What is your assessment about the conditions of NA from the general management

Ans. My assessment towards the conditions of NA management is that it is in very nastiest stage
because there is no management in NA anyone can do whatever they want in NA. Rakesh and
mukesh have already started to initiate the major decisions an also they have got approval from
board members too. In the other hand, Yogesh is conducting informal meetings and persuading
investors to invest in his side. Similarly, Rakesh and Mukesh have presented in very harsh
manner with other board members by mentioning that if they are not interested with the way in
which institution is heading they may quit. Actually they should not react in such a way with the
members because every member are the valuable assets of the organization. Similarly, common
principles and functions are not applicable in NA. Also, the management is falling short to
organize any type of board meetings.

b. Explain the strength and weakness of NA and also describe the possibility of correcting
misunderstanding amongst the three major active organizational participants.

Ans. The strength of NA is:

1. The team is pioneer in the field.
2. There is huge amount of capital

The weaknesses of NA are:

1. Vocal attitude has been creating misunderstanding
2. Rareness of operation level and board meetings
3. Violation of authority and responsibility is common

Vocal attitude is letting the institution in the state of confusion and also towards the uncertainty
further more due to this communication breakdown has been also common. So, if all the three
major participants of the institution are able to wipe out the vocal attitude problem then I deem
that the misunderstanding lifted over there can be corrected.

c. What do you think as the major factors contributing the uncongealed environment at NA
putting the institution fate in serious danger? What rescue measures do you suggest to
deal with the situation and save institution

Ans. There are lots of factors that are contributing the uncongenial environment at NA like the
very first one is the vocal attitude due to which all the three members are in state of confusion
and also breakdown in communication too Also, operation level and board meetings are rare.
Furthermore, common functions and functions of management are faded away. In addition,
violation of authority and responsibility is also common in NA.

If above raised problem can be controlled by NA then it will be a rescue measure to deal with
the situation and save institution.

Rakesh and Mukesh should not bring their ego problem in the business and make the issue raised by Yogesh as trivial. Mukesh and Yogesh in the given situation of NA. Yogesh should not run the coaching classes alone by taking the name of NA. in NA operation level and board meetings are near to extinction so. My advice to Rakesh . Similarly. What would your advice to Rakesh. In contrast to. Mukesh and Yogesh are that at the very first there should be trust building environment between them because after reading this case I came in a wrap up that there is no mutual sympathetic between these people. it should be done in regular manner. Similarly. d. . Furthermore. Ans. functions of management are limited only in theory in NA so it should be practically applied.