Stations for Pharmazing Race
Hidden Items

 One Blister pack of Blue Sky Paracetamol
 *** - ikaw nmn dito donna hahaha

Station One: Pharmaco-loka
Game style: Matching type
Materials involved: Flashcards or any kind of paper with the drug names, brand
names, pharmaceutical class and uses.
The team should match the jumbled 5 drug names to their corresponding brand
names, pharmaceutical classes and uses.

Station Two: PoCHEMon Go!
Game style: Identification
Materials involved: Strips of paper with the chemical formula
The team should pick a chemical formula from the bowl and they should identify the
common name of the chemical. Failure to answer will result for them to stay within
the station for five minutes, making them loose their time.

Station Three: Pharma-oke
The team should perform their corresponding cheers. The first team who are able to
perform properly shall be given a clue to the location of one of the items.

Station Four: Pharmacog-NO SEE
Game style: Pinoy Henyo
Materials involved: 10 plant pictures (5 for common names, 5 for scientific names)
The team should have two representatives for this station. Pictures of various plant
will be placed above the head of one representative, the other would have the
chance to guess the common name or scientific name of the plant.
The challenge would be accomplished if the two representatives would correctly
guess what plant/s is/are being described.

Station Five: Spicy Signa Materials involved: Ilon’s spicy fish crackers The team should eat their corresponding share of the fish crackers. Station 1: AQUI preschool 2: Botanical Garden 3: Chapel Station 4: T-Lobby 5: Dome Station . Below its container is a piece of paper written on it is a signa in latin form. Each team should decipher their corresponding signas to proceed.