Katherine (Kelli) Tarvyd

EDEL 774
Dr. Hendricks

Ethical Plan
Problem Statement:
Through anecdotal discussions with the CCHS and CCMS administrative staffs and through
informal conversations with staff, concerns regarding freshmen preparedness for high school has
been identified.
There is a need to study appropriate interventions for freshmen high school students to support
them in completing their A-G requirements and graduating on time.
Purpose Statement:
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Team 9 Intervention Program at
Culver City High School. Qualitative data in the forms of surveys and interviews will be
conducted. Quantitative data, such as student grades and course passage rates, will be used to
evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
Breakthrough Question:
How might we provide appropriate interventions in the 9th grade to support students in
completing their A-G requirements and graduating on time?

Step 1: What are your Per Board Policy, CCUSD accepts 4 major
district’s/organization’s research policies? research projects per school year. PAR is not
considered a major research project.
Step 2: What permission(s) are needed for To conduct a PAR study at Culver City High
you to lead/conduct your PAR study and School, I will discuss the project with my
from whom? Principal and have the project approved by
her. As it will not be a published study, it
will not need to be approved by the district or
Board of Education.
Step 3: What informed consent will be I need the informed consent of the Principal
needed and how will you solicit informed of Culver City High School.
Step 4: How will you protect subject Student surveys will be seen by me and the
identity? results will be reported out to the Team.

Parent surveys will be seen by me and the
results will be reported out to the Team.
Staff interviews will be completed in a group
setting with additional information be elicited
on an individual basis. Any information not
shared in the group setting will be shared out
to the Team while protecting the source.
Step 5: How will you minimize any potential This PAR will focus on interventions needed
risks to subjects? to assist freshmen in achieving, hence I do
not foresee any potential risks.
Step 6: How will you maintain I will be the person collecting and analyzing
confidentiality? the results of the surveys. Aggregated results
will be shared with the team protecting
individual feedback. Hence, confidentiality
will be safeguarded.
Step 7: How will you ensure that your Qualitative data from surveys and interviews
research techniques are as valid and rigorous will be used as well as quantitative data from
as possible? grade changes from 8th grade to 9th grade. A
rating scale will be used for some surveys.
As changes are made to Team 9, the results
will be used to measure their impact and the
results of the research. Triangulation of the
data will occur throughout the PAR project.
Step 8: How will you maintain honesty and My critical friends, which will include my
avoid bias? Principal and two assistant principals, will
provide constructive feedback to me through
my PAR process. Two of them have
completed their doctorates and the third one
is in the process of completing his doctorate.
Therefore, they are familiar with PAR
projects, the process, the school and the
program I will evaluate.
Step 9: How will your study potentially add Currently, the school is not formally tracking
to existing knowledge and benefit others? the success of its Team 9 program. This study
will provide me the opportunity to analyze
the program to determine its benefits to the
students and school and help identify needs to
support the students. This PAR study will
benefit current and future students by
strengthening the program to support students
so they can complete the A-G requirements
with 4 years and graduate in a timely matter.