Ted Cruz 2016?

October 9, 2015

Will he become the 2016 Republican Nominee?

Ted Cruz may not be the most attractive
guy running in this 2016 Election, but he
is one of the best speakers in this entire
race. So first off, I’ll do a background
check on Ted Cruz; so he completed his
undergrad at Princeton, then went to
law school at Harvard. Following which,
he got appointed to the position of
Solicitor General of Texas. He served as this position for
many years, until running and winning in the 2012
Election. From which we can see that, Rubio, Rand Paul,
and Cruz are all first term senators.
But as Cruz entered the Senate, he has gained the
reputation of the troublemaker who prevents anything
from happen. Alongside this, he has become the
figurehead of the Tea Party within the Republican Party,
which I believe hurts the credibility
of the Republican Party and the
entire Congress in general. Similar
to the Freedom Caucus in the
House that I talked about earlier, the
role of the Tea Party in the Senate is
identical. As they prevent every law
from passing, and are not willing to
compromise with the other side of
the aisle at any cost.
As a result, Ted Cruz is
disliked by pretty much everyone outside the Tea Party or
the Freedom Caucus in the House and Senate. Which
allowed him, to get labeled as a Congressional outsider in
the Senate; at least according to Sean Hannity. Personally,
though I blame the Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell more for the problems faced by the ineffective
October 9, 2015

Senate more than Cruz. However both are equally
responsible for the division of the Republican Party.
As recently, Ted Cruz called McConnell a liar and a
fake Republican, as McConnell denied the passage of
Kate’s Law or Cruz’s bill attacking Planned Parenthood.
Regardless, I feel that Cruz does try to do stuff, however it
is so ultraconservative, that people end up questioning
his credibility. But in the end, we must remember that the
evangelical and baptist vote lies with Ted Cruz or Mike
Huckabee; and they have impacted elections in the past.
In my opinion as a Socially Moderate-Fiscal
Republican, I believe that Cruz portrays the older portion
of the Republican Party, and makes the entire party look
very socially ultra conservative. Yet regardless, we as
potential voters irrespective of political party, must keep
an open mind as there is four months left till the first
caucus. Alongside this, he is the largest recipient of
interest group funding and loved by the AARP (the
wealthiest interest group). So you never know, but I
believe Ted Cruz (even though I am not in 100%
agreement with him) is going to be a huge contender in
this race for the GOP nomination.