broaden his skills. mechanical components. It's when they work substitutes (like a coat hanger) work together that the heroes can really be well. To do that.

Sooner or later. and then she's going to it. A arts. wounded and patched back into one If your hero's stronger than he is fast. piece. CROSS POLII . Otherwise. blade Being a delta can be hazardous to There's more to bringing the beat your health. getting out of with a whole new subskill to cover that the h ospital might be a lot harder than weapon type. That's where martial arts fight. that's one way to d o she gets hurt. see pages 163-164. If you Of course. but why limit your hero to such want medical aid-now! vulgarities? Characters with the medicine skill can There are fighting techniques that help other characters piece themselves rely more on pinpoint accuracy than back together after they've been in a raw strength. except it's based on Strength rather nurse h as 2 or more points in medicine. A resident has at least 3 points in If you want your hero to use a medicine. (HAPTER FOUR: GUTlHG THE JOB DOHE MARTIAL ARTS (SPEED) MEDlCIHE (SMARTS) Subskills: Barehanded. every hero is toe to toe and pounding each other to a going to get into a situation in which bloody pulp. getting in. you should come up m edical skills. talk to treated at a hospital are immediately the Guide about whether or not the reported to the police. club. It's used just like martial knows first aid. A smart hero strange weapon falls under a standard might have a contact or a patron with subskill. have him try the fighti ng skill instead of A hero with one 1 point of medicine martial arts. sure to choose the right subskill. Sure. be has 4 or morc. but that's about it. In fact. For all about how heroes get comes in. than Speed. it can be downright down on someone than just standing lethal. If not. violently inflicted wounds want to use something unusual. while an experienced doctor weapon rather than his bare fists.

Others have minds like Situation Modifier steel traps. person he's posing as. it's not always safe to be yourself. she comes mimicking. Some people can't find their rear end There are times your hero may want with both hands. (HAPTER fOUR: GHTING Tm: JOB DONE MIMIC (SPIRIT) NAVIGATION (SMARTS) Rich Little. the better the opponent For every extra success. encounter. see the Mimic Modifiers she comes up with some new Table below. she can figure out the fastest or new mimic roll any time she likes. a hero can read a map. At the start navigation. to mimic thick forest on a dark and stormy night. information. eat your heart out. and plot a course from This roll holds for the rest of the one location to another. make a mimic roll. but an experienced to be able to copy the voice and navigator can make her way through a mannerisms of someone else. PERCEPTION (SPIRIT) Lots of people wander through life MIMIC MODifiERS without a clue as to what's going on around them. She can try again only after scrutinize roll. but it's entirely wrong. the hero can mimicked person or heard him before. but perception a close friend +6 is about seeing things. him. Navigation tells how to the hero is an imposter. you are. time of it-unless that person's known It's up to the Guide as to how much only by his voice. the hero can't come up with a common modifiers to add to the route at all. For some failed. he's going to have a rough up with a route. Of course. anyone listening to him can make a Area knowledge gives the basic details scrutinize roll to see if they realize that about an area. To look more like the fun he wants to have with this. she can cut the knows the person being mimicked. When you're on the run from the This skill helps you figure out where law. the hero should pick up the disguise skill too. People only get best get around it. and Mimic is an opposed roll against an how to get there from here. where you want to go. the travel time by 5-10%. It's similar an acquaintance +4 to scrutinize in that it helps the hero The hero's posing as zero in on salient details. Scrutinize is about seeing through them. With opponent's scrutinize skill. find a good route between two points. She can also give a decent people while mimicking someone. if the hero doesn't look map?") anything like the person he's If the hero rolls a disaster. any clues at all). The Guide can call for a map of. like The hero's posing as foes sneaking up on them. easiest way to get from one place to When the hero first encounters another. (liDo you have another Also. . of each encounter in which your hero's figure out which way is north (given mimicking someone. The hero's posing as Heroes with high perceptions tend to someone well-known +2 notice things that escape others. to make this roll if they have met the With a successful roll. If the roll is less likely she is to be fooled. unless the scene changes In a city the hero knows or has a substantially. estimate of distances and travel times.

interrogation. Subskills: Bluff. their way into a room. the Heroes who concentrate on Guide should feel free to raise the persuasion prefer words over action. look over there! A dune buggy! skills people use to entertain others and Persuasion is the skill you use to sometimes even make a living from deliver that kind of line well enough their abilities. taunt Performing covers that broad range of Hey. That standing around trying to figure out comes under persuasion: bluff. perception Performing skills are not substitutes helps keep the hero from being for other skills. charm. Some people charm they get is worth $25. public speaking. storytelling intimidation. that people actually turn around to see Some Defiants on the run earn their what you're pointing at. whether it's turning around or Easy (5) performing roll. live a lot longer. Each success opening a door. to bluff his way into a building. PERfORMING (SPIRIT) PERSUASION (SPIRIT) Subskills: Acting. or city square). In a fight. music. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE Perhaps most importantly. seduction. An actor can't use acting surprised by someone. and for tha t reason they tend to out. while others just If the venue isn' t one in which you face down the bouncer until he walks might normally find a street performer away. singing. Of who's beating the stuffing out of you course. There are lots keep as street performers. For each of ways to get someone to do what you performance they give. good actors often have great can be fatal. (like a park. It all depends on the hero's style. subway. Target Number as high as he likes-or They try to get into fights a lot less have security come and throw the bum often. bluff skills too. . they make an want.

Persuasion skills past a door than just walking up in always call for opposed rolls. For every your street clothes and telling the persuasion skill. This isn't some kind of Jedi mind These rules for persuasion are pretty trick. except they're for someone of something by the sheer a battle of words. "I effort's just incredibly implausible-it's use my persuasion: bluff to talk my way not going to work. most often when the manipulator's Remember before how we talked trying to scare the target into about needing rules for things like complying with his wishes-the target shooting. the in. force of your sincerity. he should be efforts. CHAPTER fOUR: GHTlHG Til JOB DONE No matter which subskill the hero In most cases. for to just roll over and let your hero have instance. . In other cases- wants. most people aren't going up to an office in a UPS uniform. this is scrutinize because uses against a target. if the hero puts a lot of more the Guide should reward your work into the effort. The better you pitch it. to tell it. this isn't just keeping from being influenced has to matter of rolling some dice and then do with seeing through the making the target do whatever the hero manipulator's efforts. and then you've got appropriate bonus to her roll. It's all about roleplaying. is a much better way to bluff his way with them. You can't just have your hero what you're telling her-or if the walk up to the receptionist and say. actually hurt someone with an attack. If the listener A persuasion must be roleplayed to has direct evidence to the contrary of work. It's the ability to convince much the same thing. In that case." You've got to come up with the lie Guide should give the listener an your hero's telling. Showing Of course. to help you figure out if you resists with bravery. the Conversely. receptionist you're expected. there's a skill to resist it. rewarded with a bonus too.

Interroga tion Intimidation Bravery forces the target to answer the hero's Seduction Scrutinize question. and made against the hero. If th e target's willing to do hero can't pull off that feat first. it's harder to convince a group of Target Number of any people of something. and she loses her next The real trick with trying to action. he chooses a lead er of noncombat action rolls the group. (See page 159 for how this w orks.) PERSUASION RESULTS Intimidation spooks the target. you've made against the hero. ap plies the result to the entire bunch. If you're the encounter-or as long as the Guide person actually operating the airborne likes. each subskill gets its own RESISTING PERSUASION kind of results. See the Resisting Persuasion Table for a quick rundown of which skills work against which persuasion PILOTING (SPEED) subskills. mob . out. Bluff Scrutinize Even the most gullible people have Charm Scrutinize their limits. something stup id. other persuasion rolls Taunt p rovokes the target into doing made against the target. you need the piloting skill. The target adds +4 to the Sure. Bluff gets the target to believe whatever line of bull the hero's Persuasion Subskill Resistance Skill feeding her-up to a point. craft. The the Guide d oesn't m ake a separate target adds +4 to the resistance roll for each individual in the Target Number of any group. 1 That Makes Sense. Less scrup ulous heroes m ight Taunt Scrutinize actually hurt a target first to get w ound modifiers to apply to the target's rolls. within reason. 2 Since You Put It that Way. done your job. no whatever the hero one's going to pay any attention to him wants-as long as it's anyhow. Charm gets the target to In terroga tion Bravery regard the hero as a friend. hopefully getting her to back d ow n Successes Result from a confrontation before it turns into Disaster Whoops! The hero a gunfight. ~S PIlICC CROSS PIlut . When this happens in the game. but if you get the noncombat action rolls leader on your sheet of music. like an angry unaffected. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE Of course. Then check the Persuasion Subskills: Airplane. All modifiers listed on that table but most people still need a vehicle to are good for the length of the get around in thin air. of course. Instead. Seduction causes the target automatically fails any to succumb to the hero's sexual wiles. persuade a mob of anything is getting 3 Whatever You Say! The the people in it to stop and listen. m akes one roll for her. This requires an extra success to w ork. helicopter Results Table for how the rolls w ork Some deltas can fly all on their own. None Did You Say Something? Some persuasion skills can be used The target is entirely against a group of people.

The base Target Number is usually Easy (5). When there's any kind of obstacle. clergtj. You follow the flight plan you submit with the air-traffic controllers.(HAPTER FOUR: GUTING nil JOB DONI Most of the time. (For more on trades. finance. CROSS poul . But that's not always the case. architecture. and sometimes they can come in handy. engineering There's more to life than dodging Delta Prime all day long. administration. PILOTINGMODIfiERS Situation Modifier Rain / snow +2 Sprinting +2 Storm/ blizzard +4 PROFESSION (SMARTS) Subskills: Accounting. See the Piloting Modifiers Table for some common modifiers. of course. the Guide might ask you to make a piloting roll. Pilots flying a craft with proper instrumentation don't have to worry about ligh ting modifiers- unless. The list of subskills above only scratches the surface of the profession skill. while trades concentrate on work with the hands. flying's easy. see the trade skill. business. Lots of Defiants have day jobs-or had them before they were flushed out into the Primers' spotlights. The Guide sets the Target Number based upon the conditions the pilot's facing.) In generat professions require mostly knowledge. Those skill d on't just go away once they toss on a mask. There are two different kinds of jobs: professions and trades. and you move peacefully from Point A to Point B. or if the vehicle gets attacked in midair. law. their craft is for some reason missing that instrumentation.

you might need w ith you at all times. Don't possible. This skill covers all sorts of purely For all about how th is works in the scientific endeavors. piloting. turn to page 150. but sometimes you have some poin ts in this skill. you don't have to bother m aking a riding roll if the horse (or w hatever) is just trotting gently along. automatically once the tim e has expired. OUICK DRAW (SPEED) When some Primer gets the drop on SCIENCE (SMARTS) you. he's stunned p articular subskill m igh t ap p ly to the an d h as to sit d own to recover. . be sure to In the Defian t gam e. This situation at hand. physics where the quick draw skill comes in. really need them. that only researchers at universities and large corporations usually bother RIDING (SPEED) themselves about. he needs to make an Easy (5) A failed scrounging roll means the running check. mean th e p roduct's always going to be It's when you're going for the d istance in stock. It's up to the Guide to set the that you need to know w hat you 're Target Number. m odifiers (see p age 159). you want to get that gun out of its Subskills: Biology. runs. get to know an extra w ho does an d Just like w ith boating. that doesn't Anybody can sp rint across a street. If the heroes d on't you're goin g to be happy you've got have these skills. Every 10 minutes the hero find in a local store. When applying wound-effect but you'd better know where to find it. the item in question is. although the player takes one quarter of the time he ran. Of course. there are some apply modifiers for both the rider and things you 're just not going to be able the mount. but when you need them . the kinds of things game. A hero w ith the scrounging skill RUNNING (STRENGTH) knows where to get just about anything she might need. chemistry. It happens head s-up. based upon how rare doing. you moving along. Don' t bother Running long d istances is all about rolling for something anyone could endurance. (HAPTER FOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE It's up to the Guide as to when a If the hero fails the roll. Heroes who like to think of themselves on the cutting edge It doesn ' t come up as often these of the new frontiers in science need to days as it used to. holster as quick as you can. should brin g it up w hen she thinks it's after w h ich he can continue on. driving. Her sources are dried up. and might be w illing to lend them a h and. to find at the local S-Mart. geology. ad d +1 to the lookin g for. find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with only a horse to get you Science skills don't com e up in every game. Most Guid es appreciate the roll for the recovery. SCROUNGING(SPIRIT) It's when things get hectic that you 've You don 't have to have everything got to w orry. Target Number. She can try again tomorrow. For each add itional 10 hero couldn't find what she was minutes the hero runs. That's mathematics. Wh en that happens. they might w an t to the riding skill.

electric fences. Nuclear payloads. how savvy he is like. entirely concealed. the Search is also used to find people hero scores. is simple Some people can't find the chair they're sitting on. That's why nervous? Is that woman hiding lockpicking is a separate skill listed something? This an opposed roll under Speed. this is an opposed roll how to set up security systems that can against the person the hero's withstand determined attacks by the interacting with. motion detectors. the hand's intentionally or not. locks on everything from purses to With the scrutinize skill. SLEIGHT Of HAND (SPUD) Searching is about finding things.) know. knowing how to disable a evaluate a person based upon looks security device is not always the same and manners. something out of his pocket or sleeve CROSS POLlt . (See Well. The more valuable them all. For each extra success. Even in a world in which deltas can whether they've been hidden run rings around the regs. may roll. (HAPTER FOUR: GUYING THI JOB DONI On a successful scrounging roll. or she finds it at a better price. high search skill can spot a diamond in the rough. hero. See the description of worst of the criminal element. something is. There are while others are as stonefaced as a cliff. doing some SURCH (SPIRIT) things is simply a matter of knowledge. worry a lot about security. On the other hand. Hot-wiring a car. When a either finds more of what she's looking hero is hiding in a place in which she's for. for instance. the hero can pull well-hidden the thing is. it's faster evidence at a crime scene. knows how to disable them. Better the persuasion skill for how this works yet-for most Defiants-she also in the game. It involves some manual against the opponent's persuasion: bluff expertise. With objects like faster than the eye. this should be a perception roll scrounged no matter how well a player instead. someone requires the tracking skill. at least as far as the heroes page 111. Scrutinize can also be used to Of course. Okay. you can read palatial mansions. the citizens Some people are like an open book. When the hero's potentially say that some things just can't be in sight. the Guide than most eyes. she who are trying to not be found. It's also a measure of how razorwire. for A search roll can turn up things like instance. looking for her is a The Guide is well within his rights to search roll. but a hero with a once you know how. in sizing up the people he meets. In A hero with the security skill knows these cases. aren't on the market at any muddy footprints. SICURITY (SMARTS) SCRUYINIZI (SPIRIT) In Kennedy's America. but to really follow price. and the skeptical your hero is. Does that doctor seem as actually doing it. up to and including someone is being honest with your remote cameras. the more elaborate its Scrutinize is what you use to see if security system. figures the Target Number by how With sleight of hand.

following her you manage to get the gun pointed in for as long as he can. ?SPI. That's where the right direction. With this skill. That's got nothin g to do hero-or is getting her pocket picked.ICE CR05S poul . he's spotted by the p erson he's cheat at cards. the hero's got a small gun (Derringer) or small knife. with shadowing as such. tail to lose sight of her for a moment. and everything the hero needs to m ake an opposed to d o with stealth (see page 109). the hero can palm Once the shadowed person figures something or even p ick someone's out she's being tailed. blissfully ignorant kid's ear. If the shad ower come in handy when the hero wants to loses. (HAPTER FOUR: GHTlHG THE JOB DOHE without anyone noticing. Otherwise. SHOOTING (SPEED) If you don't know how to fire a SHADOWIHG (SPIRIT) w eapon properly. come up with a way to lose the If someone's actively watchin g the shadower. All you're going to do is make a rolled against the perception of the lot of noise. This can person being followed. Sleight of hand can also be used like and then she sneaks away-if she's the quick draw skill (see p age 105) when lucky. the shadowed or just pull a quarter from behind a person moves along. chances are you shadowing comes in. The sleight of hand roll against the foe's person bein g shadowed has to get the perception skill. Even if someone like a shadow. couldn't hit water if you fell out of a Shadowing is an op posed skill that's boat. whip out a holdout gun. following. tail. it's up to her to pocket. you're more of a Sometimes a hero wan ts to stick to danger to yourself than any foe. of the fact she's got someone on her It can also be used to steal things.

she might even be If he's still got enemies standing. enough to get himself right back into In a nation in which guns are so the action. the hero can high shooting skill. like dribble If your hero gets into a lot of a ball or make a shot. paying one at that. see page 151. he's able to make a living at it-and a good- going to want to reload right away. he could knock the pop bullets back into his weapon fast spots off a ladybug at 100 yards. hockey. just something athletic maybe. o o . For all about how this prevalent. works. If she's lucky eventually he's going to empty a gun. see favorite sport. and highly skilled. and some of mean she knows how to use it properly. Chapter Six. do something in the game. them even make a living playing their For all about how shooting works. (HAPTER FOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE On the other hand. her sport skill to the roll. soccer of weapon that fires projectiles in a Hey. delta ball but also using just about any other kind football. using them comes up a lot. Sometimes you get a chance to This skill is also used by heroes that take a break and playa game. Most citizens have at least 1 point of shooting. if your hero has a With the speed-load skill. she SPEED-LOAD (SPEED) knows the rules backward and What's the worst sound you can hear forward. life's not all about running from straight line-except bows or artillery. Second. basketball. SPORT (STRENGTH) Shooting covers not only firing a gun Subs kills: Baseball. can fire energy blasts. she gets to add gunfights (as Defiants tend to do). the law. For one. and many have more. After all. Lots of because a hero has the power doesn't deltas are pretty athletic. A hero with a sport skill can play the game at a high level. anytime she needs to in a gunfight? Click.

week. and that lasts anyone who knows anything about it is until the conditions change-someone going to be tight-lipped as can be. it's a whole other matter. (HAPTER fOUR: GETTING THE JOB DONE STEALTH (SPEED) With streetwise. people w ho might know things. you go to a help the hunter. Poor lighting Subskills: City. food and shelter for one person for one pout . If the roll comes in of sight-then the hunter must make a under the Target Number though. Sometimes there's The key part to that sentence is nothing out there to find out. mountain conditions. and her current conditions." If you try toting a depends on how likely it is that word sniper rifle through the grocery store as about whatever the hero's asking after you shop. speak) and find out what the Stealth allows the hero to hide-even proverbial word on the street is about in plain sight-within reason. any current topic. You need a place to sleep. you find a hotel. she moves. it also mugging. You run out of food. The hero involving Delta Prime is silly. your hero spotted at all. This makes them a Not only can he duck into an alley target instead of innocent bystanders. how you carry yourself. and so on. the more information hidden behind something-entirely out can be revealed. desert. forest. bright costumes. you want to hear something about the someone walks into where she's gang that pulled that jewelry heist last hiding. restaurant. That who's sneaking around makes a roll for information is tightly controlled. how Heroes with the survival skill can forage you talk. you've got a much better If the hero's in plain sight (or could chance. The Guide should feel free to add to the hider or the hunter's rolls as much SURVIVAL (SMARTS) as the situation calls for. w ithou t looking like an easy mark for a and if they're wearing a m ask. shadow instead. It all "within reason. for instance. It's up to the Guide to set the Target then someone trying to spot her must Number for a streetwise roll. hero comes up empty. though. people are going to notice. has filtered down to street level- Try sneaking around from shadow to which is the Guide's call. while a night scope would money. be seen by someone with sharp eyes). he also knows where to find hides their true identity. your hero knows Some deltas like running around in how to handle himself on the street. If she's actually the hero's roll. the search roll instead. The higher make a perception roll. That's where stealth can put his ear to the concrete (so to comes in. he wanders into the wrong part of Each success on the skill roll is worth town. Asking about high-security matters Stealth is an opposed roll. It's about how you walk. A in the kind of places covered by their yuppie from one of Crescent City's chosen subskill. If turns a light on in the room. for both food and skyscraper palaces can get eaten alive if shelter. Others think it's better not to be With a good streetwise roll. STREETWISE (SPIRIT) When you're out of your element Life on the street has an etiquette all though. would favor Life in the city is easy-if you've got the hider. its own.

in life comes that easy. It's all about extend how long those essentials hold using your forces to their best effect. A which the team can then do its level swimmer's Pace in the water is equal to best to plug. her Strength. evaluate a plan that the heroes come up A hero with the swimming skill can with. blue sea. Brilliant tacticians can chunks of concrete. she better him what to have his hero do. feedback. the more holes keep your hero from drowning see the hero spots. Without the swimming skill. the hero 55 Palce l ---'___- CROSS POLII . With this kind of page 161. With the throwing skill. Extra successes can be used to bigger and stronger foe. Knowing how to handle yourself in a fight or being able to direct a team of THROWING (STRENGTH) heroes against a common foe is all a Whether the hero's tossing knives or matter of tactics. as out. Nothing hope she's had swimming lessons. or they can be used to help other well as knowing your opponent's people. (HAPTER FOUR: G1TT1NG THI JOB DONE day. The player can't just roll When your hero finds herself in a some dice and force the Guide to tell "sink or swim" situation. she's liable Instead. this is the skill she actually use a smaller force to defeat a needs. With a successful roll. the hero should hopefully be able to come up with a better. more TACTICS (SMARTS) solid plan. For more about how to The better the roll. the hero keep herself afloat and even move should be able to spot holes in the plan. it should be used to help to sink like a rock in the deep. SWIMMING (STRENGTH) This is a skill that should usually be roleplayed. weaknesses and being able to use your surroundings to your best advantage. along in the water at a decent clip.

CHAPTER fOUR: GUYING THE JOB DONE can hurl whatever she can pick up at TRACKING MODIfiERS the foes of her choice. ~5 pI-Ice POLl( . and the Those skills don't just go away when constant traffic obliterates most signs of the hero p ulls on that uniform or m ask. clubs. There are There are a lot more trade subskills times. it's the (5). See p age 179 w ere made -5 for more about how this w orks. For more about how to use this in Situation Modifier the game. mechanic. (For more on hero's tracks. Tracking only one or two people +5 TRACKING (SMARTS) Tracking over water or concrete +10 Sometimes you just have to be able to follow someone's trail. Instead. Most early age. It could be once a mile repair standard weapons and even over long distances. the player makes a tracking roll. plumber of a city. see the profession skill. w h en tracking can than we could possibly list here. and these are listed on the WUPONSMITH (SMARTS) Tracking Modifiers Table. general. It's nearly imp ossible to track N ot every delta got her powers at an someone down a busy bou levard. are two d ifferent kinds of jobs: This skill can also be used to hid e a p rofessions and trades.) In this. need be. though. He Guide is also perfectly within her rights can also make his own ammunition if to declare a trail simply untrackable. When tracking someone. she should person not covering his tracks is Easy bring it up. and the like to stack the should roll every 100 yards or so. situations that can modify this Target Number. the tracker blades. passage almost instan tly. even after they've long gone. trades are jobs that require the After that. As always. while the hero's tracks must beat the original professions involve sitting behind a roll-or at least a 5-with an opposed desk. anyone w h o tries to follow hero to work with his hands. however. There are a number of common Guide's call as to what actually works. modifiers the situation warrants. There come in really handy. they rely on things like guns. see pages 151-152. the Guide can change this interval to fit A hero with the weaponsmith skill can the situation. electrician. The build custom weapons if he likes. Whenever the player thinks a trade The base Target Number to track a skill might come into play. When a hero w ants to d o professions. or even m ore. tracking roll of her own. It's up to the Most deltas can't just shoot beams Guide to come up with any other out of their hands or eyes or whatever. Subskills: Carpenter. High traffic area +5 Precipitation after tracks TINKERING (SMARTS) were made +5 This is the skill gadgeteers use to Precipitation before tracks maintain their equipment. That's where TRADE (SPEED) tracking comes in. shoes don't leave much of an and m ost of them had jobs beforehand. This skill's a lot more useful ou tside machine operator. but odds in their favor. Some awakened later in life. impression on concrete.


pages 193-194. or the hero has no choice. The Guide should feel free to many skill points it costs to add that modify the Target Number to reflect quirk to your hero. the If the quirk's positive. he can give the hero a chance to how they work in the game. the situation. a quirks. Sometimes. crowd. player may want a hero to do Quirks are things that make your som ething against one of her quirks. he might have First. She has to live possibly he's afraid of the dark. she needs many points you get back for saddling to reconsider having them at all. so we for it. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL- ROUNDED HERO A character's not just a collection of traits and skills. ROLEPLAYING QUIRKS there are things about most heroes that A lot of the quirks describe your can't be pinned down so simply. Characters in Brave New World are You can only have up to 10 points capable of change as they progress in worth of negative quirks. To learn more about this. there's a hero needs to make a Challenging (10) positive number after it. after all. Maybe he's rich. the Guide can simply say that a family who depends on him. She already got the points Quirks can be good or bad. not basket cases. In hero different from the rest of the that case. To do this. This chapter's full of Second. we use roleplay it. We're the gam e. . and now it's time to pay have positive quirks and negative the piper. To hero's personality and how you should help fill in some of these gaps. there's a Either way. the Guide has two choices. and that's how Spirit roll. if the Guide's in a generous descriptions of all sorts of quirks and mood. see creating heroes here. That's how working against her quirks. though. w ork against her nature. if a hero is consistently negative number after it. quirks. Just like in real life. If the quirk's negative. by her quirk. your hero with that trouble.

the hero's DNA and power profile are the hero can't pick a power p ackage on file with Delta Prime. after does som ething and the hero doesn't all. your hero doesn't are long gone. anyone who's got a gripe against the Being unregistered does have its hero can find out all about him. Most hero's involvement. or either public or secret. IHI QUIRKS you're theoretically safe from the The heading over the description of Primers and your enemies. If you like. m aybe she's DELTA OR REG still there-at least officially. This means unless she's a delta. This advantages. each quirk lists the name of the quirk she's got to wear a mask and hassle and the number of points the quirk with people trying to figure out who costs or gets for your hero. if regs don't get hunted d own by Delta someone with the same power profile Prime just for being who they are. Positive quirks cost points. However. there's a good be true. you go to jail. All of don't cost anything. In game terms. so it's not so bad. When your hero's makes it a lot easier to track the hero involved in something and her face down. STATUS QUIRKS REGISTERED OR UNREGISTERED :to If your hero's registered. it makes it pretty isn't seen. the hero might come For all about the power packages under suspicion too. if your hero doesn't want to Hancock that dotted PUBLIC IDENTITY OR SECRET IDENTITY :!:O line on the bottom of the ORA. Prime. Delta Prime or spent some time at the Delta Academy. and family and threaten them instead. those seven days With a public ID. In fact. identity must take the wanted quirk. is that out forms. your hero has served with either Delta Squadron or to live with the consequences. that anytime the hero's involved with We pretty much assume that you're something the federal government or playing a delta. you can stick with chance they'll be able to identify the your hero being a reg instead. she is. and your hero doesn't have to worry about living a double exactly have writer's cramp from filling life. but that doesn't have to Delta Prime investigates. These with the Delta Registration Act. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO If your hero has a secret identity. most notably Delta either this or that. Of course. This means that she likely Of course. deltas can have. . while An unregistered delta with a public negative quirks get them back for you. hey. of course. have an alibi. Worse yet. either way. Well. The downside. A delta is a person who's develop ed The p roblem with all of this is that superhuman powers. see Chapter Eight. she complied quirks that a hero must take. the Primers usually pin her darn simple to find the hero's friends activities on a delta they know about. then at There are certain special status some point in the past. On the other hand. she knows the score: You register within Your hero's identity as a delta is seven days of gaining your powers. It's more like her information is now on file with the checking a box saying that your hero's US government.

