College of Nursing and Allied MedicalSciences

2nd Semester SY 2015-2016
NCM 100 Schedule
LECTURE: BSN 1-1(Mon 4pm-6pm), BSN 1-2 (Th 8am-11am), BSN 1-3 (Mon 1pm-4pm)
SKILLS LAB: 1-1 (Th 1pm-7pm)

Wk Date Day Time Topic Room Faculty
Orientation & Tour in Nursing Laboratories
Nursing as a Profession:
 Profession
o Definition (specialized education, body of knowledge, ethics,
o Criteria
 Nursing
1 o Definition
o Characteristics
o Focus: human response
o Personal and professional qualities of a nurse
Skills Laboratory:
 Asepsis
 Lecture & demonstration: Medical hand washing
o Open gloving
Nursing as a Profession:
 History of Nursing in the world
 History of nursing in the Philippines
 History of nursing of own nursing school
 Development of modern nursing
 Carpers four patterns of knowing (nursing science, nursing ethics, nursing
esthetics, personal knowledge)
Skills Laboratory:
 Return demonstration: hand washing & open gloving

Skills Laboratory:
 Lecture & demonstration: vital signs taking
o Temperature taking
o Respiratory rate taking
o Pulse rate taking
o BP taking
3 Nursing as a Profession:
 Professional Nursing practice
o RA 9173 – scope of nursing practice
o Roles and responsibilities of a professional nurse

o Code of ethics for nurses o Bill of rights Skills Laboratory: NAL  Physical assessment  General survey  Interviewing skills Nursing as a Profession:  Professional/ legal/ moral responsibilities and accountabilities  Different fields in nursing 4  Discuss a session with invited nurses from different fields of specialization Skills Laboratory: NAL Lecture demonstration: bed bath & hair shampoo Nursing as a Science:  Definition of terms  Nursing process a method/approach in care and caring  Phases of Nursing process  Nursing process in relation to problem solving and scientific method of inquiry  Health and Illness o Definition of terms 5  Health-illness continuum o Dimensions of wellness and illness  Stages of Wellness and Illness  Levels of prevention  Levels of care Skills Laboratory: NAL  Return demonstration: bed bath & hair shampoo Nursing as a Science:  Basic intervention in maintenance of: o Healthy lifestyle o Oxygenation o Temperature regulation 6 o Fluid and electrolyte balance Skills Laboratory: Lecture & demonstration: NAL  Bed making: occupied and unoccupied Feb 16-20 Foundation Week Feb 24-26 PRELIMS 7 Prelims 8 Nursing as a Science:  Basic intervention in maintenance of: o Elimination o Nutrition with BMI computation o Mobility and exercise .

security and privacy  Psychosocial and spiritual concerns o Concepts of grief and grieving  Theories of grief and grieving  Stages of grief and grieving 9  Role of the Nurse in grief and grieving Skills Laboratory: Lecture :  Hygiene and comfort measures  Use of side rails  ROM and body mechanics  Backrub & massage Nursing as a Science:  Concepts of death o Caring for the terminally ill patients o Relating with the family of the terminally ill patients/dying o Care of the dead  Physical care 11  Spiritual care  Legal/ethical responsibilities Skills Laboratory: NAL Lecture & demonstration:  Positioning  Turning & transfer  Draping Nursing as a Science:  Communication skills: o Effective communication o Components of communication o Criteria of effective communication 12 o Guidelines for active. and effective listening o Guidelines for use of touch o Developmental consideration in communication o Communicating with people who are physically challenged. and aggressive persons MIDTERMS Lecture and Skills laboratory 13 Nursing as an Art: . cognitively challenged. o Hygiene and comfort Skills Laboratory: NAL Return demonstration: bed making Nursing as a Science:  Basic intervention in maintenance of: o Safety.

 Therapeutic communication:  Definition therapeutic communication  Purpose of therapeutic communication  Types of therapeutic communication Skills Laboratory:  Medication and measurement  Intake and output NAL  Charting  Documentation Skills Laboratory:  Emergency baptism NAL  Post mortem care Nursing as an Art:  Why is nursing an art?  Concepts related to the nursing as an art 15  Self awareness/concepts (Who am I?)  Self enhancement (How do I become a better person?) Nursing as an Art:  Caring: an integral component of nursing 16  Nurse-client relationship  Focus of nursing Talk of nurses in different fields of specialization in nursing Nursing as an Art:  Trans-cultural therapeutic communication o Definition of terms 17 Guidelines used in trans-cultural therapeutic communication Skills Laboratory: NAL Lecture: BSE & TSE  completion of requirements and return demonstrations Mon Final Examination 18 Tue Final Examination Wed Final Examination Prepared by: Carissa Balaria. CONAMS . RN MAN Faculty Member.