2013 OFFROAD 110/110L
The biggest challenge in enjoying the KLX110
or KLX110L’s amazing off-road capabilities
is figuring out who’s going to ride it first—
because its compact dimensions, simple-to-
use features, and choice of 2 models were
designed for a wide range of beginning riders
aged 13 and up. With kid-sized hand controls
and an adjustable throttle limiter for safety,
the KLX110 is the perfect learning tool.

1 Air-cooled, 4-stroke 112cc engine pumps
out plenty of responsive low-rpm torque.
2 Push-button electric start
3 Single rear shock with triangular
swingarm offers smooth rear wheel
travel over rough terrain and increased
bottoming performance.
4a Clutchless shifting on the smaller KLX110.
Safety features and parental controls
Smooth-shifting 4-speed transmission
1 2 3
4b Manual clutch enables sportier riding for
those wishing to enjoy greater control.
Longer-travel suspension offers increased
handling performance and increased
rough-road capability.
2” higher ground clearance and seat
height with the 110L
4a 4b

For more information
visit kawasaki.ca/13klx110

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