anything he's not currently focused on. you should talk to your Guide Target Number of any perception roll for about exploring the gory details. or over to a friend's house to tell her what Oreo cookies. If the hero fails the roll. at the trouble. he When you've got a lot on your mind. unless they go around looking for Not having what you need is. tobacco. even if the other-usually less important-details player does. If you means the hero has to add +3 to the want. After all. into the physical effects-both good The hero can hyperfocus on and bad-of satisfying your hero's something. it can forget details that are important. That depends too much on what else gets ignored. (HAPTER flV!: 1m WELL -ROUNDED HERO Any time the hero needs to STANDARD QUIRKS remember a salient detail-like where _ Here are the regular-positive and he parked his car or what that raving negative-quirks your hero can have. this it is that's got its hooks in her. At the worst. In the game. it's an your keys doesn't seem all that addiction. but just about everything habit. ruin your whole day. fall to the wayside. They also often lose things or least. We're not going to get you've learned. knowing where you left If you just can't live without it. when you're struggling to crack a Delta ADDICTION -1/-~ Prime code. lunatic's address was-the Guide can have him make a Challenging (10) ABSENTMINDED -~ Spirit roll. hero when she can't get your habit off. The addiction quirk is more For this reason. no matter if you're talking important-until you have to drive about drugs. alcohol. . distracting. absentminded heroes concerned with what happens to your tend to get surprised in combat a lot. can't recall that detail. sex.

with the benefits come responsibility. A Defiant may drawer. Maybe you have a With a severe addiction.) ARROGANT -3 Just because you've got powers "beyond those of mortal men. and it shows. discretion. Whether you deserve it or not." it doesn't mean you're any better than the next person. Of course. and in fact it might help in some cases. the hero's got badge. but most heroes use it so they can double their attacks more effectively. Target Number of any Smarts rolls. maybe there's a good reason. There are two different levels of addiction: mild and severe. who cares? You're both-handed! The hero is a real switch-hitter. A mild addiction means the hero's got AUTHORITY a jones for something mildly harmful. and little gets past him. In The more authority the hero has. like tobacco. Alternatively. (HAPUR flVf: THf WfLL-ROUNDfD HfRO AMBIDfXTROUS Left-handed. This can come in handy in a lot of situations. After all. This quirk doesn't hurt aggressive kinds of persuasion. the more the quirk costs. but he should trap. AURT Authority's only as effective as those Your hero's the sharpest knife in the around the hero let it be. officer in the military. usually get people to listen to you the mild addict has to add +3 to the because of the power you represent. right-handed. if your hero thinks he's the toughest kid on the block. Add +2 to the Target Number of any friendly-style persuasion attempts. . But you don't believe that. or maybe you're a ranking a true need that just can't be denied. she might you've got the authority to get people only have a slight need for something to ask "How high?" when you tell potentially more harmfuL them to jump. Any hero with the authority quirk must take the duty quirk too. He's got a mind like a steel not listen to a beat cop. At the Guide's Costs Table for suggestions. perception and search rolls. the the case of a severe addiction. but you can After denying his habit for 24 hours. (See Chapter Six for more on this. this can get worse with time. Your hero is pretty full of herself. respect the cop's authority to arrest him Your hero gets to add +2 to his or call in reinforcements. See the Authority modifier rolls up to +5.

the viewer to making her w ant to This quirk isn't recommended for vomit. There are even No matter what the number is. As you might guess. once the prisoner has persuasion rolls in which her looks ou tlived any usefulness. that's some deltas prejudiced against deltas. Even if she manages to The hero can add +2 to any con trol h erself. he wouldn't piss on Military officer 3 them if they were on fire. being a bigot isn't The value of the quirk d epends heroic. the modifier that characters get to add Just ask some of the people in Delta to their opposing rolls whenever the Prime. something which potential prisoners tend to object to. often it comes up. Police chief 4 The character doesn't like a Police commissioner 5 particular group of people. sexu al Detective 2 orientation. she's good-looking to Challenging (10) Spirit roll to actually boot. he feels the need to Do you know someone w ho d oes insult and provoke them whenever the something that just annoys the heck chance presents itself. CROSS POLII . hero engages in his habit and tries a friendly persuasion roll. However. attitude. CHAPTER fiVE: THE WELL-ROUNDED HERO AUTHORITY COSTS BIGOT -1 TO -3 Th e fact is there are some people the H ero's Occu p ation Cost character just can't stan d . Get together with Lots of people are bigoted against your Guide to set the exact number. fin ishing the job is a good idea. Bluntly put. the quirk is certainly entirely on how revolting it is and how going to come up in extras all the time. she thinks that might come into p lay. At important moments when the hero's habit might BLOODTHIRSTY -2 come up. or the kind of Military sergeant 2 clothes they like to wear. +1 Whenever someone surrenders to BEAUTIfUL your hero during a fight in which she's Not only does your hero have involved. Anytime the character can't avoid a member of the group he's BAD HABIT -1 TO-3 bigoted against. Even if th e FBI agent 3 character wouldn't do something to Delta Primer 3 actively hurt them. your hero sees red-blood Challenging (10) Spirit roll or give in to red. heroes. the hero must make a In a fight. out of you? Maybe it's the w ay they The value of the quirk depends spin dice or don't look at you when entirely on how often the character they're talking to you or often don't runs into those he's intolerant of and bother bathing. she has to make a amazing powers. and he Military general 5 stays away from them whenever possible. She's got a realI/take no prisoners" the habit. b loody pulp. deltas. Reactions to this kind how violently he reacts to the situation of thing range from slightly bothering when he does. this can stop beating the poor bastard to a come in handy. gender. for instance. Th is migh t be Beat cop 1 becau se of their race.

She can only overcome valor. Your hero never spends a dime when The hero must have a Strength of at he could spend a nickel. When your hero walks into a room. Anytime your hero might just instead of fight-and he's made any jump right into something. people take notice. she might stands tall-even when running might eventually work her way in there. always buy the cheapest gear available. This is a negative quirk because it tends to annoy more action-oriented BRAWHY heroes. (HAPTER flV£: TH£ W£LL -ROUHD£D HfRO BRAV£ +1 CAUTIOUS -3 When others are running with their Your hero never leaps in where tails between their legs. but that never occurs to your this urge with a Spirit roll. If the opportunity to dicker over the Your hero can't be both brawny and price comes up. but the upside is it could save your hero's life. whenever the This is the opposite of the impulsive player thinks the hero should run quirk. the situation thoroughly first. discretion's the better part of information. he haggles over it slight or hefty. she's going to make sure she checks out The hero adds +2 to all bravery rolls. which may include gathering more Sure. make a Spirit roll. but be best. she decides necessary bravery roll-he needs to she needs to make a plan beforehand. It's not because he's so handsome or ugly. On the other hand. It's just that he (HUP -2 takes up most of the room. He has to least 4 to take this quirk. A brawny hero has a Size of 6. forever. . hero when he's in the thick of it. your hero angels fear to tread. Oh.

and work out all the details on this quirk before you take it for your hero. CHAPTER FIVE: THE WELL-ROUNDED HERO The hero often finds cheap gear for Having a friend in the police 25% off. If a p erson the hero is trying (ODE Of HONOR -3 to use a persuasion skill on someone who knows the color of the hero's belly Your hero believes in the concept of a (canary yellow!). a distinct d isadvantage. and all sorts quirk's value is determined by how of deviancies. figh t. since the hero has taken the skill and this quirk. Most people d on't care much for cowards. he can add +2 to any how often it com es up in play. If he's afraid Heroes don't grow up in a vacuu m . it's not going to come up often enough to be CONTACT +1 TO +5 w orth more than 1 p oin t. depression. to go outside. In short. w hich p uts your hero at Defiance. The value of the quirk is based stands for. sure. and w e're not COWARD -3 just talking about after a state trooper Your hero would rather flee than asks her to step out of the car. personal friend of damaged in any way. regular basis. On a 10 or more. . This can save your hero some department who might help you if it pennies. and if they know about his upon how crip p ling the illness is and code of honor. add +2 to the kind of obvious danger whenever Target Number. there's a position to do him some good on a schizophrenia. CRAZY -1 TO-5 Unfortunately. bears and he lives in Florida. If the friendly persuasion rolls against people hero's got a horrible phobia of polar who might be swayed by such things. He refuses to kill needlessly -2 from his own roll. powerful the friend is and how often Be sure to sit down with your Guide the hero can count on her. Every time your hero m akes an The hero avoids combat or any other unskilled Speed roll. compulsions. The obsessions. not everyone plays by You d on't have to be crazy to join the the same rules. delusions. so sit down with your Guide and hash ou t the details before you go CLUMSY -3 assigning a point cost. or in cold blood. quirk. Sometimes your hero has trouble w alking a straight line. he's one of the good guys. There are far too many ways for your Others are valued friends. most Your hero has some kind of mental people appreciate the honor your hero illness. open. but cheap gear isn't always didn't put him at risk is worth about 2 that reliable. ended. the gear There are lots of ways to d efine this breaks. Being a close. President Kennedy is easily worth 5. that's a contact. H e cannot have the bravery unaffected. Every time cheap gear is points. Skilled rolls are p ossible. the coward must take fair fight. Beyond just phobias. hero to be loco for us to go into them all When the hero's got a friend tha t's in here. Some of them become hated foes. that's w orth 5 p oin ts for They interact with all sorts of people. time to practice th ose specific things. and he never ambushes a foe or attacks from beh ind. Still. roll 1d 6. bu t it sure doesn' t hurt.

A determined by how awful the secret is grandmotherly aunt who fusses over and how likely it is that anyone's ever the hero whenever he's home is going to be able to bring it into the probably w orth 3 points. in where it doesn't always belong. Unless he somehow manages to lose the quirk. but she has a real to the afterlife from Death himself. he takes greater good sense from time to time. When and how much she affects your hero's that happens. who's always insisting on tagging A dark secret could be both positive along or getting into trouble on her and negative. she also often lets her tiresome to him. and she's and greater risks. might have a shameful incident in his When you take the dependent quirk. not knowing about something. You need to be careful with a hero DARK SECRET ±1 TO ±5 with a death wish. Maybe he's just got nothing left she comes up with the answer." We're not just talking about the faceless Dark secret is an unusual quirk. Instead. it seems that someday get his wish. could be a sidekick. entirely on how often the hero needs to The point value of a dark secret is take care of the dependent. If he knows about in trouble. We mean loved ones who it can be positive or negative. Maybe your hero's got a bad case of Your hero is horribly curious. he's sure to In Brave New World. tossing himself forever scrambling out of the situations fearlessly into dangerous situations of it draws her into. Either way. then it's a always seem to be getting themselves negative quirk. Still. A kid sister light. and he's looking to curiosity drag her into putting her nose check out at the next opportunity. everyone's got something he'd rather other people didn't know about it. just like she as two separate quirks. past that he'd like to keep quiet. life's become Unfortunately. and figure out just who this person is he's got that dirt on them too. your hero own is worth 5 points. If your aren't as capable as your hero and hero has a dark secret. You and the Guide can even create two sides of the secret and count them the dependent from scratch. She survivor's guilt. If the character's a delta. "inducted. Maybe he's contracted cannot resist a mystery. CHAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO CURIOUS -3 DEATH WISH -5 Your hero may not follow around a Your hero's got a personal invitation man in a yellow hat. all kinds. someone else's dirty laundry. to live for. For instance. A secret identity is not a dark secret. was a hero. be sure to split out the life. and monkey on her back when it comes to he's looking to cash in on it early. This can range from who your hero took to DEPENDENT -1 TO-5 the prom to the number of interns he's People are counting on your hero. although she That's its own kind of quirk. . since masses. she can't be a dependent. If there you need to sit down with your Guide was someone else involved. he's not the kind to do himself This curiosity overwhelms the hero's in-directly. and she a fatal disease and doesn't want to die tenaciously works at a question until in bed. then it's The v alue of this quirk depends positive. though.

that this character is an extra. D£STlHED FOR GRUTH£SS +5 The hero seems to be fated for bigger things. If one of the hero's legs is affected. If the hero's limb is entirely useless or even missing. Of course. only a major one. These things range from crutches and wheelchairs all the way up to artificial limbs or p ower armor that a delta might invent for himself. then his Pace drops by a quarter of his normal rate. then he has to add +3 to the Target N umber to do anything with that limb. the hero's Pace is reduced to nothing. CROSS POLII . though. he's got to go out in a blaze of glory. if both legs are useless or missing. the hero instead falls into a coma. When your hero is destined for greatness he can't be killed by just any crook on the street. and only at the hands of a properly dangerous villain. so the little things just can't drag him down. (HAPUR flV£: 1m wm -ROUHD£D MIRO Never forget. When a lesser character has done enough damage to kill the hero. but they aren't always as reliable or convenient as the hero might wish. The hero can't be killed by a minor extra. No. DISABL£D -3/-5 One of the hero's limbs is either lam e or permanently useless. The dependent is controlled entirely by the Guide. It's up to the Guide to determine which extras are powerful enough to put an end to this hero. If one of the hero's legs is affected. his Pace drops to one quarter of his normal rate. either from an injury or birth defect. There are ways to get around the effects of being crippled. If the hero's limb is only lame. then he can't d o anything with that limb at all.

someone or something that she cannot An enemy h as to be a distinct person ignore. ready to spend some time hunting your hero down. up to hassle your hero every fourth or Add +2 to the hero's escaping rolls. . the more p oints the quirk is this allows the hero to slip out of bonds w orth. a punk who shows more easily. but if the Guide wants to tear out of your hero's chest. For instance. but in fact. she can lower the number of For whatever reason. the more points it's worth. they're just wanted. he still gets the someone who's got something he points for the quirk. (HAPT£R fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO Unless the hero develops some way ENEMY -1 TO-5 to almost entirely and permanently Somewhere out there. Be Sure to sit down with the Guide to figure out how fAMOUS +} much your hero's duty is worth. This can range from a promise or group. Everyone on the street recognizes your hero-or his mask at least. this enemy is points the quirk's worth. bloodthirsty Delta Prime officer who's made it his DUTY -lTO -5 life's mission to hunt you down is The hero has an obligation to worth 5 p oints. A faceless organization like to check in on a friend's kid from time Delta Prime just d oesn't do. enemy. Most to time (-1) to serving in the Secret Defiants think of Delta Prime as an Service (-5). the enemy. while a h igh-ranking. maybe even to the ends of DOUBlE-JOINT£D +1 the earth-or beyond . there's alleviate the problem. likes. The more demanding the duty. The m ore powerful and determined Besides making for great party tricks. The hero's body is double-jointed. fifth game session is worth 1 point.

it can much as what you have. actually work in the hero's fav or. the hero knows he can count to replace the gear. It all The hero has some kind of belonging really depends on what the hero's that is either extremely expensive or famous for. be sure to take d estroyed. Doing so could be on the favor being repaid. Number. your hero again. the points don't revert to the the quirk twice. and why. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO Fame is a double-edged sword. the basis for several adventures.000 or more. but one good punch and he wisely. this him getting more of the long green quirk has no effect. since the hero had the connections to lay hands on the gear at FAVOR OWED +1 one point. This quirk's only worth 1 point because once the favor's called in. add +2 to all hostile rare the item is. Anytime the hero takes a wound. the harder it is call it in. it's presumed he could do so At some time in the past. GREEDY -2 At the end of the day. you If the piece of gear designated by the need to decide which identity is the hero's quirk is somehow lost or famous one. did someone a favor. whether or not what the something he might not normally be hero's famous for is something bad is able to afford. CROSS POUI . When it's time to The costlier the quirk. As always. anything or anyone stand in the way of When the hero is totally healthy. hero. see famous for being a Defiant. it hurts like hell. the Guide has the final call on approving whatever the player comes up with. just points. FRAIL It doesn't have to be cold. although it might take a while. the might be a hero to other Defiants. If the hero's famous for just difficult to find. it's GLASS JAW gone. convertible stocks and bonds will do. Each point of gear is worth known as a good person. so he should be sure to use it house. It's not a means for him often up to the observer. add +2 to the Target that owes the hero the favor. However. then add +2 roughly $50. The more costly or something bad. If the hero's w ell. and easily he gets a paper cut. Either way. that gear explains how a hero has Of course. When setting up this quirk. for instance. The point does not revert to the Your hero might be built like a brick hero. rich on pages 129-130. Either way. but the moment stuff. If it's both. your hero -) knows what it's all about: money. Your hero starts whining whenever Jewels. n ickel. For that. Keep in mind to all friendly persuasion rolls. folds like a house of cards. A hero who's to go on a shopping spree. If the hero has a secret identity. the hero's not willing to let add +1 to the wound-effect modifier. GEAR +1 TO +5 While it makes it a lot harder to get Sometimes it's not who you are so around without being spotted. the Whenever your hero has to make a player needs to come up with who it is stun check. the higher the quirk's persuasion rolls. while gear doesn't cost the hero a single the regs likely see him as a m enace. precious metals. he's wounded. value. hard cash.

Your hero can't be both hefty and slight or brawny. but at the end of the day. or seen on TV. As it is. A really hefty hero has a Size of 7. She can't turn the other way when she sees someone in need. and it's not because he's tall. Anytime your hero tries to resist a friendly persuasion attempt. Simply put. HEROIC -5 Your hero's. she knows she's going to lend a hand. HEAVY SLEEPER -1 It takes three alarm clocks and a wakeup call to get your hero going in the morning. add +2 to the Target Number. ready to lend a hand. Sure. a hero. When checking to see if a noise or disturbance rouses your hero from sleep (usually an Easy (5) perception roll). and his Pace is reduced by -4. well. She believes anything she's told.(HAPUR fin: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO GULLIBLE -2 Did you know they took the word "gullible" ou t of the d ictionary? Go check. read. If you fell for that. HEfTY -2/-3 Your hero shops at the "Big and Tall" stores. There are two levels to being hefty. she feels obligated to use her powers for the greater good. even if it puts her life or freedom at risk. A slightly hefty hero has a Size of 6 and has his Pace reduced by -2. Even if your hero didn't have any powers. . We'll w ait right here. her opponent gets to add +2 to his roll. she's easily led. even if doing so risks exposing herself as a delta. she can gripe about it all she wants. you know what your hero's like. she'd be out there on the front lines.

have the hero make a Strength Fatal 9 +5 roll against the Target Number listed on the Illness Table. she can move one step about the Delta Registration Act back up the table. and they've all failed. the listener gets to make a recurrent hives. but that level. he can give it a try. If it's failed. tried just about every cure. or you not going to get better. or a cough the hero just scrutinize roll. It looks like she's pretty much ILLNESS stuck with it. An illiterate hero can't read even the If a hero gets a disaster with a fatal most basic words of any language. kind of reasoning's not going to hold Either way. In fact. discomfort. illness. CHAPTER fiVE: THI WELL -ROUNDED HERO HONEST -3 A minor illness is one that causes the Your hero can't ever have a career in hero some discomfort. Your hero's sick. It ca~ can add +2 to his friendly persuasion also include the early stages of a fatal rolls when talking to someone who's disease. Any time the hero include bad allergies. she's might end up creating a new hero soon. She'd better d o h er best can h ave in any Language skill is 1. aren't in order? If the hero gets an extra success on Of course. the highest level the hero of the session. how can he know that his papers down the table. she can never get better water. but he's some sm all difficulties. difficult. and the like. add -3 ILLITERATE the listed modifier to all of the hero's Even in Kennedy's America. tells a lie. including the paranormal variety. but sh e can politics. her illness becomes to read. These include severe asthma The upside to this is that the hero gout. Type Target Number Modifier though. doesn't mean she's done Minor 5 +1 living. If the hero places a lot of emphasis on being able rolls a disaster. usu ally soldier on through it with only Oh. Just because she's got an illness. The her roll against an illness that's gotten hero might claim that he didn't know worse before. to make those last hours coun t. At the start of each game Severe 7 +3 session. like AIDS. than her regular illness level. suspicious. A fatal illness is one that's eventually going to kill the hero. enough to give her pause A hero with this quirk cannot take when she wants to try something the persuasion: bluff skill. Until that happens. she is doomed to die at the end Additionally. and she moves one step further read. After all. society actions for the entire session. Exam ples stinking awful at it. and so on. cancer. and in a w ay that's Be careful when taking this one. The hero's in the final stages ILLNESS -1/-3/-5 of the disease and could go at any time. because he couldn't read the posters though. He just flat out can't tell a lie. she's stuck with the worse splashed all over the place. aware of his reputation for honesty. mild asthma. even if she's n ot can't kick. if your hero can't worse. kidney stones. illiteracy is no excuse. . she gets to add Severe illnesses cause the hero a lot of +2 to that roll. and she gets no extra points for it. Worse yet. sure.

Right Now. Those that do. whether Ideally. Patrick's feast. laden hobby. take -2 from the hero's not some funky kind of power. take -2 from the Target by less-kind terms. If they like theJact the hero's lusty. take -2 from the roll's Target People who don't know your hero Number. well don't tend to like her. she must make a When this is done. the hero should be on the brink it's a good one or not. for thinking things over too much. stops to make a plan. she gets impatient and immediately the Guide to figure out what happens. any time the hero turn around a disastrous roll. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO IMPULSIVE -3 LU(KY Your hero's the kind to rush in where The world treats your hero like she's wise men fear to tread. A lusty man is known as a Whenever your hero has to make a womanizer. of disaster and then have things turn Guides should watch out for heroes entirely around for her. and Each game session. affect the way people treat your hero.) rolls. roses. IRON JAW +3 LUSTY -1 People have been known to shatter Whenever possible. organization has a duty instead. it's up to it. the line to keep them safe. Being lusty can Number. a prudish take on the hero's hormone- (That's a figure of speech. They tend to not only equivalent of stepping into a cowpie put themselves in danger but everyone and somehow coming out smelling like around them as well. the hero gets one she wholeheartedly believes that she extra Delta Point (see page 193) to can come up with something better spend. they like her even less. she has to seriously. When checking to see if a noise or disturbance rouses your hero from sleep (usually an Easy (5) perception MUN -2 roll). the prowl. on the other hand. A lusty woman is known stun check. Instead. at them than anything else. He's looking for Ms. Right- When they do. don't bother Challenging (10) Spirit roll. add LIGHT SLEEPER +1 +2 to friendly persuasion rolls the hero makes. he's more likely to grin or at least Ms. they have Your hero sleeps with one eye open. She doesn't care Irish and every day's St. leaps into a "plan" of her own. LOYAL -3 Your hero's a coldhearted bastard who wouldn't spit on someone if he Your hero takes her friendships was on fire. It takes a On the upside. This spare Delta Point is special than anyone else's well-laid plans by because-in addition to being useful in simply thinking on her feet. )S Plltte . you know. all the normal ways-it can be spent to To reflect this. your hero's on their knuckles on your hero's head. She's willing to lay her life on take -2 from friendly persuasion rolls. hostile persuasion rolls against people A person who feels loyal to a larger who know her reputation. It's the with this quirk. she gets to add +2 to Spirit roll to turn from a friend in need. If. If she fails rolling another die. For this reason.

If it's favor's just not enough payback. identity. He just takes pains to conceal his real name. and a b ad other. It's a onetime thing. Maybe someone saved the d eltahood can be easily concealed. hero to answer. the obligation is If the obvious part of the hero's ongoing. OBVIOUS -3/-5 OBLIGATION -1/-3 You can 't pick out m ost d eltas b y just Somebod y d id your h ero a favor looking at them. and som eday he's goin g to call it your hero. CROSS PULII . made of blu e rocks. and it's up to the something else. Maybe he's 10 feet tall and in. th at makes life on the run sheer hell. but he can't say a word. writing. or possibly he's For -1 points. or p erhaps its wh enever sh e likes. b u t th at's not true of once. Th at. It takes a Challenging The hero can use sign language or (10) Spirit roll to refuse. This impossible to cover up. and one the quirk's only worth -3 points. the quirk's shouldn't come up in every adventure. less-efficient ways of attitude about payin g back what you communicating. Th e G u ide can then call the favor in Mayb e he's got poor ears. w orth -5 points. the hero d elta. CHAPTER FIVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO MUTE -3 It's up to th e hero and the Guide to For some reason or another. but imp ossible for him to deny being a once it's over and d one w ith. like pointing or owe. and when you're unregistered still gets to keep th e negative p oints. but it should always hang over the An obvious hero can still have a secret hero's head. h ero is physically un able to speak. Either way. then hero's life way back when. it's almost fa vor owed. your figure out exactly what the obligation is. For -3 points. this is the opposite of sp routed wings.

If the handy if you're lazy about taking notes in the course of a game. about. just skills. She likes relative or an old friend in Delta Prime. If it's this ability doesn't mean the player a position of any power. It's just a way to human being. all you have to do is make an Easy (5) PACIfiST -3/-5 Smarts roll. This is not a way to get more For whatever idealistic or moral information out of the Guide than has reasons. the Guide then must tell you whatever it is that It's not that your hero can't kill. on our own. kill under any circumstances. and she's ready to prove Sit down with your Guide and figure it. This bonus worth -3 points. The patron's power and the frequency with which she can be relied ORDAINED +1 on to help out determine the quirk's Not only is your hero the pious type. just that she refuses to. she feels old and acts old. or done. encyclopedia. hero has been ordained as an official member of his chosen religion's clergy. She's a walking serious responsibilities. If the hero ever needs to should also have a duty to other remember something that the Guide members of his religion. out which religion your hero belongs to Of course. Of course. This might be as simple as answering PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY +5 an ad in the back of Rolling Stone The hero can recall just about magazine. This could be a rich age. read. just because the hero's got and what position she holds in it. on regularly. . say in clear-cut Additionally. the quirk's worth -5 points. Your hero has someone powerful No matter what your hero's actual watching over him. cost. the hero can add +1 to cases of self-defense. talked about in the context of the game. It's especially There are two levels to pacifist. If the hero refuses to does not apply to raw Smarts rolls. Some of us have a little Your hero. (HAPTER flV£: THI WILL -ROUNMD HfRO OLD -3 PATRON +} TO +5 Lots of deltas find about their We don't all get where we're going powers in the springtime of their lives. remember haVing heard. Take -1 from your hero's Speed dice. Your how reliable she's going to be. this is someone the hero can call Kennedy was actually elected. Your hero cannot have this quirk and absentminded at the same time. to talk about the old days. kind. hero refuses to kill unless it's absolutely necessary. If you succeed. when the chips are deltas weren't such a problem and down. your hero does. back when Whatever the case. but in most cases it involves anything she's ever seen. Be sure to meet with your Guide to figure out just who the patron is and he's got the papers to prove it. it's the hero's forgotten. heard a serious ceremony and-after that. ideals don't make sure that what the Guide's told always work so cleanly in the real you in the past jibes with what you world. she's more of the autumnal help. then the quirk's any Smarts-based skill roll. your hero has vowed to never willingly do mortal harm to another already been given.

and he always runs the risk of losing or damaging his hearing aid. She automatically fails such rolls. The hero's loaded. and to ad d +3 to vision-based perception even if he manages to get his h ands on Target Numbers. having a hearing aid isn 't th e same as having good ears. Most people start completely d eaf. These can be lost or damaged. The hero can see normally. version of the quirk. Your hero has $100. especially in CROSS PULIt .000 a year. The hero always has runs through his fingers like water. If the hero's d eaf (-4 points). seeing something. a large sum. she got two thin dimes to rub together.000 to buy blind. and there just d oesn't seem to be any end to it. Money isn't correctable. he automatically fails perception rolls that have to do with hearing. it's a way of life. he's got access to Your hero is eith er hard of hearing or m ore money as well. POOR EARS -2/-4 A rich h ero not only starts better off What's that you say? Speak u p! than other h eroes. If h e's just hard of off with $1. An entirely correctable vision problem is only w orth . A rich h ero stand s to w ith hearin g. your h ero hasn't the h ero loses her corrective lenses. the vision difficulty your hero. Th is can range from a mild astigmatism to total blindness. add +3 to the Target Number and th ey can expect to make about of any perception rolls that h ave to do $20. he just can't hold on to it. A h ero who's only h ard of hearing can use a hearing aid to correct the prob lem. If Most of the time. That's the -2-point rake in a w hole lot more. At -5 points. an d must add +3 to the Target Number of when he does. the hero is entirely Most heroes start with $1. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO POOR -3 combat. so the hero has to be careful. gear with.000 to p urchase gear w ith. hearing. and he's got little in the way of prospects for RICH +1 TO +5 getting more or ever obtaining credit.1 p oint. The hero still has to add +1 to the Target Number of hearing-based perception rolls. he spen ds th em before all perception rolls th at h ave to do with he can stop himself. Howev er. Poor isn't just a startin g p oint for At -3 p oints. POOR EYES -1/-3/-5 The hero has some kind of p roblem w ith h is eyesigh t. but sh e m ust w ear glasses or contact len ses.

