Maro/Agawang Base/Stealing Base

Agawan Base, One of my Favorite Traditional Game in 80's

Agawan base is another traditional games in Philippines that is so popular
from the past 2-3 decades. In our old school in Elementary, these game is
one of our favorite, especially the boys. We are playing this game starting
Grade1 up to Grade 6 during break time and after class.

The mechanics is easy and better if you are many players for each teams.
There are two teams assigned for each base. The base we used before is a
flat stone, this stone is approximately five to ten inches in diameter and we
typically placed at the bottom of tree's trunk or side of a wall. The distance
between two bases is good for about thirty to fifty meters for better
allowance and mobilization. The goal of each team is to tag the other team's
base using their feet, then shouting "base!!!". It is usual practice to guard
your base by one to two person while other players of your team are running
to tagged opponent players or their base. The technique in this game is to
attract opponent players to run for you and attempt to tag you while you are
trying to make close in their base for a possible tag, same idea with other
member of your team so your opponent base will be left less guarded and an
opportunity for your team to make a tag. Take note that the penalty of being
tagged is you will become prisoner of the other team. Increasing your
prisoners is a technique also to minimize the guard of your opponents’ base,
but on the other side it will become disadvantage because all prisoners will
link each other using their hand or feet connected to make short distance
from your base waiting for rescue from their team. The decision which one
wins will be based on the score of tagged for each other’s base. Sometimes
there is a possibility that both teams has no score because time is short or
due to a better defense for each base against the tagger. Typically we played
this game minimum of thirty minutes to one hour with five to ten players for
each team until every one are tired enough to run.

Ate Thuts para mas lalo mong maintindihan. Huehue

The participants are divided into two teams with equal number of members.
The objective of the game is for one team to try and capture the base of the
other by reaching the other's home base first and tagging a pre-decided item
(e.g. a tree trunk, a rock, etc.) symbolizing the opposite team’s home base
without getting tagged by the defending members of the opposite team. A
safety line is drawn between the two teams.

Grassy area is also an ideal place to play this game in. You can use a pair ofmulti-surface bases used for standard games.A member of an opposing team who crosses the safety line into the territory of the other team can be chased and tagged by the team that owns that base. one just need to step on it. Agawan Base can beplayed together by children and adults. or towel.without being tagged. chasing. The more players the merrier. at least. If the attacker gets tagged before he or she manages to get back to his or her safety zone or home base. the team losses.and accidental falling is inevitable.html http://www.scribd. The bases is usually marked by digging a shallow AGAWAN BASE Agawan Base literally means "capturing base".Each team has a base to protect from capturing or seizing.globalpinoy. It is played by two teams with a minimum of 3 players for each team.php? postid=4d3fc0adcd4df&channelName=4d3fc0adcd4df https://www. oranything to it to make the base visible to the all players. It is sort of a war-like game. The two bases should be at least tento fifteen meters apart. The game ends when a member of an opposing team manages to tag the symbol of the other team or when all the members of one team are captured by the other team.blogspot. This game isusually played on the beach since this game involves running. He or she can be rescued by a teammate when tagged without the teammate getting tagged by the guard or one of the defenders of the opposing team. or touch it.topics. It will be less traumatic if the player falls onthe sand. or shirt. he or she becomes a prisoner of the opposite team. one guard http://noypicollections. Each base must have. about 10” in diameter and place something like beach sandals. leaving their home base free for the opposite team to attack and . . Once the base iscaptured.To capture the opponent's base.v1/viewtopic. or tagging.

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