February 2, 2016

Shut Down the Black Market!
We should fight crime not law abiding gun owners. This can be
done by the elimination of the illegal gun-blackmarket, not the
In order to solve gun violence, there should be no more
gun regulations on legal guns, but on the illegal-gun
blackmarket. Due to the fact, that 97% of gun related
crime is done with the use of illegally purchased guns.

Alongside this, New York City and Chicago have the
strongest gun regulations, yet these two cities witness
more shootings than all the least regulated states.

Therefore restricting the purchase of guns or increasing
background checks, will not prevent crime or gun
shootings in any way whatsoever. Instead the government
should focus on trying to prevent illegal gun dealers from
selling their weapons.

Although I am not a very pro gun individual, but due to
our 2nd Amendment right; I believe that people should be
allowed to freely own guns. Yet, whenever more
February 2, 2016

regulations and more background checks take place,
much discrimination takes place. These checks will not be
placed on White, Black, or Latino people, but instead on
Middle Eastern/South Asian people. As a majority of
terrorism comes from individuals of Islamic descent,
usually with connection from the three Shia republics (Iran,
Afghanistan, or Pakistan).

But if individuals of Middle Eastern/South Asian descent,
including my home country(India), are citizens of the US,
they should be allowed to purchase guns, as the right is
provided to them by the 2nd Amendment. Although they
are continually put on the terror watch list and be
discriminated against.

Yet despite their preaching of racial equality, no Democrat
will try to solve this, instead they would continue to get
votes by yelling discrimination. What is even more odd is
that even though Republicans want to protect our
constitutional right, the only candidate to own a gun is
Socialist Bernie Sanders. This belief about how
Republicans are all gun loving criminals is all a fallacy, as
none of the current GOP candidates own guns. But they
apart from Trump, push for fewer government regulations
on our constitutional right funded by the NRA, leading
them to

Which only proves that our government is becoming more
flawed when it continues to raise regulations, and
preventing us citizens from practicing our 2nd
Amendment right.

All levels of discrimination and crime can be avoided, if
the government limit the levels of regulation held on

The government should solve problems of black market
gun sales and help prevent illegal immigrants or mentally
suspicious individuals from coming into the country. If this
is prevented then all other problems can be solved.
February 2, 2016

But the establishment of these new regulations would only
give government more power, and lead them to try to
make decisions on behalf of we individuals.

Although guns are bad, it is our right to have them if
legally purchased. But when 97% of the gun shootings that
take place happen with illegally purchased guns, it is our
governments job to try to solve the black gun market and
not harm legal gun owners.