She's a real skeptic who believes in Of course. however. she gets to salaries are only benchmarks to give add +2 to her roll to resist. Whenever he's in a works even if the hero doesn't have stressful situation. This polite-society. a wound. but that veneer is thinner for some. fight and immediately after taking a If she needs a more precise guess. thin veneer of civilization we wear.000 $250. take -2 from any 5 $50. to make an Easy (5) Spirit roll or turn savage. He cannot use ranged weapons of any kind while in this state. few players are going to herself first and everything else second. you an idea of how much cash the hero has coming in regularly.500 $75.000 friendly persuasion attempts. is.000 $40. want to keep track of every dime they Anytime someone tries to make a spend. the hero must make this The hero always knows roughly roll at the start of the first round of the what time it is. (HAPUR FIVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO See the Rich Table for exactly how SELf-CONfiDENT much more a rich hero can expect to This is one hero who knows who she have to start out with and make. His Smarts rolls he might have to make. she's also 1 $4. when the hero's got a -3 friendly audience.500 $125.000 happy to broadcast it to the world 2 $7. In that case. he needs any outward clues. she's at the top of SAVAGE her game. and from urges when in polite-or even not-so. take -3 from any in on it like a tiger on fresh prey. If the hero fails the roll. out a single voice in a room and home At the same time. SELf-RIGHUOUS -2 The hero is holier than thou-and RICH anyone else in the room too. kind of thing in real life.000 dealing with someone who doesn't 4 $25. The hero has the annoying habit of Quirk Starting Yearly not only having true convictions in the Value Money Salary correctness of her beliefs. give or take 15 minutes. Most people get enough of that persuasion roll against this hero. keen ear allows him to add +2 to any perception rolls involving hearing.000 $500. The yearly whether friendly or hostile. there he can figure out the rest. with any enemy nearby. When 3 $12. The hero doesn't care much for SENSE Of DIRECTION +1 manners or other" civilized" ways. SHARP EARS +1 Add a flat bonus of +3 to the hero's Your hero's the kind who can pick Strength while he's in this savage state. Of course.000 agree with her. but The hero can always roughly tell he usually suppresses his animalistic which direction is north. SENSE Of TIME +1 In combat. except as a club. he Challenging (10) Spirit roll narrows it immediately charges into close combat down to plus or minus two minutes. CROSS PBLII . add +2 to any Sure. we're all animals under the friendly persuasion attempts.000 given the slightest chance.

handling their burgeoning powers. shake a sidekick. the player to control. how she met your hero. the sidekick does mentors in the delta game. Even then. description of the sidekick. (HAPTER fiVE: THl WELL-ROUHDID HIRO SHARP Ens +1 First. hidden in the shadows. the the sidekick what she needs to know to hero automatically takes a vow to do his survive in Kennedy's America. The Guide is In exchange. give your Guide a brief Eagles pine for eyesight as razor. and any perception rolls involving vision. the hero promises to teach As part of having the sidekick. From there. but if you want of its own. You might pick up a sidekick in the This vow doesn't have an actual value course of the game. they lend the veterans entirely in charge of her. the hero some much-needed muscle. then he's got to take this quirk. can make suggestions about what the A sidekick is an extra who's agreed sidekick should do or even give orders. what her powers are. She adds +2 to who she is. In the sidekick listens. This is a her level best to figure out where the great way for rookies to learn about hero's going and then tags along. exchange. CROSS puul . but they need A sidekick is not a second hero for the experience an older hand can offer. it's up to the Guide to actually create the sidekick's profile and record her SIDIKICK statistics on a hero sheet. to hang out with your hero and help but the Guide chooses whether or not out whenever he agrees to let her. best to protect the sidekick at all costs. Sure. It's figured into the cost of your hero to start out with a junior the sidekick quirk. It never hurts to have an extra set of Unless your hero makes an effort to eyes watching your back. They've got the ability. she's almost always Your hero's got a younger partner he around. friend. Include sharp as your hero's.

your hero is always apt to change for the asking. Your hero's nearly cross-eyed from Your hero's got a bad stutter. and he not exactly gullible. In stressful situations. Unless she gets conclusive proof that she's wrong. he's actually so distracted by There's nothing like a good sob story the enormity of what's happening to get your hero's waterworks around him that he momentarily flowing-or his wallet open. Take -1 from your hero's Size. The hero must make a to convince the hero of something that Challenging (10) Spirit roll to ignore she doesn't have personal proof of. but it also prove herself right. Even cases. w h ether they're truly someone tries to make a persuasion roll needful or not. the someone in need. short. and he's forever accept answers that jibe w ith the law s d onating time or money to one cause or of reality as she understan ds them. but it easier for p eop le to take advantage of does have one upside. though. Now he knows it. can sometimes get in the way of her This is a good trait. or just petite. take -1 from his roll. he was about. she takes it a Challenging (10) Spirit roll for her to hard. This might it. and she keeps looking for ways to make her harder to hit. come hell or high water. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL-ROUNDED HERO SKEPTICAL -1 else entirely. as people sometimes else. Otherwise. CROSS pout . Even if SLIGHT -5 someone presents her with entirely Not every delta's a bruiser. hero gets to add +2 to her opposing roll. this is nothing much to worry before he got his delta powers. Take -2 off your hero's Pace. In most looking down his nose so often. the Most people just don't like being talked hero has to make a Challenging (10) down to. Anytime your hero. find it difficult to hold a conversation Anytime the hero tries a friendly with him. This another. It does take -1 from his friendly pretty sure he was better than anyone persuasion rolls. she stands by her beliefs. STUBBORN -} As your hero likes to say. she has a hard time letting it go. "Slight" convincing evidence that she's is a polite way of saying your hero's incorrect. If he gets an extra success on SOfTHEARTED -1 the roll. He just finds it hard to Even in a world in which people turn d own someone in need. d-d-dear. change her mind. h ead. she only grudgingly admits skinny. Spirit roll to be able to communicate verbally. It just makes it taking the proper precautions. STUTTER -} SNOBBY -1 Oh. persuasion roll. That's something can speak normally. it takes means that when she's hit. "It's my SLOW -} way or the highway!" Crosstown traffic moves faster than Once your h ero gets an idea in her your hero. The hero's forgets he's got a stutter at all. He's the walk around with all sorts of strange kind of guy w ho's always got spare powers.

It's up to the Guide exa ctly what happens and what might set the hero's tender nature on edge. (HAPUR fin: TH£ WHL-ROUHD£D HERO SUP£RSTITIOUS -2 Black cats. he might get to add Target Numbers. b ut man. reflecting the suffering she's easily lit. with three wounds in her torso. he h as to make a Challenging (10) bravery roll. hero is butt-ugly. though. your hero would normally l£MP£R -2 add +3 to the Target Number of any The hero has a short fuse that's actions. UGLY -2 Your hero's face couldn't really stop TOUGH a speeding bullet. he must take -2 from his result. In friendly persuasion Whenever she's suffering from a rolls. wound-effect modifier that adds to her On the other hand. . take -1 from that +2 to hostile persuasion rolls. Pain just doesn't seem to bother your There's no other way to say it: Your hero as much as it does other people. freezes. SQUUMISH -2 Your h ero's n ot afraid of a fight.1 penalty to all rolls until the object of sup erstition is gone. it takes everything he has (in more on how this works. roll) to not react. Anytime your hero looks (w h eth er on purpose or not) at som ething m ost people might think of as gross. or runs screaming into the night. at the modifier.) Since she's the form of a Challenging (10) Spirit tough. He's just stuck his foot in it. She lives by old wives' sayings and oth er even less-scientific sources of knowledge. and now it's up to him to get out of it. The h ero m ust m ake a Challenging (10) Spirit roll to ignore a "bad luck" superstition or su ffer a . but it could sure Your hero chews lightbulbs for make the bullet regret going the way it breakfast. did. (See Chapter Six for with him. that's not the case temper. When people are messing going through. she only adds +2. Unfortunately. 1£ he fails it. b roken m irrors. benefits. he either faints. Guide's option. he doesn't get any special with this one. and sidew alk cracks all give your h ero fits. the sight of blood does him some harm. For instance. Some quirks you can take more than When the hero lets loose with his once. vomits.

She's just got to be suspected of attract the attention of Delta Prime. For example. He's learned from it. you only when used. This quirk doesn't cost anything because it's a wash. necessarily use the voice all the time. You VETERAN :!:o should come up with the vow and then talk about it with your Guide. The the law. some kind of ideal that's important to When someone does your hero him. or tricks. its mark on him too. hero a thing-at least on paper. being a criminal doesn't veteran quirk. at least World. The more intrusive the vow is in the hero's life. which doesn't cost your necessarily mean the hero's wanted. he goes office-a rarely kept vow in Brave New to great pains to even the score. This can range from a priestly vow wrong. You don't doesn't have to actually commit a wander around that long and not crime. he's not the forgive and forget of celibacy or poverty to a vow to type. but it's left vow. He just can't use VENGEfUL -} them both at the same time. On the other After all. if and soft. (HAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNDED HERO UNLUCKY -5 VOICE If it seems like the world's out to get Your hero's got a voice that can your hero. the more it's worth. fortunes just seem to run in streaks that A hero can have both kinds of voices. When you select it. in his own mind. your hero for which he gets no points. plus he's wanted. hero. and a hard needs three Is for a disastrous roll. they're all built into the hand. it lucky and unlucky. actually did it or not. Your hero holds onto a grudge like a long-lost love. committing one-like being an None of these points count against unregistered delta-whether she the lO-point limit for negative quirks. Otherwise. It's not going anywhere Vow -J TO-5 until he's done with it-and that's Your hero's sworn an oath to uphold never going to happen. It's possible for a hero to be both only when he needs to. WANTED -5 your hero gets an extra 5 points to When you're on the wrong side of spend on skills. you need one less 1 than normal There are two kinds of voices: hard to trigger a disaster. you're always watching over only problem is he has to take an extra your shoulder. especially if she's got a clean record. enSS PUUI . More like the revenge and uphold the tenets and duties of public remember. either open doors or get them slammed When making an action roll for your in his face. To take the wanted quirk. you just might be right. Some people's tends to lose its effect. and he can pull either of them out whenever he likes. Whenever possible. It's up to The hero's seen a lot of action in his the Guide to set the exact value of the time. quirks. A soft voice adds +2 to friendly you're rolling five dice. you normally persuasion rolls when used. way. -5 points of enemies. The hero doesn't needs to roll two Is to ruin her day. voice adds +2 to hostile persuasion rolls Because your hero's unlucky.

Any law officer in the country can haul your hero continues on with his course the hero in for any known crimes. of Delta Squadron or Delta Prime. As soon wiser. YOUNG -1 and then slap the cuffs on her. enter an R- call that wisdom. CHAPTER fiVE: THE WELL -ROUNMD HERO With Kennedy's nationwide When your hero's about to do CrimeNet database. many There's a little voice inside your people don't take him seriously. well. If your Defiant gets captured. Take -2 you hearing little voices. there until someone makes bail for It's up to the Guide to give you a last him-assuming the judge even sets a chance before something blows up in baiL your hero's face. and hero's head that stops him when he's there are some things he can't legally about to do something stupid. your hero can if they were committed in another take a moment to reconsider and then state-even if the wrong is only unpaid alter his plans to something less parking tickets. - 'S PllleE L _ _ _ . Others worry about rated movie alone. and so on. If she forgets. they're likely going to run a check on her. If you succeed. This means that the hero can't ever you should have played the hero a bit approach the police for help. even of action. They don't take children in the army-yet. Challenging (10) Spirit roll. Some do: drive. If you fail it. the record of something unbelievably stupid. And then he's got to sit foolish. the anyone that's arrested for an ything can Guide can ask you to make a be pulled up in a matter of seconds. WISE Because of your hero's age. figure out who she is. have a drink. from any persuasion rolls. right? as she does. he's An unregistered delta with a public headed for the Delta Academy instead identity must take the wanted quirk.


area who might have any kind of effect If there's a chance that a character on the fight "enters combat. If it is. there's a Most of the time. he's surprised another round." each expecting trouble. You keep this up until and can't do any actions that round. his point until the fight's over. ambusher 's really set the trap well or the Guide checks to see if the fight' s the hero's just plain clueless-or both. combat enters If a hero fails the roll. the Guide declares the fight over. ." From that might be surprised by another. and that often involves things When the fight starts. It's a violent Most of the time you're playing world. spinning along with little chance of you being interfered with. It should be Easy (5) if the hero is In the course of a "round. and the heroes deal Brave New World. there are some going to stand toe-to-toe with a foe. favor. you don't need to with violent people. You just Here's what to do when that assume the rest of the world keeps happens. after all. Once the round's over. SURPRISE When the fists start flying. breaks the game down into rounds of It's up to the Guide to set the difficulty. To do that. eventually he's THE COMBATROUND going to get into a fight. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN No matter how much your hero might try to prevent it. your hero's not lot to handle. The Each character in the fight's going to do first has to do with keeping track of whatever he can to get the odds in his what's happening in the fight. but it can go up to combatant gets a chance to take one or Difficult (15) or higher if the more actions. anyone in the like laying an ambush. the Guide player needs to make a perception roll. watch the clock too closely. five seconds each. That's different in a fight. still going on. rules you've got to keep in mind.

every hero gets one action per and 4. and so on. With the exception of start another one. up since the thug doesn't have any to his Speed. The thug he's facing off against This is the easy part. every player must make an Easy (5) Since the Rebel got the higher Speed roll for his hero. more actions left. but that limit his final action. dice. and long. defending himself. To start out rolls his Speed of 2d6 and gets 2 with. If categories: simple. additional action during this round. ACTIONS until every combatant that has an The fact is that some tasks take action has had a chance to go. then the person with the next highest result. a shotgun takes a lot longer than just skip over her. there. This includes things roll. The combatant with the highest result gets to go first. or two extra actions. Keep going around like this until None of these require an action to everybody's used up all their actions. SIMPLE TASKS (ZERO ACTIONS) Once every character in the fight's A simple task is something that had a chance to take an action-if he's requires little or no concentration and got one-start over again with the can be done at the same time as combatant who had the highest Speed something else. action that's going on. For every success a gets an action. He gets 1. If a longer than others. but round. He since most fights are anything but rerolls the 6 and gets 5. In a roleplaying game. so Marty rolls five It's kind of a contradiction in terms. Then the thug "initiative" roll. but he has a chance of getting the thug still has his one free more. talking. and it's time to any time. SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN Example: The Rebel's got a THE ORDER Of COMBAT Speed of 4d6. pistol for instance. 5. do. Then we start over hero gets. After that. 3. we skip him this The most actions a reg can have time around and let the Rebel use during a round is 5. and 6. but your hero can't just do them at Then the round's over. ending the round doesn't hold for deltas. he goes first. This gives orderly. that's tied too. action. We call this an roll. Make sure you skip over any like moving. She's done for this squeezing the trigger of an automatic round. or making an combatant who've already used all of opposed roll when your hero's the their actions. That's you need a way to keep track of all the two successes. we break tasks down into three the highest Speed trait goes first. Cocking and firing character doesn't have an action left. round. short. To help you with If there's a tie. You do that by He adds this to his free action for setting up the order of combat each three total actions. he 's got to wait for CROSS pout . him a total of (6+5=) 11. The 4 gets no successes. To figure out how many more. the combatant with this. defender. then the actions of the tied combatants all take place simultaneousl y. he can perform one with the Rebel again. though.

A short task takes up the entire action. firing a gun. you tell the Guide what your hero's doing. If she really has no idea. A hero can perform as many simple tasks at a time as he likes. or using a power. but she can't do two or more simple tasks or long tasks at once. It's up to the Guide to step in if that happens. you roll the dice at the end of the last action spent. Of course. if he likes. for instance. CLASSIFYING TASKS It's up to the Guide to figure out how many actions a task requires. CROSS POLII . When you start a long task. the task is complete. and the Guide tells you how many actions it's going to take. this can quickly get ridiculous. LONG TASKS (Two OR MORE ACTIONS) Long tasks are those that take more time to pull off. If you need to make an action roll for this action. A hero can do a simple task and a short task at the same time. CHAPTER SIX: THf BIG THROWDOWH his turn to come around. and then he can perform a simple task at the same time as he tries something more difficult. throwing a punch. When your hero's spent the required number of actions on the task. she should just roll a single die and tell the player the task requires that many actions. These all take a single action to complete. These are things like cocking a weapon. SHORT TASKS (ONE ACTION) Most things a hero's going to want to do during combat are short tasks. using the guidelines given here. Certain powers have to be charged up for an action or two before they can be used.

If Guide you're holding your action. (HAPTER SIX: Tm: BIG THROWDOWH If you w ant to in terrupt another HOLDING AN ACTION character 's action. the players use it any time you like. simultaneously. move. When that happens. that arena is often not as precise If you've got a held action. the actions are resolved rest of the round progresses normally. N ew World happens in the collective imaginations of the Guide and the USING AHHD ACTION players. When your next turn comes up. The there's a tie. something at once). just tell the the highest result gets to go first. Savvy likely going to just roll over and let you heroes often take a step back to let have your way. CROSS PIIUl . their foes. you lose your held SHOWING THE fiGHT action. they each have to If you want to do this. next turn to use an action comes around or the fight ends. when your make a Speed roll. The other character's not to just go charging into the fray. you want When this happens (you've got two your hero to hold his action instead of or more characters trying to do using it. then you've got a bit Sometimes you don't want your hero of a problem. Instead. with both taking effect You can hold an action until your at once. when the heroes get into a fight. you can as you might want. You've got to fight for events unfold before they make a it. but you can just hold your next Although most of the action in Brave action too if you like. All you've got are going to want to know exactly to do is tell the Guide what you're where their h eroes are in respect to doing. The character with hero's turn comes around.

take an action. some more on the same action . which makes an inch on the map roughly equal to two yards. as long as he's got Pace left to and they're perfect for breaking out use during that round. and they can really help make although he can still act. Ex ample: The Rebel's got a Alternatively. These MOVING ON AHfLO ACTION represent a number of different kinds A hero can move normally on a held of characters from Brave N ew World. speed out of herself for an action. Strength roll. Pinnacle sells a line of lead-free pewter metal miniatures. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH The best way to d o all of this is to Heroes often have several actions show the p layers what's happening by d uring a round. you can u se dice or action and four on his second. They paint up used up all of his Pace. He can move up to (4+5=) 9 hero sprints. racking up lots of extra movement. Or bottlecaps. A sprinter gets an extra inch of Each round. This is a short task. The best things likes. It cannot be carried over erasable m arkers. The miniatures come in a 30mm SPRINTING scale. she can keep sprinting This number is the hero's Pace. Lots of good gaming stores sell vinyl Any movement not used up d uring a mapsheets you can d raw on w ith round is lost. and he's got two actions whiteboard from an office-supply store this round. If she's got lots of actions bonus point of Speed he's got. you can pick up a Pace of 9. You can sketch the action s as they like. the battle seem a lot more concrete. on his second. action. He can move nine and use dry-erase markers to draw out inches on his first action and none your map. but these really suffer from he can break it up any other way he a lack of coolness. with a grid on them to make it easy to gauge ranges between combatan ts . on each of them. If she fails it. move. If he's already whenever a fight starts. Or he the heroes and their foes are on the can move five inches on his first map. Example: The Rebel's Speed is At the end of a round in which a 4d6. you on his first action and move nine need to have something to show w here inches on his second action. nice too. she can put her in mind when drawing your map. during a round. she becomes . Keep that If a hero wants to. In a pinch. These com e printed from round to round. and then move but there's a better way. and they can break pu tting miniature figures on a m ap of their m ovem ent up am on g these the area they're in . Or he can stand still Once you've got the map drawn. he can't move. which means the hero can't do anything else while she's MOVING sprinting. she must make an Easy (5) inches-18 yards-in a round. going are metal miniah ues. and head down and push every ounce of you shouldn't have any problems. They can even map out on a piece of paper if you like. plus +5. a hero can move up to movement (two yards) on each action one inch (two yards) for every die and she sprints.

stunned. For each round the hero The Carrying Table shows how
sprints in a row, the Target Number much a hero can carry and how fast he
goes up by +1 until the hero either can move with it. A hero can carry an
stops sprinting or is stunned. amount of weight with a total Size up
See pages 159-160 for more about to his Strength+2. The Guide should
being stunned and recovering from it. feel free to alter these guidelines if the
weight being carried is particularly
bulky or just hard to handle.
A hero can lie prone with no
movement penalty. If the hero is off his SIZE
feet for some reason, whether on
purpose or because she was knocked Size Typical Weight Examples
down, it takes 4 inches worth of 1 Up to 5 pounds Cat, bowling
movement to stand up. ball
If your hero doesn't have that much 2 20 pounds Young child
movement left, she can't get up. If your 3 50 pounds Average dog
hero somehow has less than 4 inches of 4 100 pounds Small person
movement in an entire turn, she can 5 150 pounds Average person
instead use all of her movement for the 6 250 pounds Big person
turn to get up. 7 400 pounds Huge person
While on the ground, a hero can 8 650 pounds Sumo wrestler,
crawl at up to a quarter of her Pace. gorilla
Also, take --4 from any dodge rolls. 9 1000 pounds Bear, horse
10 1750 pounds Small car
11 2500 pounds Large car
UAPING 12 2 tons
A hero can jump forward up to a 13 3 tons
half-inch for each point of Strength he's 14 5 tons Elephant
got. 15 8 tons
16 13 tons
18 30 tons
The fact is it's hard to haul tail when 19 50 tons
you're loaded down with a lot of gear. 20 80 tons
The more you're carrying with you, the 21 130 tons Blue whale
slower you're going to move. 22 200 tons
To reflect that, check the following 23 300 tons
tables. The Size Table gives the relative
weights for things or creatures at each
Size. As you can see from the table, Size CARRYING
is hardly an exact measurement,
although it works just fine in most Size of Items Carried Pace
cases. If something's weight stands Up to Strength Normal
between two Sizes, you should usually Strength+l 50%
go with the closer number, although it's Strength+2 0%
the Guide's call in the end. Strength+3 or more



The Target Number can be modified
ATTACKING by a lot of things, which we'll get to in
There are two basic kinds of attacks: a bit. The only thing you really need to
ranged combat and close combat. know right now is that if your action
Ranged combat attacks are things roll meets or beats the Target Number,
like gunshots, energy blasts, and the your attack hits.
like-basically anything your hero has
to fire at a foe. UNf OF SIGHT
Close combat attacks include
smacking someone with a club or With a ranged attack, the first thing
whaling on him with your fists. you've got to figure out is whether or
Let's start with ranged combat not your hero can see the target he
attacks. wants to shoot at.
This is one really good reason to use
miniatures in your game. If you've got
RANGED (OM BAT ATTACKS the figures set out on the table, all the
Guide has to do is get down, get herself
When words fail, people get to a miniature's eye view of the action,
fighting, and more often than not, they and make the call. Otherwise, it's a lot
resort to something they can shoot of guesswork.
people with. If the attacker can see his target, then
he can fire at it. Otherwise, he's out of
Figuring out the line of sight can get
Shooting a target is really simple. It's tricky. In all cases, it's up to the Guide
an action that uses your hero's shooting to use common sense to work it out.
skill. The base Target Number is 5.

RANGID WIAPONS A gun can fire a number of bullets
Just like with characters, each up to its Rate of Fire on each action.
weapon has a profile that tells you Any weapon with a Rate of Fire of
exactly how it works in the game. Let's more than 1 is treated as an automatic.
take a look at one example. For the rest This has more to do with what it's like
of the list, see page 188. to fire a lot of shots with the gun at
once than it does with the gun's action.
This is the kind of weapon we're RANGE INCREMENT
talking about. The farther away a target is, the
harder it is to hit. Some weapons, like
ACTION rifles, are meant to be used against
This is the means by which the targets at further distances, so it's
weapon works. "Auto" means the easier to hit a distant target with these
gun's an automatic. than with a pistol. We boil this down
into the weapon's Range Increment.
When your hero's shooting at
AMMO someone, measure the range between
This is the kind of ammunition the the figures in inches. Then you divide
weapon takes. This is usually listed by the range by the weapon's Range
caliber (like .45) or in millimeters (mm). Increment, round down, and add that
number to the shot's Target Number.
SHOTS This is known as th e "range modifier. "
Every weapon only holds a certain
number of bullets, charges, or Example: A policeman fires her
whatever. This number tells you how revolver at the Rebel. The regular
many shots you can fire with the Target Number for a ranged attack
weapon before it has to be reloaded or is Easy (5). The range between
recharged. them is 12 inches. The Range
Increment is 5, so the range
modifier is (12.:,.5=2.2) 2. The
QUICKNESS Target Number for the shot is 7.
Every weapon has a Quickness score
that tells you how many actions it takes
to use it in combat. This n umber 's DAMAGE
based on how unwieldy the weapon is. When the shot hits the target, it d oes
H takes a bit longer to draw a bead a certain amoun t of damage, as listed
with a rifle than w ith a pistol, for under this entry. You read the damage
instance. dice just like you do for an action roll.

Rate of Range
Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Fire Increment Damage Cost
Colt 2000 Auto 9mm 15 1 1 5 5d6+5 $600



Okay, you know all abou t weap ons,
how to fire them, an d h ow range affects
the shot, but that's not all th ere is to it.
A fight is a chaotic thing, and there's a
lot more going on in it than just
pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.
Certain situations happen often
enough that we've assigned standard
modifiers to them. A lot of stranger
things can happen too, and in those - I

cases it's up to the Guide to assign
modifiers as he sees fit.
Each of the modifiers listed on the
table below are added to the attack
roll's Target Number.


