Starters Salads

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Bruschetta Vermicelli Rice Noodle Salad
Toasted maltese bread with chopped Gluten free rice noodles, prawns, mange tout,
tomatoes, onions, olives, basil and balsamic edamame beans, carrots, cucumber,
€2.40 ginger, coriander wakame seasweed
& our coconut lime dressing
Chicken Satay Skewers
Chicken Satay Skewers
served with a peanut sauce Protein Booster Chicken Salad
€4.50 Slow cooked sous-vide chicken breast,
avocado, mixed salad leaves, quinoa,
almonds, egg & our speciality
Vietnamese Spring Rolls honey mustard dressing
Freshly rolled spring rolls filled with vermicelli €9.45
rice noodles, crunchy vegetables and herbs
served with a dipping sauce
€3.90 Quinoa Salad
Mixed red & white quinoa, oven roasted
vegetables, chopped almonds, pumpkin &
Chicken & Vegetable sesame seeds, topped with feta cheese, nibbed
Steamed Gyoza almonds & a creamy lemon dressing
Served with dipping sauce €8.95

Middle Eastern Salad
Deep fried Maltese Gbejniet With falafel balls, tabboulegh, roasted
Local Maltese Gbejna (peppered goats vegetables, feta cheese, cucumber sticks,
cheeselets) served on a bed of rucola with hummus, fresh herbs
homemade mixed berry chutney on the side & a creamy lemon dressing
€4.50 €8.95

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Falafel Burger Yasai Teriyaki
handmade falafel patty in a brioche bun Egg noodles, mange tout, red peppers,
with feta, cucumber, mixed salad leaves ginger, garlic, broccoli & tossed
and a yogurt mint dressing in our speciality teriyaki sauce garnished with
€9.50 sesame seeds & coriander

Vegetarian €8.95 Chicken €10.95
Beet & Quinoa Burger Beef €12.95
Smoked black bean, quinoa & beetroot patty
in a brioche bun served with melted brie,
caramelized onions, mixed salad leaves Thai Green Chicken Curry
& our homemade chilli jam. Classic green Thai chicken curry sauce
€9.50 with chicken, fragrant rice & garnished
with fresh herbs & black sesame seeds
Chicken Breast Burger
Homemade chicken fillet patty in a toasted bun
with mixed salad leaves & homemade slaw Prawn Soba Noodles
€10.95 Buckwheat noodles, prawns, mange tout,
edamame beans & spring onions
wok fried with a lime, ginger & soy sauce
Mini Angus Beef Burgers €11.95
A Trio of Angus beef patty sliders:
Mustard & pickle, Caramelized Onion & BBQ
sauce, Goats Cheese & Chilli Jam Thai Prawn Fried Rice
€11.95 Fragrant spicy rice dish wok fried to
BURGERS SERVED WITH HAND CUT order served with prawns, broccoli,
SWEET POTATO FRIES OR SPICEY WEDGES mange tout & fried onions

Mediterranean platter
Sundried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, bruschetta, hummus, deep fried Gozo peppered
cheeselets with mixed berry chutney, caprese skewers, salami and handmade falafel balls

Asian platter
Vermicelli rice noodles, beef teriyaki in wonton baskets, steamed chicken & vegetable gyoza,
Vietnamese spring rolls, chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce & prawn lollipops with dipping

