Pipeline Systems
BTC Lot C, near Ceyhan, Turkey

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Pipeline Systems
Q Fields of Expertise Q ILF Services

Pipelines in challenging terrain and ILF provides all services required for the
environment, onshore and offshore successful implementation of pipeline
System design and hydraulic modelling system projects. These services include:
of complex pipeline systems  Overall transportation modelling,
All kind of pipeline stations and pipeline system optimization
facilities (pump/compressor stations,  Corridor selection, centerline definition
Arctic conditions metering stations, pressure reduction and Right of Way acquisition
stations, pigging stations, line valve  Environmental and Social Impact
stations, terminals and tank farms) Assessment
ILF ranked #12 in the category  Conceptual design, Basic engineering/
„Pipelines“ (Source: ENR 2014 - Top FEED, detailed engineering, studies,
International Design Firms)“, worldwide technical due diligence
 EPCM incl. procurement, construction
Q Highlights and commissioning management
 Extreme terrain in mountains  PMC incl. procurement, construction
 Winter construction conditions, arctic and commissioning management
design, permafrost services
 Routing through rainforest and swamp  Technical safety and loss prevention:
 Design for offshore pipelines up to HAZID/HAZOP, SIL/LOPA, QRA studies,
200 m water depth, offshore routing up escape, evacuation and rescue
to 800 m water depth assessment, fire and explosion safety
 Oil and gas pipelines up to 56“ in studies, emergency and oil spill
length, high pressure pipelines up to response plans
Pump station building 80“ for fresh water and water supply  Project risk assessment
for oil fields
 Rehabilitation programms

Q Selected References

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Crude Oil
Pipeline, > 1,000 km oil pipeline, 46“,
42“, 34“, 4 pumping stations, Turkish
Trans Anatolian Gas Pipeline, > 2,000 km
gas pipeline, 56” – among the largest
pipelines in terms of both diameter and
CAPEX, Turkey
Trans Asia Gas Pipeline, 1,825 km gas
pipeline, 98 bar, 8 compressor stations,
Uzbek-Kazakh section
Trans Adriatic Pipeline – FEED, offshore
Land fall, Turkmenistan 130 km, 36“ and onshore 290 km, 48”,
Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline Project
(ADCOP), 403 km oil pipeline in
extremely mountainous terrain, 48“,
90 bar, United Arab Emirates
Common Seawater Supply Project
(CSSP), > 390 km multiple pipelines, 64“,
12.5 MMBWPD, South Iraq

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