Situation Modifier
Shooter is moving on foot +4
Shooter is in a moving vehicle +2
Target's Size Varies
Target is hidden +6 SIZE
Lighting: It's a lot easier to hit a bigger target
Twilight +2 than a smaller one. Add +1 to the
Night with a full moon +2 Target N umber for every point of Size
Night with a half moon +4 the target has over 5. Or take -1 from
Night with no moon (city) +6 the Target Number for every point of
Night with no moon (country) +8 Size the target has under 5.
Total darkness +10
This is the exception to the line of
SHOOTER IS MOVING ON fOOT sight rule. If the target's entirely hidden
If the shooter moves at all d uring behind something, your hero can still
this action, she has to add +4 to her fire at him. All he's got to do is guess
Target Number. Remember, she can't where the target really is and then hope
shoot and sprint at the same time. his attack can penetrate whatever the
target's hiding behind.
The standard modifier for this is +6,
SHOOTER IS IN AMOVING VEHICLE but the Guide can move this up or
Even a luxury car with the sweetest down as she sees fit. This should
shocks bumps around a bit. If the depend on the relative size of whatever
shooter's in a moving vehicle, she has the target's hiding behind.
to add +2 to the Target Num ber.

the Sometimes when you're tossing that harder it is to hit it with a ranged much lead in the air. you can. If you want to switch to a new target that's more than an inch away from the last. you squeeze the trigger and You must assign each of the bullets fire a burst of bullets. what the available light is and then To hit more than one target with a apply these modifiers. You can fire from one bullet up to the weapon's Rate of Fire. The Guide should figure out to share the wealth. Pick your primary target Other light sources like flashlights and roll the dice for the burst. To keep things to a potential target before you make simple. don't roll for each bullet. burst. fighting. and assign as many of the DiffERENT WEAPON TYPES leftover bullets as you like to him. (HAPTER SIX: Tm: BIG THROWDOWN LIGHTING MULTIPLE TARGETS The harder it is to see something. These successes Shotguns are great for close-in can't also be used for tricks. If the you know how many bullets have hit. adding an extra die for fire a single bullet. do this. First. at least one. but you have to waste fiRING It BURST one remaining hit for each extra inch With many weapons and some away the next target is. a metal balls. shells which let loose a barrage of tiny. for instance. target's carrying a light source the assign as many of them as you like to attacker can see. A double-barreled shotgun is a bit of Range Damage a special case. shotguns don't shooting roll. Once can affect these modifiers too. figure out how many bullets you want to fire. (She's got to take of the modifiers should apply. then none your primary target. SHOTGUNS Then you just make a standard Unlike regular guns. The attacker can also make a called shot with an automatic burst. you get the urge attack.) Then choose another target within one inch. powers. 10-lS inches Sd6 . We treat this like an automatic 5-10 inches 5d6+5 weapon for purposes of the rules. bullet finds its mark. Not all ranged attacks fit last-until you run out of hits. but the barrage tends to The attacker can aim (see page lS0 spread out as it travels away from the for how to use this maneuver) before shooter. It's got a Rate of Fire of 2 Point blank Sd6+1S because both barrels can be fired at l-Sinches Sd6+10 once. For each success you get on the roll. Instead. You The regular rules work fine for can keep doing this-as long as each things like shooting revolvers or firing new target is within one inch of the energy blasts. those models well though. your attack roll. so they're not so great at letting loose a burst of automatic fire. they fire each bullet you're firing past the first. SHOTGUN DAMAG£ The rest are rolled for randomly. longer ranges. but only the first shot hits in the called location.

That means that ammunition called a slug. However. See the same condition. then apply it simultaneous. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN SHOTGUN SLUGS Shotguns usually fire shells-packs IXPLOSIVIS of metal pellets-but they can also be Explosives are listed with a Blast loaded with a different kind of Radius. due to the poor way as wide as the Blast Radius. you roll damage for each barrel When figuring damage from an separately. and the tertiary is from 10-15 With a double-barreled shotgun. a shotgun slug always is half the regular damage total. only a quarter of the standard damage. a inches away. just roll once. and when it explosive when it goes off takes full smacks into a target. battered it is by either attack. no matter the people in the tertiary Blast Radius take range. each of which is Target Number. You make a single attack roll and Radius line. no matter how page 160 for how this works. There are two other rings around the When firing a slug. so you should treat both to everyone affected by the blast. but of the two possible damage totals. A slug is a anything within 5 inches of the huge chunk of lead. The such a hunk of metal slides through the damage in the secondary Blast Radius air. hero can let loose with both barrels at If a target is actually on a Blast once. If the Blast Radius is 5 inches. barrels as if they were firing at armor in Explosions deal massive damage. it's time to call for damage. say 5 inches. while does 5d6+ 15 damage. a medic-or a hearse. The attacks are considered explosion. . add +4 to the primary Blast Radius. the DOUBLE YOUR FUN secondary ring is from 5-10 inches away. the target takes the worse hit-location roll for both barrels.

Checking the target. meaning the grenade heads off that case. even if you miss inches away.4= 5. Example: A Primer fires a and the like. radius take all 22 points. and tertiary targets take and read it just like you would off a (22 -:. those in (This die roll isn't open-ended. directly your hero's feet. People 5 targeted point-not from the attacker. and anyone 10 to 15 assume it got going in the right inches away takes a quarter of the direction at least. Then roll1d6. need to check for grenade at Jackie Savage. CHAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH + Example: A Primer fires a grenade at the Rebel. he rolls 1d6 and gets somewhere.2=) reroll if you get a 6. so First you need to know which anything up to 5 inches from the direction the attack went from the target takes full damage. The grenade DIRfCTIOH has a Blast Radius of 5 inches. Doubling that. rockets. away from the Primer. clock's face centered on the target. with the 12 o'clock position pointing away from the attacker. After all. a 6. unless you roll a disaster.) Double the result 11 points. but misses. In ~2. When you miss with area-affect attacks-things like grenades. who's 15 deviation. CROSS POul . the attack is going to hit for direction.5=) 5. those in the primary attack was meant to hit. so don't the secondary radius take (22 -:. to 10 inches away takes half the Unless the roll was disastrous. If the rolled damage was Place a marker down where the 22 points. the attack goes off between m the 12 o'clock direction. That's the direction DEVIATION in which the attack deviates from the target. he gets (6 x 2=) That is. we damage.

and m any page 154. All you've got to do is figure out if the attack hits a location on One of the things you're going to see the target that's covered by the shield a lot of in Brave New World is collateral by making a roll on the Hit Location damage. shotguns. rollld6. that go into the burst that don't come ended like normal. on without breaking a sweat. if When this happens. . If the range is less than 10 inches. continuing the line past the target. 6. Location Table. the Primer rolls 1d6. grenade travels 7 inches over the attack hits that bystander. them . add +3 to the Target Number. then rerolls it and gets a 1 Starting with the possible victim for a total of (6 + 1=) 7. the If a shot misses. the attack deviates that many inches along the direction you rolled.) If so. but most longer w eapons (rifles. firing a burst. he If a bystander'S directly between the loses the weapon's Defensive Bonus. machine-guns-even axes or A bystander is hit on a 1 or 2. target. On a I. He shot. no matter if she's friend or foe. rollld6 like normal. if the hero's in close combat. any bullets just rollld6 instead. look along the line attack can't deviate any further th an of sight between the attacker and the half the original range. there's a good chance "hit" location. you need to figure out how far hitting anyone. TWO-HANDED WEAPONS The spray from a shotgun shell is a It only takes one good hand to fire a lot more likely to injure an innocent. keep checking on d own the line until someone is hit or you run out of bystanders. The closest to the attacker. can even do so accidentally. or 8 o'clock positions). If a Jackie's head. chainsaws) require two. up as hits are stray bullets. Either way. If the attack deviated backward STRAY BULLETS (to the 4. it's BYSTANDERS a bit simpler. Also. the shield's hit instead. between the attacker and the targeted This is especially true if the attacker's point. don't worry about from the targeted p oint the attack went. just make another roll on the Hit along with his foes. Lots of deltas can kill a reg Table. If it's not absolutely he's going to harm some innocents clear. Anyone within a half inch (one Example: Checking for yard) of that line could be hit by the distance. For these attacks. Any time a hero uses a two-handed weapon in one HUMAN SHIELDS hand. This roll is open. (We'll get to that in just a bit. After all. gets a 6. potential target isn't hit. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH If your hero's in a situation where DISTANCf stray shots don't have a chance of Next. In a congested city-or a big Roll ld6 for every fu ll 10 inches fight-the issue is going to come up. Remember. attacker and the target-say the defender's using someone else as a bullet catcher-and the attack hits. pistol. the Guide your hero's standing on a crowded should be able to figure out what part street and he lets loose with a barrage of the shield was covering the target's of energy blasts.

bearing down on you. important as if you hit it. and if your hero wants to To disarm a foe. the come to mind-in the same action. you fire a can't aim for three actions. you use these to figure out proper modifiers still draw the gun. she's not Sometimes when that Primer's doing herself any more good. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH RANGID COMBAT MANIUVIRS CALLED-SHOT MODIfiERS There are some things a hero can do Location Modifier to stack the odds in his favor. Where you hit a target can be just as You can't aim while hipshooting. Torso +2 Leg or arm +4 AIMING Head +6 Weapon +6 The regular ranged attack rules assume that the attacker's in the middle of a fight. You can which adds +6 to the Target Number. then fire. for example. spends aiming at a target. more than one hero has tried to blast an attacker's gun out of his hands instead of hurting him directly. The Guide should If you blow the quick draw roll." do whatever else might happen to The smaller the body part is. long as the Guide lets you. See the following is an Easy (5) roll. more power to her. fire on that action. QUICK DRAW When your hero wants to shoot at a Drawing a weapon takes a full particular part of the target's body action. The maximum modifier for aiming is -6. CROSS POllf . take -2 from the Target Number. Hipshooting a weapon with a Quickness of 2. and you're feeling lucky. If even aim before firing a burst. you don't have The attack must be made right after the time to properly point a gun at a an aiming action for the aiming to have target. you 1 in a single action. table for examples. so it requires Challenging (10) Strength roll or drop one action. the weapon's hit. that's called can draw your weapon and fire it-or "making a called shot. That's not always the DISARMING case though. You can always try shooting any effect. You just have to can. For every action the hero the weapon. Attacks that although you can try a called shot if hit the head are particularly nasty. You can hold the shot as from the hip. sprint to a weapon with a Quickness of more than different position. would CALLED SHOTS add +2 to the Target Number. but you When hipshooting. the hero must first take the time to set up a good shot for make a called shot to the weapon. This harder it is to hit it. the foe must make a Aiming is a short task. Number to account for the hasty shot. Well. but then you lose out on any add weapon's Quickness to the Target modifiers for aiming. so after your HIPSHOOTING hero's aimed for three actions. you instead of just firing away. but and you can't for anything else that might come up. herself. With the quick draw skill.

Each weapon's action is listed on the Ranged Weapons Table on p age 188. Some deltas can toss around things. Firing a gun with the offhand is bowling balls like they were skipping a bit tougher. add +4 to the Target Number of each it takes the hero one less action to attack. The worst most regs can do is Unless your hero's ambidextrous. For each success you get. ammo back in faster. stones off the Chicago Bay. but When you want your hero to slap the there's a reason most folks don't both er. If this reduces the penalty for the off-hand's attack. Then it's time to reload. it looks cool. . RELOADING TIMES Weapon Action Actions to Reload Automatic 2 Bolt 3 Drawn 1 Revolver 3 Shotgun 2 Pump 3 SPUD-LOADING Fumbling around with all that ammo USING TWO WIAPONS can prove a fatal delay in a firefight. See the Reloading Times Table for all the details. number of actions needed to 0 or less. you're going to en d up with an empty gun . add +4 to the attack's Target Number. the hero can actually fire the weapon on that same action. Either way. How long it takes a hero to entirely reload a weapon depends on w hat kind of weapon you're talking abou t. This is in addition to the +4 reload her weapon. he throw something like a dart or a favors one hand over the other in most grenade. speed-load roll. Sure. Whenever he tries this. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN RHOADING If you keep blasting away w ith a weapon. THROWN WEAPONS There's another way to hurt someone fiRING WITH THI Off-HAND from a distance: throw something at him. way to go. A Most folks have seen enough John hero with the speed-load skill can pop a Woo movies to think that waltzing clip back in and keep firing without around with a gun in each fist is the missing a beat. make an Easy (5) When a hero fires two guns at once. the game treats these things the same.

but not as far. With skill instead of his shooting skill. but you add the things. The base Target heavier things. if the defender's weapon has a Defensive Bonus. add his fighting weapon bonus instead. If the regular top range by the object's Size to defender's using a fighting weapon. That makes the Target Number 9. but the reach. rounding down. The R ebel's Strength is 4d6. Increment when throwing is 4. she has to be The maximum distance a hero can touching her opponent (or at least close throw most small things is 10 times his enough to reach him). dice. and his fighting: barehanded skill is Example: The Rebel has a 5. When you roll the dice. If the hero's attacking with her fists. If it's 2 more. even the As powerful as they are. add that to the The Range Increment for a thrown attack's Target Number. so Strength in inches. He can throw a result is 12. so he rolls 4d6+5. Size 1 object up to (4 x 10=) 40 inches (80 yards). You figure in (LOSI (OMBAT ATTACKS all of the same modifiers. another Primer who's brandishing a huge knife. We inches (4 yards). RANGE IN(REMENTS In a fight. The Primer's Example: The Rebel's got a fighting: blade skill is 3 and the Speed of 4d6. the attacker makes a fighting or Guide should adjust this top range for fighting weapon roll. describe this parrying ability with a Defensive Bonus statistic. . which hits. The Primer's Strength. most weapons. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN Throwing something at a target is just like shooting at him. The hero has to be within reach of though. deltas often Range Increment. Strength in inches. the maximum is half his fighting: barehanded skill is 3. to set the Target resort to their fists. If its Size is 1 more than his hassling him. It doesn't matter what the Size of the thrown Example: The Rebel punches at object is. along with the weapon is equal to the thrower's Speed defender's fighting weapon skill. plus any bonuses. His final Strength of 4d6. Ifhe wants to throw a Size 5 woman to safety DEfENSIVE BONUSES from the top of a burning building. you use your hero's throwing his foe to make a close attack. If the hero tries to throw an object with a Size equal to his Strength. this is usually less than 1 inch. Divide the hero's defender's fighting bonus to that. This rule works well Once the foe's within the attacker's for things with a Size of I. A hero can throw larger Number is Easy (5). but it can be more if the hero's RANGES got a longer weapon. only throw it a quarter of his Strength. Number. Some close combat weapons are the furthest he could toss her is 2 useful for blocking attacks too. the Example: The Rebel takes a farthest he can throw it is his Strength swing at the Primer who's been in inches. he can the attack's Target Number is 8. His Range weapon's Defensive Bonus is +1. get the new top range.

Pick whichever your hero is the hero then wins an opposed Strength better with. If traits. Most A hero can make an attack with a weapons can take three wounds before high-Quickness weapon in a single being destroyed. CHARGING RUSHING AN ATTACK A hero who moves directly into a close combat attack from a distance can Close combat weapons have a add +1 to his damage roll for every full Quickness statistic. . up to a maximum weapons. And remember: There's no such thing as a fair fight. action. but he takes 2 work with his fists doesn't mean he's p oints of damage to his fist. Since this not as tricky as a goon with a gun. he could hurt himself. the same skills. but if he's are some things you can do to give moving faster. for close combat attacks a hero's going to use a fight ing or a ' To disarm a foe. In much the same way you of + 10. just based on different which adds +6 to the Target Number. Itself. (HAPTER SIX: THI BIG THROWDOWN For instance. so be careful with this. you can rush an ~akes just the damage bonus as damage attack with a close combat weapon too. if your hero charges 10 CLOSE COMBAT MANEUVERS inches and punches a foe. and dive on in! roll. he's grabbed the weapon away from his foe. just like ranged 5 inches he moved. he's fine. Here is un der his Size. DISARMING Most times. These are essentially make a called shot to the weapon. the hero must first martial arts skill. he gets a +2 Just because your hero's d ecided to bonus to his damage. your hero an edge. but doing so adds the Quickness to the Target Number. The weapon or fist or whatever can hipshoot a gun.

You must do so before the attack roll is made. so the shot misses. the ~s PI. When dodging. To dodge. someone else with your favorite fist. but you must resolve the attack Your hero can use her offhand for a before moving the hero. like to dodge it. TWO-fiSUD BRAWLING The Rebel decides to dodge the attack. human-or at least human-shaped. you have to add Example: A Primer shoots at +4 to the attack's Target Number. The Target Number If the hero's not ambidextrous. the for the Primer's attack is now offhand penalty still applies. Then roll your hero's limb is hit. so he surrenders the action A hero can make two close-combat he was holding. The Primer rolls and means you need to add a total of +4 to gets a 10. the attack with the good hand and +8 to the offhand attack. so the range modifier is +2. If When an attack is declared against that's not the case.IC& POLiI '----- . He's 6 Head just stuck without a way to dodge. For that. and his dodge is 3. you can declare that he'd to modify the standard table to fit. it's up to the Guide your hero. and check the table. If the hero does have an action to * If you get a hit in the arm or leg. If he's holding an action. the hero has to give up his HIT LOCATION next action in the round. the Rebel with a pistol from at 12 inches. modifiers to a Target Number of 5. Smart heroes who can't take it as die once. He rolls +4 to the Target Number of each attack. HIT LOCATIONS DODGING Once an attack hits an opponent. but this adds is 4d6. The dodge only works against 1 Leg* this one attack. The Rebel's Speed attacks in a single action. On an odd number. On an even number. (HAPTfR SIX: THf BIG THROWDOWN attacker uses your result-or the Off-HAND ATTACKS original Target Number of 5 if that's Sometimes you can't always punch higher-at the base Target Number. your hero can use Unless you're just as good with both any movement he's got left for the hands. round. Just roll the out. you've got to figure out where the Your hero doesn't have to just stand attack hit her. use. 2-4 Torso If the hero doesn't have any actions 5 Arm* left in the round. all you've got to there and take it while someone's do is roll on the Hit Location Table. the left hero to dodge. well as they can dish it out do what This table assumes the target's they can to get the hell out of the way. just tell the Guide you'd like the roll again. it's the dodge skilL Instead of adding any attack right. but unless your hero is ambidextrous. shooting at him or trying to punch him This roll is not open-ended. it's not so easy. he has to give that action up Id6 Location instead. close combat attack. and gets a 14. he's ~ut of luck. This (14+2=) 16.

hell to find whatever advantage they Damage dice are rolled just like skill can. can't h ave a disastrous damage roll. your highest roll. and so on-for cover. and you pick they can find-cars. The attack hits. mailboxes. most people N ow you know how to have your don't just stand facing each other and hero attack a target." A prone target is assumed to have cover for everything but his head and arms- unless someone sneaks up behind him. the Rebel's shot smashes into the car instead of the Primer. and figure keep blasting away until one or the out where she hit it. hit it. you handle the attack just like n ormal. When your hero hits with instead of the target. if the attack RANGED WEAPON DAMAGE supposedly hits a body p art that's Every weapon's profile has an entry behind cover. they scramble like what happens to the target. CHAPTER SIX: THI BIG THROWDOWH (OVER DAMAGE In a ranged combat. See pages 156-158 for details. but he gets a 1 on the hit-location roll. right up to and including rollin g for the hit location. Then. good does the cover do? No m atter h ow badly you roll. attack. At the dice for his weapon. which would be a hit to the Primer 's leg. and torso. roll the listed The cover then acts like arm or. some people like to throw themselves on the ground to make a smaller target for attackers far away. it goes into the cover for Damage. he can simply rule bonus. but he lets loose at his pursuer anyhow. adding in any lampposts. arms. modifiers. PRONE TARGETS In a fight. an attack with a weapon. using anything good and solid dice . Example: The Rebel's firing an energy blast at a Primer who's shooting at him from behind a car. The Rebel can only see the Primer's head. of course. leaving the Primer unhurt. then add the Guide's discretion. They're open-ended. you If you've got a target behind cover. . Since the leg is behind cover. This is called "going prone. That's how much damage the the cover is hard enough to deflect the attack does. Instead. The real question is: How much Damage rolls do differ in one way. It's time to see other falls.

All armor is described by two numbers separated by a slash like this: Example: The Rebel decides his 10/3. He hits. He absorb damage. 3.4. The first tells how much damage punches aren't doing enough the armor can deflect from a single damage. the entry reads "Strength+/I a bonus. She adds the weapon's head. and 4 damage than normal. this time getting a BARE-HANDED DAMAGE shot to the head. just roll his Strength. so he picks up the leg of a attack. When he hits with a instead of rolling Sd6+S. 4. If the armor can his Strength roll (6+2=) 8. 2. she rolls fighting attack. Hits to the head do a bit more She rolls and gets I. evenly. split up the wounds adds the weapon's bonus to get a between the armor and the wearer total damage of (8+ 1=) 9. Most (9-7-S=1. This smacks the punk in her right arm. That's how many wounds CLOSE COMBAT WEAPON DAMAGE the target takes to that hit location. and determine how badly the target is S. or any other kind of clubbed thc thief he did 9 points of close combat weapon. so the attack wounded. 4. small club. 9 points of damage. 7d6+S. This means you roll your Strength and add the bonus to it to ARMOR figure the damage done. times. Example: The Rebel takes a SIZE swing at the punk that just shot Now that you've got the amount of him. knife. add two extra dice to your damage bonus to that to get (4+S=) damage roll. That's your total damage. you've got to Strength. happens before dividing the damage The Guide rules the chair leg is a by the defender's Size. 4d6. She's firing a Colt 2000. so he rolls his damage done figured out.) Leave off any remainders. divide them by the target's Size. making deflective value. His highest die is S. up to the armor's absorbing ~5 PIILICC . The Rebel rolls his many wounds the armor can absorb Strength and gets 2. He rolls 1. If your hero's Example: When the Rebel using a club. There are times when a fist just isn't going to do the trick. Take the damage points and does S points of damage. so the damage is Sd6+S. She adds two Sometimes your hero just wades in damage dice to her damage roll. That means he did "Damage" entry in its profile too. so it does Strength+ 1 The number after the slash tells how damage. this is 5. (For most people. so with his fists. For hits to the on the dice.2. once the attack gets through the He rerolls the 6 and gets 2. He the amount of damage done. it's got a damage. Example: The thief shoots the Rebel again. S. You just subtract the value from broken chair and goes to work.8=) 1 wound to him. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN Example: A thief shoots the HEAD SHOTS Rebel in the arm. and 6.

benefits in this hit location. use the higher The trooper takes an energy d eflective value. The skin only takes wounds in a Since the trooper is Size 5. the wearer takes the trooper takes two. the worn armor starts taking wounds reducing it to (26-1 0=) 16 points. the extra one. wearing armor. that means that the any extra wounds. Example: An A rmorgeddon LAYERED ARMOR trooper's armor is rated Armor 10/ Some heroes may want to stick as 3. the wearer takes dash. it's useless p rotection her own skin may give her. This means it deflects up to 10 m uch armor as they can between points of damage from any attack themselves and the bullets flying and can then absorb up to three aroun d their heads. it also never wears out. the hit location after the worn armor there attack does (16-:-5=3. but deflects 10 points of damage. and wounds to be applied. . CHAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN ability. It does 26 the skin have an absorbing value. the points of damage. A h ero can only wear the armor takes three or more one layer of armor. the armor no arm or has no absorbing ability. but it quickly just wounds in each hit location. against any fu rther attacks against If a hero with armored skin is that location. not including any wounds in a location. Once gets too bulky.. Once the armor takes all the wounds If th e n umber after the slash is a it can in a location. has been destroyed. like 10 / . The armor hero still takes every other wound. If there is an odd nu mber of The armor takes one wound. Also.2=) 3 wounds. On the longer even gives any d eflective other hand. first. If both the armor and blast to his left leg.

thin 5/1 legs are useless. It's up to the Guide to take (3-1=) 2 more wounds there give the impromptu cover an armor before her arm is made useless. so she can still stop a bullet. plate 10/3 A hero with a useless leg has her Pace Steel. it's destroyed. This means she can take up to 3 wounds in each hit IMPROVISED ARMOR location . then the hero's skin. BATTERING IT DOWN DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT Sometimes a hero's wants to go When a character's hit location takes through something. It hits the Armor 10/3. Start deflected. solid 10/2 a half inch each round. it can't be used for anything. (That's why Material Armor Value they call it "useless. (H. he bleeds to death. Strength of 3d6. he's flat-out dead. making the funeral arrangements.) Steel. If the hero doesn't get medical attention of some sort real soon. For this. Only (10. unless she's hunkered Strength in wounds in each hit location down behind it. only use the highest the wounds on the hero's sheet. she's If the hero's wearing armor or has been knocked out. just use double her Strength. They only protect before it becomes useless. head or torso is made useless. he must deflection it ignores. USHESS LIMBS IMPROVISED ARMOR VALUES When an arm's been made useless. If both her Wood. thick 20/5 cut in half (rounded down). Here are some guidelines. If he ammo ignores 5 points of deflection. When the thing's taken three times its In the case of a limb. For instance. If the victim's torso or head is 5=) 5 points of the damage are pulped.PUR SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH SHIHDS WOUNDS Most shields cover the hero's shield A character can only take up to his arm and torso. fails three of these in a row. means it's been shattered or severed. then any armor the hero's Example: The thief has a wearing. . she can crawl along at Wood. value. This is really bad news. Each kind of AP ammo has a number At the end of every round after the that shows how much of an armor's hero's limb has been pulped." smart guy. it's been pulped. Easy (5) medicine roll. If the hero's against attacks from the front. AI' 5 make an Easy (5) Strength roll. The shield takes wounds first. being pulped absorbing value. deflective value. the Improvised Armor Values Table. he might even ARMOR-PIERCING AMMO bleed to death. Don't forget to mark armored skin. Anyone-even the injured Example: A thieffires an AP 5 hero-can stop the bleeding with an bullet at an Armorgeddon trooper. The Rebel's blow hit her Some heroes will try anything to in the right arm.

