Thomas Harefa English: Language Acquisition 11 Weeks
Grade 6

Lesson: 6 Introduction to Greek Mythology

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

Drama builds one’s comprehension of spoken Short theatre performance at the end of the
and visual text. quarter

Guiding Questions (for the students) Objectives (know/understand/do/value)
The student will . . .

What is my goal for the drama today? Demonstrate a little drama on the Echo and
How can I improve on my acting? What should Narcissus Greek myth.
I do? Reflect on their short dramas.
What is the story of the Orpheus? Learn the story of Orpheus.
How can we act this story out? Reflect on how to act out the story of Orpheus.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson

5 mins Begin the lesson with a Follow the Leader exercise. In this opener, the teacher
will give a chance for a student to lead the other students on how to act.

2 Display the outline of the lesson:
mins 1. Listening to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice
2. Reading the story of Orpheus and Eurydice
3. Group Meetings (A follow-up to the last drama’s performance)

Developing the Lesson

Listening to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice:
8 Students will be given the handouts and follow through the song. Through this
mins the students are exposed to the story of Orpheus and his wife.

Ask the students this question:
1. What was something particular Orpheus was gifted in?
2. What happened to his wife?
3. What did Orpheus do after losing her?
4. What did Hades said to Orpheus?
5. How did the story end?

Group work:
The teacher will display the group list of the new drama. The students should
25 first outline as a group the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in four bulletpoints.
mins If they are done doing so, they are to work planning on what’s going to
happen in their drama. Script-writing can start but if only they have a clear
idea on what the story unfolds.

During this time of work and discussion, each group from the previous
Thomas Harefa English: Language Acquisition 11 Weeks
Grade 6

presentation will come to the teacher to listen to the feedback of their
performances. Students working should keep their voices down during this

Closing the Lesson

Assign the students with the task of acting out the story of Orpheus with their classmates
5 mins again. This time the students are given to task to research on the different characters of
the story. Each group must fill a sheet that describe the traits of the characters of story.

Formative Assessment Differentiation
Group Meetings (in relation to the previous
drama learned) Students are given the freedom to choose a
Group Discussions (teacher will monitor character they will act out from the story.
discussions and practices)

Beat of Her Heart - Gungor
Thomas Harefa English: Language Acquisition 11 Weeks
Grade 6


Term Definition Resources
Unit Overview Main Idea and Summative Assessment●
copied from the unit plan in order to
keep the goal in mind during the
writing and implementation of the
lesson plan.
Guiding Questions these questions guide the inquiry for ●
the lesson, leading students toward a
rich understanding of the objectives for
the lesson and ultimately, the unit.
● Factual- knowledge or fact-based
● Conceptual- questions that enable
exploration of big ideas that connect
facts and topics
● Debatable- questions that expose areas
of ambiguity, disagreement, or tension
within the unit of study
Objectives The specific aims of the lesson. As a ●
result of the instruction, this is what the
students are expected to know,
understand, and be able to do. These
should align with and lead to the unit
understandings, knowledge and skills.
Time - Marks the amount of time needed for●
each stage of the lesson. Enables
effective time-management for the
Beginning the The opening or warm-up that will ●
Lesson engage the learner, producing creative
tension. May include review and/or
activation of prior knowledge.
Developing the The content learned and the strategies ●
Lesson employed towards that end
Closing the Lesson A conclusion or review of what was ●
learned, providing closure to the lesson.
Formative Assessment throughout the lesson that ●
Assessment provides feedback that can be used to
plan or alter instruction. Should prepare
students for the summative assessment.
Differentiation ways of modifying instruction to meet ●
the needs of diverse learners
Resources any texts, materials, technology, ●
people, places or other resources that
have informed the unit and learning
Thomas Harefa English: Language Acquisition 11 Weeks
Grade 6