Real Change in Politics

By Prateek Patel

The only reason that our government holds any form of
power is because of the people. Without the will of the
people, every government including that of the United
States is illegitimate. Our government’s role must be to
protect us, watch over us, and represent our interests. Yet
they only have this ability, when the people have adequate
knowledge on the actions they pursue on behalf of the

So if they do their job in an un-transparent manner without
informing us of their actions, then they are doing a
disservice to- we the citizens. We are the people that make
and break the government, and its public officials are our

Keep in mind, when an individual is elected to represent
the people, they are now subject to the will of the people,
and are now required to be transparent about their
personal and professional life. This is a result of the fact that
every elected official upon election is now considered a
servant of the people.

So we must watch over them and inspect them as fellow
citizens. The government may be responsible for watching
over our security, but we must also make sure that they do
their job most effectively.

Yet, our nation’s people are lazy despite having all the
access in the world. Our government officials may be un-
transparent with the IRS, the NSA, and how our nation
makes decisions dealing with the budget, the environment,
and the military. But we have the ability to elect our
representatives, and whatever the actions of our
representatives, they are always accountable to us.
Although when something goes wrong we tend to blame
the government, but no one wants to assume the
responsibility of becoming a public servant. All you have to
do is analyze the Congressional Approval Rate and the
Incumbency Rate, to know this fact.

With more regulations and departments, our government
grows more and more in-effective hurting the middle class
and creating greater rates in poverty. Welfare, rising
minimum wage rates, higher cigarette taxes, a larger/more
corrupt IRS, higher technological production and even an
increased number of illegal immigrants, not only suppress
the poor but also the growing middle class.

Our government officials barring the Tea Party do not riot
and push for change- they are all lazy and corrupt. We
need change, but we got to work for it. If we complain
about everything, but do not take a stand- we are as
incompetent as our leaders. We can produce change, and
take every effort to increase our social and economic
growth. But we have to take an effort to do this, and not
remain idle yellers. We are the greatest nation in the world,
because we are made of riots that strive for innovation and

Yet when one riot like Ron Paul stirs up so many ruckuses,
the government makes every effort to shut him down. This
shows that we need more public servants like Ron Paul, as
they make our nation great and our government effective.

Change is possible, but only when the focus is put on the
individual and not on the government to bring this change.
Our lives do not rely on our government, as we are the
reason the government holds any value. The country does
not owe the people anything, but we people need to make
our country better than before.