WOUND-EFFECT MODIFIERS There's a lot more to being wounded than standing up or falling down. She has to add +2 to punch. take the highest of all her wound levels and add that to the Target Number of any action roll she has to make. Then can kill a foe with a single punch the modifiers only affect the trait roll. without really even trying to. hurting Rebel banged up before now has the target a bit less. There's more to a wound than just Even when a hero pulls a punch. It's not the weapon's bonus. When you're hurt. to but not including his last die. He only rolls the remaining dice. you have to announce this to the Guide before you roll the attack dice. part. just have him hold back as the Target N umber of any action many of his Strength dice as he likes. someone wants to run his face into Every time your hero takes a wound. add the modifiers to her opponent's roll instead. CROSS poul . your fist. it often knocks the wind since the dice roll is open-ended. he aches and bruises. When someone can still cause some serious damage. one wound to her torso and two in When you want your hero to pull a her right arm.until she's healed. impossible to change how much damage you do with a gun. Example: The Wall has a Strength of 5d6+5 He wan ts to pull a punch. STUN or none of their bonus too. so he decides to roll only one die and use only +3 of his Strength bonus. you can only do so much. When a hero's wounded. Bruisers with a Strength bonus can use all. you need to make a stun check. This is When you want your hero to pull a an Easy (5) Strength check. Hey. up roll. you can pull a p unch. clobbers you. as they like. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH Wound-effect modifiers don't affect PULLING it PUNCH damage rolls unless there's a trait roll The problem here is that some d eltas involved as part of the damage. Don't forget punch. If the hero's making an opposed roll. if out of you too. bu t in close Example: The thief who the combat. it really slows you down. This makes his damage roll for the punch ld6+3.

attention. and take this recovery check." The number in parentheses is the wounds taken to the head. so he only takes 19 Strength check to recover. which comes to against the same Target Number that (19. kill. Besides. the victim 's got enough problems. but the only armor's absorbing effects normally. He's wearing Kevlar on hero's wounds are somehow healed or his torso (Armor 10/-). For massive damage. He takes 24 modifiers for each roll! points of damage. She had one wound in her MASSIVI DAMAGI torso. the extra damage bonus. you close combat skills to the Target can deduct the armor's deflective value Number of a close combat attack once from the total damage. his The victim needs to make another skin is armor 5. he's immediately wound into account when you do. With these. The weapon does kind of penetrating power needed for no actual damage. but skip the hit location roll. If this is against him. which effect modifiers. like tasers or cattle victim takes. Their Damage is listed as "Stun Don't worry about extra damage for (#). fire. roll the attack STUNNERS normally. Example: The Rebel falls from a Don't forget those wound-effect three-story building. but with the new a certain body part. That means all over. or until he gets some medical make a stun check every round. and a helmet on you should recalculate the wound. absorbs 1 wound. falling. and explosions. the kind of damage that armor might Keep rolling to see how many actions d o some good against. including defend himself The exceptions are full suits of armor against an attack. apply the the hero gets each round.-5=3. He stays out for Id6 If a hero has a pulped limb. then apply that result to prods.8=) 3 wounds in every hit he failed the stun check on-unless the location. he has to hours. thing he can do on these actions is try to recover from being stunned. of anything." Massive damage is caused by against a Target Number of 7. his head (Armor 10/3). We call this "massive she needs to make a Strength check damage. it's now +2. Figure out how many wounds the Some weapons. ) Example: The Rebel whacks the thieffor two wounds in her right arm. This is rolled poin ts of damage. and he can't dodge either. Don't add the hero's and the armor pow er. in which case absorbs nothing. (HAPTER SIX: 1m: BIG IHROWDOWN to add the wound-effect modifier to If a victim rolls a disastrous stun or this Target Number. knocked out. As a blaster.:. Most Target Number the victim must roll to massive damage attacks don't have the avoid being stunned. are meant to stun rather than every hit location. RECOVERY Most p iecemeal armor isn't much A stunned hero can't really do much good for deflecting massive damage. CROSS POUI . which he takes more damage. (It's an Easy (5) medicine roll to w ake the victim back up. which made her wound-effect Certain kinds of damage don't target modifier + I. They can hurt you wound.

which a hero is d eprived of air. add +1 to the Target Number. many homemade bombs and the like. If chestful of vacuum or sm oke. . Unless a hero's got the ability to but sometimes people wrap them in all breath water. pieces of flying metal. Let's cover a few of begin. the explosive has sh rapnel. pieces. sucking d ow n a few sorts of m etal before setting them off. he automatically handled normally and is in addition to fails the rolls until he dies.) In the second Blast Radius. an y m assive damage from the boom. SHRAPNH DROWNING AND SUffOCATING Exp losions are often awful enough. If he makes it. Once the it's 3d6+3 each. the more common here. gallons of w et stuff into her lungs can When the thing exp lodes. (This is an open- At the end of every round after that in ended roll. it's only 1d6-4 roll. and in the make an Easy (5) Strength or swimming third Blast Radius. The same goes for a shards of metal known as shrapnel. If he fails. each p erson Most heroes are fine for hold ing their in the first Blast Rad ius is hit by 1d 6 breath for a m in ute-abou t 12 round s. it blasts ou t really ruin her d ay. Otherwise. For the first that the hero's rolls this check. This damage is hero's knocked out. The damage the shrapnel does is For every consecutive round after listed in the weapon's description. it's the Guide's call There are p lenty of w ays for a hero as to how long without air is too long to meet her doom beyond getting shot before the Strength or swimming rolls or beat to death. (HAPTER SIX: IHI: BIG IHROWDOWH This system assumes the hero's in OTHER WAYS TO GET HURT combat. he's fine. he takes a wound to his torso. he m ust that reduces to 1d6-2 pieces.

that the hero's not thrower's Strength. d epending entirely on the situation at IMPROVISED WEAPONS hand. knife. painful way. and roll"- close combat weapons is based on the assuming. has a damage of That's fine for normal fires. roughly equal to a single story of a Rollld6 when the weapon hits building-up to a maximum of something. the poor hero's got to the Guide's call. they're in as much damage cap comes in. If no one more higher than the victim's. worry about bursting into flames. The rolling around in something that's bonus is based upon how heavy or burning too. the catches her. but there Strength+3. Be sure to burning buildings to save people. inches (four yards) he falls-that's Improvised weapons often break. while a beer bottle would are things like napalm that stick to the likely have a damage of Strength+ 1. plus a bonus. damage the weapon does. if the water's shallow this. the hero might smack into the Suffocating rules. he's going to land in a attack does massive damage. hurting himself again. Strength roll. Sometimes your hero's not going to A small fire. Assuming the hero lands on use the weapons on page 189 as a something hard. smoke inhalation. When it comes to Defensive Bonuses. the water. check out the Drowning and enough. When he does this. of course. bottom. and he's going single hit location. blunt weapons-or if the fALLING hero leaps onto someone from above- With all the flying heroes and the simply add the object's Size to the kind who like jumping from rooftops. it breaks. (HAPTER SIX: THI BIG THROWDOWH For large. The longer and nastier they are. Most fires can be put out by doing The damage for most thrown or the trusty. Landing in water cuts the damage in half. the hero hitting a decent body of water SMOKE AND fiRE can make a clean dive and cut the Heroes are always jumping into damage to a quarter instead. The Guide 20d6+60. On a 6. For how to handle Of course. old "stop. A thrown hunting requires an Easy (S) Speed roll. See victim and burn tenaciously. It's up to the Guide as to how likely this is. . (lS) Speed roll. he takes Id6+3 points guide. it's up to fire. halve the damage before the maximum When that happens. Pulling this maneuver off sharp the weapon is. It's still possible danger as the people they're hoping to to take 20d6+ 100 damage from a fall in help. of massive damage for every two the higher the bonus. That's After that. for instance. drop. should adjust this for fragile weapons. With a Challenging (10) Speed roll. one that's limited to a have a weapon handy. Putting page 189 for examples of different out stuff like this requires a Difficult kinds of damages. does Id6+S damage to just pick up and use whatever's at the end of each round the hero's on nearby. Larger fires do massive damage to the Guide to figure out how much the tune of 3d6+S points. All the hero's got to do is fall The first danger in a fire is from two or four times as far. If the object's Size is 4 or someone's going to take a fall.

work h as to be done by the victim's own bod y. Medical m u ch to patch a person up. often in an gone. Even so. The only thing he's good for is crawling or staggering along on crutches or a friendly shoulder. The wound itself still has to heal emergency room. he can n ot been made u seless. This after injury. Still. this can cause the wound-effect modifier until that you all sorts of problems . doctors can only do so hit location than his Strength. a physician can make a means that he's pretty much medicine roll to help. As lon g as the hero receives Strength of 4d6. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWH HEALING Now that we've told you all about how to get new holes torn in your hero. They're pretty m uch The first place m ost people go when they're hurt is to a doctor. h app en s. useless until he heals two wounds. Since that's roll is Easy (5) for an injured area that's less than his Strength. The doctor w orks on each body area At that point. WAKING UP A hero who's been knocked out is in serious trouble. elim inates a sin gle wound in the d amaged location. Most of the attention is usually called for. If he makes it. doctors do what they Example: The Rebel's got a can. At the start of every round after the hero's been knocked out. of course. have him make an Easy (5) Strength roll. if you ' re though . and the hero still suffers from an unregistered delta. Of course. )5 POLiCe l. A success modifiers. If the area's move around normally-not been made useless. he's still badly hurt. h e m u st still make the Easy (5) Strength roll every round to stay awake. _ _ _- . and he's taken med ical atten tion w ithin the first h our five wounds to his torso. su THE DOCTOR Pu lp ed limbs can not be h ealed b y normal means. it's time to talk about how to patch him up. The Target Number for each wounds in his torso. The hero's stuck in this state until he manages to heal enough so that h e has less wounds remaining in the u seless All that aside. th e Target Number forgetting the wound-effect goes u p to Challenging (10). he's only got three separately. In fact. he's conscious and unstunned for that round.

Of course. as listed on the actions normally. the Guide can always come next action dodging an oncoming up with any other modifiers the vehicle. At this rate. page 189. on try a turn of 90° if he likes. especially in combat. five to his round. the heroes take their how well it can turn. The fastest Target Number each time. adding another +2 to the first. Just apply the exception to this sequence. is entirely healed. driver must make a Challenging (10) Now he's got one wound in his left driving roll to bring the car down to an arm. If it can't move that far. Each success the hero gets on the Pace into four stages: dead stop (not roll heals one wound in every moving). a list doesn't tell The Target Number for this roll is listed you how these things work in a game- in the vehicle's profile under Turn. up to half wounded hit location at once. and up to full Pace. He The vehicle must move enough makes his healing roll and gets a inches for its Pace to fall within its Pace 10. ON THI ROAD TURNING Even in Kennedy's America. It can decelerate-2 figured into the healing roll. These moves another +3 to the Target Number. vehicles move difficult. but it adds down to the slowest. CROSS POUI . we break the vehicle's roll. The vehicle's current Pace affects After that. he'll the driver crashes the car into whatever be up and around in no time. four in his torso. Pace stages. then the next. Wound-effect modifiers aren't A vehicle can accelerate + 1 Pace stage applied to healing rolls. and his head acceptable Pace stage. he can no longer make turns. you decide what she's going to do before Example: The Rebel's taken two you move the vehicle at the start of the wounds to his left arm. If your hero's driving. don't use up any driver's action. Once the driver runs out of actions for the turn. This is a Challenging (10) Strength these things. There's turn after the first requires both the a list of common types of vehicles on driver's next action and a driving roll. up to quarter Pace. Each outside a large city-have a car. situation might call for. she makes a healing it can't turn on a dime. At A vehicle can't just hit its top speed the end of every day in which a hero from a standing start in one round. There's one notable Driving Modifiers Table. and gets full bedrest. If a hero listed modifiers to the Target Number. (HAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN ON THE MEND THE NUD FOR SPUD Healing is pretty straightforward. was keeping him from going fast enough. torso. A hero can vehicle moves first. This is already in a single round. most A vehicle can make one 45° turn people-especially those who live during its move with no problem. she can always use up her Of course. Pace. Mon NOW! Each turn after the second gets more In a combat round. and one to his head. the one wound in each hurt location. To account for roll. wants to. before anyone else. If this is failed. so he heals stage. This is one success.

an attack du ring the vehicle's move if If someone's hit by a car. On a every h ero gets before having to make disastrous roll. swipe or a shot at a speedin g vehicle as Each time the vehicle takes as many it zooms by. SAMPLE VEHICLE Vehicle Durability Pace Tum M PG Size Armor Top Speed Cost Chevy Cam aro 15 / 3 100 5 20 10 10/ . For in stance. if tw o cars are coming at each DRIVI-BYS other at 45 and 65 mph. This is the free action that turns can be tried that roun d. or whatever they like. 120 mph $30. Using the vehicle similar amount of damage. This allows a hero to take a totally destroyed. their relative A hero riding in a vehicle can m ake speed is (45+65=) 110 mph. shine their shoes. Condition Modifier Quarter Pace -4 Half Pace ±O (RASH AND BURN Full Pace +2 When a vehicle crashes. Each vehicle has a two-number Similarly. characters with vehicles driving rolls made with it. It's really up to them. 180° turn +6 If two veh icles collide. figure the dam age using their relative speeds. He's (RUNCH! just plain out of luck. If the hero doesn't have a held action wh en the car's moving. the car crashes and a Speed roll for initiative. and n o m ore first round. but it's to ram another vehicle or run someone considered massive damage. wounds as the second number (or a Heroes don't have to attack with a multiple of that number).000 CROSS POLlt . +2 to the Target Number of Otherwise.. add (15-. CHAPTER SIX: THE BIG THROWDOWN If the driving roll is failed. They can take the Target Number of any driving rolls opportunity to move.. it takes Each turn after the second +2 1d6+5 d amage for every 5 Pace it was 90° turn +3 movmg. made with it. so it's not like might even flip. even with the vehicle. add +1 to the held action. she takes a he's got a held action. Either way. he can't make an attack. The first is the number of can attack a vehicle at any p oint during wounds the vehicle can take before it's its move. Example: A car at Durability Kind Guides will assume that 30/6 can take up to 30 wounds. of injury can really ruin a hero's day. a hero with a held action Durability.6=2. the heroes are suddenly getting more actions for nothing. heroes in or out of a DRIVING MODIFIERS veh icle can act normally after all the vehicles are done moving. This kind d own counts as an attack. If everyone in a combat has a held action takes 15 wounds. the vehicle m ay h ave an unfair advantage in the m oves straight ahead.5=) on the first turn if a vehicle is involved.


He gets a 5: arm. gets extra damage for a hit to the head. lassos. and like with skill tricks. H e then thing he needs is one extra success for rolls Id6 and checks the Hit every trick he wants to pull off. he changes his roll to a 6. (HAPTIR SIVIN: TRICKS OF THI TRADI Tricks are special things that a hero BULL'S EYE can do when he gets extra successes on For each extra su ccess you get on an a die roll. The only success on the attack roll. Instead. CROSS POul . he's just p lain target is not injured. from your roll on the Hit Location each hero is allowed three tricks for Table. Just include things like. During hero creation. you can add +1 or take -1 first know it. but there are a few that are target instead of hurting him. to either 4: make your roll and figure out how torso or 6: head. COMBAT TRICKS ENTANGLING Most tricks are related to a particular Some weapons can be used to trap a skill. is entangled by the w eap on. Or you can m ove the hit from free. You don't h ave to declare which He can use his extra success to tricks you want to use until after you change his roll by ±l. whips. Ten for more about how this works. See Chapter move costs a single success. the extra success. the victim ou t of lu ck. the hero must attack roll. These triggered by attack rolls instead. Each such a cost of 10 points each. If the hero gets an extra success know the trick to activate it with an when using a weapon of this sort. Otherwise. To use a trick. If a hero gets lots of extra successes Examp le: Rebel throws a rock at on a roll. he can activate as many tricks a Primer and hits with one extra as he likes and make sense. Other tricks can be learned later at one limb to the op posite. the hero must nets. Location Table. Since he knows he many successes you have to play with.

the hero can keep Speed or Strength roll. roll the hit location and damage normally. First. roll again. If there's a question about this. Be reasonable here. Penetrating attacks can't ricochet off something they hurt. including any the hero can knock a target off her feet. the hero can bounce the attack off something hard to get another attack at something else within range. for instance. or really do much of hero on an opposed close combat roll. holding him in place. the hero can add another die to his the hero can knock a target back 2 damage roll. Bullets and knives don't bounce off a victim's chest. . Then the hero can do her KNOCKDOWN Strength in damage to the foe on each of With an extra success on an attack. so the third attack (second bounce). The hero can continue ricocheting the attack from target to target if he gets another success on the new attack roll. anything until he disentangles himself. Something like a thrown club might ricochet off a thug's skull though. it's the Guide's call. If the surface is If the hero gets an extra success with more lethal-like spikes or broken a barehanded or blunt-weapon attack. With each extra success on an attack. attack. although they might bounce off a suit of armor if they don't do damage. squeeze on him. the foe has to beat the move. damage bonus for a head shot. If this knocks the target into something hard-like a wall-he must GRAPPLE make an immediate stun check. her following actions. RICOCHET With an extra success on a ranged attack. Otherwise. Add +4 to the Target Number for each ad ditional attack. for instance. glass-it's up to the Guide to set the she can grab her foe and put the extra damage. EXTRA DAMAGE KNOCKBACK For each extra success on an attack. (HAPUR SEVEN: TRICKS Of THE TRADE An entangled character is unable to To get away. up the pressure until she lets go. even if he's not wounded. The mod ifier is cumulative with each attack. inches. which he can tryon each of his own Doing so is either a Challenging (10) actions. has a +8 modifier. For each additional attack.

skills are listed in the trick's head er. (Roll comes around. With this PUMPED UP RAW STRENGTH trick. she gets 1 point in the skill for which she substituted the Smarts roll. this can only be u sed once with each With an extra success. You get those whether you know a trick or not. The hero and then use his other three actions all has to attack whatever he's bouncing at once. THE NATURAL UNSKILLED SPEED Otherwise. For each or not they have a related skill. Ad d +4 to the Target Number for each bounce. he can sacrifice one of them the attack around the cover. take -2 from the Target Number of FIRST MOVE RAW SPEED her next roll during this encounter. Only heroes who know a trick can benefit from it. on an unskilled Smarts roll. if the hero has four against targets w ith cover by bouncing actions. For fAST LURNER UNSKILLED SMARTS each extra success over the opposed roll. on an unskilled Speed roll. each extra success on any Spirit-related roll. With an extra success. whether really intimidated by her. It's u p to th e player to NEW fRIEND fRIENDLY PERSUASION figure out what she's getting at. The person the hero's talking to considers the hero a new friend. Obviously. The following tricks can be used MAKE AN IMPRESSION HOSTILE PERSUASION with extra successes on trait or skill The person the hero's talking to is rolls. the Guid e skill. ) poul . Extra successes on an initia tive roll normally mean extra actions. Related extra success over the opposed roll. add +2 to all future friendly If the hero gets three extra successes persuasion rolls with this person. open-endedly. the hero can sacrifice one of those For each extra success. she's just plain out of luck If the hero gets three extra successes and any extra successes are wasted. ON AROLL RAW SPIRIT this can only be u sed once with each The hero's h aving a good day. the attack off of. the hero can successes-and the action that would lift and carry 25% more weight than have come with it-and use any or all normal. the ricochet hits. For skill. Anyone can pick these. the hero gains area knowledge 1 of the area he's in for TRAIT &SKILL TRICKS free. The Guide shouldn't be too blatant. she gets 1 point in the skill for which she BRILLIANT IOU RAW SMARTS substituted the Speed roll. gives the hero a hint about something he's overlooking. add +2 to all future hostile persuasion Many skills already give bonuses for rolls with this person. Obviously. up to twice the normal of his remaining actions when his turn amount. With an extra KNOW THE STREETS STREHWISE success. (HAPTER SEVEN: TRICKS Of THE TRADE This can also be used to take shots For examp le. This lasts for Id6 rounds. extra successes.


That's what's most with the package. an equal-opportunity employer. he's stuck with it. There doesn't seem to be mix-and-match variety. part of the package. these quirks don't cost your hero helicopter or rip a car apart with his anything or give her points. Of course. it's time to get in to what p ower package. all you have to delta. They come as rhyme or reason for who becomes a p ackages. the things that separate the PACKAGED POWERS deltas from the regs on the street: Deltas come in all flavors. bu t others are negative.there is that's in the business of elements to your hero's sheet. Each power p ackage tells you what That's why the biggest part of kind of powers the d elta has. Some have superpowers. carefully. similar to each other. (HAPTER liGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA This is where we get to the really cool stuff. To use one. you or me-that happen to have A hero's p owers don't come in a superpowers. not w hether positive.ICC CROSS POLII . lots of different kinds of powers-or at least access to them-while others' superhuman abilities are concentrated DELTAS ARE PEOPLE TOO into a single power. as well as creating your hero is figu ring out who any kinds of quirks that might come he is as a person. Once you pick one for makes a delta special: powers of which your hero. everyday folks-people like wildly different. '5 PIJI. It's that handing out superpowers is apparently simple. so choose most people can only dream . Some quirks are important about the hero. They're bare h ands. Either or not he can fly circles around a way. and others are average. Some of them are The fact is that d eltas are just normal. w hen you're done with A delta can only ever have one that part. Whatever higher power-if do is p ick it and ad d the package'S any.

she like. but there are some guidelines we You might also notice that there aren't can offer. Those of you who've been reading Making a power package is pretty closely should remember that there is a simple. the bonuses are Still. rules. so accordingly less. There are one or two powers. See the goliath MAKING YOUR OWN POWER PA(KAGES package for an example of this. it's it. keep watching. submit it to us. sit down and new power package is obviously much discuss it with your Guide. we might even stick it in an upcoming book for the rest ALPHA POWERS of the world to see. If there are two or than scratch the surface. you're all set. (HAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA Look for more power packages in A power package usually involves other Brave New World books. should shoot it down like a loose If you think your power package is balloon. After all. more powers. . but they need to be offset by negative quirks. There are no hard and fast more powerful level of delta: the alpha. If she likes better than one already in print. it's one heck of a surface. any alpha power packages in this book. If you've got a great idea for a power The rule of thumb here is that if the package of your own. and then only if the package while before we really even do more only has one power. although it's lots of different kinds of deltas out sometimes more. If the powers give a there-more than we could possibly fit bonus to a skill or trait. it's your probably too powerful. really good. If you propose game. If we think it's got the right stuff. and you can play it however you that kind of package to your Guide. More powerful packages can be created. it's rarely more into this chapter-and it's going to be a than +5.

They had to start somewhere. or they can pick them been tracked down and taught the up later (see Chapter Ten). one entry: powers. proper use of their power by the members of a mysterious organization BARGAINIR known as the Bargainers. To this day. A mundane "magic" skills. you should force the otherworldly spirit to make up a new hero to play w ith. fraught with perils for the soul. don't throw that hero sheet aw ay. After empower some kind of focus or totem all. and most Bargainers feed The Bargainers aren't worried about themselves by means of their more their ultimate fate . The most well-known Bargainer was Bargainers are a truly unusual kind the world-famous escape artist Harry of delta. It's a the Vanishing. Many wear person's final d estiny is determined not the traditional black tuxedo when by what she can do but by what she w orking their d ay job. It's in their nature to summon book. Creating a you're waiting to find ou t your hero's totem is a p ainstaking process that can ultimate fate. Your Sunday preacher w ould way in which the Bargainers look at call them demons. the hero gets these quirks summon demons. but not all feel does. ~5 PIlICC CROSS poul '-~-- . as long as the Bargainer N ew World start out as deltas. After all. Under this. (NAPIER ElGNT: WNAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA That's because all of the heroes in Brave inherently evil. up demons and bind them to obey. They can pick them as own. there have been few new long. it's another entry: quirks. You Bargainers normally summon a never know when you migh t need it demon into their presence and then again. When you p ick one thing to have the power to this package. Bargainer happens to people who consort with training includes instruction in stage demons. and you know w hat their power. Every power package has at least It's not an easy way to m ake a living. slippery slope though. we list what powers a hero gets if you choose HARNING THE TRADE this package for her. Last. go w rong at an y time. Unlike most other deltas. however. and since does so with good intentions. if your hero gets killed. the Bargainers can't seem to your hero might get them in a later help it. a Bargainer Many packages also come w ith has to be taught his trade. For now. We'll get to alpha powers and how Still. have Chapter Seven). part of their three free tricks (see after all. Doing it properly is along with the powers. one that's alphas. Most of them. Heroes don't get these figured out the whole thing on their automatically. you need something to d o while with an unearthly power. They have the power to speak Houdini. another thing altogether. More than one incautious Bargainer has found himself at the m ercy of the very demon he was 1"1 POWIR PACKAGIS struggling to bind to his service. magic. Dealing with d emons isn't so bound by the traditions of the p ast. every package comes w ith its There are a few Bargainers who have own tricks. In the meantime. The legendary magician's with strange creatures from the nether flair for performance has colored the realms. They know better.

but this is just as hard. Bargainers pick up a few skills. THf TOUM The focus of every Bargainer's power is his totem. and sleight of hand 3. we're only going to cover the two most common kinds: the mimic and the delta totem. they are guarded jealously. For now. The key thing about the totem is that it must be noticeable-bigger than a pistol-and it needs to be visible when in use. More modern Bargainers have been known to even use computers. After all. which requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. A Bargainer can have more than one totem-up to one for each point of Spirit he has-but he can only use one at a time. it's a telltale for the less-ignorant. escaping 2. There are as many different kinds of totems as there are Bargainers. The number of different kinds of totems would justify an entire book all on their own. A Bargainer can only use a totem that he's been attuned to. nobody ever expects one of those wands to work. As soon as the totem leaves the Bargainer's grasp.(HAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA REQUIREMENTS As part of their training. and many of his students follow in his footsteps. performing: public speaking 2. Houdini used a magician's wand. Other Bargainers use large pieces of jewelry or carved stone or wooden images. ?5PULIce CROSS PUll . Totems can be reattuned to another owner. Since these are items of great power and require an incredible amount of risk and labor to create. The casual onlooker doesn't know what's really in the Bargainer's hand. the Bargainer loses its powers. They are required to have the following skills at the minimum listed levels: academia : occult 3.

the first set of powers leaves him. If the target tries to avoid too. the Bargainer must copy the must make a Phenomenal (30) Spirit other delta's entire power package. It has its own. though. the powers stay with the hero. cherry picking . (HAPUR fiGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA Assume that a starting Bargainer hit in close combat and the Bargainer hero has a single totem. Also. the powers do too. See page 176 for examples. person. made against anyone who w as Also. the Bargainer's touch. capable of firing blasts of energy First. touch the delta in question with his He can fire an attack from each hand mimic totem. he's got to start over from scratch. A blaster's hands are basically living Of course. Fourth. he doesn't know the tricks either. If the totem is must win an opposed Spirit roll. Afterward. the hero can try to cause a foe to lose an action. he only needs package fades away. there are a few catches. an Amazing (20) Spirit roll. Other Tricks: A Bargainer can learn The downside is that the hero's stuck tricks for any power package one of his with a single power package-at least totems can imitate. After the attune a totem to himself. Bargainer to permanently imbue a Make It Look Easy: With an extra totem with any single power package success on any Challenging (5) or she likes. If the hero is mimicking a power Bargaining: The hero can summon package and then copies another. mimic the power of any other delta. but the time hour's up. if the totem leaves the hero's of power. It's hero can add +2 to any persuasion rolls not mimicking powers. Skip lost. Some deltas have the A Bargainer with a mimic totem can power to let it all out-explosively. No roll to recreate the totem. Third. If the mimic manages to get his totem back. the Bargainer has to actually that can smack into a target like a truck. harder roll. Jinx: With an extra success on an initiative roll. the hero uses that success mimic totem in that it allows the and can't use it for another action. The Bargainer THI DHTA TOUM must win an opposed Spirit roll too. until the encounter ends. it takes the hero a week to recreate the roll with friendly deltas. the hero does what she's The upside is the Bargainer doesn't attempting with style. This kind of totem is similar to the Either way. the totem can only mimic The hero uses a similar procedure to powers for so long: one hour. BLASTER THI MIMIC TOUM Some people keep a lot bottled up inside them. the totem can only be used to mimic a single power package at a POWERS time. When he's not w ith this one totem. the have to have another delta around. If he fails. demons and use them to create totems Fifth. guns. there's no time limit on how long watching. the mimicked power is cut to three days. using the totem. it. the hero Second. At the end of that week. any TRICKS pow ers it w as copying are gone. this requires a $5 PIlice CH055 POLI/ . doubling his firepower.