G A N €24.50


whole oranges & lemon Protein Charge Banana.50 SMOOTHIE SORBETS Served With Fruit. cinnamon. spinach. CLASSIC FRUIT SMOOTHIES Served with Fruit. Fruit Sorbet & Ice Mango Five Strawberry.80 Regular: €4. banana. lemon. natural yogurt & whey protein Purple Power Blueberries. lemon. banana Red Rush Cherries. lemon & celery Green Alkaline Juice Freshly squeezed cucumber. pineapple. strawberry. papaya Kids: €3. Juice. banana. raspberries. honey WITH Banana Boost RVED SE RAL Banana. Juice. milk. strawberries. pineapple Breakfast to Go Strawberry. natural yogurt & whey protein Liquid Lunch Banana. muesli. lemon. carrot. mango Kids: €3. oats. blueberries. spinach. raspberry. mango. milk.80 Regular: €4. banana. pomegranate. apple & orange (with ginger on request) Hangover Booster Freshly squeezed orange.95 Large: €5. mango. raspberries. avocado. strawberries. apple. Pineapple & Coconut NATUURT Peaches & Cream YOG Peaches. juiced apples & banana Regular: €4. pineapple.60 Large: €4. banana. pink grapefruit & juiced apples SOY E WITH MILK Raw Detox Whole apples.20 Large: €4. milk. banana.50 WINTER FRESH JUICES Freshly Squeezed Fruits & Juices Flu Fighter Freshly squeezed carrot. coconut. blueberries. apple Mango Mania S q u e e z e Mango. apple Tropical Paradise Banana. sorbet & whey protein Berry Recovery Juiced apples. orange & chai seeds NEW VitaBeet Juiced beetroot. ginger. natural salts & electrolytes Strawberry Energy Strawberries. cranberry Yellow Berry Mango. pear & freshly squeezed apples NEW Pear Protector Whole fresh pear. oats. banana. banana & natural yogurt Regular: €4.95 Fr e s h SUPER JUICES Vegetable Juices & Protein Shakes PRO DRIN TEIN AVA KS AL u it ILAB SO Fr NEW Fat Burner L Celery. peanut butter.20 Large: €4. blueberries. raspberries Lemon Buzz Pineapple.45 . blueberries C old Summer Fruit Sorbie Strawberries. natural yogurt. banana Berry Nice Strawberries. Frozen Yogurt & Ice l y Strawberry Swirl h rF es d Strawberry. banana. cranberry Pomeegreat Ser ved Pineapple. papaya. strawberry. milk. juiced carrot.

apple Pomeegreat Pineapple. lemon. pomegranate. apple & orange Celery. lemon. strawberries. apple. avocado. CLASSIC FRUIT SMOOTHIES Served With Fruit. banana Mango Mania Red Rush Mango. muesli.40 Made with whole. & toffee & banana vanilla ice cream caramel & panna ALL SHAKES €3.80 Regular: €4. milk. cranberry Tropical Paradise Banana. blueberries.50 PR DRIN OTEIN WINTER FRESH JUICES Freshly Squeezed Fruits & Juices SUPER JUICES Vegetable Juices & Protein Shakes AVA KS AL ILAB SOY LE W SO MILK ITH Flu Fighter NEW Fat Burner Protein Charge Freshly squeezed carrot. banana. banana. peanut butter. skimmed or soy milk & vanilla ice cream Choconana Banoffee Peanut Butter Shake StrawOreo Oreo Shake Ice Coffee Frappe Chocolate & banana Banana. Frozen Yogurt & Ice SMOOTHIE SORBETS Served With Fruit. honey Summer Fruit Sorbie WITH ED SERV URAL Banana Boost Strawberries. oats. whey protein natural salts & electrolytes orange & chai seeds Berry Recovery NEW Pear Protector NEW VitaBeet Juiced apples. Banana. hazelnuts.80 Regular: €4. natural yogurt & whey protein pear & freshly squeezed apples lemon & celery Purple Power Hangover Booster Green Alkaline Juice Blueberries. milk & Espresso shot. natural yogurt. raspberries. banana. spinach. carrot. cinnamon.60 Large: €4. raspberries NAT URT Banana. walnuts.20 Large: €4. milk. pineapple Yellow Berry Mango. strawberries. banana Cherries. coconut. cookies & panna . pineapple. mango Kids: €3. sorbet & strawberry. banana. milk.80 ADD EXTRAS & TOPPINGS: Almonds. mango. Banana. ½ banana & natural yogurt whole oranges & lemon juiced apples & banana Regular: €4. blueberries. apple Strawberry. banana. banana. banana. Freshly squeezed cucumber. Juiced beetroot. strawberry. Whole fresh pear.95 Large: €5.95 Regular: €4. (with ginger on request) pink grapefruit & juiced apples natural yogurt & whey protein Strawberry Energy Raw Detox Liquid Lunch Whole apples. blueberries Breakfast to Go Strawberry. papaya. pineapple. spinach. lemon. papaya Peaches. Juice. Fruit Sorbet & Ice Strawberry Swirl Mango Five Strawberry. raspberry. ginger. cranberry Berry Nice Strawberries. Freshly squeezed orange. blueberries.50 Kids: €3. milk. raspberries. mango. Juice. juiced carrot.20 Large: €4. digestive biscuit Peanut butter Strawberry & Oreos Oreo. oats. Strawberries. granola. muesli. Pineapple & Coconut YOG Lemon Buzz Peaches & Cream Pineapple.