Thomas Harefa Geography: Individuals and Societies 2 Weeks
Grade 7

Lesson: 7 Showcasing a Real Story (Colloquial and Project Method)

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

The mixing of world cultures through different A short five-minute skit that shows the spread of
ethnicities, religions and nationalities has culture that incorporates the aspect of time,
increased with advanced communication, growth and change.
transportation and technology. In addition, the
mix of cultures lead not only to societal changes This assessment will help students to carefully
but also lead to individual changes. think about the depth of cultures and how it is
affected by another culture. This aspect of
Understanding that culture now are changing culture will cover two components from the IB
relates back to how the Great Commission are MYP curriculum:
impacting not only faiths but also the way that
people live. A secondary goal of this unit is to Criterion A: Knowing and
also train students’ that the heart of a culture is understanding (Secondary)
not in structures or traditions rather it lies in the
heart of people. This understanding relates to the  demonstrate knowledge and
Great Commandment as understanding the understanding of subject-specific content
depth culture helps one to love their neighbors and concepts, using descriptions,
more. explanations and examples.

Criterion C: Presentation (Primary)

 communicate information and ideas with
 organize information and ideas
effectively for the task

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)
The student will . . .

What makes a real story? Evaluate on what factors make a drama
How should characters of differing cultures act presentation real through an interview.
towards one another? Demonstrate understanding of the content and
How should a change of belief be shown? concepts learned in previous classes through
Why is it important for a story to be ‘real’? script-writing for their upcoming summative

(45 Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson

5-7 Begin the class with an act that the teacher is a Russian biology teacher sub. The teacher
Thomas Harefa Geography: Individuals and Societies 2 Weeks
Grade 7

mins then will proceed with his acting to the venue outside and mini-lecture about the Saman
tree (Albizia saman). Midway of his mini-lecture the teacher reverts to his original
character and quickly asks the class:
“Okay class, what just happened?”

From this question he may ask questions that lead to the theme of the lesson: Showcasing
a Real Story. These questions may vary. As it can be:
1. Did you believe that I was a Russian biology teacher?
2. What may have convinced you that I am serious?

After the short opener, the teacher then invites the class to quickly follow him back to the
class to listen to an interview with a professional actor—Honey Morante.

Developing the Lesson

10 Interview:
mins Continuing the lesson the teacher instructs that the students will listen to an interview
relating to the topic of the lesson. He will also announce that the students will work on
their scripts for 25-30 minutes. He then introduces the questions to the students. After
students have written down the questions, they will listen to Honey’s interview and write
down the answers they got from what she said.

A short discussion will be conducted about the interview. A follow up to the answers that
Honey have said.

25 The students will have time to work on their scripts and stories. Remind students that the
mins drama will be expected to be around more or less five minutes in duration. Refer back to
the rubric that the teacher have distributed in earlier lessons.

As the class practice for their dramas the teacher will actively go around and ask their
plans. This too will help managing the class to make sure that students are actively
following the task at hand.

Closing the Lesson / Linking the Lesson

3-5 Gather the class back to the teacher and ask:
mins Okay class, what did we do today?
1. What did we learn from Miss Honey Morante?
2. Why it important for a story to be real?
3. How confident are you for the upcoming assignment?

Formative Assessment Differentiation
Teacher will informally assess students through The students are given the opportunity to pick
discussions in the class. The teacher will also their own objects of culture. Throughout the
ask individually at times. week they will explore on how best it is show the
spread of the cultural object.
Thomas Harefa Geography: Individuals and Societies 2 Weeks
Grade 7