If he only gets one. the hero can spend an wisely. and they're forever this kind of attack. fists as most people can do with a Energy Blast: The hero can fire an bullet. Lots of bouncers don't bother energy blast from each hand. With their extra Speed. Also add +5 to work. but it helps to take the can follow. success on the attack roll. the hero must also get an extra Pace. After all. needs two extra successes to pull that waiting for their next actions to come off. CHAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA Blasters don't usually bother with it's just a normal blast. he can use solid blow at the end of the round superblast with his blast punch. It doesn't do him as much good as This hero moves faster than the eye a suit of armor. The hero can then add +5 to the damage of a blast for each action she spends POWERS powering up a single blast. action to build up her energy. thebonus is lost. or running out of armor that's not part of the target's skin ammo. punch to boot. See the with weapons. For the superblast to initiative and dodging. and he's got a hell of a edge off that small-arms fire. They're a pain to have Blaster Attack Table for the details on to carry around. The bouncer's boosted Speed also Blast Punch: The hero can use his means he's usually going to end up energy blast to open a real can of with several actions every round. so he's still got to pick his battles energy blast. the blast punch along in the next round. but he when everyone else is standing around. Of course. he can use some of these an extra success on his close-combat extra actions to dodge attacks against attack roll. but the superb last fails. Since whup-ass with a punch. they're pretty damn TRICKS good with them after all. jamming. or power. Additionally. enough foes can simply overwhelm Superb last: Instead of firing an him . BLASTER ATTACK Rate of Range Weapon Type Ammo Shots Quickness Fire Increment Damage Cost Energy blast Energy Unlimited 1 3 10 5d6+10 . Other bouncers love weapons. If the hero is other weapons. Otherwise. what's the power. Strong: Add +3 to Strength rolls. With his augmented Strength. If the hero gets he's so fast. up to a Fast: Add +5 to Speed rolls for maximum of +20. when your stunned while she's building her hands are living guns. works. point? Whatever source of energy the blaster draws upon toughens his skin BOUN(ER too. waiting for his chance to land a of damage. the POWERS hero can do as much damage with his Armor: 5/. This blast ignores breaking. he does Strength+ 15 points him.

powers that regs are most jealous of. Unlike most aircraft. he takes the bou ncer's the sam e for a flyer. and sideways at the modifier is cumulative. This is one of the a ttack another. down. she uses her momentum A flyer can carry passengers or cargo to toss her foe up to 1 inch for each if she likes. so the third attack (second can even stop and turn on a dime. could n ormally handle on the ground. . flyer's body in some way. The They fly up. or hover in midair. even making Flip-Toss: With an extra success her skin tougher. (HAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA TRICKS Bounce Attack: With an extra fLYER success on a close-combat attack roll. he lands hard on his weight affects normal movement. Add +6 to the Target Number of the Who would n't w ant to be able to soar new attack. success on the new attack roll. A flyer can soar through the air like a the hero can bounce off one foe and bird on a spring day. she's aloft. her attacker while she's still in midair. If so. bounce) would have a total +12 Flying apparently energizes the modifier. but only as much as she point of Strength. with same rate. she drops like a stone. though. they each attack. p lus damage from manages to exceed her limit while in anything sharp he fell on. but they risk discovery when they do. the air. Some flyers actually walk the hero flips up into the air and grabs around on air to maintain this benefit. but only so long as when dodging a close combat attack. If the foe fails a Challenging (10) See p age 142 for all about how extra acrobatics roll. throu gh the skies? The hero can continue bouncing Flyers can speed along in the air at a from target to target if he gets another pretty good clip. except if she Strength in d amage. all on the same action. It's back. As she lands.

when flying. A gadgeteer's power is to be able to build and maintain technological bits of wonder that bend the theoretical laws of physics. We call these devices "gadgets. Flight: Can fly at a Pace of 50. Flying Dodge: With each extra success on a fly ing roll or a dodge roll while in midair. Nearly all of their creations are one-of-a-kind marvels. or even bounce bullets off their skin. This roll requires an action. A gadgeteer's power is to build and maintain wondrous devices. the hero can add +10 to her flying Pace this round." If you're not a gadgeteer. you'll see things like people walking around in suits of powered armor or d ashing about on rocket sleds. you can still use a gadget. but you can't keep it in working order. GADGITIIR Most deltas have obvious kinds of powers. Not so with the gadgeteer. It's important. Read that last bit carefully. These gad gets are obviously far beyond even our most cutting-edge advances in technology. They've been created by gadgeteers. CROSS poul .CHAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAKIS ADELTA ADELTA POW~RS Armor: 5/. TRICKS Burst of Speed: With each extra success on an Easy (5) flying roll. If you look around in Brave New World. run faster than a car. any attacks against the hero must add +3 to the Target Number for the rest of the round. In a world that focuses on the benefits of mass production. They can fire blasts from their fists. gadgeteers are an anomaly.

In the meantime. all. That's fine-up to a point. and an Easy (5) more and more gadgets for heroes to tinkering roll. Each success reduces the time by impossible to mass-produce gadgets. This has the presence is too powerful or is simply effect of pu tting all their eggs into one d isrup ting the game. useless-at least until a gadgeteer takes Rem ember. Then he's got eight h ours outrigh t break them. gadget working. not up to speed. This is it's introduced into the game. or bringin g it far. continues to function n ormally for 24 Most gadgeteers take the hours or until it's tinkered with again . if the gadget would make the hero's going to be working on little hero incredibly powerful. As always. Numbers. it's too much. The real trick with a gadget is it can hour periods getting two other gadgets only bend the laws of physics. down to a minimum of one. it's up to the Guide to The size of the gadget the hero's approve any kind of new gadget before maintaining is really irrelevant. much more sleep. the powers that a hours of work. and their powers only extend so Overhauling a device. then spend two eight. you n aturally has that power. To repair a A gadgeteer can build as many single w ound done to a gadget. but it takes time. All he has to do is have one anyone could buy. back into a gadgeteer 's care. these heroes are only it in for an overhaul. use. w hy not? hopefu lly at a dramatically appropriate . Look at the device left before the first gadget he w as and see if it makes any kind of sense at maintaining gives out. "everything and the kitchen sink" If 24 hours go by withou t the gad get approach toward building their own being tinkered with. CREATING YOUR OWN GADGHS Maintaining a device requires at As the story of Brave New World least one hour of tinkering with it in a develops. At that p oint. d eltas. The Guide might want to keep so than another delta. this in mind when assigning Target Scale it back down. Of course. we're going to introduce 24-hour period. it becomes gadgets. Also. the gad get gadget confers should be only as is back in good working order. This makes it hours. (HAPTER EIGHT: WHAT MAK£S ADUTA ADUTA Repairing a damaged gadget can be MAINTAINING AGADGH done. but since they can only really hap pens. then scrap it. N o Death Stars here. but he can only an Easy (10) tinkering roll and four maintain one at a time. they invariably fall apart and stop working soon after they leave the gadgeteer 's care. a tactic like this means the Also. If the answer's no. takes eight As a guideline. as an hour. it takes gadgets as he likes. it gadgets. though. Any weapons might realize that a gadgeteer could the gad get has should only be as conceivably have three gadgets going powerful as a standard weapon that at once. p ow erful as those of a delta who If you're good with num bers. the one reason why most gadgeteers Guide has the option to disallow the incorporate as m any different things gadget at any point if she feels its into a gadget as they can. the gadget suddenly fails- carry one basket at a time. here are After a gadget is successfully some guidelines for creating your own tinkered with by a gadgeteer. When that basket.

a hero can slip into a suit of just going to stop working for no power armor in six actions. attached to those gadgets you come up Also. Her skin is hours. but POWER ARMOR all she's got to do is connect with a Power armor is just what it sounds single punch and it's lights out! like. and ugly as sin. firearm mounted on top of it. heavy. A goliath may not get in as many swings as a bouncer. hard enough to bounce bullets off of. With with. you might want something a properly overhauled. ABILlTIfS Armor: 10/3. For every success he gets. then your hero's got time clock cleaned before she even suits up. That's reason under your control. the gadget the hero is working on doesn't need to be GOLIATH tinkered with for an additional 24 This hero's just huge. you can't have it all. TRICKS Flight: Can fly at a Pace of 40. the device works for a single round. not just something you tote This way. the player and the Guid e around w ith you like a laptop. no matter how bit easier to carry. plen ty of time for the hero to get her Of course. You'd just better hope advice for gadgeteers: Don't get too the thing fits in the back of your car. See the table below for details. It fits in can experiment with different types of a steamer trunk. Hey. A word of your next d ate. POWfRS Powerful: Add +3 to Strength rolls. but you're not going gadgets until they get a feel for what's to be hauling that around with you on appropriate in the game. (HAPTfR EIGHT: WHAT MAKfS AOHTA AOHTA moment-and afterward can't ever be Well. to come up with a whole new gadget to play with. a good whack and make an Easy (5) Unfortunately. for instance. she's slower than dirt Smarts roll. Fine Tuning: With an extra success on a tinkering roll. You never know when they're practice. and a jetpack. the hero can give it bowling balls around like acorns. a powered suit of armor that The real problem with being a comes complete with automatic guns. it takes a while to put on.45 50 1 3 5 5d6+5 . Power armor is hard the hero may try. eight feet tall and weighs in at What more could you ask for? somewhere around 400 pounds. This POWfR ARMOR GUNS Rate of Range Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Fire Increment Damage Cost Triumph 300 Auto . goliath is that the hero stands about augmented strength. Smack It: When faced with a gadget and she's got enough muscle to toss that's not working. Gadgeteering: The hero can build Guns: Each wrist has a Triumph 300 and maintain gadgets.

land on a foe. damage. the hero can add +2 to all hostile taking all the hero's movement into persuasion rolls. police officers and bowl full of jello. the hero If she doesn't have them-whether she has managed to shake the ground never registered or has simply enough to possibly knock nearby misplaced her papers-she's going to people off their feet. are affected. Hitting the floor in Delta Primers are constantly hassling the right way is an Easy (5) fighting: the goliath for her registration papers. he does massive quirk. If the hero tries to persuasion rolls. The QUIRK hero makes a Strength roll. CROSS POLII . people another 2 inches away Armor: 10 /-. Anyone affected must Big: Add +2 to Size. (HAPUR EIGHT: WHAT MAKIS ADUT! ADUTA makes it really hard to disgu ise the TRICKS hero's status as a d elta. treat this as a charge. account. With each extra POWIRS success. She d oesn 't Rock Your World: The hero can really blend in with a crowd. straight up and 2 inches in any Ugly: Take -2 from all friendly direction he likes. If successful. success. only people within 2 inches of the hero are affected. make a Challenging (10) Speed roll to Powerful: Add +5 to Strength rolls. attack the floor and set it shaking like a For this reason. stay standing. barehanded roll. Superjump: The hero can leap over small buildings in a single bound. With a single have a lot of explaining to do. For every Dirt Slow: Take -2 from Speed rolls success he gets. If the Goliath's Size is 4 more Obvious: This is the standard -3 than the target. he can leap 2 inches for initiative. At the Guide's option.

Shooting people is frowned upon. Most gunners don't waste their time just blasting away at a target. In a country in which nearly everyone carries a gun. With the prevalence of guns in Kennedy's America. CRSS PULII . it's almost assured. Gunners are lightning-fast with their hands too. If they're feeling gracious. POWERS Crack Shot: Add +5 to shooting attacks. Unless they start pulling off tricks most shooters couldn't even dream of. They go for called shots to vital areas instead. a gunner can actually outdraw and shoot down someone who's already got a gun on him.CHAPTER liGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA GUNNER There are great shots. Just because someone can point a pistol and pull a trigger doesn't mean she's actually going to hit what she's shooting at. most gunners blend right in. With the gunner's power. and then there are great shots. Quick: Add +5 to Speed rolls for initiative. chances of them blowing their cover are pretty small. Of course. they might get hauled in on another charge than being an unregistered delta. they might even pull a Lone Ranger and shoot an opponent's guns out of her hands instead. On a good day. if they make use of their talents too often. even in Jack Kennedy's country. some skill with a firearm is often assumed. Or at least that's what he'd probably have you believe. A gunner's one of those legendary shootist who can shave the wings off a mosquito at 50 paces.

Disease Table on page 184 for how When a healer lays her h ands on a many successes are required to heal a sick or injured p erson. If you don't lucky-cure that person's woes. A healer can try to cure later damage and check for stun normally. the p ower For every success the h ero gets on fails to help at all. others are "natural Healing Disease: A healer can try to healers. If not. See the Healing sham ans in th e bunch. high. At the Guide's the medicine roll. Som e TRICKS are doctors. . th ough. but healing Pierce Armor: With two extra isn 't as simple as it could be. of God in an ecstatic moment of holy fervor. the hero find s a w eak spot to m entally p eer into the victim's b od y in the armor. the hero p u ts her it's up to the Guide to come up with h ands on the victim's injuries an d then the n umb er of successes needed. Case in p oint: the POWIRS healer. Roll medicine. but even then. Any shooting roll. sh e can-if she's particular type of illness. the victim old er wounds cannot be affected. a failed attempt may victim is healed in any hit location or temporarily help with the symptoms of locations of the h ealer 's ch oice. the trick d oes A h ealer can work without any n othing. but the better she knows the human body. h as a weak spot. The h ealing power required number of successes. but in the sim p le. one wou n d on th e discretion. Each healing attempt w hether or not the foe's armor actUally requ ires a full minute (12 actions). wounds normally. the Guide should guess Unlike w ith a stan d ard medicine roll. en d. H ealing: The hero can heal wounds Healers aren' t all fire-and-brimstone and illnesses. The armor d oes not affect and carefully push the natural healing this shot. the more su ccess she's going to have with her HIALER p ow er. It's the Guide's call as to p rocess along. They come in all stripes. they're b ound to return. the healing power. (HAPTER fiGHT: WHAT MAKIS AOUTA AOHTA TRICKS A h ealer can only try to h eal a Mercy: With an extra success on a victim's current wounds once. most cases. In m akes an Easy (5) medicine roll. people as she can reach. the is more holistic th an that." and there are even a few cure diseases too. It's an successes on a shooting roll against an involved p rocess requiring the healer armored foe. Add +10 to medicine rolls televangelists bringing d ow n the favor when u sing the h ealing power. only takes half the n ormal amount of A healer can try to help as many w ounds. Otherwise. the hero can redu ce the wounds that aren't healed after an amount of actu al d am age a shot d oes attempted healing cannot be healed by by choosing exactly h ow he wants the any means except time or standard bullet to hit the poor target. disease is healed. th e hero d oesn't w ork on each hit If the hero manages to get the location separately. m ed ical training at all. It's that certain kinds of ailments. Not all delta powers are en tirely destructive in nature. To use see what you're looking for on the list. the After the stun check.

Cancer. This way. Those Cancer. HEALING POISON Dirty Fighting: If the hero hits the target in the head or torso with a Successes fighting roll. Poison. it's Fast Healer: For every extra success up to the Guide to figure it out. as long as she racks up day. this adds to the standard Poison. healing factor and his extra strength. healing factors that allows them to quickly recover from all but the worst wounds. add +2d6 to the damage Poison to Cure for every extra success the hero has. but just as Deafness 6 many are cool customers. If the on a h ealing roll. you want a scrapper on assumed to have had a healer try to your side. Combined with the hero's to a pint of bottled poison instead. they can't bulls and tough as nails. What they're Flu 3 buying is victory. Successes There's nothing most scrappers like Disease to Cure better than getting into a fight-fair or AIDS 8 otherwise. enough successes. Some scrappers are a bit Blindness 6 more careful than that though. Healing Factor: The h ero can m ake a the hero can cure poisons of varying healing roll every hour instead of every strengths. and they're ready to Headache 2 pay for it in broken bones and Nausea 2 splattered blood. the hero heals a healer likes. they're just built for brawling. HEALING DISEASE In short. It's up to modern medical When there's nothing for it but to science-such as it is-and time. they've got easily rid themselves of the illness. this can get him back on his feet in virtually no time at all. Poison Table for exactly how many successes you need to roll. For Poison. Not only are they strong as help them and fail. Pneumonia 4 Radiation poisoning 5 POWERS Healing Poison: This w orks just like Armor: 5 / - with healing diseases. early stage 6 are the ones who live the longest. medium 4 damage bonus. severe 5 ~s PIlICC . late stage 8 Lots of scrappers have the Cold 2 bloodthirsty or temper quirks. mild 3 head shots. wade in with both fists and get your Heroes that have the illness quirk are hands bloody. Anything else is a waste of Asthma 5 their talents. See the Healing Strong: Add +3 to Strength. If the TRICKS strength of the poison isn't known. (HAPTER liGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA Just as with wounds. she can actually negate up wound. no other power can SCRAPPER help. if a healer fails to cure an illness. With this trick.

they 're weapons like grenades or gas. check how many successes In a fight. On level ground. For each tactic is to run up to one target. on the other side of the combat. the actually hit an afterimage instead. Of course. the speedster's rolls for initiative and dodging. It's all a m atter of afterimage that's hit by an attack endurance. randomly roll to see if the attack When running long distances. . TRICKS Plucking bullets out of the air is Afterimages: When the hero makes a beyond them. success on an Easy (5) running roll. Making this roll requires an action . /1 5 PII. the way to go. the hero leaves behind a it hard. a speedster can zip across a hero really is and follow him around room and knock a foe out before the for the rest of the turn.ICC CROSS poul . speedster needs to use the running missing the hero entirely. the Speedsters cannot have the slow hero can ad d +10 to his Pace this round. If the attack roll poor bastard can even squeeze off a actually succeeds. bound to run ou t of steam when they Burst of Speed: With each extra should be just hitting their stride. (HAPTlR EIGHT: WHAT MAKES ADELTA ADELTA POWERS SPIIDSTIR Fast Runner: Add +100 to Pace. the attacker must shot. In These images cluster around where the some cases. When you need to get something Lightning Reflexes: Add +5 to Speed someplace in a hurry. but not by ~uch. An rules on page 105. dodge roll. this up their Strength and their running skill trick is useless against area-affect as high as they can . sm ack extra success. then run up to another target separate afterimage of where he was. quirk. the speed ster s favonte he gets over Challenging (10). they can run faster than a speeding car. and smart speed sters build d isappears instantly. Otherwise.


000 are their own collateral: cars. houses.000 Rich +2 $7. Every hero starts out with the can borrow until he pays off the loan or basics of m odern American life: an refinan ces up to the same amount.000 Rich +4 $25. apartment. he can always you to figure out what kin d of gear he's try again. If he fails.000 to spend on things like weapons.000 fiNANCING Rich +3 $12. The cost for most that a hero w ith rich +2 who wants a items in Brave New World is roughly loan for $500. that usually includes a p istol.000 needs a 13 or better. what it is in the real world. the Target want to buy. it's up to three months.000 $40. and other things the average Status Money Salary person probably doesn't have. Starting Yearly armor.000 $250. Unfortunately.000 $500. If he succeeds. STARTING MONn Your hero also has $1. ammunition. The solution to this Number goes up by +2. a used car. a TV. and the like-not w eapons.500 $75. a radio.000 Heroes can get loans for things that Rich +5 $50. clothes. . For each step above the hero's We d on't have enough space to list salary on the Starting Money Table that p rices for everything your hero might the hero wants to borrow. that's all he got. This means problem is simple. Getting a loan for up to the h ero's yearly salary is a Ch allenging (10) friendly persuasion PRICING OTHIR GIAR roll.500 $125. Standard $1. an d so on.000 $20. (HAPTIR NINI: THINGS IVIRY HIRO NIIDS Now that you know who your h ero A hero can only try for a loan every is and how his powers work. Most of Poor $100 these are listed on the n ext few pages.000 Rich +1 $4.

Vitals.Auto 12 gauge 10 2 2 3 Shotgun $1. Varies $200 Steel riot shield 10/3 Varies $400 Kevlar vest 10/ . ARMOR Type Armor Covers Costs Notes Thick coat 1/.56mm 30 2 3 10 6d6+5 $900 Shotguns Double-barreled . torso $100 Adds +4 to survival in the cold. °These weapons have a Burst Radius of 3. Auto 5.50 72* 1 9 10 6d6+10 $4.62mm 5 2 1 10 6d6+8 $500 Barrett M90.000 Browning M2t Auto . Drawn Bolt 1 1 1 5 5d6+5 $100 Thrown Weapons Small knife Throw 1 1 1 5 Strength+2 $25 Large knife Throw 1 1 1 5 Strength+5 $50 Shuriken Throw 1 1 3 5 Strength+1 $10 Pistol Colt Agent Revolver . Head $200 Plastic riot shield 6/. Drawn Arrow 1 2 1 5 Strength+5 $100 Longbow.200 Submachine-Guns Colt9mm.500 Rocket Launcher. Legs $75 Motorcycle helmet 6/. or bolts. tThese weapons are usually mounted on a tripod or vehicle. Leather jacket 1/. Power armor 10/ 3 Entire body Only available to gadgeteers.357mag 6 1 1 5 5d6+8 $500 Colt 2000 Auto 9mm 15 1 1 5 5d6+5 $600 Derringer Single .Pump 12 gauge 7 2 1 3 Shotgun $260 PancorJackhammer.400 Colt M16A2. Arms. They could be used as a two-handed weapon by a hero with a Strength of 8 or more.62mm 90* 1 9 10 6d6+8 $3. . Bolt . -These are two-handed weapons. Standard 12 gauge 2 2 2 3 Shotgun $200 Winchester Defender. Drawn Arrow 1 2 1 5 Strength+3 $50 Crossbow. Single 120mm 1 2 1 10 10d6+20° $2.000 Miscellaneous Grenade Thrown 1 1 1 5 10d6+ 100 $100 Grenade Launcher. Torso $200 Useless against blades. Auto 9mm 32 1 6 5 5d6+5 $400 Machine-Guns SacoM60Elt Auto 7. Bolt 7. Head $75 Riot helmet 10/. Auto 9mm 20 1 6 10 5d6+5 $800 Ingram M10.50 5 2 1 10 6d6+10 $1.22 2 1 1 5 5d6+2 $200 Taser Single Built-in 1 1 1 5 Stun (9) $200 Rifles Remington M700 . arms $75 Leather pants 1/. CHAPTER NINE: THINGS IVERY HERO NHDS lUNGED WEAPONS Rate of Range Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Quickness Fire Increment Damage Cost Bow Compound bow .500 *These machine-guns are belt-fed. Auto 40mm 3 1 1 10 10d6+ 100 $1.38 6 1 1 5 5d6+3 $300 Colt Python Revolver . torso. arrows.

22.-- VIHICLIS . . hunting +1 1 Strength+3 $10 Knife. .22 lO ~ / bullet Binoculars $100 . excellent (triples .50 $1 / bullet Comp uter.50 / slu g H andcuffs $25 40mm grenade $250 / grena de Lockpicks.56mm $l / bullet net access Free 7.62mm $l / bullet False ID papers (poor) $500 9mm 75 ~ / bulle t False ID papers (good) $5.These are two-handed weapons.000/ rocket Lockpicks. 120 mph $30. limited 5.000 Chevy Metro 10 / 2 75 7 40 9 10/ . +1 2 Strengtla5 $20 Bayonet +1 1 Strength+3 $50 Brass knuckles 1 Strength+2 $20 Cattle prod +1 1 Stun (9) $100 Chainsaw. 2 Strength +2 Club.000 Jeep Cherokee 20/ 4 80 8 15 11 10/ .50. 9mm (Stun 7» Spare gun clip $10 5 Pl. 5.000 Harley-David son Sportster 10/ 2 100 5 50 8 120 mph $20.56mm (Stun (5)) Range Increment when aiming) $200 .357.000 .357 magnum 85 ~/ bullet access $2.000 12-gauge shell $1/shell Gas $1/ gallon 12-gauge slug $1. small 1 Strength+1 Hatchet +1 1 Strength+3 $10 Knife.38. 2 None $10 Machete +1 1 Strength+4 $30 Nightstick +1 1 Strength+ 1 $40 Sword +2 1 Strength+5 $250 Whip +2 2 2d6 $45 . kitchen +1 1 Strengtla2 $5 Lariat .62mm.000 AMMUHITIOH MISCULAHIOUS GUR Ammo Type Cost Item Cost . standard (doubles AP bullet (AP 10) 20x normal Range Increment when aiming) $30 Rubber bullet: lOx normal Rifle scope. full n et . +2 2 Strength+7 $200 Club. 90 mph $8. 100 mph $15.ICC .000 Arrow $5 / arrow Nightvision goggles (negates Bolt $1/bolt lighting modifiers in all but Belt of ammo $100 / belt total darkness) $1. . big. 100 mph $35.000 Dod ge Ram 20 / 4 80 8 25 11 10/ . -- Vehicle Durability Pace Turn MPG Size A rmor Top Speed Cost Chevy Camaro 15/ 3 100 5 20 10 10/ .38 20~ / bullet Computer. 7. mechanical $50 120mm rocket $1. electronic $5.000 AP bullet (AP 5) lOx normal Rifle scop e. CHAPTER MIHI: THIHGS EVIRY H1RO MHOS (LOSI COMBAT WUPOHS Weapon Defensive Bonus Quickness Damage Cost Ax .


tossing through heroes of Delta Prime are the last line your past for clues to some deeper of defense between the common citizen d eviancy. bu t When those kinds of things happen. it them. Is there? SSPOI. guys. and men like every aspect of your life. Let them rip John F. (HAPIIR TIN: LlBIRIY OR DIAIH! So what's it all about? Why is your hero running around. to the greater whole. what the federal. itself tell them. if you're one of the good After all. view. As a member of the Defiance. they don't know any better. can't understand the world around To a member of the Defiance. When they fear for entirely evil organization bent on the lives of those they love. One element we explore in Brave That's what happ ens when peop le New World is how differen tly p eople get scared. what have you got to hide? Let All they can see is that deltas are the government come in and poke in to destroying the world. it's up There's n othing suspicious in your to you to bring them the truth. it's the right thing to from them by force. and the controlled media an d the government like don't mean a whole lot. things like free speech. After all.IC~ l CROSS POLII . When they feel like they can see the same situation. some threat you might pose and total anarchy. others in America d on't see it that way. trying to free his LIVING IN flAR fellow Americans from the shackles of The fact is that most people didn't martial law? have their basic civil rights taken away Simply put. many Americans believe what sacrifices. They voluntarily do-at least from your hero's p oint of gave them u p . people are willin g to make all kinds of In fact. past. oppressing the entire country. Kennedy and the stalwart your history ap art. p rivacy. they see on TV. When they d on't know who their might seem like Delta Prime is an neighbors might be. If you're that frightened.

doesn't take up that cause. The corrupts. If she hasn't registered. their loyalty Your hero needs to set an example of ensured by thinly veiled death threats how a delta should act. of smaller incidents over the years. even if you're squeaky Plen ty of deltas have given the clean. state. but there have been thousands government has ultimate power. in the course of doing that. liberty. using their p owers to beat. never again to see the ligh t of free day. who will? CROSS POLII . with all his you make life a little easier for others in powers. country's overcrowded p risons. the government's service. He has to take down As a delta. the less they of the night. and even kill those who rot in shallow graves or at the bottom disagree w ith them. He has to help against the people they know and love. it's not that simple. as the saying goes. Power p ublic good reason to be scared. The fewer reasons disappeared by the feds in the middle people have to fear deltas. and in d estruction of Chicago is the most Kennedy's America. If. the federal n otable. if you hero is captured. but it's a sure way to even-less fortunate end up drafted into lose the war. Ask destinies. brought in for questioning. Sometimes it gets abused. The win the battle. can hate them. those in need. she's automatically an enemy of the and the pursuit of happiness. so much the better. your situation. Or so the theory goes. That's one way to of lakes from sea to shining sea. (HAPTER TEN: LIBERTY OR DUTH! THE ABUSE Of POWER YOU ARE THE ENEMY Of course. It's up to your hero to avoid those That's a serious responsibility. And he needs to fight for life. Others th reaten. yourself: If your hero. It's in your hero's interest to put an Innocent people have been end to this terror. Some Defiants h ave taken the low Some of them fester in filthy cells in the road. that's her fate. those who would threaten innocents.

and his result is 7. It's just that through some twist of fate it doesn't do the kind of damage it YOUR fAn. the USE '£M OR LOSE '£M hero can spend a delta point to roll You can't save delta points from another die and add the result to his game session to session. the beginning of each game session. To reflect that in the game. The going to get better at doing the things extra dice rolls are open-ended. but not on things like hit. YOUR HANDS could h ave. First. your hero is a delta point. those willing to single attack. Marty decides to spend As you play the game. You can't use delta p oints to improve there are some points in it for her. use them in one session. Heroes w ho use all their delta last-ditch attempt to clean the points are usu ally the ones closest to Wastoid's clock. Wounded as he is. bu t it still takes one delta point own hands. keep rolling! gam e. His the course of her adventures. There's just no way to We call these things experience make that kind of situation better. he's got one more When you r hero takes a w ound. . In the course of the you get a 6. but for or you run out. Each extra d ie you in addition to all that. one of two ways. the Guide is going to award you Delta points can be spent on damage points w hen your hero does the right rolls too. enough just talking about figuring out w ho's fo r an extra success! behind the latest an ti-delta p lot or w ho's threatenin g the life of the m ayor You can keep spending delta points of Crescent City-this time. (HAPTER TEN: LIBERTY OR DUTH! DILlA POINTS ONLY AfLfSH WOUND You can also u se a delta point to save Because your hero's a delta and not your hero's life. Marty rolls his hero's fighting: barehanded. death. Your hero can spend a delta p oint in That's what being a delta is like. IXPIRIINCI POINTS Grimacing. they're gone. that's going to happen too. If the hero helps foil an location rolls or any other table roll. just count yourself Examp le: The Rebel makes a lucky. If you don't current total. not quite enough. to deflect each w ound. If that h app ens. the Target Number for the Rebel's attack is 9. every delta hero gets 3 delta points at The hero still gets hit by the attack. after making an action roll. gets going to hopefully learn something in 6. the world take more th an one w ound from a belongs to the bold. your hero's just roll gets added to the total result. you can spend more delta step up and take their destiny in their p oin ts. and rerolls it for 2 more. you p ow er we h av en't talked abou t yet. kinds of things. p oints. evil plot or saves the life of an innocent. can spend a d elta p oint to keep the He's got fate on his side. a disastrous roll. wound from ever h appening. If you In Brave New World. so if that she does. until you get the result you're looking Sure. He rolls the die. We're n ot new result is (7+6+2=) 15. just one of the regs.

