Interactive Learning Activities

Website’s Website’s URL Description of the Interactive
Name Learning Activity Learning Coins for Kindergarten
students. The students drag the
coins into the correct treasure
chest with the correct value price.
If selected wrong, there are tips on
how to make it correct. There are
different levels of difficulty.
Funbrain Jr. Balloon Blow-Up for Kindergarten
A Fun Place to students. The student selects the
Learn balloon that has the most numbers
of bears. It encourages students to
count and know the value of
numbers. There are hints available
for the students. Fish Bowl Addition for students.
addition/ Students read a word problem and
drag the appropriate number of fish
in the each fish bowl. Then the
students are asked to select the
total number of fish in both fish
bowls. There are hints available.
PBS Kids Curious George: Count Your
Chickens is a great math game to
teach kids how to count objects in
a fun, unique way. The students are
asked to count how many chicken
are in the pen. There are hints
available and explanations if the
child gets the question incorrect.
National National Geographic Kids: Photo
Geographic Ark Ear Memory. This memory
Kids games makes kids look closely at
individual pictures of animals and
their ears. They are to match the
correct ear with the correct animal
picture. There are different levels of
Funbrain Fun Brain Ball Hogs: is a
multiplication game to test children
on how fast they know their
multiplication facts. This website
has different levels for each game
for math. They more games played
and won, children can move up in
Math Math Playground: Alien addition
Playground html teaches addition facts. There are
different levels of difficulty. The
goal of the game is to correctly
identify the addition problem to the
solution before the alien attacks. It
is a very interactive game. Math-Play: adding integers balloon Game.html game allows children to practice
adding integers. There are different
levels and hints available. The goal
is to collect as many points by
correctly selecting the correct
answer to addition problem.
Maps101 Maps101: Interactive State Names
.php Quiz. Children correctly select the
image of a US state when the name
appears on the screen. There are
skips and hints available. KidsSpell: Missing Letter Match.
letter.php Children drag letters to words with
a missing letter, to correctly form
words. There are differently levels
and word lists that teachers can
insert into the game, to allow
students to spell their current
spelling words for the week.