The Future Death of the Republican and

Democratic Parties

By Prateek Patel

Whenever you think of US politics, you either see the elephant or
the donkey. These two symbols represent the two major corrupt
powerhouses that control America, the Republican and the
Democratic Party. But I project in the next 20 years; the
Libertarian and Socialist Party will replace these parties.

The Establishment Rhinos and the Lobbyist Controlled/Well Fed
Democrats currently warm the seats of the Capitol and White
House. However another scene has developed in our country and
the government. This phenomenon is the rise of the young
millennials and the gradual takeover of the Tea Party.
As a young Liberty leaning North Carolina Republican, I have
interned and campaigned with the Republican Party and
Libertarian affiliates. But time has changed everything and the new
thought process controls the air. The socially liberal and fiscally
conservative millennial generation is fighting with the socially
liberal environmental reformist millennial generation for absolute

On one side stand the Libertarians made up of leaders like Rand
Paul, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson. On the other side stands the
Socialist Environmentalist Faction made up of: Ralph Nader,
Bernie Sanders, Al Gore, and Jill Stein.

But one thing is certain, Social Conservatism is dead and the era of
Agnostic Libertarianism has begun to rise. The younger generation
does not care about whether you are married to the same sex or
whether you smoke marijuana. However the differences between
the two factions lie among Constitutional interpretation and sheer
Fiscal Economics.

The Libertarians want to eliminate NSA searches, push for absolute
gun rights, legalize all drugs, promote free trade, and want to
abolish the IRS. Borderline Anarchy! A fresh start I guess. But they
push for transparency and want to make the people more involved
in the government process. They may be more liberal than
Democrats to some degree, but are business minded Republicans.
They want to reduce taxes creating a sales tax and fight to prevent
a minimum wage increase. They believe a higher income tax or a
minimum wage hike can depress the economy and halt
entrepreneurial activity.

While the Socialists want to raise the minimum wage to $15 and
increase the income and property tax rates. Along with this, they
want to legalize marijuana, make cigarettes illegal, eliminate guns,
and increase welfare payments in our country. Including this they
want to raise regulations on businesses, make institutions publicly
funded, while creating a more utopian green environment.
These parties are polar opposites and antagonize one another. This
is the battle between privatization and public domain. And the
younger generation is either one or the other.

Society is changing and the young generation is at the crux of it.
Social conservatism and fiscal liberalism are both slowly waning.
Morals and religion have no place in politics. And nothing shows
this more than the rise of these two political ideologies.
Libertarians and Socialist Reformists will continue to fight to
transform their country’s identity. Yet similar to now, neither party
will be absolutely correct in the future. However change is
inevitable and will be fruitful to the 21st Century society.
So say bye-bye to the Clinton’s, Boehner’s, and Bush’s and
welcome the new era. The era of Modern Politics.