Moving don't be afraid to ham them up a bit. for instance. or buying your Guide have defined for yourself. Each new trick costs 10 points. Improving a trait costs three times Insert the standard legal disclaimer the new score in that trait. she'll be rewarded for it. but you can get rid of the negative ones. the game more fun. They don't go away you like. You can save up experience points Make jokes. costs 12 points. experience points he wants to give out. you can't skip a score to save you picked out for your hero? Those yourself points. Figuring out what's right isn't always As if you really needed another easy. All you have to do is pay back the cost of the HAVING fUN quirk with experience points. traits. you Guides tend to reward those players can't skip scores to save points. from 3 to 4 costs 4 points. but these don't give in more than 31 flavors. fun comes hero's picked up. New World Guide's screen-tell the Do what you can to make each game a Guide exactly how to handle this. and it's up to you any points. and games are all during play. Brave New Guide might give your hero new quirks World is a game. Your At the end of the day. and points equal to the new score. buying or improving skills. are the kinds of things that help you Buying or improving a skill works flesh out your hero. the only thing you need for everyone. You're there to entertain that comes with Power Shield. Or be dead serious if between sessions. And You remember all of those quirks no. You can't buy new quirks. Again. launches himself into a room with both guns blazing like he just burst straight out the screen during a John Woo £ARNING £XPERIENCE POINTS movie. we cover this in some depth in the We've got one other treat for you. encourage you to make things better As a player. The more you get into the role you and buying off negative quirks. These are your friends you're Published adventures-like the one playing with. It only costs you a number of in mind when playing your hero. the better-up to a point. a person. the Brave them as much as they're there for you. (HAPTER TEN: LIBERTY OR DUTH! USING £XPERIENCf POINTS £XPERIENCf AND ROLEPLAYING You can use experience points your You should also get experience hero's earned in four ways: improving points for roleplaying your hero well. except it's realistic character. the Guide also gives out to know is that if your hero does the experience points for heroes who make right thing. to make her into a pretty much the same way. Going from here. It's up to the Guide as to how many and play her to the hilt. but that's part of the game. like a new enemy your about having fun. 3 to 4. kind of game you enjoy. Get into your hero's character. To Guide's Handbook. who do. new tricks. Describe how your hero until you spend them. reason. . Keep those cheaper. you and the rest of your team to come You can also buy new tricks for your up with your own definition of the hero. of course. and memorable experience. Of course.



We part actor. you're the ultimate you thin k you've got what it takes to power in your game. Withou t your As Guide. It's up to the Guide to come up game. figure out who all experience. IHI GUIDI'S POWIR That doesn't mean we're just goin g IHI GUIDI'S WORLD to leave you twisting in the w ind . There's no arguing about it. the players can read all the some games call it. and blind. If As the Guide. not the actual World. To make them care enough THE GUIDE'S JOB abou t it all to w ant to save the world . as Sure. they're hap pens in your game. It's not a job for the faint of heart. We're here to help you. get together a group of It's up to you to take the word s we players. It's up can't be there looking over your to you to make sure that the game runs shou ld er and cheering you d efinitely the Brave New W orld books they like. not ours. but biggest responsibility in Brave New those are just books. New World . dumb. You're on your own. . If they w ant the full roleplaying w ith the adventures.including yourself! Don't worry. smoothly and-most importan tly-that N o. when you 're playing Brave Guide. and then run the game. Here's your first gift: Brave New World. p ublish in these books and breathe life into them . the extras are. everyone has fun. (HAPTIR(LIVIN: GUIDING THI GAMI Being a Guide-or a Gamemaster. your word is final. As In short. you're p art writer. then we're here for players' eyes and ears into the realm of you. that's exactly deaf. part referee. they need a Gu ide. To make the heroes hate the villains. d escriptions of the p eople the heroes When you say that something meet and the p laces they go. You are your run a good game. it's your game. an d p art entertainer. what happens.

No. each of their heroes gets some time in When you've heard enough. An are all enjoying themselves. the course of the game. There's one experience Guide may be able to easy way to tell if you're succeeding or handle up to eight players. making sure but at the end of the day. "With great Once you've run the game a few power comes great responsibility. the players can always try to attention to each of the players during convince you of the error of your ways." Just times and you're comfortable with both because you're in charge of your game the game system and running a game. doesn't mean you can abuse that you can add more players. you'll spot It's your job to make sure the players your limit before you go over it. they'll quit. but if you do so. CROSS paul . but if you suddenly find yourself alone on every game night. Do this power. If so. they want to get into the fun too! The That's really all you need. As Guide. you need to take a long. Like we just said. especially if you're new to running a game. power. and you've got to be careful We recommend starting out with how you use it. That way. you know you're going to have enough time to THE GUIDE'S DUTY devote to each of them. ASSEMBLING ATEAM As a Guide. than that is often unmanageable. Now. make sure to change your ways. it's your call. also end a discussion about any ruling No one likes sitting around watching you make. you can the spotlight. one of the first things you've got to do is get together a group of players to take part in your Brave New World game. That part should be easy. Just tell some of your friends about the game and invite them to play. people are going to come and go from your game for lots of different reasons. (HAPTER HEYEN: GUIDING THE GAME If the players aren't having fun. you can always give it another try. slowly. you need to pay Well. Someone once said. If you're careful. but more not. is final. only three or four players-not counting yourself. your word other people enjoying themselves. Roleplaying games usually do well with smaller groups of players. hard look at yourself and see if it's something you did as Guide. It's a lot of easiest way to do that is to start small.

it can lead to some serious that a session. then you're a step ahead of the your game in terms of both the saga game. going to be able to work together. start out with World is called a saga. they're not comes firs t. As long as the players keep having helps if you can come up with some fun. you need to think about created. paramilitary combat or political Just like some of your favorite intrigue or something else entirely? Are fictional stories in films. session is over. If the players aren't . For this reason. but help is close at n o winners or losers. overall consensus before the heroes are As Guide. For most games. novels. Each time you and your players SIt extremely mature and friendly about It. but it doesn't ever have to There's no right or wrong h ere. a well-oiled An ongoing game of Brave New machine. The saga is made heroes that all have the same status up of several different stories or quirks. the saga might have a definite dice or roleplaying? beginning. Your players can pitch in too. . We call a group of heroes a team for a reason. As time goes heroes is going to work as part of the on. supposed to and a good time is had by Do you want to concentrate on all. and entertam each to make up their heroes. they should this is to just start playing through be thinking about how each of the whatever stories you like. but it end. Suddenly together. which can destroy a team. If you've got sev eral session after session for as long as you people who are all trying to play in a like or the sun goes out-whichever different type of game. When you sit down w ith the p layers just get together to have fun. the That's not fun. If everything works like it's what kind of game you'd like to play. The easiest way to do their heroes' personalities. you've got a saga. first talk abou t other. we call though. experience. this means . the tensi?ns ongoing tale. you can look back and see all the larger whole. pr~tend to be different people. The players all hand. might have a deeper meaning when An accomplished Guide can handle seen in the context of the saga's a disparate group. or just one. down to play Brave New World. With any luck. (HAPTER mVIN: GUIDING THI GAMI ATEAM EffORT RUNNING AN AOVINTURI Sure. or the players more interested in rolling comics. you can keep getting together for kind of consensus. When a team's at its peak. then everyone wins. Some of the stories secret identities. When the players come up with and the stories. the game until you can meet again. adventures that link together into a they should be unregistered deltas wIth greater whole. In fact. it TH! SAGA functions as a unit. this things the heroes have done-all the should translate to a closer-knit team people they've saved and all the and happier players who can have fun enemies they've made. CROSS POL/I . while others might just be in the team can add to the roleplaymg temporary tangents. it's ultimately your A rolep laying game is different than responsibility to make sure the players most kinds of game because there are are having fun. It can take several If you can come up with even an sessions to finish a story. When you call a halt to friction.

we strongly If you can't quite figure this out. for launching any Brave N ew W orld you've got to get the heroes involved. perfect Once you know what's going on. Sure. Power Shield is the exactly what a team 's going to do. a major plot in which they've now found THE BACKSTORY themselves embroiled. at the beginning of a story." But it's not always that these are designed to be generic simple. As the heroes go Once you m ove on to creating your from story to story. If you're Hard. If you like. a colorful cardboard screen you can hide your secret n otes beh ind w hile you run the game. elements of the earlier stories into a You need a good backstory so you new whole. saga. an d Here's the basic structure of any Brave eventually they realize there's New World story. let recommend you try one of the the players give you a hand. w e're still there for you. them come up with their own reasons. sense of responsibility? Figure out what they still serve as excellent examples of the heroes' buttons are and push them. CROSS POLIt . Many of lend a h and. but it also comes THE SETUP with an introductory adventure. Later you can start up a more happened up until the heroes get integrated saga. Have published adventures. what motivates them. The tale of what's like. how a story is constructed. Most-if not all-of these are going to you can say. "They're heroes! They'll come with an adventure too. Is it love? Even if you never use any of the Money? Patriotism? An overwhelming published adventures in your saga. Instead. Coming up with your own stories Take our w ord for it: This happens can be tough. enough for you to be able to slot into Think about who the heroes are and many different types of sagas. they might want to get involved. larger themes and possibilities. for Brave New World. you can set up each of STORY STRUCTURE your stories ahead of time to link into the overarching saga. can quickly figure out what happens if the heroes wander off in a different CREATING YOUR OWN STORIES direction th an you might have p redicted . you can just start out something that's been going on for a playing whatever kinds of stories you good while already. they pick up on own stories. (HAPUR ELEVEN: GUIDING THE GAME Alternatively. but we've got help for all the time! There's no predicting you there too. we're going to be heroes m ight first d iscover what's releasing more and more sourcebooks going on. you don't have to decide they stumble onto or are led into now. something larger going on here. or you can even weave involved is called the backs tory. exploring different You also need to think about why aspects of its people and universe. you figure out how th e As time goes on. so Guide's screen for Brave New World. just starting out. Better yet. Most times. the heroes don't come in You can go either way you like. In this section. It's you need to be p rep ared.

These usually come in the form of experience points. try having two or three different directions in which the heroes might go after a chapter. If it's a scene and who might be encoun tered really important chapter-like the there. and some contingency plans in DELTA POINTS case things go awry. . you should list the rewards the heroes' get if they have a successful chapter. but no more. you also need to stick in clues or If you give it out at the end of play. If you give this out during If you want to keep things moving play. there's no telling where they m ight end up. You've got to be have a single chapter. while mini-sagas careful about giving out too many could be a d ozen or more ch apters experience p oints. heroes might run into. a hero who did well might earn 1 or 2 points. If the chapters simply lead Unused delta points simply disappear. along. (HAPUR ELfVEN: GUIDING THE GAME (HAPURS AWARDING EXPERIENCE POINTS Stories are generally broken down Part of being a hero in Brave New into chapters. enemies. but it's a lot more work. it contacts to lead the heroes on to a later has to be used during the next session. This can be a truly rewarding kmd of adventure. or even cash. You should have an idea of what's supposed to happen here. especially if you're new to it. This is where you list the full climactic one-the hero might get 3 or profiles of any goons or villains the even 4 points. and that's it. If you want to reward the hero for being clever or keeping everyone MOVING RIGHT ALONG ~ntertained. R~WARDS At the end of each chapter. You can even come up with multiple endings if y?U like. describe a single chapter. so tread carefully in this territory. Short stories might only World is the challenge. gear. To make the story less constrictive. you 've got a linear adventure. Most adventures h ave a single climactic scene that the heroes need to get to in order to succeed. In each chapter. At the end of a long. bu t that doesn't have to be true. chapter. If the heroes d eviate from the plotline you've developed . from one to another. It's up to you. give him a free delta point mstead. but they can also be new friends. it can only be used in this session.

the average person has a score of 2d6 in each trait. After all. You can just game is concerned. would have a driving: personal vehicle of 3. let's separate out the extras into two different types: minor and major. we can ignore a on. they've all got list down their trait scores and only the skills that might come up in the course of meeting one of the heroes. doesn't dime a dozen. plus a score of 2 in any skills she might need to have. to make your life that much easier. That much detail just bogs things down. As a baseline. for instance. you never know what the heroes are going to put him through. what's happening at any given point in Major extras (some of which are the the game. you've got to keep track of big villains) can affect the heroes' lives both the players and every extra in the in big w ays. but since you can pretty much bet that's not going to come up in the course of the story. That cabbie above. don't worry about it. You can bump this up to a score of 3 in skills the person specializes in. Not only do you have to know lot of the fin er details. at least as far as the require as much attention. (HAPTER ELEVEN: GUIDING THE GAME families and jobs and real lives and all IHI GUIDI'S SHORTCUTS of that. even when the heroes think they're dead-you need to have a full profile. often requiring as much aren't going to have much of an affect thought as creating a hero. Sure. you can h andle minor and major extras in different ways. Sure. This runs from the local game. while his language: English would be 2. but in terms of the heroes' As the Guide. To m ake things easier on you. or maybe he's fluent in 12 languages. HANDLING THI IXTRAS First. That can quickly overwhelm chief of police to the head of the even the most experienced Guide. on the other hand. In the case of major extras-who have a tendency to crop up again and again. They're pretty much a extra. you've got a lot going interaction with them. . A minor upon the game. PROFILfS Minor extras (called goons) are those A profile for a major extra needs to people who aren't too powerful or who be complete. that cabbie might have a contact in Delta Prime. so terrorist organization threatening to we've got some tried and true shortcuts blow up Crescent City-this week. You can usually ignore any quirks.

he's been knocked When rolling initiative for a major unconscious. During play. again for the rest. The to announce the result. Let the everyone's initiative roll. Depending on who they are. If sketch layouts of rooms and areas so they're a bit tougher. but he's going to yourself and keep the players guessin g. you don't h ave acciden tal killer. they all go to a single spot. . Keep it to goon isn't really dead. This map or board. First. where every hero and extra is. you've got two life eating hospital food. Either once more when it comes to sucking up way. Alternatively. The first thing you're going to need For all intents and purposes. Once b etter than having to ask p layers to the goon takes more wounds than his repeat themselves all the time. Be sure to heroes roll for hit location anyhow. be spending the next few weeks of his With minor extras. Major extras take wounds just like heroes do. If they're a bunch of really If possible. for instance. assign that use of miniatures. they might get some the extras'. so get yourself a ruler. the players can see exactly what's giving them two actions each. amount. highest the score can be is 6. For each point of Strength they have. so the those wounds. get yourself a dry-erase minor extras. CHAPTER HEVEN: GUIDING THE GAME If you get caught flatfooted and suddenly need to know an extra's score INJURlfS for any trait or skill. just set an initiative number for them MAPS AND MINIATURfS and go. cut the results in half. Brave If you get a really great roll (10 or New World is designed to make easy higher) or a disastrous roll. you can just not roll for any of the goons. If write down each players' result as well they're lucky. is result to one of th e goons and then roll listed in inches. it's not an open-ended roll. so you don't streak and she's trying to kill the goon. and having When applying the wounds to a them right in front of you works a lot goon. it works just like with the heroes. minor is a bit of scrap paper to keep track of extras don't have hit locations. Strength. want to have to keep track of initiative let her go right ahead. Just remember. options. Since each type of goon h as m iniatures-metal figurines about an the same profile. just roll1d6. You've usually got lots of these Of course. going on. Just roll h er Speed. u se the Speed listed on inch tall-to keep track of exactly that profile for the initiative roll. Pace. Since the extra If this makes the hero into an w orks for you though. they can take one wound in INITIATIVf each of the six different hit locations. if the hero's got a mean goons fighting at once. It can get that goon's a real person. If he takes double that extra. you can m ake a single Better yet. their result is 7. You're going to need to extra damage dice after all. show some mercy. you can means they each only get one action. he's dead. rolls for each of them. their result is 4. and you're all set. you can use involved. doesn't look kindly on killers. If it's Villains and goons get separated a goon. and the law ridiculous pretty quickly. keep track of them all. with a map drawn Speed roll for each type of goon rou ghly to scale.


We got Why? First. That sure you're going to be a Guide. then the warning Chap ter Eleven and leave the rest of about keep ing things secret goes the book un til you 're absolutely sure. If you're not pretty darn secrets to ourselves-for n ow. leave a p oint. buddy! Come here. See if this Guide gig's for you . bu t you're really just spoiling the fun. it m ight seem cool to get your flip back to the earlier p arts of th e book h ands on all the secrets ahead of time. come on in and takes half the fun ou t of it. If you're thinking under the tree and what's in them. poke around a bit. If you don't qualify. but in the course of playing the game. If th at's what you're doing. you can bet not every player has. w e're secrets that only the Guide sh ould keeping some of the most importan t know about. if you're a Gu ide. ("APTIR TWILVI: BRAVI NIW SICRITS Hey. The fact is that this chap ter and keep the faith. you'd better Sure. though. Second. before your Guide sees you. ?5PIlICe . something for you. we asked nicely. THf GUlDf'S DUTY we recommend you go back and read If you are a Guide. learn about most if not all of the secrets. Something we d on't as a p layer you're going to eventually tell those player-types about. Don't go wandering aroun d w ith loose lip s. Chapter Thirteen are full of all sorts of Just to keep you h onest. doub le for you. only. It about being a Guide. For their sake. those presents too. This part of the book is for Guides Be patient. you can join in the unwrapping of now. Even if your players h ave already figured out some THI CONI Of SIUNCI of Brave New W orld's secrets. That is. If you don't h ave a Guide yet and It's like waking u p on Christmas and you're just w andering around. that's knowing w ho really put those presents fine.

there are certain being fed a line of bull. but Eventually you'll be able to piece not always. Not quite yet. when someone's being evasive with As we publish supplements for Brave her. you can look forward to The upshot of all of this is that the learning more and more about what's materials printed in The Delta Times are really going on behind the world. Smart heroes check their together the whole story. Marta's editor refuses come away thinking it's nothing more to print the best stuff she comes up than what the deltas who spat on the with for fear of having the federal DRA call themselves. it might be the last Defiant. so don't blink. You can't actually Marta Alonso. secrets we just have to let you in on. New World. you might Unfortunately. diatribe about the Defiance. but The woman known as Truth is she's a damn good liar too. the editor and publisher of The got a shot at kicking Kennedy out of Delta Times. one of the city's be as straightforward as you might two daily newspapers. From reading Truth's good one. She's worked hope. but not all of it. we can finally kick off our whether or not he's being truthful. and there's a print in The Star. There are pockets of resistance in the Because of her job. that doesn't always get truth. and if it up with the feds can call himself a happens again. Sure. matter. anyone will ever see of The Star. lie back. She uses this to her secretive higher level to the advantage when she moonlights as organization that actually thinks it's Truth. Truth's are WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING pretty subtle. as a Guide. ~S PIlICC CROSS POLII . THE DEfiANCE Here's the flip side of Truth's TRUTH IN OUR TIME powers. CHAPTER TWHVE: BRAVE NEW SECRETS As delta powers go. but they're not always foolproof. there for several years. paper down. this is a lesson your team might pretty darn juicy bits in this chapter for have to learn the hard way. as an Case in point: the Defiance investigative reporter-and a damn Movement. facts before they rely on them. office. Her finely honed quite ready to blab about everything all reporter's instincts often let her know at once. a reporter for always trust this seasoned reporter to the Crescent City Star. Right? her a whole lot closer to the truth of the Not so fast. usually pretty darn trustworthy. Some people have been able to get Otherwise. government come in and shut the That's not entirely true. we'd be hampering your around Truth's power by telling her the ability to do your job. You never know what you might miss. But we're not truth. This has happened five Sure. any delta who refuses to sign times in the past decade. Marta knows a lot country in which the Defiance is more about the world than ever sees actually pretty together. but there's more to it than that. It just lets her know when she's Sure. we've got some course. she knows the truth. Of In the meantime. and get down to the Unfortunately. she can instantly tell reading. you. shoes. When she listens to a Now that it's just you Guides person's voice.

officially deemed untrustworthy by the If the heroes manage to complete Defiance. they're more If this happens. They're simply presented with a situation and asked to resolve it. The succeed at the tasks the Defiance puts Defiance isn't into running people in front of them. Or maybe they're given a way they could hamper the activities of Delta Prime. Or they might be asked to investigate a series of crimes that are being blamed on the Defiance. they're not going to have should be plenty to get you started. they can trust them. the information you've got here need a organiza tion. check out the going to have much to do with the background in Ravaged Planet and the organization. the Defiance kicks them out. The heroes might be asked to rescue a young delta from Delta Prime before she gets hauled in. not all heroes are going to cases are usually pretty obvious. GUYING BOOno In any case. For This means that when the heroes now. ("APUR TWELVE: BRAVE NEW SECRETS It might be right. the Defiance treats the heroes unregistered deltas. they like mushrooms. No. That means the most they can these test with flying colors. the heroes are about the field test. right? dark and feed them manure. on their own to redeem themselves m For more about how this might work the eyes of the Defiance. for instance. When the heroes join the Defiance (as most heroes will). they're never in the case of your team. the benefits of these test Of course. upcoming Defiance sourcebooks. whatever details Truth has decided This continues until the heroes are she's willing to release to the general completely trusted by all levels of the public. . though. WORKING WITH THf DHIANCf At the early stages of membership. all they really know about the Defiance is w hat they read on the website. They keep them in the should be used to that by now. the heroes are rarely ever trusted w ith any information that might prove potentially harmful to other Defiants. If anyone to call on. Unless the heroes do someth. If they blow enough of around like idiots until they decide them. they're do is get on the website to read about given more important assignments. As opportunities present themselves to test the heroes' loyalty's they'll receive assignments from one of the higher-ups in the Defiance-often from Truth h erself. Since they're in doubt.

As is usually the case. scientists have proof of any of those theories doesn't managed to map large portions of mean that there aren't lots of people humanity's DNA. The first of these is both the easiest to ask and the hardest to answer: Where did this sequence come from? YOU SAY YOU WANT AN IVOLUTION There are lots of guesses and little in the w ay of proof. and often in new and unpredictable ways. Some people think the delta factor is simply the next stage in evolution. most connected people buy into these In deltas. It's where delta powers come from. and people generally creature on the face of the earth. this discovery raises more questions than it answers. these days there's another WHfRf DHTA POWfRS (OMf FROM crackpot notion that's gotten more The fact is no one knows for su re attention than any of the oth ers. Those who have this sequence in their DNA are part of a new race of people known as-all adolescent jokes aside- homo delta. the eggheads call this sequence the delta factor. Scientists believe that th is mutable DNA is the source of delta p owers. While the project is who believe them. this same sequence has crackpot notions. just because there's no Genome Project. mad scientist experiments. (HAPUR TWELVl: BRAn MfW SURHS Of course. been altered-some say mutated- radically. With the advent of the Human Of course. population has a unique sequence in its The point is that there are idiots DNA that doesn't appear in any other everywhere. In the helped by the fact that it's grounded in old days. there were a lot of cornball scien ce. Those who subscribe to this idea predict that eventually regular people will either die off or be bred into the POLII . some of far from complete. theories about alien implants. In fact. In fact. THf DHTA FACTOR None of that ever panned out. Being the p rosaic kind of people they tend to be. the scientists have those people have positions of great made a few astonishing discoveries. believe what they want to believe. and strange visitors from other planets. power in both the Defiance and Delta A good portion of the human Prime. Even a good portion of the human some of the seemingly smartest and population d oesn't have it at all.

after the Dreadnaut strike team began These same people often claim that the its attack. the ancient gods never heard person he studied.2000. the their offspring soon. Som e Within minu tes. no one really know s. who tout this theory believe that whoever did this will one day trigger a subsequence of the gene that will allow AMOMINT TOO LAU Superior was on the scene moments them to control every delta on earth. with far more sinister origins. great-great-whatever grandparents . toward Washington. Pointing out that the first his arms. we don't mean Rich Little these deltas will come b ack to reclaIm was looking over his shoulder. they can't agree on w hen. Kennedy is dead. every p erson in the en tire world will THI GRIAT TRAGIDY h ave the p otential to become a delta. Others bet on 200l. was somehow implan ted into the Obviously. Th ey m ysteriou s figure. He was that the easiest way to introduce a new well an d truly dead . offspring. He's an alpha with a worship deltas as ch ildren of the IJ single. They In fact. and mannerisms of Some Des think it's all going to happen anyone he'd studied. gods. claiming they'd been damned if he was going to let the abducted by aliens and impregnated forces of terror believe they'd won this w ith their delta-factor-taL'1ted round as well. he died on that fateful claim that this "rogue" DNA sequence November day in Dallas back in '63. purposes. incredible ability: He can gods. There is one secret we can reveal to Others suspect something with you in no uncertain terms. swept the President up in effort. that's not what the human genome. lacking only theu of the Gregorian calendar. He didn't let the papers." and they say that the great- im personate anyone. gener al p ublic-including the heroes- The more paranoid among those believes. all sorts of wackos crawled out Nazis w in World War II. H ere's what really happened. He mopped the floor with Nazis or Soviets are behind such an the killers. he was knocking on cultists believe that the d eltas are the the door of a man called Facade. he could become any oth~r Of course.ulati?n is Superior wasn't the sort to accept by breeding. but they're knowledge. ("A PUR TWELVE: BRAVE NEW SECRETS delta population. Hospital. instead. For all intents and on January 1. Facade could actually take on the Of course. voice. No. DC. genetic sequen ce into ~ p op. When th IS n ohon hIt the any defeat gracefully. Then there's the Delta Cu lt. None of these stories h as Superior turned around and zoomed ever been proved. . appearance. right. results th at are just as pervasive but John F. Superior quickly realized that Then there are those who point ou t the Presid ent was beyon d help. and h e was of the w oodwork. World War I doesn't seem to d en t their On his way to Dallas' Parkland fervor for their beliefs. mind. Like we said. so they can do whatever they You can guess what Superior had in want. and zoomed off toward the recorded deltas were discovered d uring nearest hospital. When tha t happens. long-lost descendants of the ancient Not much is known about this gods of myth and legend.of By that.

