G3 Equipment Guide - LoFlo

Plug & Play Capnography for Alice PSG Technical Training


Capnography is: • Needed for pediatric studies • Useful in diagnosis of complex patients – Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome – COPD – Cheyne-Stokes Breathing 3 .

• Pediatric sleep study codes coming 4 .But what’s so great about kids? • Studies with Capnography are a safe harbor from HST.

…and we’ve made it simple as a USB plug 5 .

Alice LoFlo USB cable. sampling line 10 pk. and cannulas) 6 .00 (LoFlo. LoFlo starter kit $2.795. Pricing 1101087 Alice.

Setting up LoFlo for Alice 77 .

System Requirements • Alice 6 PSG system • Sleepware G3 v3.3.1 or higher • Alice 6 firmware R6 or higher • Coming to Alice 5/LE w/ G3 this Summer 8 .

Connecting LoFlo to Alice 9 .

• Open General Settings from Sleepware 10 .

• Choose a Configuration to edit 11 .

• Click the insert arrow at the bottom of the channel list. 12 .

and then click the Select button.• In the Select Input Type window. click on LoFlo. 13 . scroll to the bottom of the Channel Type list.

• Choose CO2 from the submenu then enter a channel label name and click the OK button. 14 .

Repeat for EtCO2 channel. 15 .• Enter custom name for channel label if desired.

• Go to the General Settings page of the Base Station and enter Elevation 16 .

Using the LoFlo sensor with Sleepware G3 17 .

Starting an Acquisition • Start an acquisition normally. • If there is a LoFlo channel in the configuration. 18 . the device button will show “Starting Acquisition” and turn orange.

• Device button will remain orange and the message will read “LoFlo Warming Up”. Warming up • Once the acquisition is running. 19 . the LoFlo takes 30-60 seconds to warm up.

• Device button will remain orange and the message will read “LoFlo Zeroing”. • This takes another 30-60 seconds. it is zeroed. Zeroing • After the LoFlo is warmed up. 20 .

21 . Normal • Once the LoFlo has been successfully zeroed. • At this time. the tubing between the LoFlo and the cannula should be connected. the device button will turn blue. • Message will be standard “Running” with the duration shown.

Warnings • Device button will turn orange. • There are two possible “warning” states: – LoFlo Zero Required • Disconnect tubing between cannula and LoFlo • Manually zero the LoFlo from the Device menu 22 .

Warnings • Warning states – Numeric warning • Consult online help (next slide) 23 .

Online Help 24 .

orderly flow of high & low CO2 concentration samples Minimal dead air space 25 . Not our typical cannula! Nice.

Not our typical cannula! Turbulence causes high and low CO2 samples to mix Too much dead air space 26 .

• Use LoFlo specific Pro-Flow cannulas – Matching of luers important for sharp wave forms • LoFlo signals will be 3 to 5 seconds behind – Nature of side stream monitoring • Gas must travel from nose to device • After updating a Base to R6. make sure to reboot. 27 .

Advantages • Simple USB connection • No DC channel calibration • No calibration gas • Controlled inside Sleepware • Small form factor • No alarms in patient room • Great price 28 .

29 .