President would "die" peacefully. Dr. Joel Abrahams. a few people have gotten close to the truth. and he trusted him entirely. known alpha healer in the country. Abrahams had served in Delta Squadron alongside Superior back when he'd been known as Sparky. Over the years. In later days. Suddenly. Superior got the idea for the Delta Abrahams had been able to repair m ost Registration Act and had the Facade of the damage done to Mr. he feigned m emory loss from the healed head injury he'd suffered in the assassination attempt. This gave him a chance to adjust to his new role as Presiden t. eliminated. it but the President was going to need to w as only a few short steps to martial recuperate in private until his personal law. the best. Minutes later. behind the throne. the Facade found himself After he handed the Facade over to as the sole ruler of the most powerful the doctors at Walter Reed. physicians could arrive. Although he had some reservations. and Superior explained to the healers at the Facade would be free to return to the hospital that he had taken Kennedy his old life. the ruse served the Facade well. That never happened. the planned. Anytime someone asked him abou t something Kennedy should h ave known about. p ush it through Congress. It couldn't last. Kennedy. He knew the man that the boy had become. Abraham's home to Superior played the part of the power get him on board with the deception. Superior nation on the face of the Earth. Superior flew into Walter Reed When Superior originally pitched the Memorial Hospital with the Facade in idea to the Facade. (HAPTER TWELVE: BRAVE NEW SECRETS Dr. THE RUSE When the Facade w oke up in Walter Reed. directly to Dr. and dashed off to Dr. he blamed his forgetfulness on the head wound. They were either brought on board or-if Superior THE BIG SWITCH or Kennedy didn't feel that they could Within moments. CROSS POLII . At some point in the future. After that. Of course. he shoved them aside and put his faith in Superior's judgment. everyone else d eception would only be a temporary mistook him for President Kennedy as one. he had imagined the his arms. the Facade agreed be trusted with so enormous a secret- to Superior's plan.

b u t h e's players) don't know any of this stuff.ICC L _.. most of them die. he's had p lenty death but n ot hav ing much left of of opportunities to regret his actions. no delta has become an alpha. organization on the planet. the most pervasive criminal fields-but no new ones. Those It all boils down to this. She might freelance gadgeteer looking to make a even really believe it. the country and even the planet to its Superior was. Sure.. all falls under that age-old lesson: Be Still. and he wasn't willing to risk move on. Lots of times. all either on the run. shaking heroes were gone. ~s PIlI. inclined to come u p w ith paranoid Either way. among core. ever having to give them up to anyone . they're w ay. the Devastator's bomb is the one that no world drew a collective gasp. theories have lots of answers for these the Facade cemented his position as kinds of questions. a delta steps up Supplier got the technology from a and calls himself an alpha. President for life. But it's not true. It themselves to fill a coffin. there are still some alphas out The Devastator got the technology there-the ones who were either in for his amazing bomb directly from the prison at the time. Ever since the fell swoop. Th e fact is that deltas still get into the The freelance gadgeteer was secretly kinds of situations that might cause one a member of Delta Prime. protected from the Supplier. The Every now and then. itself. over 80% of the alpha moment that device went off. with one decisive move. or so Th e information in Brave New World far away from Washington that the is released on a need-to-know basis. in and of challenge his authority. got that angle covered too. the head gadgeteer at Evil Vanishing by the power-dampening Unlimited. Sure. There are few w h o remain who he might even consider fearing. the heroes (and the of office in some kind of coup. false President doesn't even think We'll tell you when you need to about them.PUR TWELVf: BRAVE HEW SECRETS THE BICENUNNIAL BATTLE WHERE HAVE ALL THE ALPHAS GON£? When Chicago disappeared in that The strangest effects of the burst of white light back in '76. not all of the bodies of He wanted to get rid of Superior and those dead deltas are always recovered . situations in w hich they risk not only Since that fateful day. know. giving the to transform into an alpha. of course. (". Bu t they're not alphas. The Facade who survive just count their lucky has gotten used to holding th e reins of stars-along with their fingers-and power. Of least until we say otherwise. in his pocket. It's just that tech to the Supplier under the orders of when they get into these near-death the President himself. it' s ~uspicious. It's up to you to make sure it stays that As for the remaining alphas.:. In one one ever talks about.-_ _ _ CROSS pour . any other alpha who might someday That's not anything strange. This was no coincidence. deltas get When Chicago disappeared. the Defiance is always DRAWING BA(K THE VEIL making rumbles about tossing him out Of course. quick buck off his latest invention. the themselves into incredibly dangerous Facade got exactly w hat he w anted. them. situations. and those careful what you wish for.


dealing with the Defiance's sw orn They've got bodyguards. we've got lots more on monsters that popped out of a the way. is going to get an organizations aren't going to be found entire book all to itself. for instance. My team's going to the heroes to do. to run the game. You've got the USING fOES straight dope-or at least part of it-on When you're reading the profiles of what's going on. Delta got connections. the heroes might occasionally run into the fiGHTING fOES lone police officer. The players know how to create their heroes. The leaders of these Prime. you might think to yourself. the rest of these opponents. in a toe-to-toe fight. (HAPTIR IHIRTIIN: IHI USUAL SUSPICTS All right." Well. video game. You even know how the people and creatures in this chapter. we've got that covered too. True enough. mop the floor with them. This should be The same's true of just about any of enough to get you started in your saga. And they're ready and waiting. to face off against. but that's not usually how it goes down. a What's a hero without a villain after delta team is going to make quick work all? of a beat cop or a wiseguy. "These Now all you need is something for guys aren't so bad. but that cop's got The following pages describe seven lots of well-armed friends he can call in different types of extras for the heroes for backup on a moment's notice. They're not but don't worry. scheduled for its own book as well. They're smart. Evil Unlimited is fortress-mansions. and they're not just going Just about every Brave New W orld to stand there and let the heroes beat supplement is going to feature n ew on them. They've got enemies in depth. devoted to walking alone down a dark alley. CROSS pout . Sure. and they've adversaries for your heroes.

the blame. their ears. scrounging 2. search 2 Sears Tower used to Strength: 3d6 stand. It's just PROfiLE the largest. navigation 2. and their toes and fingers are webbed. The Aquarians fighting: club 2. willing to start a civil war over protecting a Tricks: Bull's eye and first move. They can be found nearly all survival: underwater 2 over the planet. are fairly swimming 5. Nightvision: Some of the Aquarians have Can see decided to live up to the terrorist label normally in they've been given by the Crescent Citlf Star. (HAPTER THIRTHH: THE USUAL SUSPECTS AQUARIANS The Defiance isn't the only illegal organization of deltas in the nation. shooting 2. perception 2. delta ±O. with a few notable exceptions. Bravery 1. CROSS puut . group of people who are persecuting them. Most notably. Several double jointed + 1. Breach: With an extra success on a Aquarians look pretty much like normal sw imming roll. up to 20 feet from the water. sense of Aquarians actually live direction +1. They have small gills located just below Gear: None. area These people are apparently deltas who knowledge: Crescent City 1. their eyes are entirely black. Climbing 1. Their throwing 1 stated goal is Size: 5 the founding of Pace: 8 a full-fledged Delta Points: 3 Aquarian city in Quirks: Alert +3. Another notable group calls Smarts: 2d6 itself the Aquarians. rightfully or not. but there's a Speed:3d6 particularly large settlement Dodging 2. Area knowledge: Chicago Bay 2. Chicago Bay. unregistered ±O New Atlantis has been Powers: attacked on more than one Fast occasion by aggressors from Swimmer: Delta Prime. the dark Others argue for peace. ugly -1: there now in an by human underwater village they standards. the Aquarian can leap humans. the Aquarians often take swimming. reclusive. stealth 2 of them living in the Spirit: 2d6 bottom of Chicago Bay. right below where the scrutinize 1. underwater. have the ability to live and breathe language: English 2. call New Atlantis. but they're ha"r dly Water Breathing. public dozen of the identity ±O. When anyone gets Add +20 to killed near Crescent City's Pace when docks. fighting: barehanded 2.

profession: sales are. loot. d riving: personal at least some small corner of it. greedy -2. Some are actually the horrible Smarts: 2d6 criminals that Kennedy would h ave the Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. people n otice. there's no higher Perception 2. Burst Radius: 5). persuasion: percentage of bad deltas than bluff 3. cell and ordnance. Sometimes they've even got Speed:2d6 delusions about ruling the planet-or Dodging 1. reg who have the common aim ±O. (HAPTER THIRTEEN: THI USUAL SUSPECTS EVIL UNLIMITED N ot every unregistered delta is a misunderstood freedom fighter looking to EVIL UNLIMITED SALES REP live free. come in all different flavors. pager. persuasion: charm 4. EU sales reps phone. fighting: that when a delta d ecides to barehanded 2. throwing 1 When a delta criminal Size: 5 needs help. They're all a lot more dangerous than they look. orders and to which they explosive briefcase (Dama ge: relay requests for personnel 10d6+40. Kevlar vest. stealth 1 In short. American people believe all rogue deltas language: English 2. contact organization of loosely +4: Evil Unlimited's board affiliated deltas and regs of directors. mysterious central office hidden Derringer with from which they take their 2 rounds of ammo. go bad. vehicle 2. she knows who to turn to: Evil Unlimited. Delta Points: None EU is an underground Quirks: Arrogant -3. self-confident +2. there are bad people. shooting 3. The ORA. scrutinize 3. Spirit: 4d6 Th e fact is. rounds of armor-piercing Evil Unlimited (AP 10) ammo in spare employees work for a clips.000. palmtop computer. but they share one common trait. They kill. search 2 thou gh. and $2. . and 4 rob . swimming 1. and the fact is Climbing 1. of supplying people who Gear: Colt 2000 and 45 w ant to cause destruction. they're bad people. instantly criminalizes Strength: 2d6 man y deltas. pillage. rape.

semblance of life. all that awaits attackers add +8 to hit the location them is a return to the grave. the shot hits the plate. (HAPTER THIRTEEN: THE USUAL SUSPECTS DIADIRS Since anyone with the delta factor in his genes can become a delta. created by a gadgeteer who search 2 figured out a way to create i! Strength: 4d6 a device that could Climbing 1. the Primers have PROfiLE Smarts: I d6 a saying: "Don't believe someone's dead Area knowledge: Crescent City 2. On a 6. driving: personal vehicle 2. throwing 1 Size: 5 from a central control Pace: 9 unit-which is the actual Delta Points: None gadget-giving a corpse a Quirks: Bloodthirsty -2. until you see the body. stimulate a dead brain with electric pulses sent swimming 1. you . stealth 4 being deceased. a deader can pass for doesn' t have to make human. Their rotting flesh Spirit: 2d6 is a "dead" giveaway. but most readily covered with an armored comply. The chips that give Weaknesses: them life also force them to Chipset: A d eader's chip follow their creator's orders to can be destroyed with a the letter. fighting: club 4. The location is orders. Dodging 4. rollld6. they have to. since if they fail in plate (Armor 10/-). Perception 2. fighting: AI barehanded 4. reg ±O become common knowledge Powers: among the more m orbid Undead: A deaders gadgeteers. Gear: None. Since clumsy -3. scrutinize 1. persuasion: The first deaders were intimidation 4." Even then. If a deader is shot in the head. double-jointed then the technology h as +1. doesn't suffer wound- With a little makeup and effect modifiers and cologne. with a called shot. and their mission. although they can if truly dead when its head is pulped.. though. . They don't tend to stun checks. Speed: 4d6 With deaders. can pretty much count on their shooting 4. It's only talk much. you ~ language: English 2 can't always be sure. Some deaders take single wound to the back of malicious glee in abusing those the head. Tricks: None.


If a hero registers as a delta, she's off to
either Delta Academy or Delta Squadron.
From there, m ost registered deltas move on Smarts: 2d6
to Delta Prime. Area knowled ge: Crescent City 2,
Delta Primers are some of language: English 2, navigation 2,
the m ost feared people tactics 3
on the planet, and Speed:5d6
they're legendary in Dodging 4, flying 4, martial
the United States. The arts: barehanded 5, m artial
appearance of a single arts: club 5,
Primer is enough to martial arts:
strike fear into the blade 5, quick
heart of any Defiant. d raw 3, shooting 5,
Those who tell you sp eed-load 3,
different are either stealth 3
lying or dumb. Spirit: 2d6
Perhaps the most Bravery 3,
feared Primers leadership 2, p erception 4,
are those scru tinize 2, search 2
chosen to Strength: 3d6
wear the Climbing 1, fighting:
DP's barehanded 2, fighting:
legendary club 2, persuasion:
power armor: the interrogation 2,
Armorgeddon suit. persuasion:
The fact is that most intimidation 5,
of the people in the swimming 5, throwing 1
Armorgeddon suits aren 't Size: 6
even deltas. They're highly Pace: 10
trained soldiers m aking use of a Delta Points: None
suit that's m aintained for them by Quirks: Authority +3:
a gadgeteer assigned to them as both Delta Primer, contact
their mechanic and mentor. +3: suit's
gadgeteer, duty
+5: Delta Prime,
reg ±O, tough +2
Gear: Armorgeddon suit: Armor 10 /3,
ad d +5 to Strength rolls, shoulder cannon
(see below ), fly at a Pace of 40.

Rate of Range
Weapon Type Action Ammo Shots Q uickness Fire Increment Damage Cost
Shoulder Cannon Auto .50 50 1 3 5 5d6+ 10 (AP5) -

The people most Defiants are going to
get the most hassles from are the cops on
the beat. These men and women are on the Smarts: 2d6
front lines of Kennedy's "war on Defiance." Area knowledge: Crescent City 4,
They're the first on the scene to language: English 2, language:
investigate any kind of disturbance, Spanish 1, navigation 1, tactics 2
so the heroes are likely going to run Speed: 3d6
into them from time to time. Dodging 2, driving: personal vehicle
For the most part, police 2, shooting 2, stealth 2
officers are just men and Spirit: 3d6
women who believe in Bravery 1, perception 2,
their government and persuasion: bluff 2,
are just doing their leadership 1, persuasion:
jobs the best they can. intimidation 3, scrutinize
Not all of them share 2, search 2, shadowing 3
the sentiment that the Strength: 3d6
only good Defiant is a Climbing 1, fighting:
dead Defiant, but barehanded 2,
given the choice, they fighting: club 2,
tend to err on the side swimming 1,
of shooting first and throwing 1
letting their sergeant ask Size: 5
the questions later. Pace: 8
Smart Defiants do their Delta Points:
best not to face off against None
the police. It's hard enough Quirks: Alert +3, authority + 1:
having to put up with beat cop, duty +3: police
Primers chasing you all dep artment, loyal-3, patron +3:
over town, much less police sergeant, reg ±O
having the cops taking an Gear: Colt 2000 with 15 bullets
active hand. Also, most and 15 armor-piercing (AP 5)
officers are just struggling bullets in a spare clip, riot
to keep the peace, shield (in car), Kevlar vest
something most Defiants (Armor 10/-), nightstick,
should be in favor of. five hand grenades (in
In most cases, you should car), patrol car,
use the police as a goad. If Winchester Defender
you want to pressure the with 14 shells (in car), and a set of
heroes to move along, let h andcuffs.
them hear approaching sirens or have them
get spotted by a beat cop who immediately
reports in on his radio. Most cops are just
ordinary people who don't have much of a
chance against a delta, and they know it.
Their strength is in n um bers, and th ey're
not afraid to use it.


When the President declared martial law
back in 1963, he took a lot of steps to ensure
that he would remain in power. After all, Smarts: 2d6
without popular support, he w as going to Area knowledge: Crescent City 3,
have a hard time maintaining his authority. language: English 2, language: Italian
One of the most important initiatives he 1, tactics 2
took was deciding to work Speed:3d6
with the Mafia rather than Dodging 1, driving:
against it. personal vehicle 2,
With the Cosa Nostra shooting 2, stealth 1
(an d many labor Spirit: 3d6
unions along w ith Perception 2,
it) in Kennedy's persuasion: bluff 2,
pocket, most of persuasion:
America works intimidation 3,
like Chicago u sed scru tinize 2, search 2
to before it was Strength: 3d6
blown off the face Climbing 1, fighting:
of the planet: It's barehanded 2, reg
extremely corrupt ±O, swimming 1,
but oddly efficient- throwing 1
as lon g as you 're on Size: 5
the right side of things. Pace: 8
The Defiance has put Delta Points: None
taking down the mob at Quirks: Du ty +4:
the top of its list. the family, loyal-3,
Defiance leaders have p atron +3: local mob
long suspected the secret boss, reg ±O
connection with the Gear: Colt Python
White House, and if with 12 bullets and
they can prove it, 6 armor-p iercing
they'll strike quite a (AP 5) bullets, a
blow against the big, black car,
President's public and $1,000.
im age.
In the meantime,
the Mafia runs much
. )
of the country lIke a
well-oiled, money-making
machine. Crimelords line their
pockets with profits m ade on drugs,
prostitution, racketeering, construction,
garbage collection, and others of the
seedier facets of modern American life.



It seems that deltas aren't the only Those in the know find the vampires'
strange things in Brave New World. efforts to be "pathetically hip" their
Apparently monsters of myth greatest weakness. By clinging to their
and legend also crop up human egos, they open themselves to
from time to time. Case in all sorts of attacks by those who would
point: the vampire. hunt the hunters of human prey.
Some people claim The truly dangerous vampires
these creatures are are those who've left their
actually just a strange humanity far behind. There's no
form of delta. This theory reasoning with such beasts, and
is supported by the
it's difficult to predict their
supernatural abilities the
vampires display, but no
other deltas have to There's a theory
drink blood in order to that the vampires
survive. Still, there's that have cropped
really no way to be up lately are
sure. actually deltas
Modern who got their
vampires share demented powers
some traits with in the wake of
their mythic the bombs that
ancestors, but destroyed
they've come
Atlanta and San
down out of the
mountains, so to
Francisco. In
speak. They - truth, there is an
cruise large cities unaccountably
at night, looking for very high
fresh blood on concentration
which to feed. of bloodsuckers
Then they in the regions
congregate in around these
all-night dance towns. Of
clubs after course, it's
hours, and by just a theory,
day they sleep in coffins
and there's no
scattered throughout the
city, often in some of the way to prove
most exclusive, high-rent the link.
There's never been
as good a time to be a
vampire-except for
the deltas who hunt
them down.

using their teeth. More than one of the
PROfiLE living dead has been known to carry
Smarts: 2d6 high-caliber pistols for just this kind
Area knowledge: Crescent City 2, of situation.
language: English 2 Sunlight: At the start of every round a
Speed:3d6+5 vampire is exposed to sunlight, he
Dodging 2, shooting I , stealth 3 takes 3d6+5 points of massive
Spirit: 2d6 damage, ignoring his undead ability.
Perception 2, persuasion: seduction 3, Armor does nothing against this.
scrutinize I, search I, shadowing 3 Wood: Wooden weapons ignore the
Strength: 3d6+5 undead power's abilities.
Climbing 5, fighting: barehanded 2, Tricks: Bull's eye and first move.
throwing 1 Vampiric Grapple: With an extra success
Size: 5 on a fighting: barehanded roll, the
Pace: 13 vampire can bite its opponent for
Delta Points: 3 Strength+2 points of damage.
Quirks: Arrogant -3, beautiful +1, Gear: None.
bloodthirsty -2, dark secret - 5: vampire,
heavy sleeper -1
Powers: BAT fORM
Become Mist: With a single action, can Smarts: 2d6
turn to mist or become solid again. Area knowledge: Crescent City 2,
Mesmerize: Add +5 to persuasion: language: English 2
seduction rolls. Speed:4d6+5
Morph: With a single action, the Dodging 4, stealth 3
vampire can become a huge wolf or a Spirit: 2d6
bat or return to human form. Perception 3, scrutinize I, search I,
Nightvision: The vampire can see in shadowing 3
total darkness and ignores lighting Strength: Id6
modifiers. Fighting: barehanded 1
Undead: Don't suffer wound-effect Size: 1
modifiers and don't have to make Flying Pace: 14
stun checks. It's only truly dead when
its head is pulped.
Vampiric Healing: When biting a foe, WOLf fORM
for each wound the vamp ire does, she
Smarts: 2d6
can heal one wound on herself.
Area knowledge: Crescent City 2,
language: English 2, tracking 4
Bloodthirst: The vampire must drink a
living being's blood at least once a
Dodging 3, stealth 5
day. Lower forms of life will do in a
Spirit: 2d6
pinch, but most of these bloodsu ckers
Perception 5, scrutinize I, search 3,
prefer the human vintage.
shadowing 3
Holy Water: Vampires can't stand the
Strength: 3d6+5
stuff. This does Id6+1 damage per
Fighting: barehanded 3
ounce. Large amounts of it do
Size: 5
massive damage.
Pace: 13
Religious Symbols or Garlic: The
vampire can't approach within 1 inch
of these. Of course, these d ays
vampires don't limit themselves to


A ( E H
Absentminded 115 Carrying 142 Enemy 122 Head shots 156
Academia 86 Cautious 118 Energy blast 177 Healer 72, 183
Acrobatics 87 Charging 153 Entangling 167 H ealing 163, 164, 183
Action Charm 103 Escaping 93 Healing disease 183
Holding an Cheap 118 Etiquette 94 Healing factor 184
action 140 Climbing 90 Experience points 193 Healing poison 184
Weapon action 144 Close combat 152 Awarding 201 Heavy sleeper 124
Action roll 83 Close combat Explosives 147 Hefty 124
Actions l38 maneuvers 153 Extra damage 168 Hero
Addiction 115 Clumsy 119 Extra successes 82, 83 Creating a 60
Afterimages 185 Code of honor 119 Extras 83 Heroic 124
Aiming 150 Combat round 137 Hidden 145
Alert 116 Computing 90 Hipshooting 150
Alpha 83 Contact 119 f Hit locations 154
Alpha powers 172 Cover 155 Faith 94 Honest 125
Ambidextrous ll6 Coward 119 Falling 162 Human shields 149
Ammo 144 Crack Shot 182 .F amous 122
Ammunition 189 Crash 165 Fast 173
Archery 87 Crazy 119 Fast healer 184
Archetypes 60 Criminology 91 Fast learner 169 Illiterate 125
Area knowledge 88 Crossroads 51 Fast runner 185 Illness 125
Armor 156, 188 Curious 120 Favor owed 123 Impulsive 126
Improvised 158 Fighting 94 Initiative l38, 203
Layered 157
Armor-piercing o Financing 187
Fine tuning 180
Injuries 203
Interrogation 103
ammo 158 Damage 144, 155 Fire 162 Intimidation 103
Arrogant 116 Barehanded 156 First move 169 Iron jaw 126
Artillery 88 Close combat Flight 178, 180
Arts 88 weapon 156 Flip-toss 173
Assembling a team 198 Ranged weapons 155 Flyer 68, 177
Attacking 143 Dark secret 120 Flying 95 Jinx 175
Authority 116 Death 158 Flying d odge 178
Death wish 120 Foes 213
Defensive bonuses 152 Forgery 95 K
B Defiants 83 Frail 123 Knockback 168
Bad habit ll7 Delta 83, 114 Knockdown 168
Bargainer 66, 174 Delta factor 208 Know the streets 169
Requirements 175 Delta points 193, 201 G
Bargaining 175 Delta Prime 83 Gadget
Battering it down 158 Demolition 91 Creation 179 L
Beautiful ll7 Dependent 120 Maintenance 179 Language 97
Big 181 Destined for Gadgeteer 69, 178 Leadership 98
Bigot ll7 greatness 121 Gad geteering 180 Leaping 142
Blast punch 177 Deviation 148 Gambling 96 Lifting 142
Blaster 67, 177 Diceless traits 58 Gear 61, 123, 187, 189 Light sleeper 126
Blaster attack 177 Dirt slow 181 Getting down 142 Lighting 146
Bloodthirsty 117 Dirty fighting 184 Getting up 142 Lighting modifiers 86
Bluff 103 Disabled 121 Glass jaw 123 Lightning reflexes 185
And gambling 97 Disarming 150, 153 Goliath 70, 180 Line of sight 143
Boating 89 Disasters 82 Grapple 168 Lockpicking 98
Bounce attack 173 Disguise 92 Greedy 123 Loyal 126
Bouncer 65, 173 Dismemberment 158 Guide 83 Lucky 126
Brave 118 Doctor 163 Gullible 124 Lusty 126
Bravery 89 Dodging 92, 154 Gunner 71, 182
Brawny ll8 Double-jointed 122
Brilliant idea 169 Drive-bys 165
Bull's eye 167 Driving 92
Bureaucratics 90 Drowning 161
Burst 146 Durability 165
Burst of speed 178, 185 Duty 122
Bystanders 149


M Q Sidekick 131
Size 59, 142, 145, 156
Totem 175
Delta 176
Make an impression 169 Quick 182 Skeptical 132 Mimic 176
Make it look easy 175 Quick draw 105, 150 Skills 59, 61, 86 Tough 133
Martial arts 99 Quickness 144 Basic 85 Tracking 111
Massive damage 160 Quirks 59, 61, 113, 115 Free 85 Trade 111
Mean 126 Status quirks 114 Modifiers 86 Trait rolls 59
Medicine 99 Recommended 86 Traits 60
Mercy 183
Mimic 100 R Swapping points 86
Sleight of hand 106
Tricks 59, 61, 167
Two weapons 151
And disguise 92, 100 Range increment 144 Slight 132 Two-fisted brawling 154
Money Range increments 152 Slow 132 Two-handed
Starting funds 187 Ranged attack Smack it 180 weapons 149
Moving 141, 142 modifiers 145 Smarts 58
On a held action 141 Ranged combat Smoke 162
Mute 127 attacks 143 Snobby 132 U
Ranged combat Softhearted 132 Ugly 133, 181
maneuvers 150
N Ranged
Speed 58
Speed-load 108, 151
Unlucky 134
Unregistered 114
Navigation 100 weapons 144, 188 Speedster 74, 185 Unskilled rolls 59
New friend 169 Ranges 152 Spirit 58 Useless limbs 158
Rate of fire 144 Sport 108
o Reg 83, 114
Registered 114
Sprinting 141
Squeamish 133 v
Obligation 127 Reloading 151 Stealth 109 Vehicles 164, 189
Obvious 127, 181 Ricochet 168 Stray bullets 149 Turning 164
Off-hand Riding 105 Streetwise 109 Vengeful 134
attacks 151, 154 Rock your world 181 Strength 58 Veteran 134
Old 128 Roleplaying game 199 Strong 173, 184 Voice 134
On a roll 169 Running 105 Stubborn 132 Vow 134
Opposed roUs 82 Running an Shm 159
Ordained 128 adventure 199 Recovering from 160
Rushing an attack 153 StwUlers 160
p Stutter 132 Waking up 163

Pace 59 s Subskills 59, 85
Success 83
Wanted 134
Weapon type 144
Climbing 90 Saga 199 Successes Weapons
Pacifist 128 Savage 130 Automatic 83 Close combat 189
Patron 128 Science 105 Suffocating 161 Improvised 162
Perception 100 Scrapper 73, 184 Superblast 177 Weaponsmith 111
Vs. stealth 109 Scrounging 105 Superjump 181 Wise 135
Performing 101 Scrutinize 106 Superstitious 133 Wiseguy 45, 219
Persuasion 101 Vs. disguise 92 Surprise 137 Wound-effect
Photographic memory Vs. forgery 95 Survival 109 modifiers 159
128 Vs. mimic 100 Swimming 110 Wounds 158
Pierce armor 183 Search 106
Piloting 103 Secret identity 114
Poor 129 Securi ty 106 T y
Poor ears 129 Seduction 103 Tactics 110 Young 135
Poor eyes 129 Self-confident 130 Target numbers 81, 83
Power armor 180 Self-righteous 130 Targets
Power package 61, 171 Sense of direction 130 Multiple 146
Power packages 173 Sense of time 130 Tasks
Making your Shadowing 107 Classifying 139
own 172 Sharp ears 130 Long 139
Powerful 180, 181 Sharp eyes 131 Short 139
Powers 59 Shields 158 Simple 138
Primer 83 Shooting 107, 143 Tatmt 103
Profession 104 Called shots 150 Temper 133
Profiles 202 Shortcuts 202 The natural 169
Prone targets 155 Shotgun slugs 147 Throwing 110
Public identity 114 Shotguns 146 Thrown weapons 151
Pulling a punch 159 Shots 144 Tinkering 111, 179
Pumped up 169 Shrapnel 161


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